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    Like to fish for muskies and salmon. But any day on the water is a good one. Have a cottage on Pigeon Lake.

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  1. captpierre

    Fall Cottage Life Show disappointing

    Got there Sunday(Last day) 2 pm. Not busy at all. Some end of show discounts but nothing great Spring Show is far better
  2. captpierre

    Fall Cottage Life Show disappointing

    I hear you but not sure I agree. We’ve had our cottage now for 6 yrs. It’s been great for our family and now the grandkids. It cost a pile of money but fortunately has appreciated by 50% since purchase. We spend most of our weekend and holiday time there. We rent it to people we know 3 weeks per year which pays most expenses. I live frugally otherwise. Been a good thing
  3. Only about 1/3 the size of spring show. Wont bother with fall show again
  4. captpierre

    Time for a portable generator

    Thanks Lew
  5. captpierre

    Time for a portable generator

    Great post Rattletrap. Better than a fishing report! I’m with you on the automatic Generac units. Like Lew said. They are made in USA, I believe. Not sure if their portables are. Would like to know. Way cheaper than HONDA. I’m not very technically capable like you are. So im ok to pay extra for higher quality within reason.
  6. captpierre

    Cork rocks in the cold

    Thought that was a spring pattern, Chris?
  7. captpierre

    Time for a portable generator

    Looks like getting 2 Honda 2200w inverters is the way to go . 1 for home and 1 for cottage. Then have both home for winter 🤔
  8. captpierre

    Cork rocks in the cold

    I’m realizing how much warmer a cork handled rod is to hold in the cold weather. Compared to a rubber/foam synthetic handle. Trolled for hours today. Without gloves there’s a big difference. You rod connoisseurs like know this already. New to me. Water is gin clear and 53 F today on north Pigeon Might be the last go at it this year. Long term weather forecast is not encouraging Peter
  9. captpierre

    Lund problems 😳

    Joined Lund Boat Owners site on FaceBook. Lots of posts daily. Seems there are problems with Lund boats. The fibreglass models get cracked hauls. Aluminum boats have rotten transoms. Corrosion in places. Seems to be mainly in newer boats. Its been an eye opener for this Lund owner 2007 Tyee 1750 🤨
  10. TVO program last night on super foods. BC natives don’t like catch and release salmon fishing. They say it’s playing with food.
  11. captpierre

    ETEC 135 HO 1st Impressions - NF

    Hope she does good by you
  12. captpierre

    All Weather Tires

    Sounds like a bust to me. Last half as long and worse mileage
  13. captpierre

    All Weather Tires

    Just recently learned about this tire class. Better in winter than All Season tires. Not as good as Winter Tires. Sounds look like they might be the way to go here in the GTA Does anybody have any experience with them? Do they last as long as All Seasons?
  14. captpierre

    Tamagami grouse/rabbit hunting

    Thanks for that!
  15. captpierre

    Kawartha Muskie Week

    Great report!