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  1. Winterized my girl. 115 Yammy. I’ve always changed the lower unit oil. 12 years. This time just checked it. Looks great. Stupid or smarter?
  2. Crazy that they are in Sandy Lake. Introduced intentionally or came up the creek from Buckhorn Lake?
  3. I’m pretty sure only high test Shell is ethanol free. Same with Esso.
  4. Not a mechanical guy but is there not still fuel left in the carb bowl after letting a 4 stroke carborated motor run dry? My Honda lawn mower and pressure sprayer motors recommended draining the bowl after letting run dry. It’s in the manual.
  5. But she already knows 😎
  6. Wondering how far into the Trent that gobies have invaded. I know they are in Simcoe moving east. They’re moving up from Trenton. I haven’t found any on Pigeon. Is it a big deal after they arrive?
  7. This is good information. Thanks Mukluk. I suck at fixing machines. I’m into proper maintenance. It usually pays off in the long run.
  8. The $57 included 4 litres oil, filter, washer, tax.
  9. For dogs the product Revolution is good for all other parasites but not great for ticks. Most veterinarians recommend newer oral meds like Bravecto, Nexgard or Simperica. Topical K9Advantix is ok too but not as effective as the oral meds. Dogs are a lot more naturally resistant to Lyme Disease than humans are. Only 10% of dogs bitten by a Lyme positive tick get sick. In humans 90% of people get sick. Dogs have good preventative meds. People have squat. The most important thing is preventing a tick bite and if you get bit, getting the tick off promptly. You won’t feel a tick bite. They stay attached in the same spot for 5-7 days then let go and fall off to lay eggs. They start off the size of a pin head and end up the size of your pinky finger nail. Lyme disease transmission, fortunately, requires time. 24-36 hrs of the tick feeding before the tick infects it’s host. An end of the day check of your body -all over- and removal of a tiny tick will drastically reduce the chance of getting infected. Be tick wise. You DON’T want Lyme Disease Tight lines
  10. Seeing lots of ticks at my clinic in dogs. Ticks like cooler weather. Spring and fall. Take precautions out there, Guys. For yourselves and your dogs.
  11. $57 in materials from dealer.
  12. Changed the oil on my 2013 Honda 420 today. Old oil looked pretty good -still golden but a bit dark. I change it annually along with filter. Honda SJ 10w40. I drive maybe 200 km/ season. Not in winter. Do i still need to change it annually What do you guys think?
  13. Don’t know if they stress more. If you catch them on heavy tackle and get them back in quickly, that is best. Water temps are a factor as well. Some purists don’t target them in warmer water due to higher mortality rates compared to cooler water. I had two large fish wash up dead at my dock mid summer. Likely not handled well and died subsequently.
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