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  1. Just checked TSW site. Levels almost 3 ft higher than average for this time of year on Pigeon/Buckhorn Lakes. 😲
  2. Pigeon Lake frozen. Water levels about 2 ft higher than normal for this time of year. No doubt from the recent rain. Cold weather coming. 🥶
  3. About 70-80 mm of rain here in Stouffville. Grateful that we didn’t lose power. Lots of sump pumps working hard. Cold temps this morning will diminish flooding. Dodged a bullet, me thinks.
  4. I drive a 4Runner now for 6 yrs. So far so good. Before that I put 400k kms each on 3 Safari vans. Minimal problems. Brakes went 120k kms. Take 8 people, gear and tow 5000lb. I’d have bought a 4th but they stopped making them. Toaster on wheels.
  5. Hope your Pilot works out. I’ve always been a pro Honda guy, but they are slipping in reliability according to Consumer Reports. Used to be near or at the top. Now middle of pack. Honda styling has never thrilled me but for me reliability trumps looks. Now that’s deteriorating. They better get their act together. Might want to buy warranty.
  6. Forecast calls for 50-75 mm of rain Saturday. Make sure any drains are open. Will be a mess.
  7. Highlander is rated tops. Used they’re priced tops too. Sometimes best to buy new during sale or low interest rate event. Amazing resale.
  8. Tried the Prime rib thing. Spent over $100 for the whole rib for our Easter gathering. From Metro on sale. I’m a butcher’s son and know how to cook meat. Was so looking forward to it. Then after the first bite of a medium rare piece, it was obvious the rib was tough. Ruined everything. Did it again last year and cut it up into rib steaks. My favourite. Same thing. Took us 7 months to grind through tough steaks. Not to serve to company. In future, I’ll ask the butcher to cut me off one steak, take it home and cook it up before I buy the whole rib. Lesson learned I’ve been making more pork. Back ribs and tenderloin. Reliably good and way cheaper Trying to eat less meat. Looks like even non red meat isn’t so good for you. Especially cured meat. Have a great Christmas meal however you go.
  9. Colder weather coming and staying for a while. Got about 5 cm of wet snow here in York Region.
  10. I see they’re giving a $25 gift card for each $100 in store regular priced purchase. Good deal
  11. A friend of mine wants to get one for her husband for Christmas. I think she prefers the self inflating type in case he can’t pull the cord. I told her I’d ask you guys for a recommendation. Especially around comfort so he’ll wear it all the time. Thanks, Peter.
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