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    Like to fish for muskies and salmon. But any day on the water is a good one. Have a cottage on Pigeon Lake.

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  1. I caught an big eye dragging a 10 inch Believer once. But typically fish small to medium crank baits and bucktail jigs. This one mid day today
  2. Yeah. I always check. Of the 7 I’ve kept this year all stomachs were empty.
  3. A partially digested 8 inch perch coughed up by this approximately 6 lb girl. Caught on a black and red bucktail jig.
  4. Crazy NW winds all day Friday coupled with 10 inches of higher than normal lake level has damaged a lot of shore line. Lots of wood floating by. Only good thing is no mosquitoes 😏
  5. Most fishing items 15% off. Some exclusions. Not much Shimano stuff. I was told it’s backordered.
  6. I catch way too many panfish dragging a harness.
  7. Anybody else blaming these guys for the lousy walleye bite on the Kawarthas?
  8. Lucky here on north Pigeon. Minimal damage. Power out 3 days. Our son on the south edge of Ottawa just got his power back now.
  9. Just took the boat out for a spin. 4 pm. Temps 66-68F. Water levels low for this time of year.
  10. 5/12/22 regular $1.69, ethanol free 91 $1.81
  11. It’s No to all. But I’ve heard so many stories about the hoses deteriorating with time and lining material getting into engine. I store with stabilized Shell premium in fall but use regular gas during the season. You don’t think it’s wise to change out the hose after 15 yrs?
  12. Hey Guys. Thought it’s time to replace my fuel hose. Will replace original 2007 hose and bulb. No problems. But I’m hearing the hoses deteriorate with time. Can someone guide me through the process, please. . I guess I need to cut one end of the new hose off. How does one get the air out of the line? Many thanks.
  13. Thanks Lew. Was afraid of that. I guess the Sportsman show is a go. 🤞
  14. This show is usually on Family Day weekend, I think. Can’t seem to find out if it’s on next weekend.
  15. This is nothing new but definitely getting worse. My 36 yr old son was abused by customers working the cash at McDonalds as a 15 yr old. Treated horribly by adults. He quit and didn’t ever want to work with the public again. Is an engineer now with a family of 4.
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