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  1. Grandkids are gonna make me broke going through worms at the dock. Cutting them up in small pieces for panfish. Anybody have a trick to keep a piece of worm on the hook?
  2. Nanofil for me too. Get 10 lb if possible. I’ve landed 40in plus Muskies with it. Keeping the line a little tight when reeling in helps a lot but hard to do with light lures. Tie some fluorocarbon at the end-3-4 ft. I’ve had braided line cut by zebra mussels in weeds and rocks.
  3. I heard MNR wasn’t sure which slot policy was the best. So they did both as an experiment. You’d think after 15 yrs they’d know
  4. Nice. Are those speckies or splake?
  5. Is it still true that fishing license sales are steadily declining in Ontario? I don’t know about hunting. Doesn’t sound good for the business.
  6. Hope you’re wrong. Next come the pike. 😳
  7. I like Sail but have often thought they won’t make it. The cost of running a big store is ridiculous and they’d need to be busy to be profitable. I’ve rarely seen a line up to check out. I’m not surprised that they are in trouble.
  8. I wonder what kind of a living Charlie makes with the show? I find his constant plugging of sponsors irritating but he does provide technical detail useful to our craft. He helped be years ago after speaking to him personally at the Sportsman Show. I had salmon cut my line just above the meat on a meat rig. Later in the summer they get some pretty sharp teeth. He told me to replace the line from the flasher with fluorocarbon. Never happened again. Common sense but I had never thought of it 🙄. Spoons protect the line but not a fly or meat head
  9. Good idea. But he’s already busy with his reel business 😎
  10. What a difference a week makes. Water 50F last week. Today 70F this afternoon. Almost swimmable. 🤪
  11. Water is 49F on north Pigeon. Hasn’t budged a bit in a week. 😳
  12. Anybody brave the blizzard this morning for opener?
  13. After 13 years is it necessary to replace fuel hoses and bulb from boat to motor? I understand they deteriorate inside.
  14. Great read. Never been on a fly in trip. Approximately what would you pay for a trip where they provide a tinny, motor, fuel and housekeeping cabin for week? I’m guessing 4 guys and 2 boats? I do pretty well on the Kawarthas at a comfortable cottage and nice boat that I own. No 25 fish days but potential to catch 5-6 lb eyes and 50 inch Muskies. Not stuck with potential bad weather. Wondering if it’s worth it to take my 3 sons. It would be an unforgettable experience, I’m sure.
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