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  1. captpierre

    4 stroke marine oil

    So my marine Yamaha 10w30 jug says it has additives in it specifically designed for marine engines exposed to high moisture environments. Are you guys using automotive oils?
  2. Crazy uprising in France. Don’t understand it. How bad can things be.
  3. captpierre

    Remote car starter

    I understand that as far as the vehicle is concerned, warming up before driving off is not necessary. I’m trying to put less carbon in the air. Having a cold engine running for 10-15 min uses a lot of fuel to just warm things up a bit. Seems a waste to me. On another note, they are seeing a significant increase in car thefts. Seems thieves are able to capture the signal from keyless FOBS from outside your house and use that to open and start the car. These FOBS are constantly communicating with the car.
  4. captpierre

    What a month, what a year!

    You don’t want to end with regrets. Good for you to chase your dreams. Now kick some new ass but don’t forget to smell the roses and slime the boat!
  5. captpierre


    Not sure but I think powertrains for Toyotas and Hondas assembled here are shipped from Japan. Or at least made to their standards in here. I recall somebody posted here a while ago that their new F150 was burning oil. Dealer blew them off saying it was normal. Buddy took it to an independent shop. One piston missing rings. Speaks volumes.
  6. captpierre


    Regarding quality, a retired friend of mine use to run a parts plant for a Magna company. The car company people would come to check occasionally. Big differences. The Japanese were by far the most demanding and particular. Domestics far less. Chrysler the least. Tells me a lot. This is one reason I drive a 4Runner, the wifie a Subie. Outboard is Yammy. ATV, mower and pressure sprayer Honda. Hurts me to buy foreign. I would much rather buy domestic to fuel the local economy if they would make a better product.
  7. captpierre


    Look at the cars on the road. Way less than half are domestics. None of them are rated well, maybe Impala and pick ups. The Japanese make the most reliable vehicles. The Germans concentrate on looks and performance. Mainly higher end. The Koreans make good cars for less. Domestics are neither good or cheap. Their sales have been in decline for years. GM closed more plants in the US. Not just a Canadian problem. Sad. Reminds me of outbounds. I don’t remember Yamaha outboards 40 yrs ago. Now they are number 1.
  8. captpierre

    Get ready Cormorants 😡

    Let’s hope this gets approved https://www.oodmag.com/category/news/
  9. captpierre

    Kawartha Ice

    Took a run up to the cottage for a look. Surprised to see the bottoms of Scugog and Pigeon froze over. Gannon Narrows and north Pigeon still wide open You hard water guys must be getting the tingles. 😎
  10. captpierre

    Winterizing not just boats

    Can’t wait for everything to go electric. So far just the weedwacker.
  11. captpierre

    New Mercs. Ugly?

    Is it just me or do others think the new Mercs are ugly?
  12. captpierre

    Winterize it, time to recognize it

    I remember hearing about mice building a nest in a box of Bounce sheets 😳🤔😲
  13. captpierre

    True is True. Don’t shoot the messenger 😎

    Lack of fight for eyes is not my experience jigging. Maybe trolling
  14. captpierre

    Cleaning out built in gas tank

    I want to put in an external fuel filter/water separator. I think it would be good to have one with a clear bottom to see what’s in your fuel. Good idea?
  15. Nice work! Poor weather too How do you get that eye’s dorsal fin so erect for the pic?