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  1. Going to try to get down to this area of Cuba early March. South shore. First time. Reviews are great for snorkeling off the beach and warmer water. Has anybody done any shore fishing or taken a charter out?
  2. Forgetaboutit fish stop biting when you turn 50. 😎
  3. Build a few arches out of wood or PVC pipe. Velcro to hold in place.
  4. Sounds compelling. But as you know there are so many variables. And then there’s the placebo effect. It can be crazy. I know too much Vit D can cause problems. Lots of MS in higher latitudes. Canada has Highest rate in the world. Some researchers think there’s a link to lack of Vit D. Interesting topic.
  5. Next few days and nights are cold. Might have to give this hard water Simcoe fishin’ a go. Would be nice to drive the truck on the ice.
  6. Horrible way to die. You know all about fire, Lew. 😐
  7. Brutal. I can’t imagine the slow moving Koalas dealing with a fast approaching fire. So many have died a miserable death. 😞
  8. Took the fam 20 yrs ago. Van and 5 people cost $700 back then for the ferry 😳. Did the whole TransCanada Hwy. Laughed pretty hard driving through Dildo 😎. Wanted to catch a river Atlantic. Fly rod only. Barbless. And had to hire a guide. Not far from Cornerbrook. No salmon. A few dink trout. Gross Morne is incredible. Lots of moose everywhere. Make sure you kiss the cod and get skreetched in!
  9. Did some tubing last week at Snow Valley with the wife. Had a blast! Super fast and fun. No skill required. Very safe. Then stopped off at Cabela’s on the way home A good day
  10. It’s amazing fish can thrive down there. The pressure has to be stupid high. I bet they didn’t enjoy the trip up.
  11. So am I right to assume you were bottom fishing? In 400 ft?😲
  12. Holy Moly. Even my walleye combover post got the boot. 😳
  13. Went tonight at 5. Not too busy. Haven’t been in a few years. Shocked to see the prices of boats. You don’t get much under $30K.
  14. Troll off sailboats. Amigo will take you out for 30 min for a tip. Guys catch barracuda.
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