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  1. Probably end of Elim Lodge Rd. Free municipal launch. Not sure the dock would be in still. Parking limited roadside.
  2. Ok, thanks. I mainly want to find out if the old batteries are still good or should be replaced. So do I want a voltage or load tester?
  3. Hi Gents. I’d like to check my 15 yr old Deka boat starter battery and 9 yr old truck battery. Seem to be working fine. I have a charger. What should I get? And does anything come in combo with a battery tender? Thanks, Peter.
  4. Wow. Lucky to land that beast with walleye gear.
  5. I’m sure you’ve all seen this. I bet there will be a lot of boats out there this weekend or applying for a harbour license.
  6. As a veterinarian, I am glad Ontario put restrictions on Pit Bulls. The problem is the breed is poorly defined. Crossbreeds, Staffordshire crosses etc. Mastif type dogs are related. Of course owners that are kind and firm will have better outcomes with their Bullies. Training and leadership are necessary for all breeds but especially the potentially aggressive breeds. Most human and inter dog attacks are by intact males. Not long ago most dogs were bred for a job. Herding, guarding, fighting, hunting etc. In the last century dogs became pets and became part of the family. The traits originally selected for are still within the breeds. Without training and discipline these traits can come to the fore. Bullies and mastifs have powerful bites and tend to hold on, resulting in terrible damage to the victim. When several dogs are together, especially if not neutered, their aggression is increased. Leaving kids, especially small ones, unattended with any dog involves risk. That risk is much highly with Pitt Bulls and several other breeds. Especially if not neutered. My 2 cents. Peter.
  7. Interesting concept. But I see it’s really a 2 stroke ETec injected Rotax engine. Wouldn’t touch it for years till it’s proven.
  8. Guys are shooting cormorants sitting on rocks on Pigeon from a drifting pontoon boat. Then picking up the dead birds by fishing net. Warms my heart 😎
  9. Can someone tell me if it’s ok to charge a battery in an ATV, Honda generator or Yamaha outboard with a charger at 2 or 10 amps with the battery cables to the motor still attached? Or should they be disconnected?
  10. Unexpected success this morning. Storm coming
  11. Still lots of guys fishing musky on north Pigeon. I usually catch 4~5 per season ripping bucktails for eyes. Only one so far this year.
  12. Lobsters are tricky. Can’t tell how meaty they are. Went to lobster supper in Cavendish PEI last September. A good looking 1.5 lb one came to the table. The claws were only 1/2 full of meat. Rest was water. I complained and was told that’s a typical fall lobster. Not sure if that’s true. He said they grow into their shells. But They often sit in pounds and lose weight. Best ones I’ve ever had were in June in PEI.
  13. I’ve always understood Shell, Esso and Costco premium were ethanol free.
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