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  1. Thanks for the report. Most of my Muskies come accidentally jigging. They’ll eat anything. Not fussy.
  2. Friend of mine looking at buying a new one on sale now. I’m pretty sure Hull is welded. Throwing in lots of upgrades. Including 115 Merc 4st. $40k. How are their welded hulls? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Peter.
  3. No. Fortunately my V2 had the round connection
  4. Amazing. So it’s only a trolling thing on Erie? I hear they come in like logs Do they run in suspended schools or are they scattered on the bottom? Can you jig for them? ErieDearies?
  5. Runs perfect, Hutch. New pedal seems more robust Now wishing I had a hand held remote and more importantly the anchor feature. Some new players in the trolling motor market now. I’ll wait and see what happens next year or 2. I might survive till then. 🥴
  6. Thanks Dan. Sobering information. I think I’ll pass on a bike with pistons. My friend is a paramedic. They call them donor cycles 😳
  7. Good shootin. In the weeds still?
  8. At 60 I’ve seriously thought of getting a bike too for the first time. Just for country riding in fair weather. Too many have told me it’s too dangerous. Especially at my age for the first time. I ride a tandem bicycle with my wife all the time and am fit and active. But it’s the other guy.......😬
  9. Today I find 2 dead skis floating to shore. Approximately a 40 and a 36 inches. 1 hr apart. Not decomposed. Looked normal. Likely from foul hooking or poor landing and handling. Hopefully not a disease. Need to handle these guys with care. Especially in warm water. Quick release Happened to me last week. Caught one jigging for eyes. 10 lb braid line. No steel leader. Just 12 lb fluorocarbon leader. No Muskie net. Took too long to land. Had the jig deep but got it out no problem. She thrashed and I dropped her in the boat. Live release after tail hold. Swam off but stayed on the surface for quite a while. Hope she survived. I should always have a Muskie net on board.
  10. That’s a whopper anyway
  11. Glad to see the OPP fly by my cottage every long weekend doing their rounds. Maybe keeps the idiots on their toes. A bit. Didn’t know they have PWC.
  12. I guess they’ve shown that less meat in our diets is healthier. Recently they found even white meat is no better than red meat. The worst meat seems to be deli type meats preserved with salt peter. ie ham, sausage, salami etc. There are strong cancer risks. Im a butcher’s son and am used to lots of meat. But I’m cutting back. It’s not easy to replace meat. Trying to replace sandwich meat with egg salad, canned salmon etc. Not sure about these meat replacements foods I think the best nutritional advice out there: Eat a variety of foods. Mostly plants. Not too much.
  13. Surface temps in am 75. By evening 82. Fishing has slowed down.
  14. Kinda like my bucktail jigs 😜
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