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    Like to fish for muskies and salmon. But any day on the water is a good one. Have a cottage on Pigeon Lake.

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  1. I wonder if Native gas stations don’t have to pass on the carbon tax as well.
  2. Got a bunch of grandkids coming up to the lake in the next month or 2. Need a bunch of dew worms. Thought after all the rain there would be tons to pick at 10 pm. Hardly any. Tried again at 11. Better but not great. Anybody have any tips? I hear putting diluted lemon scented dish soap on the lawn and watering in helps.
  3. Regular at same station $1.089
  4. Filled up today at Gen 7 station Marine 91 Ethanol Free $1.169 Hope it’s good gas. First time purchasing ethanol free there.
  5. Thanks Garnet. Whats crazy till 9. The boat traffic or the bite?
  6. Hey Gents. Been 10 years since I’ve had the boat on Lake O for salmon. She’s been confined to Pigeon Lake since we bought the cottage. It will be a big effort to pull her out and take her down to Bluffers or Whitby. Trying to figure out timing for best odds for success. As I recall first half of July was best. Not a derby guy. Just need to feel the weight of a 25 lb King. Have been watching North Shore Spoonpullers. They are catching but seems not many. Any ideas?
  7. Here on Pigeon and likely all of Kawarthas. Walleyes not cooperating. Lots to eat.
  8. Good sign. Not a good indicator of recruitment though.
  9. The walleye fishery has been closed for a while now. I hope the population is recovering. If not, are they stocking?
  10. Anybody know anything about the health of the Scugog walleye population since the fishery was closed?
  11. Thanks. You know what they say about guys with big hands and chubby fingers 😎
  12. Figured something out. Just can’t hold a 3-4 mm split ring in my thick fingers well. Grabbed the ring with needle nose pliers and spread with a small flat screwdriver. Hook went in easy. Those Shimano split ring pliers are about $40 😳
  13. Thanks for that. But the ring is tiny. Tried and tried. Maybe should get a bigger ring.
  14. 43CD8176-3393-4E7B-8173-6A52F3AE4BAF.jpeg
    Hey Gents. Any tricks to opening a tiny splitring to replace a hook. Before I go insane trying. Peter
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