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  1. I must have been the only person working today based on the crowds. 🤪
  2. Can’t find the thread. I’ve heard that lots of folks have cashed in on their GTA real estate and moved north. Many have returned to civilization. Issues: Loneliness. Especially in cold season. Bugs. Shopping - all kinds, food, hardware/lumber etc. Fuel. Emergency and ongoing health care. Internet. Cellular service. Potable water. Oh and did I mention bugs. Ridiculous for 2 months potentially. Electricity is important. Solar and wind is fine for lights and radio. But when you need to run a motor you need lots of amps. When we bought our 4 season cottage, that we’d eventually retire to, I was reminded of these issues. Was good advice. Good luck.
  3. Lots to consider. Unless you’re a hermit and love bugs you need to think this thing through. There was a great thread this winter about this. I’ll try to find it.
  4. Was catching tons of incidental bass accidentally for 2 wks after walleye opener. Including a PB smallie. Was thinking then they were spawning and on nests. Have caught very few lately. Hopefully they’re done now.
  5. Good week to buy men’s clothes and tools. Wondering about sporting goods and tackle. Anybody hear of sales this week?
  6. Chewed out an Ohio boat this morning casting top water baits at my shore/dock. That’s twice in 2 days 😤. 2 boats. Yesterday a tournament guy in a Ranger scouted the shallow shoreline. No rods. I guess looking for nests for opening. That’s more like it.
  7. In the 60s an outbreak of foot and mouth disease occurred in Saskatchewan. Thousands of pigs and cattle had to be destroyed to eradicate it. Traced the source back to a pig farm worker who smuggled back some smoked sausage from Eastern Europe. . Had some for lunch in the barn and afterwards thru some scraps over his shoulder into the pig pen. That mistake cost many millions.
  8. Bought this at CT. $70. Comes with cartridge that lasts 12 hrs. Rechargeable lithium battery. Rather than the other units that use butane. Can buy a cartridge that lasts 40 hr for $30. Will let y’all know what I think. Stay tuned.
  9. Was out on Lake O and pea soup fog rolled in. Without GPS would have had no clue how to get back. No sun, wind or waves to get oriented. Compass is a good idea in case GPs fails for sure.
  10. Looks like magnetic compass for boats over 26 ft. Radar deflector? page 18 http://www.tc.gc.ca/en/services/marine/documents/TP-511e.pdf
  11. Just checked. Other than this weekend, colder again for following 2 wks. I guess my Speedo stays in the drawer 😎
  12. Mosquitoes bad this year. Likely to do with all the moisture. The reviews are mostly positive on the Thermacell units. Butane heats a pad that gives off a repellant. Not so good in the wind unless you put up wind of where you are. What’s the scoop?
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