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    Like to fish for muskies and salmon. But any day on the water is a good one. Have a cottage on Pigeon Lake.

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  1. captpierre

    Moving North? Things to consider

    Property taxes are roughly based on property value. Lakefront properties pay lots more than rural/bush properties. If you’re not on a municipal road you’ll have to pay for road maintenance and snow plowing Keep bugs in mind. Hardly any at Yorkdale. You might be a prisoner at your bush property for 2 months. Can be lonely up north in the winter if you’re a social animal. Think about proximity to retail, hospital, hardware/Home Depot. I’d want to be within 20-30 from town. Max 1hr from major hospital. Preferably 10 min from Kawartha Dairies 😎
  2. Have some time and kinda would like to go this weekend but last year I was disappointed in the Spring Show. Sportsman Show a lot bigger. Or go to both 😎
  3. captpierre

    Vacuum sealers

    Way better than zip lock bags. No freezer burns Love my Food-saver unit.
  4. captpierre

    4Runner Tire advice please.

    Thanks Everybody. Looks like the Michelins are the way to go. Will likely wait till the rebates come back on. They had a $70 rebate in the fall. I guess it doesn’t matter that the full seized spare is BFG Dueller. I’ll hopefully never need to use it.
  5. captpierre

    4Runner Tire advice please.

    2013 4Runner with 123,000 km on original tires. Bridgestone Dueller H/Ts. Have been great so far. Want to replace soon with new All Seasons. Just checked Costco site. Can replace with the same tires or Michelin Defender LTX M/S for an extra $120 more for 4 tires. I don’t mind the extra $ if it’s justified What to do?
  6. captpierre

    ICE FISHING stoney or clear lake

    Just panfish.
  7. captpierre

    Inflatable Life Belt

    Just watching Charlie Wray. He wasn’t talking about it like he usual dose but I noticed he’s wearing an inflatable belt as a life preserver Never seen that before. Checked them on line. Different types. Anybody have anything to say about them? They look more comfortable to wear.
  8. captpierre

    Muskoka Lakers

  9. captpierre

    Fishing in Mazatlan?

    Heading down for a week end of January. First time. Does anyone know about shore/marina fishing there or charter boats?
  10. captpierre

    Temperature Level

    😲😲😲 I’d like to experience that kind of cold.... for a day!
  11. captpierre

    Not Looking Good for Cook's Bay Ice(West Shore)

    I saw a bunch of Simcoe Whities at the candlelight Christmas Eve service praying for warm weather. See, there is a God.
  12. captpierre

    Thanks for speeding things up Admin!

    Thanks Chad and Art. Much appreciated!
  13. Use to be painfully slow to type from my phone on occasion. Kept me from contributing. Lightning fast now. Thanks!
  14. captpierre

    bass pro

    Thanks. So they price match?
  15. captpierre

    Christmas Time Feelings

    Very fine words, JoePa. Sorry about the loss of your wife and the emptiness you feel this time of year. It’s a tough time of year for lots of folks that don’t have close family to gather with. Lets do our best to reach out to those in our circles that need some love. Merry Christmas