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    Like to fish for muskies and salmon. But any day on the water is a good one. Have a cottage on Pigeon Lake.
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  1. Huge water temp change

    Had do a double take looking at my Lowrance tonight. Yesterday evening water temps were 66F at the south side of the lake and 65 at the north side. This evening 56F. Was sunny today, about 19 C and mild east wind. How does that happen?
  2. Tough Opener on Rice

    Ok. Thanks. I’ll give it a try this weekend.
  3. Tough Opener on Rice

    I’m thinking the bait is still deep as you say. . Like I said nothing at our dock, South shore. I tried north shore weed beds. Nada.
  4. Summer and sun safety

    It’s interesting. The medical community isn’t sure whether sunscreen actual prevents skin cancer. Best is to cover up. Us fisherman get a double whammy with sun reflection off the water. If you’re blue eyed and fair skinned be extra careful. Don’t forget the eyes too. Good sunglasses all the time. Still lots of UV rays in cloudy days.
  5. Tough Opener on Rice

    Couldn’t face the cold this morning early. Got out around 10 on Pigeon. Couldn’t find any green weeds. Landed a solid smallie on a jerk bait. No eyes. Not many boats out. No panfish at the dock yet. I always struggle in May.
  6. Took my ride out of the boathouse today for the first time. 2007 Yammy 115 started right up. Original battery too. Deka. I’d buy another one in a minute. Not much wood floating around anymore. No other boats seen. Surface temp 60F this afternoon.
  7. Walleye spawn wrecked?

    Was wondering with the horrific winds we had whether the walleye spawn will have failed this spring on windy shorelines.
  8. Debris on lakes

    Had quite the lumber store float by today. 2x4, 2x6, 4x4, docks. Even a small island of bull rushes. And guys speeding by on boats.
  9. Debris on lakes

    Just a reminder for anybody boating this time of year. Water levels are high here on Pigeon and there’s lots of floating wood and debris out there.. Likely all lakes. . Be careful. Peter
  10. Sail Store sale

    I see 15% -40% storewide sale Some exclusions. April 25-29.
  11. Melting fast

    North Pigeon today
  12. Is 10LB Braided line to light?

    This is interesting. Ive often wondered if the noise/vibration the braids make going thru the rod guides impacts fish. Makes sense
  13. Walleye in FMZ17

    Cool. Hadn’t heard this before.
  14. Is 10LB Braided line to light?

    Landed many incidental good muskies with 10 lb Nanofil fishing for eyes. But if braid gets nicked by teeth, sharp rocks or zebra muscles it fails easily. Always use a fluorocarbon leader. 3-6 ft. To protect against nicks. A wire leader in addition for pike or musky.
  15. Walleye in FMZ17

    98% are in which slot?