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  1. Use a heavier weight at the end of your line to practice. I stood on a picnic table at the park. A light lure will require a harder cast. This leads to a bird nest because of spool over spin. IMO you need a magic thumb to cast light jigs with bait caster. For me a spinning reel is best for the light stuff.
  2. What is Mites status? I was under the impression that they have the right to fish and hunt whenever/wherever they want as long as it’s for their own use
  3. I hope the spring spawn for walleye is good. Saw a couple guys fishing the bottom of Burleigh Falls today just up from Stoney. Signs all over about Fish Sanctuary. 😐
  4. Thanks Gents. Picked an aftermarket lens up at Royal Distributing. Looks good $17.
  5. Hi Gents. I have a busted tail light lens to replace. 2006 Grizzly 660. On Amazon $77 😳 Where to get a reasonably priced lens? Royal Distributing? thanks.
  6. Thanks. Might not be much of a sale with fishing gear in short supply most places.
  7. Anybody know if Bass Pro will have a Spring Fishing Sale this March, like usual. Never received a flyer so far. On line only US info.
  8. Perfect day for ice fishing. I bet there are 1000 guys on Simcoe. Hope they don’t leave their garbage behind.
  9. I wouldn’t put a new discontinued motor on a boat no matter how good.
  10. I haven’t turned my Aprilaire humidifier on yet. Humidistat says about 40% humidity. Buddy told me to get them to install with 1/4” copper water line and proper on and off valve. Not the plastic crap. Can’t help you with location. Good luck.
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