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  1. Agreed. I wasn’t going to respond initially. But I’m glad you did. It’s not a staple that I’m selling. Fuel, food. Rental apartment. . It’s a holiday. It’s rediculous to not charge what the market will bare. It sold on AirB&B within hours of posting. Are we turning into a socialist state ? 🤪
  2. Peterborough County pays around $100 per ton to get rid of garbage. That’s why they have to charge what they do for residents to dump. Garbage bags have to be clear at the dump. The dump nazi checks every bag at entrance. They want to maximize recycling. Green bin stuff is wet and heavy and expensive to haul away if mixed with regular garbage. As residents we have to bring a card and can only dump a certain number of bags per quarter. Or pay for extra. But I agree the cost to dump will encourage bums to find alternatives
  3. Sad. Part of the “ it’s all about me” movement.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. Seems a legitimate problem, although sporadic.
  5. I’ve been renting my cottage easily on AirBnB for ridiculous amounts. The word is there’s nothing available for vacation other than camping and cottage rentals. I would have assumed resorts are full. Maybe not way up north. 😕
  6. I used to be a Nikon SLR guy. Haven’t picked it up in years. My iPhone 6 takes great shots and video in 80% of circumstances. It’s all about the light and a clean lens. The convenience and ability to edit quickly and easily then send it to anyone on the spot makes it my go to camera. Looking at the iPhone 11 Pro now.
  7. Why did you chose this over bike? I’ve been looking at both. Peter
  8. You make a good point, Jon. I only hope that the majority of the public is fed up enough with the environmental destruction of these birds, that there will be minimal blowback. I’m glad that cormorants aren’t “cute”. If they were the outcry would be huge. My neighbour feeds the chipmunks and we have a population explosion now. They are cuties but still destructive. I’ve had a chat the the local fox for population control services. 😎
  9. I’ve seen less on Pigeon Lake this year than last few. Thought the boys have bin at them. 🤫
  10. Fish before sunrise if you can. Often the bite dies by 9 am. For sure your ball is too light. Offer flies, spoons and meat. Different depths. Darker spoons tend to be better. If the salmon bite is poor or it’s later in the morning head out to the “Blue Zone” The bows are fun too. Not as deep Keep an eye on spoonpullers.com. North shore reports.
  11. Those largies are decent but Simcoe is famous for its tank smallies. 4-5 lb not uncommon. They run in schools around sholes and islands at the top of Cooks Bay and elsewhere on Simcoe. Find one you usually find more. Google it. There’s lots of info out there.
  12. Grandkids are gonna make me broke going through worms at the dock. Cutting them up in small pieces for panfish. Anybody have a trick to keep a piece of worm on the hook?
  13. Nanofil for me too. Get 10 lb if possible. I’ve landed 40in plus Muskies with it. Keeping the line a little tight when reeling in helps a lot but hard to do with light lures. Tie some fluorocarbon at the end-3-4 ft. I’ve had braided line cut by zebra mussels in weeds and rocks.
  14. I heard MNR wasn’t sure which slot policy was the best. So they did both as an experiment. You’d think after 15 yrs they’d know
  15. Nice. Are those speckies or splake?
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