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    Like to fish for muskies and salmon. But any day on the water is a good one. Have a cottage on Pigeon Lake.

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  1. I used to fish the eastern gap from the Wards Island shoreline. Caught a few decent pike. Fished the lagoon on the islands too. Bass and pike.
  2. Already have one. That’s how I know that they’re great for little guys.
  3. Picked up a couple Shimano combos at Sail for the kids. They’re great for young’ns off the dock and on the boat
  4. Well, pulled the trigger. Sail stores reg $349 on sale $297
  5. So, I’ve been pretty good this past year and I’m thinking Santa might come through. Does anybody have experience with the Aqua-vu 715c camera? Reviews are generally positive. I fish mainly weededges and humps for walleye on Pigeon. 8-20 ft. Water is relatively clear. It would be nice to know what’s going on down there.
  6. Looks good. Thanks. Didnt know about the 250 g issue.
  7. Looking at drones for the first time. Looks like good ones start at $1000. Are the ones under $100 worth considering for pics and video at the cottage?
  8. My guess frozen unless there’s significant current
  9. Been slow posting from by iPhone lately.
  10. I’m thinking an underwater camera would be useful for the type of fishing I do most. Humps and weededges. But this one doesn’t look around. Only towards lure
  11. Seems to me you should have posted this thread before you pulled the trigger 🥴
  12. Anybody know anything about this? Gofishcam.com
  13. Took a ride to the cottage. Scugog is frozen as far as the eye can see from the causeway. Chemong is partly frozen. South Pigeon is frozen. North Pigeon is ice free. Gannon Narrows wide open. Cold and big winds tonight. Forecast for next 2 weeks is more moderate temps but still a bit below normal.
  14. Cheery was on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson’s Show. Carlson couldn’t understand what the problem was.
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