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  1. Hi Gents. I posted a while ago that I stepped on my Symetre reel and bent the internal handle. Took it in to Shimano in Peterborough last Thursday. Got her delivered back today. Super nice guy there to deal with. $30 for an overhaul including new handle and bearings plus $10 for shipping. I’m very impressed. That’s service 👌
  2. Got this sent to me on FB. Apparently been around since 2017. Anybody know anything about them?
  3. We were just spoiled with the ridiculously low Covid gas prices when crude oil prices collapsed. Then Trudeau snuck in his carbon tax. Which, I believe, is to go significantly higher. But then we get the rebate 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. Thanks Gents. I’m going to sand it down. If it’s just paint will I need to prime the bare metal before Yammaha paint?
  5. I think their premium no ethanol was either $1.36 or 1.38.
  6. Hoping it’s just paint. A razor blade doesn’t go in further than paint. 🤞
  7. Just winterizing my 2007. Noticed a crack on the port side at the rear above the prop. No crack on the opposite side. Gear case oil is clear like honey. Tried muscling the lower unit forward and backwards and crack doesn’t seem to move. I hit some rocks hard 11 yrs ago. Skeg , prop and mid section of engine damaged. Repaired by dealer and has been perfect since. $4500. What should be done? Can this be welded? Try JB Weld? Or watch it. I’d appreciate any advice.
  8. Security guard at Apple store in US knifed by POS customer when asked to put his mask on. No words
  9. This exact thing has happened countless times during the pandemic. Whether over masks or vaccination status. I’m trying to understand why. Is it the way people have been raised. Has the poor behaviour of certain leaders encouraged otherwise civil people to act out? Just ask any cop. They see lack of respect towards even law inforcement like they’ve never seen before. The times are a changing.
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