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    Like to fish for muskies and salmon. But any day on the water is a good one. Have a cottage on Pigeon Lake.

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  1. captpierre

    Heart attack

    Glad you made it! Thanks for the reminder
  2. captpierre

    Great Yamaha Marina Experience

    I got a quote of $900 + tax for same minus computer scan near Lakefield 😳
  3. Lew, our cottage association maintains our gravel Fireroute. A good gravel truck operator can easily spread 4-6 inches of gravel along your driveway in 10 min fairly evenly. Bet under $1000
  4. captpierre

    Seattle Plane Crash

    The guy had enough. Went out in style and didn’t intend to take anyone with him. Except a $10 million plane.
  5. A sickening feeling when you hit a rock. Been there. However, I think the fishing tends to be better in the dangerous areas. Less pressure.
  6. Hey Lew you have weeds because you have too much organic matter in your driveway. Seeds will continue to germinate and the weed roots will add even more organic matter when they die. I suspect torching just kills the tops but not the roots. I would add gravel without any organic matter. And use RoundUp as needed in the future. It kills the whole plant. Pave if you win the lottery 😎
  7. See the news of the German vintage warplane crash in Switzerland. Much loss of life.
  8. captpierre

    Minn Kota Power Drive 50 - troubleshooting

    Amazon has foot pedals
  9. I needed some routine service done on my 2007 F115 outboard. Took her to Walsten Marine north of Bobcaygeon. Timing belt, internal fuel filter, impeller. Also had them look it over and water test. Computer tested. No codes. 920 hours. Prearranged to drop off and wait to take back. All done in 2 hrs. Parts and labour $373 + tax. Very happy with this motor and Walsten Marine. I would highly recommend them Cheers. Peter
  10. captpierre

    NFLD bound

    Great report. I struck out wwith a guide 10 yrs ago. family and van $700 for ferry
  11. captpierre

    St. Lawrence River Never Disappoints!

    Great! I spent a week near Brockville years ago and didn’t do well. Should have hired a guide.
  12. captpierre

    Hot water on Pigeon

    Temps back to around 80F.
  13. captpierre

    BRP buys Alumacraft boats

    Not sure what you mean. I hear E-Tecs are pretty good. CanAm makes a decent ATV and Seadoo is the PWC leader. What is the concern?
  14. captpierre

    BRP buys Alumacraft boats

    Just announced
  15. captpierre

    Hot water on Pigeon

    Got out just before front came in. Thought I’d get a few. Nada. Never seen the lake so warm