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  1. Checked today. North Pigeon melting fast. Bet will be ice free by next weekend given the forecast.
  2. Great idea. My old Barbie is just about done. Will try this.
  3. I’m thinking he had it trimmed poorly for it to circle like that.
  4. Do carp spawn there or are they enjoying walleye spawn?
  5. Looking for something special to do for my wife and my birthdays coming up. iFly indoor ski diving in Whitby caught my eye driving by on the 401. Anybody try it or know anything? https://www.iflytoronto.com/
  6. Found this on CBC this morning https://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/tapeworm-southern-ontario-1.5093511
  7. Nice. Did you stare or show some respect? 😎😜🥰💄👄👀
  8. Have you tried the oral meds? Bravecto, Nexguard or Simperica?
  9. ‘‘Tis the season again. Ticks are waking up after being dormant in the cold. 4C and warmer and they are active and feeding. They are more active in spring and fall than in summer heat. Protect yourselves and remember to do a tick check at the end of the day if you’ve been in the woods or tall grass. You won’t feel a tick bite or a tick that’s feeding on you. They stay attached for 5-7 days. You need to see it and pull it off carefully by the head immediately against you skin. If you get it off early when it’s small the chance of getting Lyme disease is much reduced. Dogs should go on preventative medications now. Till about Christmas. On another note, there is a new canine tapeworm emerging in Ontario. Biologists are finding it in about 25% of wolves and coyotes. If your dog picks it up he will not likely get sick but will expose you to the tapeworm eggs. These microscopic eggs, if consumed accidentally, can cause serious health problems in people. Im putting my patients on a new monthly dewormer that gets these and other worms. To protect the dog and the family. Called Interceptor Plus. Talk to your vet. Cheers, Peter
  10. Great video. Never know what you’ll catch on the ocean. We went out of Mazatlan in January bottom fishing. Just ocean perch and trigger fish. $300 US. You did way better. What did you pay?
  11. I’m hearing that new diesel trucks are a nightmare. With the emission requirement maintenance and sensors often failing and shutting things down, truckers are looking to gasoline engines. Companies are springing up to refurbish old Diesel engines that are exempt from new emission requirements. Business is booming for them. Will electric save the day?
  12. Sounds like the show has improved significantly. I’ll be going next year for sure.
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