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  1. Security guard at Apple store in US knifed by POS customer when asked to put his mask on. No words
  2. This exact thing has happened countless times during the pandemic. Whether over masks or vaccination status. I’m trying to understand why. Is it the way people have been raised. Has the poor behaviour of certain leaders encouraged otherwise civil people to act out? Just ask any cop. They see lack of respect towards even law inforcement like they’ve never seen before. The times are a changing.
  3. So when you’re trolling with iPilot is the electric pulling as well as the main or are you using it as a rudder only? I don’t have iPilot on my 2007 Powerdrive V2. Sounds like a great feature. Neither do I have the anchor feature. Might have to spend the $3k to upgrade. That works out to a few dollars a fish 🤪. But just to repeat my original concern. If I troll with my Powerdrive down and off while trolling with the main, is the spinning prop going to do any damage? I only want to do this so I don’t have to take it out and in between spots. Cheers.
  4. What’s the benefit over steering with the big engine? No kicker on most boats I see.
  5. Hey Guys. I see guys trolling with their gas engines on and have at the same time their MinnKotas down. Presumably off. Is there any harm done to the electric spinning down there for maybe long periods of time. I must admit it would be convenient. Can stop and make a few casts using the electric without hauling it out and in. Happy Thanksgiving All.
  6. Just jumped into the kayak market this summer for the cottage. New ones were pretty impossible to get. Sold out everywhere. Ended up buying 2 used ones. There is lots of info on line to help you make a decision. We got 12 ft Riot Enderos. Very stable sit ins. Come with 1 hole for a rod butt. I’m surprised how comfortable and stable they are. It’s a great upper body workout. Was pretty sore at the start. You get wet kayaking. The paddle up in the air drips a little or a lot depending on technique. With the sit on kayaks you get very wet- comes in through large holes and then drains out again. So no good in cold water. Happy with what we’ve got. A little heavy at 55lb. They aren’t easy to handle alone out of the water.
  7. I guess the court was trying to decide whether a crime was committed. For sure it would have been wise to proceed more slowly and scan appropriately for the conditions. But foolishness is usually not a crime. But where is the line 🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. Pretty sure this isn’t over. No criminal charges but civil suits are sure to follow.
  9. All concerns go out the window if she fishes 😎
  10. Troll the deepest weeds you can find. Lure should run just above weeds. I always had luck west shore of Snake Island. Perch imitation always works on Simcoe. Don’t forget steel leader. Yap spreaders. and gloves.
  11. Thanks for the comments. I’m not far from Peterborough. Next time I’m in town, I’ll bring reel and handle into the ICU. Not sure how I’m going to survive the rest of the season with only 4 rods 😱🤦🏽‍♂️
  12. 863BDEAB-811E-4F41-9B78-4F0FB646C599.jpeg
    Stepped on my Symmetry reel and bent the handle square shaft that goes through the reel body. What should be done? Take or send it to Shimano in Peterborough for repairs? Or order a new handle? Forget it and buy a new reel? What say you Gents, please?
  13. Anybody been in? I hear stores now in Vaughan and Burlington. French company. Their website says 65 sports including fishing. I don’t recognize any brand names in the fishing department on line. I’ll have to check them out some day.
  14. Have done well lately with black bucktail jigs on weededges an hour before sunset and later for eyes
  15. Healthy looking fish. 10 yrs ago the only salmon I caught on a GB outing was skinny. Big head, no gut. Seems the bait fish are back.
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