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  1. This too me is the most current and valid tune.
  2. It's a Uni-Filament fishing line, not a mono line and not a braid. Reminds me oF dental floss. Cast's a mile however!
  3. For a foot mat, I went to the $store and got the kids click together mat/pads and YES they really help on the feet and overall hut warmth. The hut size should be good for 1 adult and 2 pre-teen kids as a hut of that size worked for me and my kids. Get a folding shovel for covering the skirts as others have said to ue to move snow and cover the skirt(s). Also, keep the heater off the ice too so the propane tank doesn't freeze as fast as they can.
  4. 857815308_SeaFoamsale.jpg
    FYI, SeaFoam is on sale at Peavy Mart (former TSC) for $8.99 a bottle that is normally $12.99 a bottle. Oh and places like Walmart and Canadian Tire (I think) offer a price match so here is a screen shot you can save to your phone and use when needed...
  5. 245718732_10159292764281253_2468098578328729040_n.jpg
    Oh OI I have pocketed my ernings from my past and hence why I can do the toys and still not fret on how things are. I was at the bank today making sure all my affairs are in order, took the 2 wheeled one out after...
  6. 245269706_10159288597801253_201240272128084000_n.jpg
    Little upgrade over the past 12 hours...
  7. FYI, from the technical point of view the life jacket (suit) will not expire, however, since the material within loses its ability to keep buoyancy in water over time. Constant wear and tear cause the material in a foam life jacket to get damaged and losing its buoyancy. FXR snowmobile suits might suit your needs as you can get a 2 piece suit and the boys can grow into the others (sibling) in time. Make sure it has F.A.S.T. (float assist safety tech) on the suit if going that way VS Mustang or Striker and other brands.
  8. 242502332_10159265035671253_406474017089474698_n.jpg
    The bike bug must have hit me hard, 5500KM so far this summer on the Ryker and we added a 2018 Ninja 400 to the collection today.
  9. Worth a call/email to Shimano to ask them the question about it. If you love it, then make the call and take the whole reel to them and ask for a full service and replace the damaged items. PTBO is'nt far from Slowville. One never knows what may come of a trip there... I went with a broken rod that the warranty had just expired asking for help or a new tip and I was offered a good deal on a new one as they didn't have the matching tip available anymore... Worth an email/call and then maybe the drive in my mind.
  10. Ah Mr Cliff B, Sue and I are happy for you! Can I suggest you call my family law lawer in town who Sue also hired when she was doing her thing with her ex? Carol Jamison is in town and also in Minden so her time is split. A great and smart family law lawyer! Sue and we directed to do a co-habitation when we 1st got serious, but that all went out the window the second we got married. Carol is easy going, very well versed and for someone of her caliber; still a fare rate! Good luck my friend and again we are very happy for you!
  11. Seeing the boats age and price tag Art is 100% right, get a tech to look it over. Even some late 90's early 2000's items for bikes and sea-doo's are no longer available from MFG. After 7 years the MFG can decide to stop production of some parts based on lack of sales... USE caution.
  12. Yup! as a former service advisor this is 100% true. In for an oil change and perpard to spend $x and then wham more due to lack of mainting it or a pot hole or anything. Dan time to wind down and really enjoy. I wish it was my turn, lol.
  13. Wow, Dan, you deserve the time. So many years of wrenches turned, busted knuckles and much more I'm sure. Soak it in that you don't have to be up and running out the door at Xam anymore. I cannot wait for that day. I'm almost 48 and still have too many years left to fathom it. Maybe a new hobby (on top of fishing) will help you relax more and enjoy the moments in time you have? I got me a Ryker and sold my FZ07 and man O man I'm 4000KM this summer so far just in wind therapy on it. Is it for you? Who knows. But it's something to consider, another or more hobbies.
  14. I was on 4ML today and makred lots but no takers...
  15. Lew, it's just dark there showing the thick cloud coverage, kidding. Sucks it didn't last long for sure. They are still considered a higher end (depending on model number) brand.
  16. She blamed the 'no visiting' on the lockdown AND she run's a home daycare so she's got all these others coming and going but I can't...
  17. My kids. My ex has said "lockdown means they cannot come see you" right from the start. I've been deprived of my kids. I don't really care to the finincal loss I have taken a beating on and lack of family and friends time, yes I'm hurting there too but. I'll never get back all that time my EX deprived me from of my kids.
  18. 1428429899_June12021.png
    As seen in Cornwall this morning. Kudos to whoever you are, buddy!!!
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