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  1. You are an amazing young man, thank you so much for your offer! If we can make it happen this year it would be fantastic. 😊🤞
  2. Exactly how many fish over limit are we talking about? Something had to triger the CO to investigate so either someone complained or they observed something that made them suspicious.
  3. Thanks Doug, as always I truly appreciate your experience and input. My trailer is 6X10 so I am going to have to check out what my total width would be with tracks. My clearance on this unit with stock tires is 9.5" and it is 6 wheel so I thought I might be ok on Simco since it is usually windblown for the most part. I really don't want to put tracks on it, might have been fine when I was younger but too hard for me to do by myself any more. I haden't initially planned on using it in the winter but the more I do with it, the more opportunities I seem to find that I can do.
  4. Giving away spots? My memory is so bad I actually wrap my own Christmas presents on Christmas eve and am surprised when I open them on Christmas morning. 😂
  5. I hadn't planned on using it for ice fishing originally but after seeing how easy it is for me to handle and how easy it is to pack gear I am seriously thinking I just might on the nicer days. I don't think I would even need tracks on Simco except on rare occasions. I am looking at ways to mount an auger on it (kind of like a post hole digger on a bobcat) so I don't even have to get out to punch holes. (You know the old saying "give the laziest man the toughest job and he'll find the easiest way to do it" 😊).
  6. Crap Doug that isn't good news about the Trenton Dealership, they were considered to be pretty good. I hope you are right and this is just a covid bump, Argo sales seem to be going really well lately as more people become aware of the versatility. No, inspite of really trying I have not been able to get this thing REALLY stuck LOL. Apart from when I first got it and got stuck in that little stream (which wouldn't even slow me down now) I have managed to get center hung a few times but always managed to work my way off just by shifting weight and such. I love that I can drive right into a swamp and hunt from it (keys out of the ignition 😊 while hunting) don't need a dog or waders to go get birds, sit in a nice comfortable seat with a big thermous of hot soup.... and when the hunt is over just drive up to my door and unload. This thing has extended my hunting and fishing years significantly. As far as the service, I can do most of the regular stuff, grease, chain lube, oil changes.... I am slow at it (well I don't move too fast at anything anymore lol) but if you ever need help with that sort of stuff load it on your trailer, bring it up, spend a couple of days (guest room is always available) and we can make an Argo adventure out of it. 😊
  7. Oh, I posted a review on Google, Argo sent me a survey and I filled it out honestly, I have let them know in no uncertian terms where they dropped the ball. Funny thing is almost all the Google reviews are glowing but you'd be surprised how many other reports I have had with experiences similar to mine. Anyway, I am happy now, I have a dealer close by that knows his stuff and can service my Argo when needed. As a bonus I am even going trout fishing next week to a little lake I haven't been able to fish for several years now because I couldn't manage to haule the boat and motor to it any more. So looking forward to it 😊
  8. Hi there Cliff, I recently bought a 2018 6x6 Argo with 50 hours on it. Do you use an outboard motor on it? My 2.5hp short shaft won't cut it, looks like I'll need a long shaft or electric motor. 


  9. Well my adventures are winding down for this season, I have to say this thing has amazed me at so many levels. I have gone through stuff I wouldn't have even tried with a 4 wheeler, up hills where 4 wheeler s even with big lug tires were having trouble, through rock mazes where you had to make 90° turns and swamps and mud holes that would have previously stop in my tracks. This thing gave me opportunities to fish, explore, harvest in places I could never have even come close to without it and I never even got my feet wet! It's a joy to operate and fish from and I have a freezer full of fish to do me until hard water fishing. I do love my Argo! The dealership was a different issue, broken promises, mistakes galore, lack of service..... I had one issue with the tachometer from day one. Waited all summer for them to get a replacement in and when they did finally get it, it didn't resolve the issue. Left the Argo with them with a promise they would call me back the following week. Two weeks later no call back and when I called them; "they were too busy to even look at it". In total frustration I picked it up and brought it home but on the way I stopped at RMC Argo Sales in Beaverton. I explained what the problem was and even though I hadn't bought it from him Roy had no problem taking a look at it right then and there. 15 Minutes later he had it fixed, not only that but he checked everything over for me, idler chain adjustment and everything NO CHARGE! I really wish now that I had bought my unit from him, he has over 20 years experience on Argos and boy does he know his stuff. Two of my friends are buying Argos this spring, you know who they will be going to. Roy did mention that now is the time to get your order in to take advantage of Argo's promotions for delivery next spring. If you are thinking of buying one check him out!
  10. IMG_0107.jpg
    I (think) these are bloody milkcaps but I am not 100% sure, any mushroom pickers that can help me make a positive ID.
  11. Listed on Market place and Kijiji, what a circuis! Wants to buy it and insists on payment by pay pal. Would you take $25,000.00 (I am asking $42,500,00. ) Send me more pictures, (of what?) I will come and see it tomorrow but go to (a website) and send me the reports ( yup, a charge for the reports). I can sell your coach for you just send me $395.00..... boy there are a lot of scamers out there.
  12. Thanks for the replies, I think I am going to pass on this offer, it just doesn't feel right.
  13. Ya, that's sort of my feeling but I don't have any experience with getting payments through PayPal
  14. I have a guy in California that wants to buy my motor coach and is insisting on paying for it by PayPal. I am worried that it could be some sort of a scam and that once he takes delivery he could claim it wasn't as advertisied or something. Any thoughts?
  15. You and Lori are both amazing and I really appreciate and enjoy any time we do have together! This time it worked out thanks to David (Beans son in law) gave us a great opportunity to get to know each other and even discuss an idea he has for a new business venture he has in mind. Thanks again everyone for your PMs , once again OFC to the rescue. 😊
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