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  1. Two things: First; last year in the spring my son came for a visit and we decided to go see if we could catch a rainbow (my son has never caught one before and I was hoping to give him that thrill). We headed down to the ganny thinking that we could get some roe from the local bait shop only to find it was closed, I tried every where I could think of, even asking many of the guys already fishing if I could beg/borrow/buy even one or two roe sacks but not one person was willing to help me out. So, this year I figured I would ask early and see if any of you might have a bit of roe that I could beg/borrow/swap/...... I don't need much, just enough to tie a few row sacks and then let the fishing gods do their will. please! Second; two years ago my son and I did a fly in for walleye and we had a blast, (100 fish was a slow day) he is going to be tied up with work all this summer but I was thinking I would like to do another fly-in/drive-in walleye trip this summer. I was just wondering if anyone was interested in putting something together for a week this spring/summer? If so, let me know what you are thinking. About the only thing I am fussy about is smoking in doors or confined spaces, smoke really chokes me up. other than that I just like to eat, fish, and relax! Big Cliff
  2. Hey guys, Thanks for checking up on me! Been trying to keep myself busy; rented a small apartment up in Noelville for a couple of months and spent a lot of time with the kids. That, spending time with my brother, and life in general has kept me pretty well occupied for the last several months. 😊
  3. Ice fishing is the perfect opportunity to learn how to use your fish finder, nice stable platform to work from! As for your transducer unless it's a dual frequency then set your unit to whatever the transducer frequency is (there should be a little tag on the cable that tells you what it is (probably 200 khz) Start off with something larger like a pop can filled with water and tied to a line so you have a good solid target to work with then play with your settings, I like a very high scroll speed because the screen refreshes quickly. Then play with your sensitivity settings and gain settings, when you can see the pop can at whatever depth try something smaller and adjust for that but only adjust one setting at a time until you figure out what works best for each setting then what combination. I would leave the zoom until the very last, I don't use mine a lot because I find it limits the detail on the rest of the water column (although there are times when it is really helpful). Learning how to interpret what you are seeing will really help too, I can't tell you how many guys I have watched trying to understand what they are seeing on the screen. Best thing though is fish with someone that has a unit and knows how to use it properly and will spend the time to help you, it makes the learning curve much shorter!
  4. From what I have been reading there is still lots to do on the South rim even this time of the year, I was sort of thinking of heading that way about the end of Feb. early March, do you think I'd be better of delaying it to April/May?
  5. Fly over would also be one of the things I'd like to do but I have heard that these overnight mule trips can be a lot of fun, anyone on here ever done it> As for "a little off the top" I'd have to do that on the last day because I'd probably be inn jail right after that, you stick one of those things that close to my face and you know I'm going to revert right back to when I was a baby (crying and trying to suck on it )
  6. Totally understand my friend, standing on a pier reeling in fish for a couple of days would probably be more than that shoulder could take anyway! I am actually thinking of doing a road trip to Arizona in a couple of weeks, I've always wanted to see the Grand Canyon and take one of the mule tours right down into the canyon, that sort of thing. I may be delaying the Myrtle Beach trip for a few days, they are calling for a storm coming in tonight and into tomorrow. since it looks like I'm going solo this trip it really doesn't matter when I leave anyway.
  7. I'm tired of winter and thinking a road trip to Myrtle Beach for some pier fishing (Apache Pier) might be a nice way to spend a bit of time. Daytime temperatures are running between 10 and 17° C so it would be a lot better than here. I was thinking of leaving Lindsay around Monday the 5th and being back home around the 12th (I'm flexible). I'll provide transportation (2018 Corolla) and pay for fuel, you pay for your own food and out of pocket expenses we can share accommodations. (A nice clean room with hot breakfast off the beach is typically about $50.00/ night + tax. If you are interested let me know.
  8. I haven't used any operator but Tim's for years now so I can't make a comparison. I had tried other operators many years ago then found Tim's and wouldn't even consider taking a chance with anyone else. I like the people at Tim's, good safe parking, he moves his huts around on a regular basis and I think his prices are fair. To top it all off, I always catch fish
  9. I remember a few years back when several guys were crying because they had lost a lot of money in the markets. I was one of the fortunate ones and got out before the down turn. Now because of my age I have moved my investments into things like TSFAs and GICs. they don't make a lot but what they do make is enough to supplement my other income and keep me comfortable.
  10. My buddy Jim called me Wed. afternoon, he had Thursday off and wanted to know if I wanted to go out for some perch. My visit with my brother had been cut short so It didn't take any arm twisting to get me to go. Jim booked the hut with Tim Hales and we were good to go. Fishing was pretty much non stop, I can't believe the number of herring we are catching, they seem to be everywhere and their favorite food for some reason seems to be split shot. It was amazing to watch them come shooting in, totally ignore the bait, and nail the split shot. It was actually fun trying to figure out what would work to catch them. Since they would come right up into about 10 or 15' of water you could actually sight fish them which made for a few hours of entertainment. The perch were pretty small for the most part, I have no idea how many we caught but it was plenty, we only kept 15 perch and 4 herring but they were all decent size fish. Watch out for that pressure crack if you are heading out of Beaverton, it extends all the way from the South tip of the island right back to within abut 50 yards of shore well South of Beaverton harbour. We did see one pickup truck out there on the perch grounds but I wouldn't suggest that is a safe option. Oh and I forgot to mention last week when my son and I were out we had a visit from a CO, really nice guy, did the usual checks, a brief chat and he was on his way but it was really nice to see them out there checking. Once again thanks to Tim and the crew for another wonderful day of fishing!
  11. A) Bruce, fantastic product, excellent prices, and a really nice guy! A 3/8 oz jig (white, pink, or orange are my favorite) tipped with a 3" white twister tail is one of my favorite "go to" baits for walleye and pike. There are a million other combinations but I bet I have more jigs in my tackle box than I do all other lures combined.
  12. Working on it Dan and looking forward to it!
  13. I do enjoy fishing solo but I am very fortunate to have a few friends that I really enjoy spending time fishing with and I love sharing the experience with. I also remember a couple of years ago and I was out ice fishing, I slipped and fell, hit my head and knocked myself out cold. I was sure glad I had a buddy with me that day because when I came too I had no idea where I was or what had happened. it took me a couple of hours to shake it off. I could have been in serious trouble had I been alone out there.
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