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  1. I don't understand why your insurance wouldn't cover it?
  2. I have a little 2000W that I picked up at princess auto on special for $495.00. Runs like a dream, very quiet, and runs for 10-12 hours on one tank of gas. Great little unit.
  3. The bait shop in Point Au Baril was $10.00/2 doz last week or $6.00 for 1
  4. At about $6.00 a dozen best advice I can give you is pick as many as you can
  5. Dave i have 2 salt water rods and reels that I used for pier fishing, they aren't expensive sets but work well and they are in excellent condition. If you feel like taking a drive up to lindsay you can take your pick, I don't think I will be spending winters South anymore. Might even have a few hooks and weights I no longer need. PM and I will give you my address and phone number.
  6. Fished it once many years ago and had a wonderful time. I can't help you much with advice other than watch out for rocks just below the surface 😲. Our best baits were jigs durring the day and crank baits in the evenings.
  7. That use to happen all the time and I am sure that covid is playing a big role in delivery times, it's just when you see "2 day guarenteed delivery" then you place the order and it gets changed it can be a little frustrating especially when you are paying for prime
  8. I had heard that from someone else but I have never noticed it. I don't buy a lot from Amazon anymore, they were quoting one or two day delivery and when you placed the order it became 4-6 days delivery. I'll have to keep an eye out for the escalting price thing, thanks
  9. Once again some good information, thanks! Right now we are using them at least once a week and I expect my son will use his much of the winter but I will make sure he is aware too. Our operating skills are improving with every outing as we learn more , it's actually quite exciting and I haven't been stuck since that first outing 😊. I would never consider an ATV again.
  10. Not that I can remember, what about it?
  11. Thanks Doug but to be honest a lot of our decisions were based on input from you, without it I am sure we'd be no where as happy as we are🤗
  12. IMG_0037.jpg
    More from our Argo adventures: we have been working to make a trail back into what is known locally as the chain of lakes, (I use to fish these lakes 50 years ago) I don't think they are named on any maps. You can walk in to them, I am guessing it's about 3 miles from the nearest road access but it's a tough walk through some pretty dense bush. You can portage in but again a really rough go through some creaks and swamps. Anyway using a combination of river, swamp, and roughing a trail through the bush we now have access. Last weekend we finally had a chance to get back in there fishing, amazing would be an understatement! We typically don't weigh or measure our fish unless there is a slot to worry about but in the picture of my son holding up the stringer of fish, well he has big hands so you can get an idea of the size. I included the other picture so you can see just how comfortable these things are, notice sock feet, clean, dry. We could never do things like this without the Argo.
  13. Took my friend and I about 6 days to get back to feeling good again. Glad it's done and over with.
  14. I and a friend got our second shot last Wednesday, we got the pfyizer first shot, Maderna second. Both ended up with sore arms, upset stomach, and very tired. Finally started to ease up as of this morning.
  15. I guess thats where the differance is, the lakes I usually fish are small backwoods lakes and tend to be quite shallow.
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