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  1. I asked the owner of Riverwood if there were any openings, they have a 3 year waiting list for seasonal.
  2. Thanks Beans. So many scams out there today 😊
  3. Wow, that some beautiful work, ain't retirement fun 😊
  4. Well I wouldn't call myself a "wood worker" but I did make a lot of sawdust when I built these cabinets in my man cave. The fishing rod locker was a tough one, getting 4 slides to all work in conjunction was a chalange the tolerance is 1/16" on one set. I didn't have table saws and things like that, everything had to be done with power hand tools.
  5. Nothing wrong with either of those motors, the thing I would consider in making your decision is service, having easy access to really good reliable service is important. The other thing I would consider is the extra cost to make the change.
  6. Well Saturday on Simco was a much slower day. As I had expected that cold front that moved in Friday made a big difference in just one day. We worked hard and tried a variety of baits and techniques but best we could do for the day was 6 keeper perch. It was still wonderful to get out there and I am really loving having someone else worry about maintaining the hut and all and me just being able to relax and fish 😊. Thursday we caught a burbot and decided to try it, OMG was it ever good! We went on Youtube to research cleaning and cooking them and got some great ideas. We decided to try a couple of variations for cooking it and our favourite was cut into chunks like scallops, tossed in fishcrisp, and pan fried in oil. Never again will burbot be released 😁
  7. Sorry to hear you didn't catch a mess of fish. The bite was slow but steady, we brought home 25 including one burbot and easly released that many. We did keep 5 smaller fish that were badly hooked and we figured they would probably die anyway. We were on 8-10" of ice in about 30 fow. We are going back out again tomorrow but with this cold front coming in I am thinking it might be a little slower.
  8. I am 75, I don't even bother with a floater suit any more, I dont walk on 4" of ice, carry ice picks or a spud. When I want to go ice fishing now I pay my $60.00, park on shore, get transported to and from a nice warm clean hut by knowledgable staff and just enjoy the day😊. Oh, and here is yesterday's catch and several nice jumbos were released to fight another day.
  9. You won't find it in the regs and there really isn't a set distance. Let common courtesy be your guide. In the past if I was going to setup anywhere close to another fisher person I would simply ask if they minded or whould they prefer I moved further off. I can't remember ever being asked to move off and I have ended up fishing with some really nice people.
  10. Are you anywhere close to Lindsay, I have about a cup of extra cure that I can spare. Should keep you going for quite a while. I just buy it from a local butcher shop.
  11. Ya, well I am having groundhog stew for supper, did he predict that? 🤣
  12. Sobye's has whole skinless fresh pork bellies for $3.88 / lb until Wednesday
  13. VIDEO-2021-01-28-18-41-11.mp4
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