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  1. Well after seeing that misfish scored a smoker and was having fun with it I decided it was something I'd like to get back at. I hadn't done much in the way of smoking meats and things for a long time and pretty much only did a bit of smoked fish once in a while so I picked up a Little Chief smoker and got back at it. So far I've only done a couple of things but I'm super happy with the results. since it seams there a few others that enjoy doing it I thought it might be fun to share some smoker recipes, tricks, and tips. My first attempt was a nice Brisket about 6 lbs. (I got the butcher to cut one in half for me) I like to keep things simple in the beginning then build on a recipe as I go so this time I did it Texas Style just kosher salt and fresh ground pepper. I mixed about 2 TBS of coarse salt and 2 TBS of fresh ground pepper in a spice shaker and sprinkled the brisket with that then rubbed it in. I used 3 pans of Alder over about 3 hours then removed the brisket from the smoker, wrapped it in un coated butcher paper (but foil might have been a better choice) and put it on the top rack of my BBQ. It took a bit of playing around and I had to prop the lid of the BBQ slightly open but I managed to get the BBQ to hold about 225°F and I left the brisket in there for about 8 hours with a meat thermometer in it until it got up to 160 °F internal. I wasn't going to serve it that night so I let it cool then put it in the fridge. The next day I put it back in the oven at about 150° still wrapped in the foil and left it there for about 3 hours removing it from the oven about 1/2 an hour before serving it. The meat was so tender you could almost cut it with your fork and it was beautifully moist and full of flavour, as good as or better than I have ever had anywhere else. I let what little there was left over chill in the fridge then sliced it paper thin and vac-packed it for sandwiches. Anyway if any of you have tried and true recipes you'd like to share, I'm looking for some more to try.
  2. Just wondering if you have made any more progress on your decision to move North😊
  3. What a wonderful report 🤗 I can't do the walking any more but my son and I have managed to fish some wonderful back wood lakes this summer. You are right, nothing beats it!
  4. Just couldn't wait his turn at the ramp🤔
  5. Ok, so the only thing missing is the kitchen sink LOL. My son and I had another wonderful weekend, did some fishing, exploring, and harvested some beaked hazelnuts. My CFMOTO is a year old now and I have to say I am super impressed, some of the trails we explored this weekend were through some pretty rough therein and this thing just eats it up. The power steering sure is a blessing for these old arms! We actually managed to wind our way through some very old logging trails, some places where there were no trails and managed to work our way up to a place called Tower Hill which according to Siri is 280 metiers above sea level. What a beautiful view and you could litterer see for miles , it was like being on top of the world. The beaked hazelnuts were something new to me, I never knew they existed until my son pointed them out to me, all these years living in the country and they are all over the place and I didn't even know. When I finally knew what to look for I was amazed at how many there were. If you've never tried them you are missing out, it's a bit of work but well worth it. Yes you can teach an old dog new tricks LOL. The catching was a bit slow this weekend, the best producer was a pink worm, it caught pike, large mouth, perch, some huge rock bass, and even a sunfish that had to be the smallest fish ever caught on a hook. Seriously, this thing wasn't more than 1 1/4 " long and it attacked a 5" plastic worm, talk about attitude😳 Next weekend it's off to visit some lakes I use to fish about 50 years ago, we didn't have ATVs back then so it was quite a hike to get back in to them. According to my son there is now a "sort of trail" but we'll be able to ride our bikes in to these lakes (I know I wouldn't be able to walk it anymore). Really loving having this little 2.3 Honda outboard, without it fishing some of these out of the way lakes would be a lot more challenging. Anyway, that's enough for this weeks report, I'll try to get a few more fish porn pictures for nest week.
  6. Well you can but it's a trip lol. Couldn't do it without my son for a guide, he does all the heavy stuff (I use to take him fishing, now he takes me )😊. Left my son's place early Sunday morning on our ATVs with all our gear for a 15 km trip, beautiful day light wind, it had rained the night before so trails were nice for riding (not too much dust) . This is one of countless little back lakes we like to fish, because it's kind of out of the way not many people bother with it.. We usually do quite well in these back woods lakes, today the fishing was great but the catching was slow. I'm not sure if it was the cold front that came in the night before but we struggled to get fish, the big ones just weren't active. Anyway it was still a wonderful day out with my best fishing buddy!
  7. They sure can learn to recognize baits. My son and I have often found that we get fish in a spot but after a couple of fish it goes dead. Switch baits and go to something like a bucktail spinner and we'll get more fish.
  8. I love plant based meat alternatives, I won't eat them but I figure they will lower the demand for meat and I can afford even better steaks 😁 with celery @ $6.00/ea, leeks $5.99/3, asparagus $5.99/A small bunch, I can't justify buying veggies anymore.
  9. If I'm not mistaken the whole history of this site has been about sharing information and helping each other. As for not being here for a while, I have drifted away a few times over the 20 some years I have been a member, sometimes life just gets in the way. I will still try to help a new member if I can but I am cautious until I get to know them.
  10. Everyone was new here once!
  11. Oh man it looks wonderful! Can't wait to see your report., take lots of pictures. 😊
  12. I lived on Sturgeon lake for 16 years, every time there was a tournament we found dead fish the next day in the areas where the release boats had "released" them. I have no problem with people keeping their limit as long as it isn't wasted.
  13. Coming back from French River yesterday, Hwy. 69 just North of Still River; I'm South bound, there is a line of cars coming North. A bike pulls out from about 5 cars back in the line, big bike, ape hangers, coming straight at me. I don't know if he was drunk, high, had a death wish or just didn't see me until it was too late but the only reason he is still alive today is because I was able to ditch to the shoulder at 105 km/hr and it's a paved shoulder. I didn't have time to touch the brakes or think, just crank it, It came so close I had to pull off and let myself calm down. I'll bet that boy needed clean underwear !!!!! I know cars get a bad rap but when a bike and a car do make contact it's usually the bike/biker that looses, I always pay special attention when I know there are bikes anywhere near me but I've seen some pretty stupid stunts pulled by people on bikes too. Ride safe my friend, it's called "living the dream"!
  14. So what's the name of this lodge? Our best results were in the 7-13 fow on the edges or into weeds, the lake we were fishing was tea stained. We also hit some good fish around a small inlet we found, they were right in tight to the moving water and it was only 2-4' deep. We caught a lot of pike too but because we were using light line and no leaders we had a lot of bite offs with the pike. I'm really excited for you and can't wait to hear more 😊
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