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  1. Forgot to renew my FA C in Jan. No problem, 6 months extension. All renewed now😊
  2. I fully intend to register it as an ORV but was concerned about on the water because it has a 23 hp engine and we intend to do a lot of fishing. I'll just register it as both 😊
  3. I wanted to make sure so I sent Transport Canada an email asking. Here is the reply: Good afternoon Clifford, Thank you for contacting Transport Canada’s Office of Boating Safety. You will need to apply for a ‘New’ Pleasure Craft License (PCL) and you will be issued a set of numbers that you will need to display on the front of your Argo. Please find below, directions on how to apply for a Pleasure Craft License (PCL). There are no fees associated when you license a pleasure craft. If you complete the application online and choose to have the license delivered via email, you will receive a 90 day temporary license within 15 business days. The permanent license would also be delivered to your email as well, so it is always recommended to monitor the junk and spam folders because some email providers will deliver it there. For your convenience, I have attached the Pleasure Craft License Application Kit and Transport Canada Safe Boating Guide which contains safety tips and requirements for pleasure crafts. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. There are two ways to apply for a license – electronic method through online submission, OR, paper based method via Canada Post. Electronic Pleasure Craft Licence Application To apply for a licence using the online electronic method (quickest method), please access this link: http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/marinesafety/debs-obs-paperwork-paperwork_boat_licence-3212.htm. You must have a printer available to print the temporary licence until the final paperwork arrives. You must be able to attach a copy of the bill of sale, a scanned copy of valid government I.D. and a full side view picture of the boat. This takes about 5 business days to process should you wish to choose this method. Pleasure Craft License Paper Application To apply for the pleasure craft license via the paper application and mailing through Canada Post, you can access the link here: http://wwwapps.tc.gc.ca/Corp-Serv-Gen/5/forms-formulaires/download/84-0172_BO_PD. Please be advised that, if you choose this method, it could take up to 3 weeks before you receive the final paperwork back. 1. Complete Part A. 2. Complete Part B by noting the current license number of the pleasure craft in the space provided. 3. Select "Transfer" in the "Reason for the application" section. 4. Complete Part D. 5. Complete Part E. 6. Complete Part F. You will need to send the following documents: The completed application form; A signed photocopy of a valid piece of government-issued identification for each owner whose name appears on the pleasure craft license (both sides); A copy of the bill of sale or other proof of ownership; and, A current full side-view colour photograph of the pleasure craft (ability to read license number on front of the bow). Other proof of ownership: Statutory declarations Wills and bequest Separation or divorce agreements Court judgments Signed agreements of transfer of ownership (sale/purchase agreement) The mailing address for the Pleasure Craft Licensing Centre is: Pleasure Craft Licensing Centre P.O. Box 2006 Fredericton, New Brunswick E3B 5G4 A valid piece of government-issued identification can be: a provincial/territorial birth certificate; a certificate of Canadian citizenship; a Canadian passport; or a provincial/territorial driver's license. Note: A provincial health card cannot be used as proof of identification. Note: Non-residents may use valid government-issued identification from their own country. Should you have any problems, questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Sincerely, Dustan Creasor Boating Safety Officer, Marine Safety and Security, Ontario Region Transport Canada / Government of Canada [email protected] / Tel: 226-402-2449 / TTY: 1-888-675-6863 Agent de sécurité nautique, Sûreté et sécurité maritimes, région de l’Ontario Transports Canada / Gouvernement du Canada [email protected] / Tél: 226-402-2449 / ATS: 1-888-675-6863
  4. I think Smitty is on track but if you can get it to me I will check it out for you. My son is a marine mechanic so if Ican't do it I know a guy 😊
  5. Three reasons reasons Lew; I paid to have it delivered, it was well under their weight limit, and they didn't tell me it was going to take 5 extra days.
  6. They refused to deliver a 35 lb package to me because the lady that delivers our mail said she couldn't lift it. It took a couple of phone calls but they finally agreed to find someone that could, took them 5 days though.
  7. I had one here that I fed all winter, only saw it a few times but I filled the bowl every evening and it was empty in the morning, saddly a fox or owl got it just before the last of the snow went. Glad to see yours had such a good outcome 😊
  8. I am so very sorry for your loss, it's hard enough to see someone we love leave us but when you can't even say a proper goodby.... well there are no words that can ease the pain. My heart goes out to you and the rest of the family!
  9. If you are thinking of buying an LG product be careful! I bought a 50" LG TV Mod. 50UH5500 just over 4 years ago. Almost $800.00 but I wanted a good tv. Sunday it just quit working. I went on line and found that particular modle had a well doccumented failure at just short of 5 years and it can't be repaired. I spent a lot of time on the phone and emailing LG about the problem and I just got a call from them which basically said sorry for your luck, it was almost 5 years old so too bad, best we'll do is offer you 15% off a new set. I realize things don't last forever but the fact that LG is now selling disposable products means I will be choosing my next purchases more carefully and LG will be my last choice. If this had been some "no name" tv I might have expected the failure but I always thought LG was better than that.
  10. Sorry, the sarcasm went right over my head, I am not use to that from you! So, would you feel better if a 75 year old who lives alone stayed in his own house alone when he could be out in the bush with no interaction with anyone else? My motor coach has 1000 km range. The fuel tank is full, I don't even have to stop for fuel. I have enough food here to last me for 2-3 months and the ability to take that with me so I don't even have to go into town for supplies. My property there is fully serviced, water, septic, hydro. I have already given up so much in the intrest of doing my part, Christmas, my son's 50th birthday, the birth of a great grandaughter. If you can give me one valid reason why my isolating there where I can fish and hunt without having to contact anyone else is going to put anyone at risk then I will consider it.
  11. I smoked them about 5 hours using 3 pans of wood chips, this time i used hickory, last time I used alder, I think I like the hickory better.
  12. 165 * and cooled for 1/2 hr. Juicy, full of flavor, and ready for dinner. Second larger piece almost ready 😊
  13. Wow, I wish I could do stuff like that, I am struggling to tie bucktails. Beautiful work🤗
  14. That's going to be really tough, our campground just said they are probably not going to open for transits this year, even services for seasional sites are going to be at a reduced rate, that is going to put a lot of pressure on any other spaces that might have been available. There might be some opportunities, I have one in mind but won't discuss it openly, pm me and we can talk about it.
  15. If a cop does stop you and give you a ticket, don't blame the cop, they are only doing his/her job. Blame the people that have put him/her in the position where they have to do it. Blame the idiots that have made this necessary!
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