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  1. Amazon has it for $359.00 + $107.00 shipping and import fees. I just read a bunch of reviews and they seem pretty positive.
  2. Well first of all I am terribly sorry to hear about your dad, my condolences to you and your family. You sound like a mirror copy of what happened to me, months of problems, zero energy, feeling like I had been hit by a truck and yes, couldn't walk 50 yards to my mail box without having to sit down and catch my breath, it got so bad I actually went to bed and hoped I wouldn't wake up in the morning. I too have been through all the heart tests, x-rays, breathing tests, blood pressure and heart rate through the roof..... I finally started feeling almost normal about the end of September, I am still not 100% but then I am almost a year older too. (I'll be 75 in January) Today my breathing is pretty good, 95% O2 after walking about 100yards at a good clip wearing a mask (which I do find makes it harder to breath), my blood pressure is back down to an average of 130/70 which for me is pretty good (when I was really feeling bad it was up around 195/115 with heart rates around 100), I am back to sleeping about 7 hours a night, for a while it was 16 or more hours a day. I think I am one of the lucky ones, I seem to be getting better and stronger every day now. I hope your recovery is as good if not better than mine seems to be. Stay safe and god bless. 😊
  3. Called a local young fellow about doing my driveway this winter, it's small 2 small car lengts deep, 2 car widths wide, and a path to my propane tank (about 40' long) $25.00 but if the snow is more than 3-4" then it would be more. Then he told me he already has 20 customers. Thats $500.00 a day, and I know this kid is collecting EI or whatever they are calling it these days. Why would anyone want a regular job?
  4. Oh trust me, I am being VERY careful, I try to organize my shopping trips so I only have limited contact, I wear my mask in all public places, have hand sanitizer in the house and in my car and have a very small social bubble. I am not interested in causing anyone to get this thing. As for getting tested for the antibodies even my Dr. Doesn't know where I can get tested. Personally I think a lot more effort should be put into making that test available too. With the limited number of tests available wouldn't it make a lot of sense to give those doses to people that haven't been exposed yet ?
  5. Wow, thanks for the info, I am slowly gathering quite a list of resourses, much appreciated😊
  6. My thought is that IF I have already had it then I should already have some degree of immunity. Because of my age and underlying health conditions I would be near the front of the line for the vaccine but if I already have some immunity why would I take a dose that someone else could use more than me. I am not anti vaccine, I get the flu shot every year, pneumonia, tetanus....
  7. Encouraging news this morning, "apparently" people that have had covid and survived are still showing acceptable levels of antibodies 6 months later, it is unclear how long this will last at this point. That doesn't mean they can't spread the virus though just that they should have some level of immunity.
  8. Please correct me if I am wrong but my understanding is that the vaccine is supposed to cause the body to produce antibodys so the body can defend itself against the virus. At this point no one seems to know how long those antibodies are effective and if the virus mutates which some studies seem to indicate it already is then the vaccine might not do much good. When they finally make the antibody test available that will help. It was originally thought that Thalidomide was safe and look at what happened there. Forgive me for being cautious, I get the flu shot every year and every year they tell me it can't cause the flu but every year three days later I am sick in bed with the flu.
  9. Well you could always just come visit me, you could even just leave the trailer at home or just get a transient site, I can arange docking for you 😊
  10. What were you targeting? Walleye in late May would take some serious knowledge of the area and techniques.
  11. I'm not sure, we think I had it (covid) last year while we were in Myrtle Beach, (had all the symptoms and many of the reported after affects) so I may already have some immunity which is what the vaccine is supposed to do. Would taking a chance on a vaccine that doesn't have any history be a good gamble? I will have to think on that one.
  12. Well, you are right, it is a big system and if you don't know it you could get lost. French River isn't just the river system, it's an area. There are thousands of lakes with just about any type of fishing you could want. There are lots of campgrounds in the area too and with the rig the OP has he could camp at one and fish many lakes in the area.
  13. There are several in the French River area, what do you want to fish for?
  14. I may have picked up my generator just in time, it's all fueled up and ready to go if needed. But so far we haven't even had a flicker. Figures lol. If you know of anyone in the Kawarthas that is going to be out of power for an extended period let me know and I'll bring this generator over for them.
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