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  1. I really envy you young fellows that know where and what to look for when it comes to wild mushrooms. The only one I ever harvest is puff balls, those I have fresh then dehydrate some for the fall/winter and I use that in sauces and soup. My other favorite wild harvests are leeks, fiddleheads, and wild rice. I would quite happily share some of my spots for the opportunity to add to my larder.
  2. Well, I have been doing some digging but I have to admit I didn't come up with much. I think the best advice I can give you is to call a real estate agent, they would have the tools to come up with a list for you. Personally I think I would just look at buying a piece of land.
  3. Are you looking to buy an existing unit or are you looking for a place to put one?
  4. Wacky rig or other configuration, I have been having really good success lately with a straight hook up, a couple of pieces of split shot just to help it shrink slowly through the weeds. Oh, and wear a life jacket 😊
  5. Can you narrow it down a bit, Northern Ontario covers a lot of ground.
  6. This 19.5" was taken on a plastic 😊
  7. Get the kit and give it a try, if you are still having trouble after that message me and I will try to help you out.
  8. Has someone else taken this carb apart? It looks like the needle valve seat is missing all together. Also, that the spring holding the valve to the float is missing???? Not adding up!
  9. Well, it would be a guess but two of us in a 12' fiberglass dingy covered about a mile (and that's just an estimate) in under 5 minutes (again, I didn't measure the time) so roughly 12 mph. I'll try to get something a little more accurate for you next time out. I know we were both surprised at how well it moved the boat!
  10. We have been having really good success using large (7") plastics, and a rather large plastic craw fish. we try to get them in tight to the weed edges or into pockets in the weeds. A couple of small pieces of split shot helps get them to drop deeper into the weeds and we rig them up so they are weedless. Works for us!
  11. Well, we've had 4 trips out with this new 2019 Honda 2.3 air cooled and I have got to say I'm impressed! First of all I got an excellent deal on it, just under $1000.00 all in and a 5 year warranty, RL Sports in Verner were wonderful to deal with! When I picked up the motor it had been fully serviced, tested, and was ready to go fishing. That's service you don't get from the big box stores! Weighing only 29 lbs it's easy to transport which makes it ideal for getting into those little back lakes. It fits easily into a cargo bag on the back of our ATV's, no need for special brackets or mounts and being stored in the cargo bag keeps it clean when running some of those bush trails we use. I was a little worried about how noisy it might be especially after reading some reviews, I'm not sure if they have changed something on the newer models but this thing is much quieter than I expected it to be. At an idle you can hardly even hear it (mind you I am a little deaf) Fuel economy is crazy good, a combination of trolling, running, idling, we got over 9 hours on one tank (about a liter) of gas. East to start: in most cases you hardly have to crank it over, a short easy pull and it's running! I really like the centrifugal clutch system, no shifting required, troll, idle, full speed, it all just flows together. Want reverse, just spin the motor. Being air cooled means you can run this thing into shallow, weedy, muddy, bays that would make you cringe with a water cooled motor. It has plenty of power for what we do with it, two men in a 12' boat and it moves along surprising fast, where we would have spent hours paddling to cover some of the areas we fish we can now be fishing in a few minutes and you're not exhausted at the end of the day. All in all I'd give this motor a 5 out of 5 star rating!
  12. Well if we keep giving everyone that wants them handouts the money has to come from somewhere! 1 year mat leave, $500.00 A month per child.........pensions for life, guaranteed minimum income supliments..........
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