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  1. Sobeys have brisket on special, $4.99/lb so I decided with this nice fresh cool weather it was the perfect time to replenish my supply. Simple Texas style soon to be chilled, sliced, and vac sealed (after a few samples 😉
  2. I am not sure if she was romani decent or not, I don't think she was a local person and she didn't seem to speak English. Most people just seemed to ignor her but I did see a couple of people give her money. I haven't seen her around here since so I guess she didn't do too well.
  3. Just had a call from 647 371 5950. Recorded message from Canadian Border Services telling me my SIN was being suspended because of suspicious activity unless I called them back. I did make a call however but to the antifraud hotline. Their office is closed so I tried to file a report on line but you need to log in to do that which required entering personal information to set up an account, (not comfortable doing that with all the hacking going on these days) so, be warned looks like it's another scam on the loose.
  4. Yup, a senior with CPP, (which we paid into our whole working lives) OAS, (which is paid for by our tax dollars) and the income supliment, gets about $1700.00 a month. Everything is going up like crazy except our pensions. A young person that has never even worked is getting $2000.00 a month while living at home with their parents. My grandaughter, a single mother with twins was telling me the amount of money she is getting every month now is crazy! Mind you she is in college (on line right now) so she gets a little more but WOW!. I told her I saw a woman outside Loblaws last week with a cardboard sign: Single mother, three kids, no money, need help, rent, food, medications..... My granddaughter just roared, SCAM! If she needed food there are food banks, the Unitedway would help if she can't pay her rent or utilities, there are so many resourses available .... She didn't need help she probably just wanted drugs or was using this to get more cash.
  5. Not a cent extra in my account, maybe they are running out of money? As for the dispensing fees: I have been dealing with Loblaws pharamacy for years now, they blister pack my perscriptions in to daily doses but they only supply two weeks at a time however NO dispensing fees and they deliver them to me for free. If I need extra because of going on holiday no problem all I do is tell them how much I want and they supply it.
  6. A good rat trap and Wayne's idea of the chicken skewers would be the best solution🤔
  7. Not quite true. His wife had covid 19, two weeks later she was considered recovered however everyone that had been in contact with her should have been quarantined for two more weeks. However she and the kids went to the cottage, he properly self quarantined for two weeks, the children should have as well but they traveled with their mother to their cottage while we were being told "no unnecessary travel". I have been in self quarantine for 5 weeks now, I haven't seen my family in over three months, so based on your logic there shouldn't be anything wrong with me visiting my OWN FAMILY. So 20 minutes or so is alright, well it's only 3 1/2 hours to my kids place, I would be in the car by myself, so is there a time limit to No unnecessary travel? He hadn't been in contact with them for three weeks. It's the double standard I have the issue with, lead by example otherwise it's a dictatorship, everyone should follow the rules except me!
  8. And we keep seeing his face on TV telling us to "GO HOME AND STAY HOME!" but when we point things like that out we are called Trudeau bashers! How are people supposed to take him seriously when he tells us we have to do our part for the benifit of all Canadians then he openly does the exact thing he has told us not to do.
  9. WHO has gotten a lot of bad press lately and if only half of what I have been reading is accurate they have out lived their usefulness IMHO.
  10. It's called edibles (but I wouldn't know except what I've heard) $8.00 for a bag of 10 at Still River.
  11. What about our governments handling of it. Our PM goes on TV and tells us to STAY HOME FOR THE BENIFIT OF ALL! Then goes to his cottage to spend the weekend with his family. When asked about it on TV, his response was " Well I haven't seen them in three weeks and I wanted to!
  12. All I can say is don't shoot the messenger. When you rely on so called "experts" and you relay their advice........who's fault is it when things don't play out?
  13. I might be 74 but it wouldn't be her hands I'd be trying to hold 😉
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