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  1. Stayed at Anglers Haven for a weekend a few years back. Huts were well equipped, service was good, fishing was reasionable, South Bay area Nipissing.
  2. I would be very disappointed if it was Tim! Tim, Kim, and their crew have always been top notch with me and any of my friends. Sounds more like something Floyd would do.
  3. I suspect the original price might be in Chinese yuan, it converts at .19 CDN which would seem much more reasionable
  4. I guess prayers do work, so glad to hear that he will recover!
  5. Hey, there's a lot of places where that actually makes a lot of sense with all the flooding going an these days. 😊
  6. I didn't use Wish for it, I ordered it through EBay. As for the quality; that was 5 years ago and the saw is still running fine and he cuts a lot of wood.
  7. I ordered a whole new cylinder and piston for my son in laws chainsaw, complete kit was $63.00, took about 3 weeks but that same kit here would have cost almost $300.00. The quality was just as good as the one I could have got here.
  8. Two firefighters were hurt in Toronto last night when they fell from a roof while fighting a fire. One is in critical condition, prayers go out for his full recovery!
  9. whops wrong thread 😀
  10. I have looked at a few things on there but wasn't impressed with the quality. I do order a few things from China through Ebay and Ali and have never had any problems.
  11. Sitting in a nice warm hut on Simco, a pot of chicken noodle soup simmering on the stove, a big bag of home made jerky and those beautiful big Simco perch hammering your line....... come on hard water 😊
  12. Can't help you with the shore fishing but charters are IMHO very expensive. I and three of my buddies did a charter last year, 1/2 day $200.00 ea US (plus tips). We caught three small (under 5 lbs) fish which they then offered to cook up for us for an additional $20.00 US per person.
  13. I guess I am out of date but I still use my Amazon Fire TV and have no problems with it at all, I get all my tv shows and movies on it. Is the Apple TV a much better unit?
  14. I don't even fish the French anymore, the slot limits are very restrictive and I do like to bring a few fish home for dinner. I have found some other spots that produce well but are in a different management zone (same area). Next time you guys want to go up that way let me know and I'll see if I can help.
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