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  1. Yikes!! Thanks so much AKRISONER, first hand info is often better than charts.
  2. AKRISONER thanks so much. Love to topwater, just finding that cadence that they want gives me grief. Have you fished up towards the Provincial Park at the north end of the bay? Was wondering how shallow it got.
  3. Wow nice tip Musky Plug, I would have been looking for the wall on the north shore and probably sheared a pin. I seem to have misplaced my map where I marked the lighthouse, was it just off Rasberry Island? One of our group is a little DEEP WATER PHOBIC , so I'm not gonna raise his heart rate if I don't have to. lol Just about forgot... have you fished the bay in the river to the north or Lost Lake?
  4. Wow you fellas are like Xmas morning with all the info lol. Is that shoal Whitson Rock by any means OhioFisherman? I'll try to paste a map to this post, hope it works. Whitson is sitting in that saddle of white straight out from the river mouth.
  5. Boyd


    Never had a pair, never will, buddy had them for years and aching knees. Told him about DAWGS which you can get in Canada and he got a pair. Knees are still a little grumpy but he has noticed a vast improvement. They have lots of styles and colours for all family members, (golfers too lol ). Wife has six pairs for around the house, garden and even work. Check it out.
  6. Thanks so much OhioFisherman. Does Pentecost Island hold smallies at the mouth of the river by any chance? A historical article I found here: http://www.skerryvore.ca/memories.htm seems to lean that way. It is a lot of water to cover which can be intimidating. Although we should stick to tried and true methods for LM and SM just hoping for decent weather and good water levels. Hey floater thanks. Won't be heading that far out lol. Although that channel north of Barclay Island looks like a bass magnet area. Hopefully we can navigate that and save time heading to the river. I have been perusing the Navionics web app and all appears to be good water as long as you pay attention and act responsible. Haven't had good LM fishing since I flew into Boleau about five years back. Arms got sore there lol.
  7. Thanks Musky... heading up Sept 12 thru to the Sunday. Some other info I gleaned suggested Shawanga River past the bay, but that's a fairly good haul from Rock Pines. That info suggested worms/ minnows on a jig fished on the bottom in the morning. However they were talking October fishing.
  8. In roughly a month four of us are heading to PAB for four days at Rock Pine Resort. Hopefully the dreadful fires will be history by then. If any of you would be so kind as to pass along any info regarding locations or tactics for Sturgeon Bay or near the Shawanaga River we would be very greatful. We are targeting bass and walleye but any hook up won't be refused. Thanks
  9. Little late but ... Land Big Fish , out of Kentucky, very reasonable shipping. Had the Bomber Flat A I was searching for
  10. I was searching for old lures and may have found what you are looking for; Anyway hope it helps. Also have a lure similar to that shape it is white with silver -green stripe, very light. Can send pic if you like. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Rare-Lot-of-46-Vintage-HELCO-Daredevil-Spoon-Fishing-Lures-On-4-Display-Cards/392011636910?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649 https://www.ebay.ca/itm/VINTAGE-FISHING-LURE-LOT-OF-15/132550775499?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649
  11. I have been meaning to post this since I returned from our trip but real life has a way of disrupting schedules. That and I have enjoyed the many other posts and helpful info here that I wanted to give something back even though I’m not always here. Last August 2017, four of us booked Waterfalls for a week on the evening meal plan, with two boats and deluxe cottage #17. We had the advantage of staying at a friend’s cottage near Sundridge so as to break up the travel time. Arriving at Waterfalls we were impressed with the well-kept and pleasant landscaping of the property. Check in was quick and we got to meet Rob the owner who made sure to explain that if we needed anything at all during our stay, ( within reason ) just ask. Rob took us over to our cottage that we had booked that wasn’t quite ready due to the fact that they were short two staff members and had just finished hosting a wedding party that reserved the entire lodge the week before. A small delay didn’t bother us as we could unload, grab a beverage and rig up the gear while plying Rob with questions and enjoying the large deck and great scenery. He explained about the lake we were facing, (Denvic) that it was the drop point for the logging industry years ago at the south east end and that he had two boats in the lake for use we just had to reserve them. He also said that you DO NOT fire up the boats and back out. The years of logging had put down a heavy layer of sawdust in the bay and if you start the engines you’ll suck up that sawdust and have a hefty bill on your hands. There also is a ramp beside the dock if you want to use you own boat. Denvic is stocked with walleye and guests are encouraged to leave empty alcohol containers at the office so this money can be used to support the stocking program. Denvic also has some impressive smallies and pike. Orientation and boat information was supplied by Rob and was very thorough, making sure we fully understood our equipment. We had optioned bow mount trolling motors so that was a little extra time also. Explaining the lakes we had access to was a lot of info but very necessary as we found out when we hit the water. From the lodge you head into Tube Lake which holds pike, walleye and smallies as well as pan fish. Half way down Tube a large bay opens to the north and as you enter you’ll see a point to your right that you go around and head to the end. This is the access point for Little Serpent River / Kecil Lake. The channel doesn’t show itself until the last minute and then you think there’s no way I can get through. But thanks to Rob’s instructions, no problem. The next part again is critical that you adhere to the map (provided) and cautiously proceed towards Kecil. The reason I say this because before you enter the main body of Kecil, there is an island smack in the middle. I was positive Rob said stay right..NOT..however we slid through with no problems. Should mention here that most shoals and rock piles are marked. Past that island you will enter Kecil and see three islands in front of you which is where they hold the mid-week shore lunch for all the guests. Best part is it’s included and seconds and thirds are available. At this time I will expose what for us was the most productive spot during our stay. Keeping the islands to your left and heading roughly north east you will come around a point and see a small island in the distance called German Island. It’s a bass magnet. The other side holds walleye if you time it right. Heading back to the three islands, (which also hold smallies) head towards Lang Lake paying attention to your map and depth finder. This is a cottage area and no wake zone so please respect that. Also respect the nasty shoal lurking at the end of the channel. Give the markers a respectful distance and then you enter Lang for smallies, walleye and pike. Encountered a very nice fellow fishing out of his boat while docked, who had been there since he was the only cottage on Lang. Had some good tips as well. Okay. Our boats were awesome. Electric start, depth finders, running lights, live well, bilge pump, rod racks, flat bottoms, high back swivel seats and storage compartments. Did I mention we had bow mount trolling motors? That’s extra but what a great add on. The meals were superb. You can check out the weekly menu list on the website. I do know that Friday night is steak night and Rob takes your order and cooks it perfectly. Also I should mention that if something on the menu doesn’t appeal to you, you can order off the restaurant menu. I did one night and had an incredible Reuben sandwich with homemade potato chips hot from the fryer. It’s impossible to leave the table hungry unless your mouth is sewn shut. Should also mention here that Sunday afternoon is a meet and greet with the owners and staff as well as other guests. Finger foods and open bar was another great perk at Waterfalls. If I’m starting to sound like a commercial, I’m sorry but we had a great time. Oh one more thing, if you happen to catch a fish equal to or over the length set at the Lodge and take a good clear picture, and release it back to fight again, you get a free t-shirt plus entered in a draw for a free weeks stay at Waterfalls. 7 lb 4 oz smallmouth caught and released Kecil Lake. Well I finally made this post and I hope some of you might take the trip. If you need any other info I’ll try my best to answer any questions.
  12. First off.. Mike... will you adopt me? July down to Long Point Inner Bay 1st wk August...Eagle Lake Sundridge...smallies / pike ( yeah pikeys are in there now ) 1st wk Sept....Port Loring area 2nd wk Sept.....Balsam Lake
  13. Hi Rob We purchased the Uniden GMR2875-2CK three years back and have had no problems. Has weather channel, sleep mode, call, etc. Suggest you check their website as the link is way to long to post here.
  14. We stayed here two years ago. Can handle large parties, excellent boats and hosts. http://www.memquisit...t/location.html
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