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  1. Here is a post of mine from the past for fish.
  2. Your not the only one doing that...
  3. If interested in a pflueger patriarch 9535 let me know. It is in mint shape.
  4. I have to say that I don't deviate from Shimano reels and when I did it was Ardent (Blew the drag up on day 1 for $100 reel). Yes I have a Phluger (willing to sell it) and have had Diawa and Quantum but me I will stick with Shimano. Quality to me and warranty and local service to me is why. Not a brand _hore...
  5. I am a Shimano fan for rod (reels of course too) as for me they perform and I have warranty close in PTBO. If you are close to Gagnon's based on the link you shared then PTBO isn't to far for you for warranty and service (tune-up's and or parts). I have an older Compre too that I use for any senko application and love it. It's fast, 6'6" and has backbone to hoist a fish into the boat when needed. I like it more than my Fenwick HMX. Also Gagnon's sell StreamSide you might want to check out. I have used them in the past for a river rod and was really impressed.
  6. Thanks Art. My GF has been riding 6 years and took course 1 at racing school last summer through her work (Hindle exhausts) and plans to do level 2 soon. I hope to join her and do level 1. Thanks squid.
  7. So as I mentioned, I had signed up for my M2 course since I wrote my M1 not to long ago and I was excited about it. This past weekend was my course a Fleming in Lindsay. Bikes are provided and in good working order. 1st night is Friday from 7pm to 10pm in class. Sat is all day from 8:45am to 4pm on bikes and Sun is 8:45am to 3:30PM including your actual riding test. Oh on Sat 1st thing in the morning if you ever do this be prepared to push the bike around for the 1st 2 hours... Let me say this loud and clear; I with out a shadow of a doubt 100% urge anyone ever planning on getting a M license to take this course!! My 2 instructors were amazing! Trevor (in red in the pic) has been riding his whole life and has it down to a science with the way he talks to you on how to do things like "push turning". This course was worth every penny to me. My only 2 point on my test were going to slow. In the 1st pic I am on the far right of the group shot and the rest of them i you cannot guess, the green and black helmet... Thanks all. G
  8. So I got out fishing with my lady and my boy on the weekend. We all got fish too! The MRS win's with a keeper walleye and the biggest at 23" that had to be let go. The one of my son sort of blurry was him on the hookset, lol
  9. This is my 1st attempt last weekend at porkbelly. YES I am going to make it again. Smoked slow and low at 220*F for 3.5 hrs and with apple and black cherry wood for the smoke.
  10. This is Lloyd's set up for line, looks like mono on some and leadcore on others. As for the 'gew' me I am not sure. But I also run heavy mono on my line counter reel.
  11. I am so jealous of you. lol Nice fish too Mr B
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