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  1. Yours is a legacy package Bell hasn't sold in over 8 years. Trust me they want you to change to a new package! LoL If you make a change it's gone for good so don't do it!!
  2. Only those in the Fibe to the home or node (box on the St.) area can get that. As for channels with Bell for $125, probably the "Better" channel pack + TMN and or HBO.
  3. A1. Shaw will let you have up to 6 TV set top tv boxes active on 1 account so YES you have have up to 6 locations sharing a bill for 1 account. Just don't tell them more info. One is your house, the other is a cottage you visit that you own and 3rd is an RV and a single TV is there for temp use when travelling. Any more info than that and a 2nd account at full pop price wise. Legally Bell can do the same and offer up to 6 TV's of SAT service. BUT they must all be SAT TV to do so and not the new FIBE (fiberoptics) as the two don't play well together, at ALL. But for Bell if you lead on 1 is here and the other is here... they want full price for all locations. Shaw doesn't (or didn't promote that for the past while as they too want more cash). So in short yes both Bell and Shaw can have 6 TV's on one account for SAT TV ONLY as long as they don't know they are in different area's. Yes you need a dish per hook up too! Oh, do not connect the phone/network line to the tv box if ever sharing as it tries to dial out to let Bell/Shaw know if you want a PPV and it will give away the TV Box location... A2. Depends on location (land/house/city) and TV set top box hardware. Most is 1080i with a digital upscale to 1080p for cable. If in an area offering true 4K tv via cable then yes 1080p but if not 1080i and the TV set top box does it best to produce it to 1080p. *Edit to add* part 2 to A1 of interruptions. If watching TV on SAT (both Bell and Shaw) and the weather is causing the TV to pixilate (sp?) and not able to watch in a steady manner change to the SD channel vs the HD one. Yes you will get the picture in SD but less likely to have many interruptions. I can watch a show in SD in a snow and or rain storm and watch (well yeah may get the odd minor stop but nowhere close to in HD) it all while I can have a TV in the SAME house on the same show in HD and I can miss most of the show to the point of giving up and turning the tv off.
  4. Yes, they own the copper lines BUT DSL internet is also run through that very same line. You have to be close to what is called "central office" for Bell to offer DSL.
  5. What does #BellLetsTalk day mean to me…? Well, I worked for Bell Canada for 4 years on the inbound sales team for residential services and I spoke to 100’s of thousands of people over that time frame. Yes, many ended up in the wrong department at times by not following the prompts but it was my job to help if I wasn’t able to provide to services. Many a time there would be callers I could not help because it was an issue I could not fix. But a few times a year I got calls from people who just needed to talk or vent and would not let me off the line till they have done so. Sadly (on more than one occasion) I had people with mental health issues asking me for help or they would harm themselves or worse, end their life. Mental health isn’t a stigma, it is real! Think of all the famous celebrities we have lost in the past 10 to 15 years due to mental health problems causing death? Now think of those like you and me that are not famous and can use some help? I bet the numbers are staggering those that go on quietly day to day that nobody hears about! Why? Because we (the many) are not famous, or notable to any outside our friends and our family. However, my absolute favorite actor of all time couldn’t battle it and win on his own so why should we?!?!? Robin Williams you were a true gem and sadly missed by many around the world. Now all I ask is that nobody tries to go this fight all alone. Please reach out, talk to anyone. I’m just as guilty here so I need to re-read this and focus on me too and I have no shame in publicly saying so! Have a great day and know that it is NOT a STIGMA and YES there ARE people YOU can talk to! So please do! #BellLetsTalk #ItsOkToTalk #MentalHealth #StopTheStigma #HaveAGreatDay#HaveaSmileOnMeGBW
  6. Yes, depending on where the person is located. Bell and cable companies (if avail.) will rent out the lines to provide an option to the customer. That is, if it's available to even get via Bell or cable.
  7. All my reels are lefty, spinning, casting, centerpin, fly. I am left handed but ambidextrous for most sports so my casting and throwing is my right arm as my primary. Can I mix it up, yes. Why bother...
  8. So, some of you may recall I worked for Bell on the home service sales team so please take some notes on how to save. 1st, shop the other options in your area so you can call the household loyalty team to sort out your current Bell situation before you cut them off. Get the best rates from the others and then the "on-going" price after the promo. Those rural have Shaw TV as an option. 2nd, check your TV that you have now (the name on the bill - good, better, best are pre-done channel line ups) and then get online and see the Current programming packages. You can sign up for the 'good' and pay between $4-$7 a channel to add to any package. Some people can survive with basic and 1 or 2 add on channels and cut the bill in a huge way. 3rd, if you are on a "turbo hub" internet plan via the cell towers then the odds are there is no DSL internet from Bell in the area via the phone line. So yeah you are kind of stuck but you can see what the new up to date plans are too and make any changes up or down. If DSL (phone line) internet is there and working then any plan other than a dial-up plan can be changed to a new package NAME and made unlimited. 4th, a trio of services with any brand of home service provider IS the best rates because they have nothing left to sell you so yes you get those 'bundle savings', legit. Now as for WFN, that's not Bell, Rogers, Shaw and others call. The CRTC tell's them what they can and cannot have. Some of it is also a contractual obligation. WFN has been advertising since pre Christmas of the 'name change' and programming changes to come. Lastly, no matter how mad you are or may become while on the phone with a loyalty agent you are planning to cancel and go to company ABC for XYZ$$ unless they can do better. Your call will be MUCH faster and easier the calmer you stay. Trust me... I got $427 back from Cogeco as I called often to report tv and or internet issues. They had zero issue offering me that cash back and the manager that I was dealing with then thanked me many times for not being "an irate caller who's had a LOT of service issues out of my control". So if you are planning to leave ANY providers shop what you can get and cannot get and know the now and then prices as well as any terms and then make the call while nice and calm. Oh and when the auto recording picks up and you press ZERO over and over to get a live person you end up talking to sales who cannot and will not help at all. You will more than likely be put on hold off and on upwards of 15 min before they even make the effort to get you where you need to be. Just so you know... Have a good one and good luck.
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    very nice man!
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    Since selling my truck I decided to go back to a manual ice auger. I can pick one up this weekend at Sail for $65 (after tax!) for a NORDIC TELESCOPIC DRILL 6" or ship to my door for $80 (again after tax). No other store in the area comes close to this... Deal end Sunday for those in need...
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    Woods auger from Canadian Tire

    Congrats on the cool gifts and I'd bet the parts are the same as Eskimo
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    Damn chipmunks... You had a better day than I did... Merry Christmas Mr B
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