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  1. So after taking it all apart and checking the bearings (blown) I decided a new axle was only $40 more (Can tire pricing as nobody else out here has parts in stock) and has a 1-year warranty on it so I went that way. New axle went in today and next is to get the Hummingbird Helix 5 in and remove the Lowrance X-4 from the helm. I thank you all for the feedback. With luck I get it in the water next week as there is too much going on in my world sice the move across town.
  2. So I have been looking for a little while now and I finally pulled the trigger on this 89 today. Now to remove the items I don't want (Lowrance X-4) and add the new. I know the former owner so it was well taken care of and has a new floor and carpet installed in the past month and all new seats too. Everything works too but thinking I may replace the axle (age of trailer and bearings are a year or two old) and the trailer wires and lights. Oh I need two new tires too so I may get a new axle and say the hell with rebuilding the bearings and spend the $250 on a complete axle. Thoughts? At least I now have a boat at home and can take off anytime I want to go for a fish vs having to drive to the family home to take a boat out.
  3. My install is booked for the 22nd of this month and they are doing ALL new hardware for me from rails to opener in my cost of $3200 after tax for a 1.5 wide
  4. I doubt Doan's Overhead Doors in Lindsay will come that far out but I just placed an order with them. 6-8 weeks to be installed as they are that busy. $3200 after tax for a 1.5 wide new Garaga door and opener to give you some idea to try and figure out a cost.
  5. Well, I think it might be time to kick the stock market back in gear with the Raid brand sales if this is coming...
  6. My FB page killed here? HAHAHAHA. Okay... As for me fishing, I do 2-4 times a week I just don't post it. I live by a river...
  7. How, when and where did I alienate you in that? Where did I 'bash' you? I did however ask you to re-think some of your comments.
  8. Wow, such a good looking fish! Congrats.
  9. I just got the slow cooker out for some chili. Base of cut up onion, one large orange pepper, large can of mixed beans (missing my small can of baked maple beans that I add to but I am out), package of ground beef and diced up part of a roast topped with tomato paste and seasoned diced tomatoes. And of course seasoning.
  10. Maybe with the rain my area should/could be getting the next 3 day's it might get them going.
  11. I went for a walk through the forest on Sat and not a single fish seen, no people either and not even a sign of fiddle heads starting either.
  12. Both the Mrs car and my truck didn't even have stickers and or plate brackets put on either when we got them new. All you have to do it make sure that "no dealership logo's" are put on the 'get ready' that the shop and detail person get's when buying new.
  13. That's why I said this too, Mind you they could have purchased said car out of town due to a good deal
  14. The short version: Mike dropped his teenage son off to fish, alone in the river. Cops we called and made his son stop fishing so by time Mike got back to pick up his son he started filming it and then the cops refused to talk to Mike and walked away.
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