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  1. Plus 2 here with mixed rain and a tad of snow in Lindsay as I post this. With my back being as bad as it is and this weather, I won't be fishing this weekend and I will be tinkering with the new toys I got for my Ryker.
  2. Check with Will (AKA young_one and then changed names) for Curtis Point Lodge on Rice Lake to see what they have to offer. Knowing Will, he will tell you were to fish for the boys.
  3. Spoiled myself and got one. I am 6' @ 170LBS and the LG jacket fits well with a shirt and semi thick hoodie and I tried the bib pants on with thick lined pants and had room. Now to make adjustments before I actually get out.
  4. Yup, but the store that you are seeing is just a sale price. That's what I find as odd.
  5. Just wondering if anyone has one and pros and cons to it. CTC has them on clearance at my store so I placed an order online. Reg. $599 for $349. Looks like a jacket and bib at that price.
  6. I would get a Lew's. I understand at one point they may have been made in the same factory as Shimano. (didn't check the link to see what model you checked)
  7. I'm a Shimano fan so my vote goes there for a rod brand.
  8. Rod depends on are you thowing, chucking, pitching or trolling lures with said reel... And then there is a budget you should mention...
  9. Good on ya to share that info for those looking.
  10. Sounds like someone upgraded to a 10 or 12...
  11. Likewise to you and all the others.
  12. Depending on your budget the Brushless with the most power you can afford. I searched all over by me when I needed a new drill and the Milwaulkee Fuel M18 was sold out and on backorder so I have a Dewalt Max Brushless 20V. The Clam ice drill adaptor or ones like it are so much eaiser to drill with than the small socket style too in my eyes.
  13. Doug one advantage to the new units is the GPS and as you can see from my picture above, I take the bracket off and put it on a boat and now the head unit is on the boat and the transducer that comes with the unit is on the boat the hole time as I got the ice transducer too. I got lost on the lake in a snow storm one time on the ice and the GPS was very handy to get back to where we were parked.
  14. Lot`s if tips and tricks on youtube and even facebook groups.
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