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  1. A proper battery tender is about $60 to $75 a unit. All our motorcycle's, atv and even ridem' lawn tractor has them on them. A battery tester you can spend big on for digital or little on one and get the job done. I rather have designated devices, not combo's.
  2. Mr Cliff, get any unit with a GPS built in and use an amo case with a small 12v battery. Work's year round...
  3. Oh and because FXR is designed for a snowmobile rider I went that route as we plan to use the ATV as much as we can this ice season.
  4. I have my 1pc Mustang and been using it for years, happy. End of season sale on an FXR floater (labled F.A.S.T.) last year so I will be trying it out this season. If I find it cool in anyway I can add my heated (battery powered) vest that I have for when out on the motorcycle's. I like the idea of a 2pc for the whole jacket wide open or off in the hut.
  5. Don't get me wrong here. My screen shot was only to show Rizzo. Me, I don't care. Could be an ad for anything and I just pass on by.
  6. So the Mrs and I live in Gooderham and we're semi caught up (hahaha, far from it but took a break) and rolled down the hill to the lake. Sadly no walleye or rainbow's were cruzing in close now that it's getting colder. Just a SMB for the shore efforts in our hour.
  7. It's dealer dependant as to the power (motor) as we are Merc where as Walsten's in Kinmount sells Alumacraft AND Yammy's
  8. Actually nope. Not a single unit that I am aware of. And the FSX line is still going to be powered with a Merc and not the new rotax from what I see. I'm not in sales so I could be mistaken... I work in parts and cover service when they are busy.
  9. It's a BRP product line now I think so. Never been in one. Look nice as my work did sell them this past summer.
  10. I was hoping it was too. However, one never knows...
  11. My current are target only gun's so YEAH I could shoot it's eye out. However I asked what it is to be legal so thanks for the 'help' there.
  12. Someone care to post the legal side of this (reg's) as I don't really see them where I am in FMZ15 (Gooderham) but I do see them at my folks place 4ML in Burnt River. I DON'T have my PAL but I have BB and pellet gun's for target shooting fun.
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