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  1. Navionics for iphone

    On my android I've never paid again and it's updated
  2. Navionics for iphone

    For those android users out there I too use it and it's very good. They even added some smaller lakes recently like my folks lake that was never on it in the recent past
  3. Well so much for that!!

    This thaw flooded part of my basement yesterday. Found a new crack in the foundation too. Now to see if I can fix it outside before I rip apart the finished walls in the basement so we know where my fishing time is now going...
  4. Merry Christmas to All

    How have you not see that movie till now?!?!?!
  5. Merry Christmas to All

    Merry Christmas to all
  6. Christmas Ice Fishing

    Good luck to all that get out. I may later in the day do some searching around here. I know I won't be on my folks lake as I was there yesterday and most of today and it's 4 hit's with the spud and through and the ice is all white too.
  7. Just so you also know, Loblaws is changing the name of it's Artisan Bread to "The Art of Sin" for what they have done...
  8. Christmas Ice Fishing

    Hey Nick, I have my kids on the weekend but they are back at their mothers house on Christmas eve so depending where you go I may be in so keep me posted too if ya want G
  9. Friends with Criminals

    So you caught it with your wallet, ah go for it...
  10. Ice watch links

    My folks sent this to me from their place
  11. Ice watch links

  12. Ice watch links

    This one too https://worldview.earthdata.nasa.gov/