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  1. Cliff, I got us (Mrs and I) a T-Fal 4.2 L one for many reasons. Veg like broccoli, bacon, chicken you name it. We use it one to two times a week. Easy to clean too the one we got. If I want fries, I say nuts to the work and go to the chip truck just down the raod, lol. If you don't see value in it, don't waste the money and space. However I am very happy with the purchase and put the toaster oven on a shelf in the basement since getting it...
  2. HH, have you looked at the Diawa line for reels? Lloyd (charter) brings them to FLA for his trips and works them hard.
  3. A quiet icon in ways but well heard. RIP, he WILL be missed!
  4. Here's our 3, from left to right, Hope (8yrs) boxer, Cooper (3mths old) Mastif, Chewie (1 1/2yrs) Aus Sheppard/Mastif cross
  5. I love my 2018 Outlander Max XT 570 for the snow! Kimpex Click N Go 2 plow for the win cost and quality wise!
  6. I'm 3rd house deep on a private road. Myself and the man 2nd house in have atv's with plows so we do our road all season. Only 1 time have we needed to hire someone and that was on Saturday as I had to work and wasn't able to plow.
  7. And there is also the 850 E-TEC Turbo R that means you have to stock another item, XPS ICE for the turbo.
  8. I am Gooderham area and everything is slush! I was off work today and didn't even bother to try and fish. Rather clean up around the house in the + temps on the much needed outdoor work seeing as my road is a slushy river.
  9. Get back to work on those Loony flies Mr B! lol
  10. Good luck if you go fine Sir and I hope you catch! You should come up here for the Feb 18th derby I posted on FB, Sue and I will make dinner too. Lakers, Rainbow and Walleye are the derby targets at $15 per person. If you want minnows that's 5 min from the lake on your way in on the 503 on your left side when coming this way from 35 to 503. If you take 507 you have to go past me by 5 min and then on your right. Hell. You come and want, tell me what type of minnow you want and I'll just go get them for you, haha.
  11. Ken in service over there at Carmax is great to deal with! We service my wife's car there because of him!
  12. So I was in the tackle shop in Haliburton the other day and seen this Lunkerhunt ice rod. Have yet to use it but I grabbed a Light action for perch and it feels great and has no weight to it either!
  13. They come to my work for ATV service and are openly (posted too) hiring. Seeing as I am a former Queen's York Ranger I am lucky enough to no longer have to pay to play. One bonus one get's as a Vet... Well, the only one...
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