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  1. Dollar store find

    looks like it but I didn't try.
  2. Dollar store find

    I got 2 and there are 5 left as of right now. 2nd last row near the end of the isle.
  3. Dollar store find

    No worries. Any reel bigger that an ice fishing reel will not fit and even an ice fishing reel may not...
  4. Dollar store find

    reels off
  5. Dollar store find

    Yes, I forgot to check today. If they have them and not many would you like me to get you one or two? You could pick them up from me at Lindsay Kia if so
  6. Dollar store find

    Thanks so now I can check my one and only local one for the same thing. That is also why I asked if craft section. Cheers.
  7. Dollar store find

    What 'brand' of Dollarstore? And what section to look for them? Hardware, crafts? TIA
  8. Dollar store find

    I'm sure there is a way to turn two tubes into one that would do the trick. The wide sections are the end with the skinny being the part that would join all 3 sections in the middle.
  9. Seem any good movies?

    A lot (LOT) can be found via an android box running Kodi. New and old. Netflix has a 3 year rule (or had) in Canada for new to them movies unless they make it or produce it.
  10. Tastey,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    That looks good!!!!
  11. Damn man, and here I thought you were the walleye whisperer...
  12. Are Polarized Fishing Glasses worth it

    Yes very true. For fishing I like an amber lenses and driving a light grey
  13. Spinning reel line of choice?

    I start out with 4 - 6' so I can change baits and still have leader
  14. Spinning reel line of choice?

    From a boat cast like an underhand (or hockey wrist shot) and I've not had a problem with wind as an FYI