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  1. Yup, sliced potatoes, onion, cheese and a broth (celery is safest broth to use for those with allergies) and if you want it a tad bit crispy some bacon bits and or bead crumbs. Cheese!!!
  2. It's all good Terry. May is still a little while away
  3. Hey Mr B, got any pic's of Terry's Fisher with the 70 on it by chance?
  4. Looking good. Mr B knowing you are not on Facebook here are a few jig ideas for you from Big Jim that he recently posted.
  5. Turn it around so you can sit in it and watch fishing shows on tv man!
  6. In the Kawartha's every year there is a long fire ban and it started on Monday here.
  7. Yup, it's a sad, SAD day that more and more boat ramps are getting closed in the past 24 hours. Most are run by the Cities so it's a 'park' and it's now closed off too. This season is really going to suck.
  8. I got one done a few years ago at K C's Custom Boat Top's near Fenelon Falls and been very happy with the quality.
  9. Hey Cliff. If there is ever a day you need something but it's not urgent check with me via text or PM as I might be needing to go out and I would happily drop it off at your door. PS: The Mrs and I move over to Riverview Rd in May so I'll be even closer.
  10. Hey man, did your dad ever sell this? I know someone looking in a month or two that might be interested.
  11. Sue and I just watched this: Spencer Confidential and it was good. Enjoy if you check it out. *damn you Netflix!*
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