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  1. dragonflies are out in Gooderham, I have a hundred or so crusing the property. Blackflies are getting less and less as the Mrs and I took the bikes into Haliburton today and came home with semi clean visors. The mosquitoes are now out in full force...
  2. So I'm not sure where this post should be on the pages but the Mrs and I just got us a camper to do a BNB. It's going to stay where it is parked on my side lot but open to weekend only rentals. We figured this would be a decent way to help anglers and bikers coming to the area to have another place to sleep vs running to the next big town looking for a hotel/motel. So if anyone is wanting to take a bike trip or fishing trip to Gooderham I now have space to rent. No pet's because we already have 2 dog's and I don't want to clean up more poop than I have to.
  3. Yeah both, so I see, read and hear are decent. I'm a Shimano fan so no other tid bits of help here.
  4. Simon lives there. Get him as a guide if you can!
  5. I wish you luck finding someone. I'm sure someone would love a trip like this. If you're ever headed out with your boat to Gooderham msg me as that where I moved to. 5 min from the lake...
  6. I hope they are good. I haven't had luck with that site or wish.
  7. Well, it took Thursday morning to pack the moving truck BUT due to a delay in getting the key's we had to advise them that we aren't going to be in on time and we weill meet them at the new property on Friday moring. We planned for this and in turn it costs us less due to travel time. Those that I have as friends here on FB watched the gong show unfold from Thursday eveing (as I got here at 4pm when we took ownership at 1pm). HOWEVER the prior owners were here still when I got here and scrambeling to pack! They were so far from prepaired to say the least! So I slept on a small pad, a sleeping bag for more padding and got up for 6:30 to ensure they came back and picked up the rotten out, broken down truck and camper. At leaset they showed... Our movers got here at 9am and the games began. Man this house is a lot smaller than the last! L0L Since, I tested positive of Friday for covid and my wife did this evening. So unpacking has been slowed. BUT we thought we were going to be screwed for milk and fresh food over the course of this move but thank God for parents! My mother who is 30 min. away asked for a shopping list and is going to get it for us and no talk door drop it for us now that we are stuck here for another 5 days for me. Worst part when it comes to a fishing report to this is that I don't have a single trout lure here to wander over to a river, creek back lack to during all this! ARRGGGHH! I do enjoy the quiet, the dark and everyting that isn't Lindsay even despite all the issues going on. Anyone want to door drop some rainbow and brookie lures to help a guy out, HA! I can NOT wait to discover the fishing and share.
  8. Me too and I look forward to hunting for them and all other items Mother Nature provides out at my new place in a week.
  9. Sounds like a good time to me, enjoy!
  10. So we went for a pre close visit today. Seen a guy launching a kayak in town at the river (I hope he got a trout if fishing). Also seen this image and I know I've seen this before. Anyone?
  11. I was stuck working to 3pm so I sadly missed it. I really did want to go as it's been a while since I've seen any of the GTANorth folks.
  12. So far so good. His is now a year to two old and happy with it. His Samsung units (yes he had more than one fail) were brutal.
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