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  1. I'm going old school and using what I have from my years of gathering till it's gone. I got that bait years ago as it worked then and I'm sure still works now. So for me it's a dig back to my gear that hasn't been used in years lure wise. However if I need to replace a rod or reel, I will try my old stock 1st then go out to the online (local - ptbo tackel and others) shops. Facebook groups are seeing some way off prices too either way high or oddly low. Good luck all looking but this year I'm slowing it down and not going to splurge unless needed.
  2. Get a ghillie suit and the passers by think you're a bush, shrub, ext.... lol
  3. So the boat is sold (waiting on the other half of the payment in the next day or two so it's still here locked up tight). I guess it's time I look into fixing up my messed up teeth. Any local leads for good work at good rates? I'm in the Lindsay area. They need to come out and I turn into an 'old man' as my little sister Nancy says and do dentures if they cost less and are less invasive. I have to make choices to make me better for my wife Sue and I in the long haul and we have our wind therapy toys and have a use of a boat at my parents. So selling a boat I have been trying to have for many years but my EX always said no is a hard task. I wanted it, I finally got it, but due to health I let it sit, unused. So the week is here it goes to a new home. Bitter sweet. BUT the EX did also say I would never have any form of a motorcycle and I'm on ride number two now with the going from the FZ07 to the Ryker Ace 900. I think I need to hit the road on it this weekend as part of my wind therapy of the sale of the boat... I'm sure Sue will agree if the weather holds as to the forecast.
  4. My folks lake (4ml) is half clear now. Anything South of it looks to be open. Tight lines all!!!
  5. Oh and Peterborough Pro Tackle sell's Zoom and so does Walmart. Walmart is great for blowing out old stock for next to nothing.
  6. Also, Amazon.ca. https://www.amazon.ca/s?k=Zoom+Trick+Worm&ref=nb_sb_noss_2
  7. PS, seems like the CTC in Barrie has a few packs left online shopping I found them. https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/zoom-trick-worm-lure-6-1-2-in-1780998p.html Maybe call and ask them to grab all the remaining stock and hold them for you??
  8. Cliff, worst case, try Jerry on Queen St in Lindsay to see if he can get them if you're still having a hard time.
  9. Any cheap mono to start while pitching plugs around in the yard. Mono cost's less too when having to cut a birdsnest out.
  10. You can plug your cell in and open Google or Siri and tell it to talk back to your truck too Mr B and not just for mapping
  11. Remove old trim, clean, paint, reinstall and use the same paint on a small artist brush to cover nail/pin holes
  12. I got this last year and has all new floors, carpet, 4 new seats, trailer axel and 3 new wheels/rims and tires, winch, winch strap and more. My plans have changed sadly... She's going up for sale after all that work.
  13. Probably 1/4 truth being told now IF that. What was this years (2020/2021 FLU season) death rate for the FLU? Right? none we hear about... It's all how the media and others spin it. Delete this if I crossed a line.
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