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  1. Chris isn't a whit bucket sort of guy to me... My old dog Sierria I swear her pee made the grass grow 2x to the rest of the lawn for some reason! But she never ate people food so maybe that could be why?
  2. Hey at least you both tried vs not trying or him going 100% winging it. And now you have another fish'n buddy too. It's still a win - win to me. Good on ya for trying.
  3. Here is another way to get stock: http://www.aoil.ca/contact-us/
  4. Give the Whitby store a call: https://www.royaldistributing.com/Catalogues/Main/2018-Spring-Fall/140/
  5. GBW

    Waterski behind an 8 hp

    I'm old, 8's weren't out then. The kneeboard and big surfboards will last for years behind the 8hp
  6. GBW

    Waterski behind an 8 hp

    Yup, I did as a kid. Even surfed on those big styrofoam surfboards into my teens being pulled by a 7.7
  7. Jalapeno ring's for added flavour and yes they are poppers. SOOOO good!!!
  8. My day yesterday....
  9. My fav. combo of woods to use
  10. GBW

    Is Sail getting a little shady?

    Two decades ago when I worked a future shop all open box items had to be marked and reduced. Gives the customer a chance to 'take a chance' and save or buy new in box. I'm shocked that isn't mandatory in retail...
  11. This is my fish brine. Brine: Soy (500ML), water (2L), honey (3 spoons), sweet chili tai (1/4 jar), pinch of brown sugar and then diced fresh jalapeno peppers. Then I boil the brine and then let cool before I use it so the brine is well mixed. The wood used for smoking is key. I like apple & black cherry in the smoker together for fish. When I make a brine I keep some for a misting/spray bottle. Part way through the smoking process I'll give the fish a mist. The fish turns out super moist and not like a dry jerky. Also I don't pat it dry I put it right in the smoker after it's sat for 24hrs in the brine in the fridge. My old unit had a large drip pan and I was learning at the time but if I was going to make some anytime soon that's how I'd be doing it. Big Cliff has eaten it this way and said it was great, so has young_one (or what ever name he's using now). My kids even love fish smoked this way.
  12. Yes you can get chunks. They are smaller than you may guess but bigger than the wood chips. TSC may have what you are looking for Mr B as I know I have purchased small bags of chunks before but cannot recall what store... When I have access to apple wood and black cherry I take it and make my own chunks from the limbs ans smaller sections of the tree.
  13. GBW

    Simcoe May opener is here

    Very nice Mr B
  14. GBW

    Thinking of getting a 'pin

    Hence the reason I posted ASAP after seeing this still going on, cheers
  15. Amazing answer! I would still call it in to the tips line no matter what if you are 100% a law is being broken and in this case SMB a law is broken.