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  1. GBW

    Fish identification

    that's a pic from a "I hope to catch a fish day but I didn't so here's what I've got" and yes I've been there. We call them Sunset pic's...
  2. Somethings just get stiff if the breeze get's it just right... NICE FISH TJ!
  3. GBW

    Missing Angler on Scugog Lake

    the person I quoted has retracted the quote so here is to a small glimmer of hope...
  4. GBW

    Missing Angler on Scugog Lake

    Just seen on FB (10:20PM Oct 17/18), he has "been found" so I take those words as a body has been recovered...
  5. GBW

    Headhunter, is that you? NF

  6. GBW

    Missing Angler on Scugog Lake

    More info on the story here https://www.durhamregion.com/news-story/8968245-police-fire-marine-units-scouring-lake-scugog-for-missing-canoeist/
  7. GBW

    All Weather Tires

    Think of the math this way for tire season; tires on rim's cost less TIME and $ to change over. If you plan to have said car/truck/suv longer than 3 years the steel wheels are paid for in the change over cost saving's in that time. I will always run snow's on a dedicated set of wheels to provide better savings to me in all aspects, fuel, change over, life of tire, it all works out less cash out of pocket with good products in the end I've found.
  8. If you are still looking and out this way (Lindsay) I'll sell both in this pic for $150
  9. GBW

    All Weather Tires

    They don't last as when I was looking some up for customers (this time last year) they had not listed an estimated KM lifespan. They look like a winter and sound like a winter while driving. I'd rather my winter snow's on rim's in my shed while my all season's are on the car any day. Oh and they give you (well at least my old customer found this) worse fuel / KMPG / MPG in the warm months vs all season's. Like with any product some with love it and stick with it forever and ever and some hate it and won't make that 'mistake' again. I'm a fan of two set's of tire packages as you can tell... But I hate tire-season at work...
  10. GBW

    Shimano Reel Service worth it?

    Chris has helped me out and has gone above and beyond for me with a rod issue that I full expected to pay for and was no charge. I'd have no issues sending my better reels there for $25 for a tune up! My lesser level one's my kids use I clean up as they don't use them often.
  11. GBW

    Fishing Gloves

    I cut the finger tips off an old set of mountain biking gloves and so far so good.
  12. GBW

    More fishing fines laid!

    We all agree with you Chonger
  13. GBW

    Inflatable Life Jackets

    My BPS auto inflate is so slim I bet I could easily wear it under a 3 or 4 buckle life jacket while under power and then remove the jacket when I'm at my spot(s). That's another idea vs trading what you have on.
  14. GBW

    Smoking fish on going

    Look's real good to me Mr B *licks monitor*
  15. GBW

    What to do with a butler?! NF

    BAAAHAHAHA Joe, like others have said you will be fine. Low work load day from you and the Mrs, tip less but a busy day helping you out tip more. You know this. Just don't let him offer to tuck you in or for a big finish...