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  1. Hey all. Thinking of moving and a place I am looking at is near Gooderham. What's the fishing like out that way? NO, not asking for spots at all. I just don't know the area really. TIA
  2. Keep us post as it looks amazing so far. Nice colour choice too.
  3. GBW


    When I worked in Markham, I would travel Little Britian Rd and see 3 different one's often. Between Little Britian and Lindsay.
  4. Nice, I have an off-shore one for seeing what's below too. My new this year, an FXR float suit for me, FXR pants for the Mrs (her jacket was still a good floater), new CKX boots for all and a new Pelican 68 with cover and trailer bar. BRING ON THE ICE!
  5. Problem there is, if he want's to run the BRP XPS (part number 779127) 2-stroke oil. My work cannot get it. All we have left now is what we pre-ordered. Many dealers in the Kawartha's don't have stock on that part number and the bigger jugs (779128).
  6. MFG MAY still support a part after 7 years as it's on a cross over used in another item that is newer. But they (car MFG mostly) can stop production after 7 years from that part numbers End Of Life time.
  7. Parts are only supported for 7 years from the 'model year' as a lucky average number to use.
  8. Seeing as I work at a Ski-Doo/Can-Am/SeaDoo (BRP), Kawasaki, Suzuki dealer in the Kawartha's, watch the age as parts become End Of Life AND if it's not a very common part that an aftermarket company makes/made, you're pooched. 2-stroke full synthetic oil stock is SO low I can't even order stock to replace what we sell. But lucky us we ordered well in advance of the current situation. Sliders, only OEM left available as the Dupont's are not available till after March 2022. Tracks, GOOD LUCK as there is a shortage there too from all brands! Belts too are probably going to be harder to get sooner than later. Last fall we winterized 220 Seadoo's and this year over 450 units. That's how crazy the world has gone in the past 18/24 months. No stock, high demand, used selling for almost as much or more than new but no NEW to be had as it was all ordered, bought and paid for over 8 months ago for any product line. I wish you the best of luck in your search but please keep in mind of age (lack of old parts) and a shortage on the newer sought after stuff.
  9. Yeah men tend to go up 1 to 2 sizes and women are as is most times. It's a unisex boot line for all the boots they make.
  10. So I got these at my work as they are LIGHT and rated to -85* and man am I HAPPY! Bye bye big old heavy Baffin boots!
  11. This too me is the most current and valid tune.
  12. It's a Uni-Filament fishing line, not a mono line and not a braid. Reminds me oF dental floss. Cast's a mile however!
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