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  1. GBW

    Inflatable Life Jackets

    My BPS auto inflate is so slim I bet I could easily wear it under a 3 or 4 buckle life jacket while under power and then remove the jacket when I'm at my spot(s). That's another idea vs trading what you have on.
  2. GBW

    Smoking fish on going

    Look's real good to me Mr B *licks monitor*
  3. GBW

    What to do with a butler?! NF

    BAAAHAHAHA Joe, like others have said you will be fine. Low work load day from you and the Mrs, tip less but a busy day helping you out tip more. You know this. Just don't let him offer to tuck you in or for a big finish...
  4. GBW


    Great post Mr B!!
  5. GBW


    Very well put spincast I was lucky to have met him and fished with him two times (river). Sad to see anyone pass younger than I am. Kevin, tight lines and fish on where ever you are now. RIP
  6. GBW

    Are Black Crappie considered invasive?

    Keep eating... I still wonder how that one your daughter caught on 4ML got in there
  7. GBW

    FM17 Walleye Regs

    Yes, Over and Under for Balsam
  8. GBW

    tents that attach to your vehicle

    Depends on the truck, full size vs mid size. I know you can sleep 2 adults in a mid size as I've done it. The tent I posted is $400 or $450? That price range at least pre tax...
  9. GBW

    Heart attack

    Thanks for the read and reminder. Cheers to many more great days ahead
  10. GBW

    tents that attach to your vehicle

    This is what the pick up one's look like
  11. I've been fishing 4 mile lake for over 15 years now and there are area in the North end I won't take the 18 1/2' bowrider. If I still had my tinny I'd go in those bass spots (nice and slow) but those days are now gone. Mark (aka 206 here) knows how messed up that end of the lake is depth and rock wise.
  12. GBW

    Greased the new toon

    very nice Mr. B!!!
  13. GBW

    My new Fishing Tatto

    LoL, thanks and nope. Made a little change to another's image that I had seen
  14. My new ink. I'm happy with the work!
  15. no prob and with luck you find some.