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  1. Lew, it's just dark there showing the thick cloud coverage, kidding. Sucks it didn't last long for sure. They are still considered a higher end (depending on model number) brand.
  2. She blamed the 'no visiting' on the lockdown AND she run's a home daycare so she's got all these others coming and going but I can't...
  3. My kids. My ex has said "lockdown means they cannot come see you" right from the start. I've been deprived of my kids. I don't really care to the finincal loss I have taken a beating on and lack of family and friends time, yes I'm hurting there too but. I'll never get back all that time my EX deprived me from of my kids.
  4. 1428429899_June12021.png
    As seen in Cornwall this morning. Kudos to whoever you are, buddy!!!
  5. 1818688251_May312021crop.jpg
    And so my Leafs fan season is don'e and NOT sure if it will return next year either.
  6. A member here, his family owns and run's Curtis Point Cottages http://curtispointcottages.com/ They have boat rentals too. I have stayed at Halimar Resort in the past and it was nice. However google is now listing it as permanently closed...
  7. Ever looked at a Kia or Hyundai SUV? They are decent on gas for an SUV. Waiting on CCMT to provide real numbers on his newer one.
  8. I have not heard a thing, not even accidentally caught posts or PM's from friends/folks in the area while crappie or perch fishing.
  9. Sorry to hear Lew and trust me, now that I did it one time when 1st learning this bike, I don't do it on purpose.
  10. Yeah, pretty much. It can do it already in under 10, even in ECO mode. I have learned a lot speding time on it as to how much time and space I need to pass and so forth. I can easliy spin the rear going out of a 60K zone and fishtail till I get to my desired speed. In sport mode I can really burn off the rear even at higher speeds (pre-tune). But, I have learnt to behave *edit to add* PS, I can drift it on turns too... HAHA
  11. Aftermarket Treal Exhaust the day it was installed. 154668937_874065696766078_4459003243280226604_n.mp4
  12. Yeah but not while riding a Ryker, lol
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