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  1. It is very hard to find now as they stopped making it I understand.
  2. Nice going Mr B. I really liked my RAW II when I had it but moved away from the rivers so it went to a new home.
  3. I think my red stands out really well. It really is a fun ride. I went over to say 'morning' to Big Cliff this morning on it and put another 65k on it after that going to Caygeon and back with the Mrs on her ride/ninja.
  4. Another 135km today. I never put that on the FZ07 in a month! The Mrs and I were out for just about 3 hours today and if the weather is decent tomorrow the goal is to do more. Loving this ride just as much as I love fishing! PS, Mr B (Brian) if I ever get a camera mount I will send you drift footage. Done it a few times now and NOT on purpost 95% of the time. The rear got out and spun at 70kph bumping up to 100kph to make a move and I was far from 100% on the gas. Even the Mrs who's been to race school said she's not sure if she can out run me.
  5. Hence the reason the car going once a year as it's a 2020 Forte 5 GT so it's got a lot of warranty left and seeing as I worked for the local one in the past, I want to ensure there isn't any 'neglect' issues. So all service work bills from other shops stay in the car such as a brake service.
  6. I can send you some, not of me (yet). I don't plan to drift it often on purpose as I am sure that rear tire isn't cheap.
  7. I do my best to do so my friend. Ans yes, 2, 3 or 4 wheels can get you killed or mucked up rather quickly but I do my best to keep my head on a swivel and on the look out.
  8. I take the Mrs Kia anywhere I see fit for most service and 1 time a year it will go to a Kia dealer to ensure there are no open recalls on her car. Otherwise, any good shop worth it's salt will do.
  9. No, 3 wheels is actually quite fun. If I felt so inclined I can even fishtail it at times. We put another 100KM on our toys today too.
  10. Funny part is Wayne said a StarWars comment about being on the dark side.... LOL
  11. Between health issues and my last bike had more torque and power than I enjoyed. I had an FZ07 that at 80KPH in 4th I could put on 1 wheel when going to pass someone. That is no longer a fun ride for me. This, I can get on and enjoy and my back isn't screaming mad after 50k. And I can drop into full speed in 2 to 3 seconds going from a 60 to 80k zone. PS, Still FAST as it's a 900cc the one I bought.
  12. Hey all. Anyone else have a Can-Am Ryker? If thinking about one of these, FUN! Just got it on Thursday and been out twice and man it's got some get up and GO with the ACE 900cc in it. Love to see pic's of mod's if anyone else has one.
  13. Rice Lake has a resort Curtis Point Lodge that has boat rentals and he (Will) is a member here. Check in to guides too on lakes like Simcoe like fatial force as Steve R was a member of that group last I recall.
  14. I can Mr B for you if I find time this weekend.
  15. That's what they send. And it's not built well at all and feels off balance/broken internally.
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