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  1. Yup, the toll free number on the back of my fishing license and someone does pick up. Now, I didn't speak to the CO but the woman I spoke to said they those people dressed in the same attire were charged the night before.
  2. I didn't read that at all in the post. But hell, I would have called no matter the race if it wasn't right and I SEEN it. In fact on the weekend I did call MNR on guys in Lindsay catching and keeping carp for a group photo then tossing them back in, dead, floating past me... Those same guys were fined the night before too I was told (the guys I called about) after I called the MNR. The woman on the tips line even told me so.
  3. GBW

    Wet brine

    I never pat it dry. My last batch I saved some brine and put it in a spray bottle (before soaking the fish in it) and I would mist the fish every now and then while it was in the smoker. Keeps the fish really moist and full of flavour. A former co-worked text me yesterday asking when the next time I was going to fire up the smoker as he wanted in and would pay for his share. I haven't worked with him in close to a year so I guess his family really did like the way I made it.
  4. Yup, no harm no foul there at all.
  5. You just auger more holes like a clover...
  6. Do you like cork or EVA for grip? I have not held one of these yet but I hear the new SLX line as a whole is very good for the price. https://naturalsports.ca/products/shimano-slx-spinning-rod
  7. Hard to say what I like vs what you might like and not knowing a budget is even harder to guess. I stick with Shimano as I can get to the depot for warranty work or tune up on reels in an hour drive.
  8. I went too and had lunch and walked around. Some deals to be had but I didn't need anything so I went home with no new toys. One vendor was very pushy with telling me what I need and what I should like and be able to afford. I was looking at Shimano product like I always do to be flogged a $90 combo at random and I do mean random! Those new jeep looking side by side's looked good (but not a Jeep product or street legal). All and all a decent show for the size.
  9. I plan to go to see A: who is there B: if there is any least minute deals 😄 to support my local event I am going there around lunch so I can have my lunch there... lol
  10. Hey all. Anyone going? I plan to on Sunday. https://www.lindsayex.com/event/kawartha-sportsmen-show-3/
  11. Save the pic's I posted to your phone and walla you have a sale price. They are legit sale prices you can see online
  12. PS, Suffix 832 spools are on clearance at Walmart for $15 a 150 YD spool
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