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  1. I figure it is worth the extra few klms to drive to Curve Lake for $1.249 rather than pay $1.449 in Bobcaygeon...it must be about the same distance for you Lew...especially if you need to go down to Lakefield or P'Boro...
  2. Even if he is the one driving ???
  3. Just playing forward for all the stuff you have done for us over the years...or is it playing back !
  4. Hey Cliff...My step-son who is staying with us for a few weeks would be glad to help...I myself am lucky to drive as far as Lindsay/P"tboro and back without experiencing back pain but he is much younger (60) than I (most people are)....As he has a license but no car do you want us to drive him to Lindsay or will you pick him up here ?...I take it is a there and back trip...? He has to be back here to drive MB to Oshawa on Friday...
  5. I should have asked...How soon as possible?...
  6. One Moment of Time by Dana Winner on You Tube... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDo4kvip-cQ 
  7. WTG Misfish !!!...My gang will be here on the 17th to rent a pontoon and try for some bass or whatever
  8. Looks like a "Lazy Ike" on the end of the line...at first thought "Flatfish" but only see one treble on the bottom not two on a wire ...
  9. Life is funny Lew...People come our way to vacation and we head up north...
  10. You are one up on me....our hair lady is booked for three months...I am too old to call it hockey hair...
  11. Me Thinks you didn't stand very close to your razor for a while...LOL Nice fishes...
  12. Youse the bye that catches the fish...etc...etc.
  13. Hey Lew...Here is the site I look at to find how much Curve Lake is charging for regular... $1.09 today http://www.ontariogasprices.com/GasPriceSearch.aspx
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