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  1. The Microsoft callers hang up on me when I tell them that my son who works for Microsoft (true) is the only person who is allowed to touch my computer... The lastest scam (extortion) is someone wanting $1400 in gift cards or they will send out the porn I have been watching to all my contacts...
  2. Very nice old friend...anywhere is yours now...
  3. Beans


    Only tried smelt fishing once many years ago at the mouth of the Rouge River under the railway bridge...got lots and spent half the rest of the night cutting the heads off with a pair of scissors and running my thumbnail up the belly to remove the guts...I bought them ever since...I think they were from Georgian Bay...Bigger and tastier !
  4. Hey old friend (watch the "old" eh?)...Good to hear from you !
  5. My name is Beans and I am an...oops...wrong posting... Nice whities Terry...WTG !
  6. Folk songs of Newfoundland by Alan Mills... Found the album on Spotify...
  7. I'm with Lew and TJ...Now my sons and grandson call them pickerel 'cause that's what they were taught...!
  8. Sure looks like you are pulling a Roy...!
  9. Jackie (Nanook's wife) was saying the same thing last time I heard from her...It will be 8 years since we lost Jack tomorrow...
  10. Nice post Brian... It shows to go you that there is more to fishing than catching a fish...
  11. Yep...I keep telling the wife...Don't get old...It hurts too much !
  12. You and me too Victor...last time was three years ago when my son caught one below the pump house over twenty pounds... Nobody fishing there now or chumming... I guess the carp moved on...
  13. Sounds like my old tin can...Paid $150 for it and probably spent over $200 on various kinds of guck and muck and never did stop the leak... Finally gave up and tried to live with it...Fashioned a portable bilge pump with an old motorcycle battery... Not stable enough on my feet to go boating anymore (pontoon boats excepted) so I gave it to Motiv8tor...
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