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  1. I too was amazed at how well organized they were at the Evinrude Center...we had been warned not to get there more than 10 minutes before our scheduled time as you were not allowed to get in line before your time was called...(unless you want to sit and wait in your car...LOL) ...Same once you go inside...well organized...We also go back in July !
  2. " Hey Jude " by a whole bunch of celebs at a benefit concert...
  3. Thanks for all the Birthday wishes guys...seems like only yesterday I was 84...Oh ya...it were !
  4. Good on you and young Clifford...
  5. Does anyone still fish with salted minnows ?
  6. When we moved up to the Kawarthas about 18 years ago after retiring from CBC, Bell kept telling us that high speed was coming...After 4 years we changed to Cable Cable and are still with them...Don't know if Bell ever did get high speed up here...
  7. Geeze Bye...I thought maybe you were having the DTs when I saw the subject... Nice job on the flies...
  8. Me neither Steve and Brian...
  9. We used to icefish for crappie on a lake just south of there but the name escapes me (it's me age ...don't you know!)
  10. Those were the days...
  11. And that is why I do not read the magazines they have...Sick people read them... Congrats from one Grampa to another...
  12. If it is deemed "safe" I certainly would...I get a flu shot every fall and lots of people don't and it has been proven "safe"...
  13. My grandson and great-grandson have had good bass fishing in the Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park...they enter via hwy 28 N...I don't know about electricity or water but if you call the park they will inform you...
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