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  1. Geeze Bye...I thought maybe you were having the DTs when I saw the subject... Nice job on the flies...
  2. Me neither Steve and Brian...
  3. We used to icefish for crappie on a lake just south of there but the name escapes me (it's me age ...don't you know!)
  4. Those were the days...
  5. And that is why I do not read the magazines they have...Sick people read them... Congrats from one Grampa to another...
  6. If it is deemed "safe" I certainly would...I get a flu shot every fall and lots of people don't and it has been proven "safe"...
  7. My grandson and great-grandson have had good bass fishing in the Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park...they enter via hwy 28 N...I don't know about electricity or water but if you call the park they will inform you...
  8. We were without power since 04:30pm yesterday until 05:00am this morning...except for 10 minutes at 09:00pm...just long enough to reset the clocks...LOL
  9. Kawartha Dairy in Bobcaygeon puts out their used pails (contained flavourings) across from the store on Prince Street...
  10. Fisherman’s Friends singing Drunken Sailor... Try searching on You Tube...
  11. Who dreamed up the senior opening at stores?... One of the benefits of being a retired senior is sleeping-in...unless you are on Lew time...
  12. Be careful you don't get stoned...PUN
  13. My boys have had good luck at the bottom of Big Island in close to the bullrushes... I myself like to fish points like Hurricane Point where they extend out into the lake (watch your motor...most are not marked)
  14. I still have a pocket fisherman...the kids used to use it for icefishing...I forgot about swinging with a hand line fishing for carp off the causeway at Lake Scugog using a bell sinker on the end and a doughball baited hook up about a foot...memories *sigh*
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