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  1. Retirement !!!...Best job i ever had...Enjoy yours Brian
  2. My hometown was Toronto...Lets srart to the east; Frenchmen's Bay (open water and icefishing) Rouge River (catfish, perch, smelt) Highland Creek (mostly for suckers and minnows) Taylor's Creek (mostly for minnows and skinny-dipping) The Islands and Grenadier Pond Catfish Pond (mostly for minnows netted with an old curtain to fish Grenadier) Humber River Mimico Creek Etobicoke Creek Credit River (mixed bag of fishes) You are right Brian..." Those were the days my son...we hoped they never end|"
  3. I'm 84 Cliff and I agree with you...LOL
  4. Hope it isn't so Cliff...Cripes, we gotta have sumpin' to look forward to
  5. I worked with a lad from Columbia and he said that they boil the coffee in the water then strain it to remove grounds...Who knows...might be a whole new experience...
  6. At home I use the one-cup Melita filter w/Folgers, Maxwell House or Kirkland Columbian... Not a fan of Timmies but do like McCafe or Country Style... Best by far is the coffee served at St. David's Diner at Hwy 7 and Hwy 35 South...
  7. Thanks for the swell wishes everyone...and I don't go in boats anymore...LMAO!
  8. Shortly after our kids moved to Florida Uncle Dave and I agreed to drive their van down for them as the mover wanted $2500...when we got to Daytona we grabbed a bite to eat then looked for a place to stay for the night...We looked at a couple of places and decided to stay at a place that looked OK from the outside but the room stunk, the washroom was icky...I remember sprinkling some Gold Bond powder all over my bed to cover up the smell as it was too late to go looking for an other motel and it was a day before all the bikers hit town for their annual rally... We checked out very early and had a shower at Coral Gables...LOL
  9. Sure sounds like you are having a great trip my friend....Good on you Cliff !
  10. So very nice to see you're back Roy...
  11. Cliff/Brian...Am I mistaken but doesn't the whiting look samilier to a codfish ?
  12. Amen to that Cliff...and I got ten years more on you...
  13. We hope you catch a big 'un today !
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