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  1. Sure was Lew...I started using a long bamboo pole and with a tincan with worms we picked the night before...My grandpa never owned a rod and reel and I never got one until I was 12 years old for Christmas...LOL
  2. Youse are good men...Tells your mother...!
  3. I kinda recall the name but we were O-F-N before O.F.C....I still think of myself as an OFNer because that is what it sez on my cap, T-shirt and yellow jacket,,,LOL
  4. You're a good lad...tells your mother...!!!
  5. Our old pal Photoz had a knack for finding and photographing them...I have a lot of his pictures on file... Never see any hereabouts but sumpin' around here eats the mice we catch and dispose of in the woods
  6. Cliff and Steve: Make sure you get them undercoated My 2009 Santa Fe (used) rusted out so badly Hyundai wouldn't put it on the hoist last March to do the work on a recall issue... 2017 Nissan Rouge Platinum running nicely... Would still get a Hyundai SUV but never a sedan...Like sitting on the road...LOL
  7. And a Merry Christmas to you Cliff and all OFNers (OFCers) !!!
  8. Something smells fishy Lew...If the other places don't mention the same thing about alignment and warranty...I would avoid that one like the plague!!!
  9. So glad to hear this worked out in your favour Cliff
  10. Yeh Dave...it is a b**ch getting old...Don't do it...Hurts too much...LOL
  11. I hate it when that happens...Still waiting for the mobility portable scooter I ordered about 4 years ago...$70 down the tube...Grrr
  12. This past weekend I experienced the reverse...Two of my sons and my oldest grandson used to rent a pontoon boat ($350 a day) the weekend after Labor Day in September because I can't handle getting in and out of regular boats any more This weekend they show up with a one year old Pontoon they bought because of my handicap...Have been out in it four times already...I am still flabergasted !!! Here I am getting on with no help from anybody....I feel I am not worthy but I must have done sumpin' right besides teaching them how tocatch fish...LOL
  13. The one I caught in Frenchman's Bay near the little bridge in open water was a more greenier color...The ling I ate was from Lady Simcoe... I was told it was like poor man's lobster so I gave it a try...can't remember if I cooked it or my first wife R.I.P.
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