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  1. I have to agree Cliff. I'm 74 years of age as well. Maybe I could do the breast stroke with her to keep me on top of the water should the boat capsize.
  2. Who needs a floatation vest. Just hold hands with her if the boat capsizes.
  3. So I'm at the boat ramp and I slip and fall into my boat breaking my leg and dislocating whatever. I manage to call for help. Two paramedics; 8 volunteer firefighters show as well as one police officer. It takes at least 6 of those front line workers to get my sorry ass out of the boat and back to the waiting ambulance. All the while working at 2ft. or less from one another. Arrive at the hospital tying up even more front line workers ( x-ray technitions , specialists and nurses etc) all the while possibly putting myself and others at risk of contracting covid-19. Plus after the lengthy hospital stay and return visits. Ya I know; I could break my leg going to the grocery store. I believe the idea is to put less strain on front line workers as much as possible by keeping people at home until we can get a handle on this enemy. We are at war.
  4. The Honda oil contains the special additives needed for the "wet clutch" on their atv's. I quit smoking 32 years ago and managed to save enough money to purchase the best name brand oil for my Honda 2001 foreman 450 over the years. Peace of mind in the long run. Honda oil. Have to agree; a rip off on the prices; but break downs are even worse. Read on another site: If it doesn't say "JASO-MA" on the container somewhere; then it's not for wet clutches.
  5. I can see a slab grabber with a red bead hanging down; just below his left ear.
  6. (1)........Yes Motor boats are allowed There is even a launch on Moores. (2)........No Cannot drive your boat between lakes. There is a roller system built under the bridge at #35 highway. Used for cartopper boats and canoes for easier navigating between the two lakes.
  7. mukluk

    Yes BYE

    Gotta love ole Hank Snow while cooking up yer mess. Can only imagine what it would be like to get hit between the eyes with one of them squid there bye.. Fishfarmer is having the time of his life catching those whities. What it's all about.
  8. For the sake of our beautiful shorelines and fish stocks; I hope this goes through.
  9. I would say you hit the perch nursery dead on. Plenty of action though.
  10. Would agree with (pretty much a waste of time). Something like our Senate and our CRTC.
  11. Totally professional job on the rod as well as the photos.
  12. It can be a "mine field" of rock when the water level is slightly down. I know from experience. $$$$$$
  13. Looks like Irishfield wins the prize. North wind-----south end of the lake. Glad everything worked out ok for you.
  14. As Irishfield mentioned "north wind today". The dock and boat might have blown down towards Head Lake Trailer Park. Call John and as if he has seen it. 705-454-8019
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