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  1. I have an old pair of skis, maybe two, stored in the garage someplace. Always thought of making some sort of ice fishing sled. Good idea here !
  2. Co-worker bought an 8 acre property backing onto forest and moved out of the big city. Deer, turkeys and coyotes everywhere. All his neighbors hunt as well as himself. They ask him permission to hunt on their own land because most of the animals come from his property and they're mostly shooting from their land onto his. One day he sees a car park on the road and a guy in full camo with shotgun walking up the tree line to turkey hunt. No one asked permission and he didn't recognize the person or vehicle. Sign down by the road says "If you can read this sign, you're within range !" Guess the hunter didn't think it applied to him. A warning shot from my buddies .338 Lapua (sp?) turned that tresspasser around pretty quick. ?
  3. Neighbor of mine had all his seats destroyed by raccoons one spring/summer. He had a tarp over it, but not shrink wrap, so they easily climbed in and out. Left a mess of #2 and smell of #1 as well. My brother and I have been storing our boats in our parents garage for 30 years. No moth balls, dryer sheets or any other repellants used. Nowhere for the mice to get in, unless they slip in when the door is open. Never had any indication we had mice in there....ever ! A barn is different. I've stored boats with no cushion seats or upholstery outside. Tipped up for the rain/snow to run off and always good to go.
  4. New iphone in our possession. Thanks for all the views. Please remove !
  5. Tie them up in swamp with no clothes on and let the skeeters, black flies and leeches have a feast.
  6. I never make a big deal about bass opener. I'll likely be getting my gear and boat ready for a guys poker/fishing weekend at a buddys cottage. About 15 of us. Walleye and to a lesser extent smallmouth bass, will be the targets on the July 6,7,8 weekend for me.
  7. Beautiful fish and great pics. Thanks for sharing Bill.
  8. Sounds like a fun morning for sure. Congrats boys!
  9. Sorry to hear about your truck. Hopefully, you get it back in good condition.
  10. A bad day of fishing is always better than a good day at work. Wish I had the time to go.
  11. Shloim, I'm sure you'll have a great time. Congrats ! My 50th at the end of July. Wife wants to go south. I don't like the heat, especially in July. Looking closer to home for a fishing trip.
  12. Returned my peeling plates a few months ago. They were only 3 yrs. old. No charge !
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