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  1. https://havasuwatersports.com/product/havasu-watersports-saguaro-inflatable-pfd-manual-papaya
  2. I'm looking for a 4 blade 17 or 18 pitch prop to fit my 2001 EFI Mercury 150 motor. Stainless is preferred.
  3. Did you not "pay out of pocket" for insurance?
  4. I went from a single axel to tandem, on my new boat. The pull difference is night and day. Much prefer the tandem.
  5. That is the best policy, always do a lake test before buying a boat. The falling out of reverse MAY be a simple fix of adjusting the shift linkage, or it could mean that the lower unit needs major gear repairs. Make sure you budget for "improvements" when you buy a boat.
  6. @craigdritchie spoken like a wanna be actuary. You are on the mark though...
  7. Black thing with the silver end.
  8. I found this in my bilge today and have no clue what it is for.
  9. I'm wanting to do the same thing, this is what my research has come up with so far.
  10. Don't buy without a lake test. Only way to find out if it leaks or not. I had a smokercraft, it was a good layout and good handling boat, but it was suitable for straining pasta. That should do about 48 MPH
  11. Yes I was, that was the shakedown cruise. Second launch today, two attempts one success. Here's the story: Well, there I was with my wife about to take a cruise on the Niagara River at the Queenston Launch. Unfortunately someone had launched their boat without checking the fuel level and ran out of fuel in the launch port. They promptly tied their boat off, blocking the launch, of course, and buggered off to get fuel. I waited for about 45 min for them to show up, and made a comment to the tattooed woman in the boat that it was quite inconvenient for everyone that they were there. She took umbrage with that and I could see this would escalate into me demonstrating a side of my personality one does not want to see, so I walked away and left it alone. They finally showed up, 6 boats in the que waiting to retrieve so I said screw it and left for a wonderful launch on the high side of the river. I could overhear her complaining to her compatriots about this bad man that had the unmitigated gall to address the error in judgement. (It was a good thing I left...)
  12. The interior, sort of. I've been busy rigging it. Still not sure on electronics placement, feel free to chime in. The transducers are getting swapped to opposite sides to prevent interference.
  13. Just took this home tonight Needs a bit of TLC, but I can handle that. 150 Efi pushing it with a 9.9 mercury 4 stroke kicker, walker riggers, and more dirt and dust than I've seen in a long time.
  14. Congrats. Post pictures of your results.
  15. I had my ram rebuilt by Redline Marine in Mount Hope. Excellent guy. http://redlinemarine.net/
  16. Homestead Automotive in Mount Hope. I moved to Grimsby and still go to him because he is so good.
  17. It was made by Johnson controls, it a 3 way split, one 2 ton compressor driving 3 heads.
  18. I just had heat pump/AC installed at my house today. The air coming out is 107 F. Cannot speak to efficiency yet.
  19. The switch works fine, I put a switch in the ground to isolate the pump from power and prevent it from draining the battery.
  20. I could use a hand with my bilge pump wiring, can't get it to shut off. I have a nice heated shop for you to work in as well.
  21. I saw a bunch of lawyers with their hands in their own pockets.
  22. I thought that the boater card and the hull registration were for life.
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