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  1. When it’s hot a vest like Lexington shows. When it’s cool flotation jacket. When it’s cold flotation suit.
  2. You want flies with that? just did brisket with pc chicken and rib Sauce.
  3. Tiller. Boat control. Cheaper. More floor space. side console. Cruising comfort and talking. big water trolling. side console all the way.
  4. Why are all those boats in that guys way?
  5. Looks like a great trip. I wonder what they are eating to be bigger then normal. Is the number of fish Coming up the same. I miss the gb salmon open water.
  6. I ran one electric and one manual. For me the manual was good to 60’ deep. Deeper and it got to be a lot of cranking. So manual for shallow fishing
  7. If you heat it and bend it back you might be able to reinforce it on the inside with another pipe.
  8. I never got my paper in the mail to renew the plate sticker. I guess I’ll just go in. I hope I’m not wasting my time. anybody else in the same boat?
  9. Hopefully they are only 20year shingles. Pigs.
  10. If you don’t know the history of a prop it might not be as stamped. I will not use an aluminum prop on an engine that gets a lot of use. show us a picture of the engine on the back of the boat.
  11. Nice clean long fish. The water looks pretty calm. Now I want to go.
  12. No problem getting a tattoo. If you don’t like it you can get it removed. I’m not sure how they remove it though might be a belt sander. I saw one that was a giant pickerel across a guys back. If it was real it would have been a 25lber.
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