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  1. The two main choices were to do as we have done. Basically nothing in the first months. Or stop the virus from entering the country. what did Taiwan do.
  2. Can you tell Jonnybass I said hi.
  3. It’s more like someone saying they do stuff that doesn’t fit with normal accepted society. Then they double down on it. The hole that’s created is so big they just get buried. Then they move to blaming others for the problems.
  4. Lol. and he had some ideas that many didn’t enjoy. See if you can get his real name and find him on Facebook.
  5. i went to the grocery store parking lot and sat there for an hour. I didn’t leave my car. I watched the people coming to get food. Don’t worry the virus is going to keep spreading.
  6. It’s odd that they wouldn’t stop the virus from flying in to Canada but they will stop you from going out of your house.
  7. I have masks ready and if I go out I’ll wear one then set it aside for a few weeks before i wear it again. I haven’t been to a store in over two weeks
  8. I pulled the winch and bow roller off the trailer. Now I need to find 1/4 x2” flat bar 30” long. I need to move the roller farther from the bow so I can use low gear on the winch.
  9. I’m gonna make a list of the people that are a problem and I ain’t on it.
  10. So the gov closes the boat ramps to protect people. but at the critical time when the virus was being flown in what did they do? Did they close the air travel from places that had the virus. The people making the decisions are the problem. Please tell me what good they did.
  11. How many freedoms are you going to give up for the greater good.
  12. Group of seven. what did they paint?
  13. What places have home grocery delivery?
  14. Limit your exposure to other people. Don’t go to the hospital. Don’t touch your face. Wear glasses or goggles and a mask if you have to go to a high risk place. A buff on your face should help if you don’t have masks. If it doesn’t get in your mouth nose or eyes you ain’t getting it. right now is the time to protect yourself.
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