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  1. Where can I get a mannequin? I guess I could use my blowup doll but it might be a one fish bait.
  2. the 34lb might be too much power. Better stick to 30lb. I guess if you can’t get a trolling motor I can tow you out with my boat. You can pay me in fish.
  3. You can borrow mine but I’m not sure I want to sell/trade it. As I need it.
  4. BassMan11 of course you go. If you don’t I’ll take your place. wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. Stay apart. Don’t touch others stuff. And wash your hands.
  5. Great pike. Check your Transom wood.
  6. How’s this years bite on long point Walleye or st Clair Muskie. good year or bad? I need a trip somewhere. Thanks.
  7. If I put five colours on my reel but only put three out is it ok to have the lead core in the eyes of the rod?
  8. Thanks Wayne. They have the exact one I need there.
  9. I’ve got an old Rototiller with a 7hp Tecumseth motor. It started first pull today so I tried to put more gas in and the plastic tank leaks bad. does anyone have any ideas for a tank? I’ll make one if I have to.
  10. And another fishing hole gets fished out.
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