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  1. Maybe 30years ago my cousin would drag his 14’ alum out there to fish salmon. Long way to go to catch a fish. That’s all I got. Good luck.
  2. Prep boat out of way of ramp. Back in when it’s your turn. Have buddy move boat away from launch. Simple.
  3. My manual says to pull the plugs and fog. So I do that. One time my motor was hard to start after a lot of damp weather. So I have been putting gas stabil in every tank. Then it’s in the carb for the winter too. I use my fish finder run time to tell me when to change engine oil/lower unit oil. I have a log book for all engine, boat and trailer maintenance.
  4. Ok so it’s not just me then. I’m not buying them anymore. thanks Brian.
  5. Anyone noticed premium plus salted crackers taste different? I don’t like them. Did they change something?
  6. 3/4” piano hinge pulled out of the cabinet door. Anyone know where I can get a bigger one. Like 2” or 4”???
  7. I have a giant saltwater spinning reel. Easily handled 20# fish. Mine is heavy so trolling, live bait and some casting.
  8. It gets worse if you name them.
  9. Great looking herd. Season opens in six months.
  10. Have you tried fish in an air fryer? I haven’t yet but I want to.
  11. $300 and remove all and leave the space clean
  12. Nice flies. Do you like eating whitefish better then herring?clean looking bow too.
  13. I hope it works out for you. If Ontario doesn’t work out maybe Manitoba would. At this point anything is possible.
  14. I’m no help. I’m under the covers until the boogie man is gone.
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