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  1. Sometimes a stay in the woods is needed.
  2. This one ain’t a Yamaha. Keep looking.
  3. Price is a little high. Should be more boats to look at.
  4. Buy and sell wasn’t like this before the internet. I used to buy and sell a lot. Now it’s a pain so hardly ever. part of it has to be people trying to buy and resell. So they want it cheap as possible.
  5. Ya next year. I really don’t like the penalty call. every year I watch less and less.
  6. Bad call. Refs win another game.
  7. Nice day for a drive. IMG_4458.MOV IMG_4459.MOV
  8. I see merc has a 20hp with efi. but does anyone make a 9.9 with efi?
  9. If I wasn’t going far or using it a lot I would get a used and even 2stroke if it was cheap. whatever you get make sure you can get parts. that’s all I got. Good luck.
  10. Looks like a great trip. I wish I could go but it’s to big of a trip for me.
  11. I think everyone wants to go now. when are we leaving?
  12. I held out till the end of paying for my stickers and now I sit here waiting for my money back. I’m not sure if it’s a new rod or reel. Maybe just some gas money for towing. I check the mail every day and nothing. Can I get the interest money too? what were these stickers for? It was just another tax. Can I get a refund for all the stickers I’ve bought over the years?
  13. I’ve watched some do this on tv and it’s nice to get the weight then see them swim away. they could live stream to a crowd on shore (giant tv) and on tv at home.
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