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  1. What was that beast eating? Get pic. Congrats.
  2. Make sure you have all the gear you need, I need to see the reports.
  3. Won’t that pretty much catch anything anywhere.
  4. Put sunscreen on the rest of the engine quick. Lol.
  5. If the boat is 600ish pounds you can put it on grass and winch on from there.
  6. With that green grass it’s hard to tell what time year it is. wtg
  7. The London area has had too many crows. Farming provides a food source that is not natural and has the population increase to way more then should be present. The increase of one animal due to people creates a problem for other animals. Crows raid the nests of other birds so now other bird numbers are down. the natural environment of southern Ontario is lost forever. People have given advantage to some species. Those are now a problem. either allow management by people or you will have to pay for management. That is your only choice.
  8. Thanks for putting up your reports. Some of us aren’t getting out much. Nice to see someone having fun.
  9. Some great weather eh. Nice clean fish too.
  10. The judge asked how long it will take to pay the fine. The guilty said I don’t know. It depends on how good the fish are biting.
  11. I wonder how big the fine is.
  12. I guess the warden thinks they are guilty. Hopefully it’s not a big fine. Pay it and move on.
  13. What started the investigation?
  14. How many fish over limit? if it’s a lot if could be a big fine. you say the parents were not over limit until other fish were left so two extra limits? I would not sign anything because that doesn’t take away that the law was broke. they broke the law and are guilty. pay fine. id like to here the rest of the story. Did they pull the Gill nets.
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