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  1. Wtg raptors. Right down to the wire. Great game.
  2. Great game. Go raptors.
  3. The refs are trying to give Boston the cup. Yes that was a penalty Come on blues.
  4. Everyone knows when Dave does something he does it right. but did the ram charger start on fire? The pic was the second time it got stuck. Not near as bad as the first time. It started a grass fire under the engine. I thought it was going to burn to the ground. I quickly grabbed all of my gear out. Now that it’s out it’s starting to be funny.
  5. If it keeps raining I’ll be able to fish the ruts.
  6. That’s the second time it was stuck. The first time I had to jack it up and put logs in the ruts. Never put 90* turns in the middle of a mud hole.
  7. My brother drove it out while I pulled it with a tractor and we got it out ion firm ground. The ground had a bit of crust to it and once you started to spin the ruts went down over 12”. Just as I got it out it started to rain again. I’m going to look at the chain fall THANK YOU For your offers of help.
  8. I can jack it up and put logs in the ruts but I still need a pull out. Mom thinking about trying the heavy screw load binder.
  9. Off road trail 30 min north of barrie jimmy is narrow trail is narrow. My jimmy is stock four door very low to ground. A winch would pull it out
  10. Thanks. once it’s free from the hole it’s in it might not high side again. I wouldn’t risk another truck. Firmer drowns is 60’ away. The load binder I’m looking at is over 9000#. Might be nice to have. Brake it loose wthat the binder and come along after that.
  11. I was off roading. No tow truck going to make it in there.
  12. I got my jimmy stuck in the mud. It’s hung up on the skid plate there are trees to hook onto. I tried a come along. But it would not move it at all. I’m thinking about jacking it up and putting trees in the ruts then I need some thing to pull with. The mud is 12” deep. How much force does a load binder screw type. Have. What else will pull. Thanks for any ideas.
  13. glen

    New Boat

    It looks like It’s doing 100mph but it’s still on the trailer.
  14. Just thoughts thats a lot of hours. Are the bass really crappie. How many fish are they catching. Catch and sell fish.
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