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  1. No. Barred Muskie.
  2. One of the best meals I’ve ever had. fine dining and they served bc smoked salmon. I can almost taste it right now.
  3. The sky didn’t look very bad at 2pm then bang. Pop up storm. glad I wasn’t in the middle of simcoe.
  4. Great report. Nice to see you getting lots of fishing in. Good luck in the tournament.
  5. That is deep. Beautiful morning out there. Congrats
  6. If I leave now how long will it take me to get there? 😂
  7. That gold colour looks great. a display case with all the different ones would be nice.
  8. Congrats on some big fish. That one (from looking at a picture) is over 55”. A true giant for sure.
  9. I guess gas came though the vent and got on the outside of the plastic fuel gauge. I buffed it with some glass cleaner and now I can read it. So good for now
  10. Gas came up into to fuel gauge part of the boat gas cap. Now the clear plastic is not clear. I can’t see how much gas is left. Can it be fixed. Maybe I’ll buy a new tank if I can find one. 12L tank with the handle on top.
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