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I'm pumped about my next job location


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After spending most of the past year working in either a stinky sweatbox of a pulp mill in Terrace Bay, with the occasional stint in Red Lake working at Goldcorps world class, but dirty and dusty gold mines, my boss informed me today where my next job will be. I was expecting the worst. I was elated when he told me that I'd be spending a couple of months at the new, world class Dorion fish hatchery. The facility is about 10 years old. It is home to a massive Nipigon strain Brook Trout rearing grounds that is used to stock Brook Trout across the province. I'm not sure just what else they raise in there, but I'm about to find out. How cool is that? Needless to say, I haven't stepped foot in the place yet, but when I do, and if I'm allowed, I plan on taking plenty of photos to show you guys just what goes on in there, and where your hard earned tax dollars go. I almost feel like I've won some sort of lottery here. To be working amongst Nipigon strain Brookies sounds just fine to me. Cant wait to get started. :thumbsup_anim:

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I went on a tour of the hatchery on one of my trips through the area.

It was pretty cool.

If I remember correctly they also had a ton of lakers in there. :D


I went on a tour of the old hatchery as a kid Dave. Research told me that it was built in 1930. I've driven past the road into the new facility hundreds of times since it was built and always wanted to go in for a peek. I'll be getting more than a peek at it now.

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That's great! If you have the OK to take pics and talk about the installation that would be super! When are you starting your posting there?


I'm not sure just yet Roy. There's equipment to order and fittings to make. I'm guessing within a month or so.

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