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  1. I've seen pictures of you, you probably could, but not I, lol
  2. yeah, I think you have to go in yourself not to encourage people to take chances, but I was totally soaked and wet, and in and out of the water for 40 minutes in -12C trying to get my snowmobile out before I felt messed up and had to seek shelter, so if you keep a level head it's not like the cold water kills you instantly although after that incident I didn't feel warm and normal until 3 days later, lol that was in a boy o bouy 1 piece, I wore it out, now I have a Mustang 1 piece, survival suits are a good investment IMO
  3. 905 658 8753 call or text grow some balls and let's go for a starbucks
  4. lol, it's darn garbage, click bait, piere and chris need a paycheck, so they put aside their morals and let the athletic twist their words it's basically the same as you and the other weirdo twinks on this this thread, except the athletic is in it for money, you guys are in it to feed your miserable hate and comply with the voices in your heads, you both get attention for utter stupidity
  5. I've heard of quite a few stories from people around my cottage where the dog has gone through thin ice and chaos ensues with the rescue attempt.
  6. Beauties Mike! best of luck in 2020!
  7. oh, haha, bwhaha, meh, it's all in good friendly fun, I'll include an "lol" to suck up to the mods, lol
  8. well, I have, lol, and I'd like to inform you, you're as bad or worse a bottom feeding troll than mm that basically sums up your hockey knowledge and finger on the pulse of the Leafs, we're all awaiting your long winded, 3 page long post that nobody even reads
  9. I was with Crackerjack at Bear Creek, I thought they were very good, they're always checking on you, they're helpful, the fishing was decent and the price actually went down a bit when it came time to pay, that doesn't happen very often
  10. no problem, I'll simplify it for you guys, hopefully you can grasp this- you haters have turned this thread into a childish, name calling, war of words
  11. 6. a guy coming in and spewing crap with the handle hatethelaffs pretty well sums up all you haters relevance posting stuff on this hockey thread on a fishing forum
  12. it's a whiskey rant, I've done a few myself Nick, but the message came through and it struck a chord with me, I get it, well written
  13. I love my campfires too Andrew. I just got back from an ice bungalow, the kid working for the outfitter was helping us unload our gear into our bungalow, he grabbed something and said "what the hell is this?", I replied, a Turkish bowl, we like our campfires Another story, a buddy was arriving late to the community ice fishing spot we were at, when he hit the shore and saw all the people out there he texted "where u guys at?", I texted the reply "how many guys do you see with a fire on the ice?", smoke signals were sent out and received
  14. a little tidbit about Gull for whoever's interested- there's an annual lake trout ice derby on there we've fished for a long time, 12 years ago and earlier, the winning fish would always be 8 to 15 pounds, the last 12 years there's only been 1 fish (caught by me, yeah I'm tooting my own horn, lol) over the slot, a 6.5 pounder, all the other derby entries are key chain sized, under the slot lakers it's a pretty lake and it's the closest of the pretty Haliburton lakes to the GTA, with easy access and guys posting stuff online about Gull, and lake trout aren't the most prolific species when the population is under heavy fire, hence Gull's current situation
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