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  1. chris.brock

    A Sutton River & Trout Fishing Specktacle.

    I think my brain is fudged up after seeing and reading about all those beautiful brookies. I think the word "epic" is definitely warranted. That's an epic adventure Bunk!
  2. chris.brock

    Inflatable Life Jackets

    I was trolling in a small Jon boat when my seat broke. I fell in backwards over the transom right beside the spinning prop, lol. I managed to hold onto the boat and kill the motor without getting hit by the prop. So yes, checking the condition of boat seats is a good idea.
  3. chris.brock

    Uncut Angling does it again

    gotta love Aaron I'm in the same mind set, you don't need 900 baits of various sizes and colours, costing $20 each in your tackle box, here he catches two 40" plus pike on a hunk of metal on a pressured lake
  4. chris.brock

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    I got nothing to say except-
  5. chris.brock

    Inflatable Life Jackets

    For the price of them and the question of whether they will actually inflate when needed, no thanks. My thinking - if I'm by myself and knock myself unconscious and into the water, I'm probably toast, regardless of whatever PFD I'm wearing - wearing a PFD is most important when the weather and the water is cold and I actually often wear an old school foam PFD on days like this because it's good insulation and keeps my core temp up, and it's more comfortable than a bulky jacket, my arms have a free range of motion -
  6. chris.brock

    Sea-doo Fish Pro

    designed by engineers in some other far off country who don't fish and have no clue about fishing
  7. chris.brock

    Tips for buying a used boat

    yes, good video and tips my issue with these youtubers is CONDENSE IT, GET TO THE F POINT! I'm viewing these videos for info, not to see you orating in front of a camera
  8. chris.brock


    thanks Huzz, that's good first hand info, hopefully the authorities figure out what happened so at least we can learn from this tragic event and not repeat it. Never knew him, but he sounds like a passionate outdoorsman. It's a terrible thing to die so young and terrible for the family.
  9. chris.brock

    How old is OFC/OFC?

  10. chris.brock

    How old is OFC/OFC?

    some of my earliest memories are of course, Solopaddler and Bunk, but there was also some characters, what's his name and Billy Bob, lol, good times!
  11. chris.brock


    I'm wondering what the hell happened here. When I 1st heard the story I heard an Asian name and thought it's common they can't swim well and get into trouble. Here on OFC I read he is one of OFC's own, read a little more, calm waters and a good swimmer. Regardless, very sad, my positive energy to the family, and like Akri said, lets learn from this and be extra careful.
  12. chris.brock

    Lost rod and reel

    What launch were you guys at?
  13. chris.brock

    A very persistent Pike

    I've seen stuff like that a few times. I saw a 6 pound pike choked dead with a 3 pound walleye jammed in it's mouth on the Albany River. 2 weeks ago on Ogoki Lake, we saw a fish's tail sticking out of the water waving in the air. We boated over to check it out. A small pike had a just slightly smaller pike by the head and wouldn't let go. My brother landed a 22 pound pike that attacked the walleye on his line and wouldn't let go for the 5 minute fight. The pike was never actually hooked. A couple weeks ago we shot a video of a 5 pound pike chomping a 1.5 pound walleye on the line. The funny thing was the pike kept chomping up and down like Pac Man.
  14. chris.brock

    Nice evening out on Lake O

    Nicely done! That's exciting fishing, I'm sure your better half had a blast. It looks like some rain is coming and some of those fish might be on the move.
  15. chris.brock

    Workin' Down @ The Lake

    very witty Doug, I had a laugh there 😁