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  1. I went ice fishing to a back lake with a friend a couple days ago. We both agreed to keep our distance and did, but there was definitely a chance for transmission. We shared 1 axe (auger), minnow bucket, ladle (scoop), I borrowed a hook, we passed close to each other a few times on the trail and around the campfire. I don't like rules, but to help the politicians mitigate the problem they created out of ineptitude and incompetence, I'm going solo until this pandemic subsides
  2. my parents are elderly, my grandma is really elderly, if there is any problems with them I swear I will be arrested for getting in trudeaus face, I’d love to smash his face right now, he’s a spineless pos
  3. central mud minnow would be my guess, a native species
  4. Well said Jason, never met you, but I know your heart is bigger than your desire to make money
  5. everything is cancelled, including MY WORK! WHOAAA! in seriousness, I hope everyone stays well and we weather this storm
  6. they had weighted, unbaited, small barbless hooks on the rods, I asked the kid working there "what's the deal", he said try and drift it into their mouth, lol
  7. I thought it was decent, something to do on a cold day when I'm stuck in the city My 4 year old son liked driving the RC boat (the guys working the RC boat thing are great) and he liked pulling in the rainbow from the fish pond that I snagged in the mouth for him, lol
  8. beauties! 8", lol, no doubt you're going to get a few skunks when targeting the biggies, how do you work the big tube? I'm curious because there's a decent chance we may go back next year since we had so much fun we did mark 2 or 3 things on the graph when I couldn't decipher, is that a tight school of bait or 1 big fish JDS's avatar picture is also a Temagami giant
  9. no worries Wayne, I appreciate your input , I know you're really familiar with the lake and I like to hear what you have to say about it a tid bit, a guy in our camp caught a 20 lber in 24 fow, mid day, on a big sucker minnow (probably a little bigger than is legal, lol), I didn't see the fish, but I talked to him long enough that I believe his story
  10. that's my nephew you're talking about, the crude hut has 1 crappy light, what are you suggesting?
  11. I'd somehow spend some time test driving one in various conditions before laying out that kind of money to buy one, there's probably a reason there's way more ATVs and sleds out in the bush instead of argos
  12. There was enough bites to keep it interesting. We all knew there's a chance at a true giant so that kept us on the edge of our seats. Unfortunately, the full day we had up there the bite and fish activity seemed to be significantly slower than the day we drove up. The slow, full day we had up there was very cold but with the blue bird sky and light winds we spent most of our time outside the hut. Like a lot of the places I've been to, I want another crack at the south end of Temagami. The most important thing is, it was another great family adventure and memories were made. And young Teagan was the fisherman of the trip for his lakers, whitefish and ling.
  13. When I was young, my Dad bought an older, full size Pontiac station wagon to use for banging our way into back lakes, lol. It had a 350, four barrel. I remember he liked getting his foot into it on the road and hearing the roar. The floor was rusted with holes, so we had to keep the windows cracked for the fumes from the beat up, loud exhaust hanging from coat hangers. There was 2x4s on the roof to carry the boat. It became "the bass buggy". It had a gold bass hood ornament, stickers on the doors and "kiss my bass" on the lift gate. I wish I had pictures, good times.
  14. Jmeyer (the guy that posted above) has a cheap drive in outpost N of Nakina you might be interested in, you can message him Using Twin Lakes and looking for big pike, I'd lean towards Kag and Van Poele (connects to Kag), and the Ogoki River camps
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