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  1. another Saturday night loss, I've had enough of Dubas and Babcock, grow some balls Shanny and do something AM is a prodigy, being wasted because of bab's noodle, AM looks disgruntled and pissed off and I don't blame him edit- I'm darn pissed and have had enough with this stupidity, the current system obviously isn't working
  2. the guys on AM 590 radio seem to think it's Dubas and his belief that skill will win over grit in the long term in the new NHL, it's unproven, and I don't agree, but he's sticking to his theory and there won't be any changes and no bonafide tough guys coming until Dubas gets fired these are 2 games the Leafs could win and stretch the streak to 5 before the schedule gets tougher, it would bump them up pretty good in the standings and help negate their lack luster start to the season
  3. I don't think Gilmour will be able to sprinkle grit. It's too late. You've got to build a team with the mentality that grit is important. Leafs management doesn't seem to think like this.
  4. I took my Nat's for a hike yesterday, I love'm
  5. it's not only the power play itself, it's the way PPs can change the momentum of the game tonight for example, Leafs got the 1st PP, they didn't score, JT bricked it, but the Leafs buzzed for the rest of the period after the PP last game the Leafs had the Flyers hemmed in until the penalties started. I wish the refs would just stay out of it like they sometimes do in the playoffs, and let the teams play, unless it's flagrant and obvious, since the refs obviously have trouble distinguishing a real penalty from a dive
  6. That's basically what I've discerned about fishing down there Scuro I was going to ask popofish a related question- Cayo Guillermo, if you go out for 1.5 hours at dusk, how many fish can you expect to catch? what's the average # caught? is it 2, or 0.25 or what?
  7. nicely done, slick video! I'm going to Mexico shortly, I'm bringing a rod and some tackle. I don't know what I'm doing though. From what I've heard, it's an evening bite? very fast retrieve with big poppers and twitching big shallow running salt water cranks? any tips are appreciated
  8. I've used wish a fair bit, and would never order something like that though it's Chinese junk, it's a gamble, it's kinda like a dollar store but with way more stuff
  9. you're the rain on the parade man, do you ever post anything positive or constructive? It's beyond tiresome, it might be wise to seek help
  10. even as an adult, I love Halloween, for the kids, for the getting together of neighbors, for the community I'm against the grain here I don't like Montreal for NHL and political reasons, but I like their Halloween call, john tory is too much of a generic, politician, robot to ever make a call like that as it turned out here in Oakville, the weather wasn't that bad, lol, and it was a great night
  11. nice try refs, 6 PPs for the flyers including 1 in OT, and 4 of the 6 were Bull calls and your team still lost instead of working on the PP, I thinks Babs should get Elvis Stojko or somebody to help us out with how to dive properly
  12. oh, now there is only a chance the Leafs won't make the playoffs, what happened to your bet? cause I'll take that bet???
  13. I'll take that bet do you wanna back it up and name a $$$ figure?
  14. 15 power plays! mostly discretionary, marginal crap and dives, while not calling some very malicious plays, and an unprecedented 2 PP's for 1 team in OT!, lol, another stellar job tonight guys, you both deserve all 3 stars of the game
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