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  1. chris.brock

    2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    I think from the smirk on Dubas' face he orchestrated this. Seems like upper management is trusting him to make decisions. We'll see if Dubas can find some diamonds in the rough in the later rounds.
  2. chris.brock

    2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    I find Bettman sickening. There's no need for him to be involved in this.
  3. chris.brock

    Esox Lucius, a week chasing big pike.

    How about this, if you don't like Canada we probably don't like you either and don't want you up here. Loose lips sink ships, I've seen it happen plenty of times.
  4. Too late, lol. I think I could have left it on for another couple days. I did see lots of grass poking through. The good thing is the coverage is good and uniform, not many sparse areas. I have seed and dirt leftover from the spring so I'm just playing around, trying to refine my techniques. I will over seed in the fall too Bill when it looks like we are going to have a stretch of rainy weather.
  5. Even this late in the season, the burlap gave me the best results I have ever had. The interesting thing was it was a cheaper brand of seed under burlap that did great, Scotts waterguard under burlap was still sparse.
  6. chris.brock

    Little Missinabie with Air Dale

    Nice Ricky! It sounds like you had a good trip! bugs almost no existent eh, I would have guessed the skeeters would have been atrocious. Did you make it down to the SW corner past the Cam Lk portage?
  7. chris.brock

    Esox Lucius, a week chasing big pike.

    That's some serious, big spring pikes! It sounds like you've got a good fishing partner there too. You guys tenting or in a cabin?
  8. chris.brock

    2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    In the finals OV kinda riled up Fluery in the pregame warm ups. Here's what would happen if guys screwed around in the pre game in the old NHL.- funny side note, Chris Nilan jumps on the ice quick and then thinks he'd better tie up his skates, classic. I love the new NHL but I miss the old NHL too.
  9. Thank you, very generous OI. I'm in Oakville but I visit in laws in Waterford. We'll have to figure out the logistics. I redid at little section of my side yard. I have 4 plots, 2 different types of seeds, with burlap and without. Initial observations (lol)- I can see why it's best not to seed in summer, the strong sun can dry out the burlap pretty quickly. I'm guessing the burlap still retains more moisture in the soil because the soil isn't in direct sunlight.
  10. chris.brock

    2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    It's the Leaf's farm team in the American Hockey League. It was nice to see some blue and white hoist a cup and it's a positive sign for the big club.
  11. I picked up some burlap today. I'm going to run a little experiment in an inconspicuous spot in the backyard, lol.
  12. chris.brock

    2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    The Marlies got'r done. What a series!
  13. chris.brock

    Listed our shack in Classifieds

    It sounds like a cool place but a picture is worth a thousand words OI. I like how you are trying sell private and want to cut out the agents and their ridiculous fees.
  14. It really is a stupid, keeping up with the Joneses thing. By the end of June I typically say f it, but come next May I'll be at it again, lol.
  15. A neighbor has an astro turf front lawn. No weeds and no lawn mower required. It looks ok from a distance, up close it looks silly.