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  1. here's an obscure Marner interview after he signed his contract, warning, some salty language
  2. Duclair was the best player on the ice. Nice brick you threw up the middle there Mitch. You demanded to be the 2nd highest paid winger in the NHL, now you're gonna start to feel the consequences.
  3. the deal is done, I think Ferris should just keep his mouth shut and not be going on TV, I guess he enjoys the spotlight this media and social media stuff is getting out of control, Laine just said some really stupid, counterproductive crap
  4. he wears designer clothes and can strike a pose, that's important, maybe that's why?
  5. Reilly is under contract until 2022??? So the Leafs upgrade from Sparks to Hutch but now the sky is falling because of weakness in goal??? 🤣 good luck to the scabs if Price gets hurt and Keith Kinkaid has to play I think the scabs are screwed, they only have $4M in cap space left, nothing to spend it on (Gardiner wouldn't even play in Montreal) and the whole team is basically garbage
  6. I finally got the time to read this. It was one of my favourites. It's not necessarily the fish that make a great fish story, it's the little details and the things that happen way up north and the surprises and the author's honest feelings that make an interesting read for me. I've never done a trip like this, but I would have thought the outfitter would have tipped you off saying "just a heads up, guys are coming in on this day and this day etc". When Aaron and company got dropped off I initially thought they are going to be staying in your cabin with you, lol. Very interesting about the dolly varden thing. You'd think some biologist who also likes to fish would have pushed for some funding to get up there and do some sampling and answer that question.
  7. looking back, funny what some guys posted in this thread not too long ago- Marner is gone Marner will be a hab the Leafs roster will get blown up and decimated this summer the Leafs are screwed because of the cap lol
  8. the pk is way different than 5 on 5 if the Leafs are clinging to a 1 goal lead, I want AM on the ice over Marner
  9. just reported Marner has agreed to a 6 year deal, $10.9 M
  10. I too am kinda pissed, at least very disappointed with Marner. I think he's tarnished his image. He's probably lost a lot of endorsements and far more money than his agent can get him because he now looks like a greedy pig. Point, Laine, Rantanen, Marner, let'em sit for a season, damn em
  11. I don't think so. I love Marner and his skill and creativity but a lot of his 94 pts are a result of his line mates. Hyman is an unsung hero and JT potted 47 last year. Defensively AM is far better than Marner.
  12. Nice Andrew! and Miniss, the end of August, very nice
  13. bummer, those guys should be at least a little grateful to the fans, he could probably walk around NJ and nobody would recognize him I had the same reaction at BPS in Vaughan years ago when I turned around in line at the cash to see who was yammering behind me, "hey, you're Randy Carlyle" just seemed to pop out of my mouth, lol
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