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  1. you gonna do 3am private messages tonight? maybe wake up your partner to reread and edit so it's legible
  2. I'm going into work in the morning wearing the Jersey, hungover, if the wrong guy says the wrong thing, watch for the headbutt to the nose
  3. thanks for your 3 am private mess thanks for your 3 am private message last night, in closing, damn YOU MISERABLE HATERS! the best team didn't win this series, yeah, I'm gonna enjoy my summer, I always do, damn YOU HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA, AND SPORTSNET ONTARIO, you I gotta get a Bowen play by play synced up for next season, this is beyond ridiculous
  4. chara has attained unpenalizable mode my takes so far- damn carey price, I'd take Freddie or rask at half the cost all day long, both have been awesome, rock solid, ice cool, the only way to beat them is with a bounce I thought Reilly was over achieving in the reg season, I've since changed my tune, he's the real deal with what he's shown in the post season yet not nominated for the norris since he's a Leaf both the Leafs and bruins haven't played up to their potential, but the Leafs have been the better team, and they are the team with more potential sportsnet should do a trial with the same feed to Ontario with hughson on one channel and Bowen on the other for a few games and watch the ratings the refs in this series should work in the fast food industry
  5. If the Leafs are out on Tuesday, how do you plan to vent your anger for the next 10 months? To rephrase, how do you deal with your seething, miserable hatred in the "off season"?
  6. jim hughson, do you realize you're on Sportsnet ONTARIO! Know your audience and know who signs your paycheck, better yet, just darn disappear never to be heard from again
  7. except for puck over the glass, the refs just won't call a penalty on chara, he's immune to penalties, he's above penalties, he's in his unpenalizable mode
  8. Is there a reason why the game is at 3pm instead of the usual 7pm tomorrow?
  9. the game has changed, chara is a relic the Leafs have made him look like a pylon many times this series, it's mind boggling why the refs don't call any of his dirty plays, roughing and interference though, maybe out of respect for his relic-ness??? I can't believe they signed him for another year at $5 M, way to go bruins, I LIKE!
  10. I just watched cassidy and rask whining about goaltender interference from Hyman Babcock should go on the media and whine about the interference and cheap shots from chara and the rest of the pylons on boston the refs have been the worst I've ever seen in a playoff series
  11. do the officials understand the intentional offside rule? I know they don't understand interference the refs tried their best but they lost, Leafs won! jim hughson has got to go too, I've had enough of his crap
  12. it's a farce, 3 pps for the b's, none for the Leafs and 2 calls were dramatic soccer dives anybody see what Burke said in the pregame about the refs?
  13. It didn't work out that way. The refs overcompensated from game 2 in game 3 and 4. The 1st crap call in game 4 was against the Leafs and the bruins scored. The 1st goal of the game is statistically really important and in game 4 the best team ended up losing. Incompetent refs being a major factor in who wins and loses, not cool.
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