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  1. Obviously, the weather turns colder earlier in the fall way up north. What's are you looking for? species? budget? accommodation? A trip I took in mid September, the furthest north I've been in Ontario, was awesome and probably in the top 3 trips I've ever done. The lake trout were stacked like cord wood. Here's a cheesy video from that trip in case N Ontario is an option-
  2. that's a tragedy, the pilot looks so young the wreckage doesn't look bad, it's a shame those kids lost their lives
  3. It's old news, but I haven't heard it mentioned anywhere, did Bergevin actually believe he had a shot at Aho with an $8.5 offer sheet? What a waste of time and meaningless drama. You did good Bergevin, you got Aho the deal he wanted with the Canes, you made yourself look like the idiot you are and pissed a few people off in the process. it's mind boggling how he is the GM of such a storied franchise 🤣
  4. Nicely done Akri. I like how you put up these semi annual reports. You're not just an anonymous guy posting comments and orating, you give anyone interested a window into your life and what you do and what you're about. I like the bass thumb. I could always judge how good a fishing trip was by the condition of my hands after the trip. I think that's a Winnwell net, if so, I've got the same one in my driveway. I like the extra backstop netting. Well made too. Our cottages are in different areas, but I think this is about my least favourite time of the year. Busy, hot, humid, buggy. Late fall is awesome. Winter is pretty busy now in Haliburton but late February early March are pretty cool, it's still winter but with some better weather and some glorious, sunny days. cheers man!
  5. I don't know. They got 1 guy for weed, and 1 guy for open beer. Nobody got a DUI. I'd rather see them use their resources to bust thieves stealing boats, motors and ATVs, breaking into cottages and speeding down cottage roads where kids are playing.
  6. If your willing to travel a bit, there's plenty of lakes nearby. An interesting tidbit about Brady- I'm guessing about 50 years ago, I don't know why but the MNR decided to introduce muskie into Brady. The species took hold in Brady but also found their way into Anson Creek and unexpectedly also spread through the private lakes of Longford Township, Rainy, Big Trout, Big Duck etc. The property owners in Longford liked their bass fishing and weren't very happy to have muskie invading their lakes.
  7. oh yeah, Brown sucks, good riddance and enjoy ottawa fans
  8. I did an actual, real life lol at the Rielly/ Muzzin comment. We'll see what Hainsey's plus/ minus is next season, lol. He sucks but he won't have the offense to pad his stats anymore. I love Spezza at $700k, that's a smart move. He'll be kinda like Marleau, great with the kids but produce and work more and for about $6M less. I hope Liljegren, Rosen and Sandin get their feet wet early in the season. You've gotta see if they sink or swim and I think one or two of the Swedes will develop into gems. I think things are looking great. I can't wait until October.
  9. I've fished it a few times over the years, it's a bass and muskie lake, I've never heard of walleye in there. It's a typical, smallish, fairly busy Haliburton cottage lake. I wouldn't expect big muskies either. If you're into exploring, there's more interesting stuff heading west on 118.
  10. Interesting question. Has that lake been stocked with walleye? If not, the small walleye have evolved to hang out somewhere you're not fishing, to avoid predation. I bet if you threw small jigs after dark (when walleye have the advantage) in the most walleye'y spot you know on that lake, you'd get a couple small pics.
  11. That's gospel Grim, my thoughts exactly. Hopefully they lock down the last dipsy doodler (no offense Marner, you're my my favourite young gun and I've never seen anybody play the game like you) and then start working on the thumper part. Cheers to Kapi and Johnsson for accepting modest, reasonable contracts without holding out. Nylander better score 50 goals next season or these 2 kids are gonna make him look like the over paid suckhole baby he is.
  12. nope, 24/ 7/ 365 for me, if you don't like it, don't monitor or read this thread, pretty simple, and yeah, I fished all day yesterday
  13. I just gotta say, it's a pretty great day in Leaf land. Marleau is gone, Zaitsev wants to be gone, Kapi and Johnsson have tentative deals. Nice work Mr Dubas. Nailing down Mitch is the next step. Acquire a couple somewhat competent D Men with a bad attitude and a short fuse and Dubas is a God. I thought you hate filled haters were saying the Leafs team will blow up this summer? I'd say it's more like the Leafs have locked in one of the most dangerous offences in the league for the long term.
  14. That struck me a little weird too. If you're inspired to do something good, you do it, not looking for recognition. Poor kid but poor taste by the NHL to use him. What's next, Ryan Seacrest or Chris Rock hosting in 2020 from Hollywood Cali?
  15. Awesome. The picture of just the campfire appeals to me the most. I've never been, but I know how special Nipigon is. I wanna be sitting at that campfire on that nice evening, if that makes any sense.
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