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  1. 2 Mile would work for that Rob. There's lots of logging roads and trails and nobody around. Brook Trout are closed after Labour Day though.
  2. oops, forgot his website https://namegosikaaoutfitters.com/ Namegosikaa is Ojibway for where the trout are
  3. 2017-2018 Hockey Thread

  4. A lot of us dream about owning a fishing lodge or outfitting business. For most of us that's all it amounts to, dreaming. Well, my buddy jmeyer (Jason) recently bribed his wife, threw caution into the wind, dismissed all the headaches that are inevitably on their way and took the plunge head first into the outfitting business. Some people dream, some people talk, some people actually do stuff. He's got 3 camps so far and is looking for more. There's a lot of crap for sale on a lot of dud lakes. The 3 Jason picked up are really cool, each in their own way. There's always pike, walleye and bonus brook trout at any camp. 2 Mile is a drive to on the Little Current River. Lots of water,fly in quality fishing and privacy at a dirt cheap rate. Balson Lake is a sleeper cell in brook trout country with access to the section of the Dusey River and lake Mike has fished. Ogoki River has access to Ogoki and Kayedon Lakes, lots of legendary water to explore. Jason, Chuck, Adam, me and a couple others are going to Ogoki in late August this year, it should be epic. I dug up some of my old Ogoki pictures to pump the guys up. 2 Mile is probably intriguing to some guys here because it's cheap, it's fly in quality fishing and fly in quality privacy but at a cheap price and when you run out of beer you can just waste half a day and go get more. Show Jason some love. Oh yeah, Jason wanted me to mention what song I was listening to at the time, that would be luke bryan
  5. 2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    I am watching the habs/ bruins basically hoping players get injured, preferably seriously
  6. Well so much for that!!

    Here's the Ontario snowmobile trail system map. The red trails are closed.
  7. Damn, that gets me pumped up for fly-in fishing in the spring. Great report!
  8. Well so much for that!!

    We hit record temps here in the GTA yesterday, 13.2C. It was a nice change but yeah, the snowmobile trails took a beating. Next weekend looks good for ice fishing. Things should freeze back up this week then comfortable temps on the weekend.
  9. Travel rod recommedations

    For flying on a commercial airline, they ding you pretty hard for a big rod tube. I saw a guy do this so I tried it last September and it worked- bring 2 piece rods broken down (I had 5), not in a tube, just held together with electrical tape. They let me carry them on and put them in the overhead compartment, no charge. Just an option to save you from having to buy a travel rod.
  10. 2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    Yes, that's the 3rd one and there's one more coming for All Star weekend late January. I don't like it, bums me out. HNIC Saturday night Leaf game is part of my weekly routine and something I look forward to. I won't even bother watching the Habs or Sens games they show when the Leafs don't play.
  11. 2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    In an interview Kadri said he wasn't given much of a choice because Jumbo pussy basically said "after the puck drops, it's go time" Jumbo has a bit of a history of picking on the meek. Doughty has one career fight, here's the video,Jumbo pussy dummies him-
  12. 2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    Jumbo Joe is a jumbo pussy cat for picking on the much smaller Kadri. Martin should have got in Joe's face later in the game, I'm pretty sure the big pussy would have ran away.
  13. 2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    I've got an autographed Bower/ Sawchuck photo. It's sad to hear he's gone. I think he did enjoy his life and he made the most of it.
  14. Laker advice?

    You were on a stocked, year round open season lake. I find those lakes trickier than the natural laker lakes (open Jan 1). The stockers seem to be shallower than the naturals. If you moved around and couldn't mark any fish I'd say that lake is a dud. If you pm me the lake I may have some info on it and some other better options nearby.
  15. Come January 8th, how are they going to control the same person from registering multiple times with different email accounts? Loblaws participated in the price fixing for 14 years, then recently ratted out the other companies involved to avoid criminal charges, hahaha, what a bunch of snakes.