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  1. Moosebunk

    What is the word Im looking for ?

    If you gotta have a time out fishing with no fish, you want it to be a time just like that one. :)
  2. Moosebunk

    Season Endings Big Fish Bendings.

    Cheers David! Here's to crossing more fish off our bucketlists in the New Year. Merry Christmas wild man! Enjoy the ice, maybe catch ya again one these days out there. I do. Used to get in about 30 days a season, now it's about 10-15. Mid Feb to late March be the only ice season time available now. Love lakers and whiteys these days, used to be pike and eyes. Thanks a tonne Greg. Friend of mine sent me a pic of his dad today reading a report of mine on Arctic Circle Lodge on Great Bear Lake. His dad getting primed up for a trip there this summer. Being that I've always liked to write, it's certainly great to hear that people enjoy reading. Happy Holidays to you both.
  3. Droooool!!! Love big browns. And that, was, a, big, brown! Nicely done.
  4. Moosebunk

    Season Endings Big Fish Bendings.

    Thanks again Chad. You know what I need Jesse, an extra month of March and the back half of February to last about 4 weeks. Just to more easily cram an ice fishing life into that window of time. It's a road trip possibility though, have wanted to get to Simcoe for years. You're a beast either way bud, beard or no beard. Won't change the luck you bring. It is hard, hard, hard Simon to break away from the fall muskie & sturgeon fishing here at home, to drive 24 hours and start at ground zero during prime time. But that said, I'd be stoked to meet ya and give Seul a try. Would like to meet Ben out there too. Have another couple invites to be guided on Eagle Lake and my buddy Pat bought LOTW Lodge in Nestor Falls as well. What a friggin' road trip that would be. lol... I'd like to grow there but mine looks stupid cause it starts going sideways to the right well before it reaches Clive's length. Thanks Buck. Good numbers of big fish boated this year. Both hard work and luck.
  5. Moosebunk

    Season Endings Big Fish Bendings.

    Leah is one photogenic little lady IMO and biased opinion. A smile that melts me every time. Love her almost as much as the Yamaha... lol... Kidding. Merry Christmas dood! lol... Yeah... You're right! Should really just give it up by now. Thanks Brian. A chance this winter I may tempt a Simcoe road trip with some ice fishing gear and snowmobile in tow this March. Have never done it, would like to do it. If so, I'd love to meet up with ya for a fish or two. Spend alotta time living in hospitals too, and know all too well how these write-ups help pass that time. Can't say I've ever had muskie stew. lol You are too sir. Yes you are. Read on and enjoy man! And Happy Holidays.
  6. Moosebunk

    Season Endings Big Fish Bendings.

    Working on that man, working on it. Gotta start somewhere and work your way up right...? 😂
  7. Bit late coming around with this fall recap. Haven't done nearly as much writing this year but Coral's char and the Sutton speck reports were quite big undertakings that drained the batteries. Anyways, the fall fishing this year was incredible. Muskie fishing was beyond expectation, very pleased plenty homework, tweaking of this and that, some experimenting plus the new boat all worked in my favor. One of our OFC'ers here, Clive, met up with me twice and he wasn't disappointed. Dood surely brought the luck with him and we had a couple awesome big ski days together, 50+'ers galore. Family and friends came aboard for sturgeon and walleye as well. Not as many days put in for those fish, we all made it count when given the opportunity. Biggest was a 66-incher that took me for one heckuva drift. Anyhow, it's hyped, typed and ready now at the site if looking to click on over at... . SEASON'S ENDINGS BIG FISH BENDINGS Thanks for reading along through 2018. Some adventurous plans ahead in the new year so hope you stop in at the site now and again for a read. Best to everyone in the coming season. Bunk
  8. Moosebunk

    What's on your FISHING Bucket List?

    Hope is to spend more and more time as the years go on fishing with Brenda. Personally, goals are always in mind. Better a 56" muskie, fish more arctic char each summer in new places in Nunavut. At some point catch a first atlantic, tarpon, or rooster. Nail a big brown, catch a first open water Lake O salmon in my boat. A 30lb+ laker through the ice. Came close twice on 50 pound softwater lakers but would like an over. Visit Northern Quebec, fish the Ekaluk, revisit the Tree. It goes on and figure if you're not chipping away at it constantly, many won't happen the nearer the end of the road. Bren going to Nipigon this summer, fishing char atop Hudson Bay and finally visiting the Sutton were this years big moments. Nipigon Trout with Bren. Sutton River Specks Hudson Bay Arctic Char
  9. Moosebunk

    She made me so PROUD NF

    Hey, for every academic, athletic or work award a child may get growing up, these character awards are every bit as special for our children and parents. Cool stuff.
  10. Moosebunk

    Jaw spreader recommendation

    Can't remember ever using spreaders on skis at all. For pike, I keep a pair of cheap 6" bakers. If one won't open the mouth enough, two at once usually does.
  11. Moosebunk


    Nothing to add. Just wanted to say tho, for a bunch of fishbums yer all making some smart comments. Good thread to follow... Watched the news today, that Riaz, Rios whatever guy going on about how GM's in for a fight, then some Union Reps getting riled up... Just kinda thought to myself, it does suck for the workers, families and even Province too, but the dark clouds have been coming for some time, so I hope folks were wise to prepare for it as much as much as possible.
  12. Moosebunk

    Never Thought It Would Happen

    Comes to everyone I think Joe. But ya gotta keep trying to keep moving though. "Motion is the lotion" dude! And it's true, you quit going on, you start giving out. I'm only half your age tho... and think you're still rocking pretty good.
  13. Uggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Reaching a point it's hard to turn on a computer, TV or phone nowadays.
  14. Moosebunk

    PhotoBucket's "Forever Plan."

    Picked it up! Just on the annual payment plan instead, which was a bit cheaper.
  15. Moosebunk

    PhotoBucket's "Forever Plan."

    Dunno Joe! Had to wait it out with PBucket and didn't really go elsewhere. Just waaaay to much hassle to move 1000's of photos some place else then, re-embed every new IMG tag into all the old stories on my website. Hated PBucket for doing what they did then came to wonder if they would turn it around eventually. People like myself with pay accounts were grandfathered at the original prices with original services until Dec 31 of this year, some people beyond into 2019 if finishing up with an existing paid account. Today, I bought in for $21 cheaper than my old deal with waaaay more storage and all the same features I once had. My guess, PBucket just couldn't host millions of free users with billions of photos being uploaded and stored there and no sign of that slowing down for them either. They pulled a super nasty and turned people off the place and now they're maybe pulling some back in with a different business approach in mind. Whatever it may be, the receipt sent to my email today said that on this day next year, the same price will be automatically billed to my credit card and the plan will remain what it is now.