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  1. Well... that's embarrassing for Woo I'd say.
  2. Agreed! Every town's homes should be like that, or like the ones in the Edward Scissorhands movie. No ice fishing man. I'm on the clock 24/7 and unable to go too far. Char are biting on Soper lake behind me, now that there's just enough ice in places to go jig 'em. Sucks I can't because it's a huge lake that sees a great run of smaller to average char. The char taste like a milder salmon, less oils. It's super nutritious fish. Those are tundra skitters that buzz more than they bite. Covid is here in Nunavut now. Arviat in the Hudson Bay is a town of about 3000 and in the past week they've accumulated over 100 positives. Most are mildly symptomatic, as far as I know none are critical. Whale Cove has positives as well. It's a town of about 500 people. Rankin Inlet is a hub community (meaning gateway to all others) and it has positives and lastly Saniqilluaq has positives but, being completely separated from anywhere it may have stopped it's spread by quarantine. All these communities are in the Kivalliq (Hudson Bay area) and I'm currently far away on Baffin Island in one of the smallest communities. I'll be very interested to see how Arviat cases unfold. Do not believe at 100 positives that this community will stop the spread now. On a micro-scale of what's going on in the world, Arviat's higher than average rate of respiratory infections (including TB), it's very young population (highest birth rate in Canada) and, it's often understaffed health center and generally ill population, what happens there will be a good indicator to how Covid may affect elsewhere and, give insight to how serious "or not" the bug really is.
  3. Moosebunk


    Lotta sweet toothies in this buffet of awesome dood! 2020 done right!
  4. Nakina from Ottawa is a picnic at 15 hours one-way. lol Actually, it's the limit. Enough a tour for one sitting.
  5. Fawkers eh Clive! Few seasons back my "Chev" over in Degen country took two fists sized dents while out muskie fishing too. Fishing In"fury"ating.
  6. First Muskie Capital Cup. 35 Anglers. 13 teams. 9 day tournament. Some solid guys fishing, a number of guides and one fella in the tourney even hired a guide. We did GREAT! Two guys I fished with are bigger muskie nuts than I am with many more years and skis under their belts but, I think I was brought on board because the tourney is in the fall and that's only when I muskie fish, and do well at nettin' tanks during that time. Luckily my choices and rod while casting and trolling brought our three biggest fish in the boat, and 3 of the 5 biggest in the tourney. So yeah, we won the tournament and will have to do it again next year.
  7. Dropped the lawn tractor off at the local Farm Supply and Polaris dealership few weeks back. They took it in for repairs but "just before" hunting season and couldn't promise a quick turnaround. Talking with staff he tells me in the past 6 days he'd sold 36 ATV's / side-by-sides. It had been a record setting fall. People can't travel, families can't travel, people aren't traveling. Pretty much everything available in our immediate surroundings, is selling.
  8. It's not even muskie fishing in the sense of muskie fishing, its glorified pike fishing. lol. Fun nonetheless.
  9. 8 years, 3400hrs on the past 60 Yammy tiller on a 16.5' Rebel. Trailered from Ottawa to Windsor to Montreal, New York State to Thunder Bay repeatedly, all over the map, plenty big water time during the right conditions. Sold without a leaky rivet, sold for 65% what I paid for it new. So in other words, Lund is the recommendation here.
  10. Thank ya man! Back in Nunavut now, snowy today, Covid shutdown begins tomorrow, ER services only in the communities. A little less patient flow might mean a little more time to get some stories that have been on the back burner, complete!
  11. Few years back we had a full week during the third week of November when temps hit highs as high of 21C for several of those days. it was calm, SW breeze if anything and mostly bluebird. For 6 days straight I took a skunking running late season patterns on the St. Lawrence. On the 7th day Brenda joined me and she caught a small fish from the weeds. About a week later, guide John Anderson on the Ottawa posts that he'd putting clients on plenty of fish... all casting... all in real shallow, like less than 3-4fow if I recall. So you've got two choices... grind the fall pattern or, think like "spring." And when you think like spring you think muskies (baitfish and other fish too) are drawn to the warming, shoreline waters. In fall I'd think it takes some substantial warmth, such as really high heat and sun or, long periods of it like a heatwave pattern, but after the first initial days of it, the skis may just settle in and begin feeding shallow. Fall is the toughest time to fish, but the rewards are great not just with the catch, but in trying to figure it out too.
  12. The long track Bravo climbs trees and stays above the top slush.
  13. This past summer's arctic char and lake trout fishing report from nearby the northernmost community on mainland Canada. Link here... A NUNAVUT NOMAD VI. BY WAY OF NETSILIK Cheers, Bunk!
  14. Wrote a rather extensive piece last fall outlining the advantages of a tiller. Not to say there aren't days I wouldn't mind the comforts of a full consoled boat and eventually I'll go there, but for many reasons explained in the article I feel the ultimate multispecies option providing best boat control, space and yes in some ways comfort too, is a tiller. Click the link below to read more about those thoughts if you like. THE TILLER ADVANTAGE
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