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  1. Enjoyed a couple days of grayling in Nunavut this past summer. Thank God they and the big, river whitefish were biting because the char were still at sea and didn't get the memo to come see me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csZWAUmmJK8
  2. Was all over the Alumacraft, Lund and StarCraft websites two nights ago looking at tillers and such. The StarCrafts are beauty boats and well priced by comparison.
  3. Be careful Brian... many ties require a lot of head cement. ALOT!!! If you're finding yourself dizzy or with headache, put the glue down and step away from the vise into fresh air... preferably to go fishing.
  4. Can imagine these western ling that are twice as big... but kinda don't want to imagine. lol Thanks fellas.
  5. Ahhhh the Agent Stevie Zebco. Love that big kid.
  6. Don't see 'em this big too often... not in Ontario anyways. Just 1.2 pounds shy of a record. A "HUGE" one through the ice captured on a short video. Link: One "HUGE"... LINK!!! Cool catch! Stoked. Bunk
  7. Quality video to remind us, they don't always bite. lol
  8. Thanks Smitty and the moderators too..? It's been awhile since I've been on here. Looks like I might have missed some things..?
  9. OK... Sounds scientifically sound. lol.. Will follow that science to reduce skin aging. lol
  10. Renaming the boat this year, gonna call her "Quarantine." Planning on spending plenty of time in Quarantine this season.
  11. Thanks Ray. Lots and lots of long-winded practice over the years. Actually comes harder nowadays cause it's less often. But if you're good with reading it, I'm good with writing. Ohhh shart! Don't you start!!! lol. Any ideas how to reverse the aging process?
  12. Believe for 2021 there were only 6 or 7 new entries to the site. Slowing down a little I suppose. Not sure which I posted here or not, but likely not many. This one kinda wraps things up but there's a couple Nipigon posts, a spring then fall recap on everything from gar and crappies to muskies and more muskies. There's a new Nunavut Nomad there for Kugluktuk and the Coppermine River grayling and whitefish. Lotsa stuff despite not as many entries. Thanks for reading dood!
  13. Would guess that of the fish in the pic above, the sturgeon is great Grandma compared to the rest. But the lakers get up there too. Gar, muskie, pike probably late teens, early 20s. Speck, eye, splake out of the waters they came from 5-10 years but that big bull Arctic river whitefish very near it's peak for size, no idea how old.
  14. Fishing and travel is what this is about. Balancing a life in the north and south, pointing a moral compass, maintaining some sanity, and fighting the clock while experiencing all that’s possible. This past year I visited Nunavut’s highest north, most east and furthest west communities for work, essentially and finally leaving my footprints in all four corners of the Arctic Territory. Outside of that accomplishment, there has been fishing, and the past four seasons witnessed so many personal best catches for family and friends and days on the water, that so much can just never be forgotten. My fish, many other's fish like personal bests for Leah, Bren and friends, and so much of the best I could get of the scenery, please enjoy this one… LINK ON IN HERE TO........ BIG FISH, BIGGER WONDERS. BIG FISH, BIGGER WONDERS. Best to all in 2022.
  15. 7-10 hours from Niagara. Drive to. You look at options from Baskatong up to La Verendrye Wildlife Reserve? It'd very likely tick off the four species you've listed and there are plenty operators.
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