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  1. Ramble On from the site here once shared a video with me of a walleye heart still beating about 15 minutes after he had cut it out of the fish.
  2. Used to love playing golf with buddies. Was a junior member of the local course 10 minutes from my house. Played from the time I was about ten years old ti'll early 20's. Found fishing in my mid teens though, and in no time golf took a backseat when given the choice between. Nothing wrong with that sport though. It's a personal test enjoyed every time out.
  3. Just double checked with the journal to learn it has been over three months since last fishing. Spent most of that time in Nunavut working... in plenty dark... and in plenty colder days than here at home, albeit I rarely ventured outside. On shift and call 24/7 for a month on end, it's the quieter times some evenings and weekends that I gotta keep busy. Creating some entries for the website was just one of those ways... This bit of a report takes four excerpts from previous trips with one new entry as well, to basically highlight the five different times I have been fortunate enough to visit Nunavut through work and play. Arctic char and those memories fishing are certainly a happy place to go, especially when the days are long away from family and fishing. In this picture loaded write-up are two excursions to the Tree River with my wife Brenda, and three other work trips to Kugaaruk, Taloyoak and Coral Harbour found within different areas of Nunavut. Some here may have seen a few of the char pictures before, but most have likely not seen them all together and accompanied by the best of the incredible scenery only the Arctic has to offer. A click away if you're interested... Fishing Canada's Arctic Char. Next char report I'm hoping will come from one of three rivers on Victoria Island near Cambridge Bay. If not there, it'll certainly be somewhere new. Spring is fast approaching, in the meantime stay safe on the ice. Bunk.
  4. Disgusting report Meegs! Gawd I hate to love and love to love splake. Fish has got my number... but not yours apparently. ;)
  5. Great read Rob. Interesting line of work to be able to study such an elusive and cool weasel like this.
  6. This was food related. This isn't the original video but I did see it recently. Wolverines running out of containers that I think were just holding garbage. Imagine if they hunted in packs?!?! lol. We saw some on a trip to the Sutton River this summer. Named a speckled trout pool after 'em. Locals up here in Nunavut see them too... and I was admiring a traditional amounti which had a hood rimmed with wolverine.
  7. Yeah!!! Forgot about that. Cochrane Air didn't own the camp on Partridge the few trip years I was there... and they do now. How I'd love to revisit that cabin on Partridge and fish Kesagami again. Great fishing... and the last time I was there Brenda and I had Kesagami all to ourselves for a week. Not another soul. What a great time. http://bunksoutdoorangle.com/kesagami-reflections/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKGii_uaYaw
  8. Yeah... they are "usually" solitary, but check this out! https://twitter.com/amymacbiologist/status/999319052655955968?lang=en
  9. If fishing crappie you have to get permission. lol. Anyways, lake is super busy, holds all the above mentioned fish but even though it's the closest lake to my place, I still never fish it anymore. Come summer it gets beaten to death... but guess the odd good one still gets caught. Go for a drive and try different scenic spots you might be able to access along the river. It goes for miles man...
  10. Flew into Snare and had chance to fish Bateman and the other adjacent lake years ago for a July trip. By fly-in standards the fishing was pretty slow...
  11. Have the new Terrova coming off the older Terrova this past season. Spot lock IMO is improved.
  12. Sounds as though you may have not put on some mono backing first... if you don't, the braid will slide on the spool and create problems. Or, as you say, it's an older reel and yes, I have put braid on some older Shimano's and suffered more than the usual line twist. Anyways... Any time I have strayed off original PowerPro I have been disappointed. Fly fishing is the only time I use a little mono, everything else for my fishing has been better adapted by choosing braid.
  13. Personally had to go to Hell and back to fish gar over the years. A super fish to chase, plenty of them throughout many of Ontario's waters, I feel lucky and proud to have created a decade of great memories with family, friends and the fish. Every year I look forward to a dozen or so outings with the gar. An awesome angling experience! http://bunksoutdoorangle.com/ottawa-river-gar-rises-sets/
  14. If you gotta have a time out fishing with no fish, you want it to be a time just like that one. :)
  15. Cheers David! Here's to crossing more fish off our bucketlists in the New Year. Merry Christmas wild man! Enjoy the ice, maybe catch ya again one these days out there. I do. Used to get in about 30 days a season, now it's about 10-15. Mid Feb to late March be the only ice season time available now. Love lakers and whiteys these days, used to be pike and eyes. Thanks a tonne Greg. Friend of mine sent me a pic of his dad today reading a report of mine on Arctic Circle Lodge on Great Bear Lake. His dad getting primed up for a trip there this summer. Being that I've always liked to write, it's certainly great to hear that people enjoy reading. Happy Holidays to you both.
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