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  1. WOW! Wasn't expecting that read at all but thanks for sharing. A serious reminder and especially important with the crap ice season and climate this winter. It's sketchy out there! Drove the skidoo out onto 8 inches of ice on a tiny back lake this week. Cruising around later in the day to punch different holes found an open spot in the middle, likely where a spring is. Realized when I stopped the skidoo I parked on 4 inches, that open water barely visible was maybe 75 feet away. Gotta smarten up and stay that way out there. Glad you and the dog are all good!
  2. Everything is fleeting in the world of what’s cool in the moment. Glad to see this show back! However they do it this time around, it’ll be a joy to watch and I'm hoping it grows even bigger. Had a chance to walk a char river, chat plenty and fish half a day with Aaron this past summer. He is impressive. Intelligent, interesting and funny to the core. Days later at an airport, I met Alex briefly too. Had no idea who he was so had no bias, he seemed quite a nice fella. So, I get home, go online and look Alex up. And although his videos aren’t what everyone likes, (albeit he still has a HUGE following which "he" created) it was many people comments of him that are much sh$&ier. He’s a kid! He’s having fun. He’s trying to offer that to others and find his way... and those calling him names just says more about others than him. Calling him a “trust fund baby,” “born with a silver spoon,” “comes from rich parents” etc., that's just pure jealousy and needless stupidity right there. As if he could help that? Don’t like him, have class and just kindly and quietly move on. Season 2 episode 1 is great! Pizzing about the twins on a fly-in with guides on a PRE FISH, gimme a break! The Sask boys don’t have nearly the water to work with that the other groups do and all groups have access to incredible multi-species in their regions. You can bet once the competition starts it’ll be Sean, Adam and the cameraman in a boat. Taro is GREAT! And Paul is a machine. So far I like this team more this season than I did last. Both are more cohesive this round. Looking forward to seeing the damage they can pull off on our home waters. Big part of me hopes they win this thing. “I miss Manny!” “I miss Manny!” “I miss Manny!” Over and over in the comments section. You know what, for pure entertainment value he is the guy to miss too. Met Manny numerous times up on Great Bear, he is a total character. But going forward, what a wicked team it’ll be to watch, seeing lifelong buds and great anglers Aaron and Jay together. These two share a lot of solid info, constantly! They are the best online to follow, period! Alex and Haajaataataaaajajaa! Great! Didn’t mind Alex’s segments one bit, in fact, may even want to root for this underdog and see him reel in some big fish of his own. In Manitoba it’s “ohhhh my goodness” to everything right now. With Alex it’s “Ohhhh my gosh! Don’t think the boys are allowed to say “Holy f*#&” or “Holy s#%&” like half the people out there we share a boat with. lol These guys are participants and producers of the most fun, entertaining and oftentimes informative videos out there. Enjoy that they are putting this out there.
  3. A look back at 2019's seasonal migrations, multi-species fishing and travels alone, with Brenda and with friends. Gar, arctic char, muskie, brook trout, lakers, pike, sturgeon, crappie and more. Links can be found within the report to all other original full stories from 2019. Follow along here... 2019's FOR ONE, FOR ALL. Thanks for reading and best to everyone and their fishing ahead, in 2020 and beyond. Bunk! .
  4. Dodge Shadow. Can't remember the year but just like a Dodge's do, pieces of it fell off until it eventually caught fire on the Queensway during a snowstorm.
  5. How was the ice? Bravo didn't make the tour? That splake!!! Daaaang dood. Merry Chris Christmas man!
  6. Brenda made cherry, blueberry and apple/pecan pies so whatever I'm having before that is really just a bunch of filler so the rest of my family can get a slice of dessert too. Turkey traditionalists here, and thankful for that! Cause otherwise, Bren would take over with goose. Yuck!
  7. Merry Christmas Gang! And all the best in the new decade to come.
  8. Since October 31st I've been stepping away from another great employer and a little bit into the unknown. Have never been fired but have been forced a number of times to change the path. Nurses/physicians have high, if not the highest rates of burnout for any profession, especially in both the emergency and mental health sectors, so sometimes it becomes necessary to look deep within and change for the better. Other times, it's looking out there and finding some greener grass then making the move, even if that means taking less income in order to keep happy. Had my back-up against the wall a couple times over the years and walked away. Whether you're fired or stepping down, there's always some stress to go along with that.
  9. Great mixed bag amidst alotta bass. Was a strange fall this year for the fishing. Bring on the ice and 2020, best to ya.
  10. I liked this article. Early 2000's started online researching travel destinations and while working countless, quiet nightshifts and spending time away north for the job, still continue the same to this day. Great hobby actually. Fist trips were Costa Rica with some deep sea in mind and, then more intensely BC sturgeon. Some decent books have come out, like Canada's Classic Fishing Lodges or North America's Greatest Fishing Lodges which did tend to write about the most pricey options but are still good reads.. Otherwise, the odd subscription like OC or OOD have good travel pieces sometimes. Take that stuff for what it is though. But I like your suggestion of visiting the forums mostly because it involves networking. Making some calls, emails or messaging all works, but make more than one and to different people. Some doods will sell you on everything as being the most epic because that's what they do or who they are, but having been all over the bloody place in the past 20 years I can tell ya, opinions on even the best lodges or places to fish in Canada can vary from one person to the next. Even two different people on the same trip can see things differently too. In this regard, you've got the right idea being that you'll both hear the gospel and listen to the congregaton.
  11. You're scary enough looking without having to carry. lol.
  12. Sound good! keep me posted Probably pick October first, September a close second. Three months of each, just fine.
  13. Been too long since hanging with your gang of rascals, wrecking your joint, getting stuck in the slush and fishing that beauty lake. The missus will be tricky, she's already away twice between Feb 15 and first week of March, so I imagine with her likely out, you'll withdraw your invite. lmao! Preferred... well, gar are as easy as they come man, just as long as you put it in their face. Cranks are OK. This is my fall roady plan Simon... that just has to get done at some point soon. Ottawa to Nipigon to Lac Seul to Eagle Lake to LOTW to Nipigon to home. Figuring a little three weeker or so! And yes, I'd be happy just for a fish for with ya, but free room and board can't be beat either.
  14. Shows what I know about 'em! lol.
  15. You finish the Irishman, I'll finish my Irish Whiskey, we'll make a movie date and talk fishing. lol. Sounds about good eh!?!
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