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  1. I like the part when you said, "never saw it so I guess it was a new world record." Made me chuckle. Nice to see fishing reports on a fishing site. :)
  2. Not cancelling camping if any ban lifts... and may still head north in June but just travel smart by fueling once for the entire road trip there, then once to get back. All food can be picked up and prepared at home and I'll just eat sammies in the truck. Could camp right at the waters edge on a buddy's property I suppose, not even see him if it's best to avoid. All depends on the rules come time. Otherwise if early season is dicey, to open up later summer for some chance, the July-August Arctic work may move to June-July. Get a little ice our char fishing in on evenings off work, then maybe have better chance to escape late summer for camping. All just dreaming right now... The missus will have some input I imagine.
  3. The 600's are the best. Just awesome. And really, the 500's have same gear ratios and drag strength (older models do) Put my 600 to the test on skis 40-50lbs pulling big baits fast and hard for days on end, and the 500 for lakers to 47lbs and sturgeon to about 80lbs. A 100+ days for sure on one of my 600's, and still going. Spool with plenty 20lb mono backing then load up the 80lb braid to fill.
  4. If my wife was game for it, the kids too, I'd leave straight for a remote island on a favorite big lake and camp out a month. Just go back to town half way between for gas and food. If the wife isn't up for it, fine. Kids are coming with me. lol. (they'd hate that)
  5. That sucks! March/April is a great time in YK. Love touring the ice castles and sculptures when going through.
  6. You know, Bill's right! Really, no portages is a pro. Weather is weather regardless. Other people travel the river so there's more safety in that. Think maybe I just found it a bit more rugged than usual cause I lost like 12-14 pounds in as many days. You're working out there... and eating less junk too. No Netflix either.
  7. Unfortunately work restricts watching this, otherwise I'd be all over it.
  8. Thanks for the mention Andrew. Don't imagine anyone would ever be disappointed having the Sutton atop their fishing bucketlist. That trip sat at the very top of mine for years and I know some other anglers, likely Mike, Bill, and Bradley here at OFC included, who would agree it's difficult to find a better truly rugged, outdoors fishing trip experience.
  9. Those are bead and conehead Whooly Buggers bud.
  10. Cool pics. Like that blade bait too.
  11. Big Diamond Lake is a stocked lake trout fishery. The lake is just over a mile long and about 3/4s of a mile wide. Methinks this fella was lucky enough to catch a tank fed and raised brood stock fish that was released to live out some final days. Because really, there's little chance a lake that size, that receives all season angler pressure, could grow a 37 pounder over the past what... 30, 40, 50, 100 years. Records today are being shattered by fish tank fish... Kinda silly. But for this guy, it'd be hard to imagine days, years maybe a lifetime of catching 1-2 pound stockers, the odd 5 pounder then all of a sudden hook a 30+ . What a rush. lol
  12. This Wednesday is gonna be soooo boring again. Really enjoyed the show, all personalities and the great showcasing of so many fish. Would love to see more but do agree with said above, that too much of it too often and it may get overplayed. I'd think a good and easier step for these guys for something different, would be to pick some place none have been, that has plenty big fish in a few species, and make some kind of three day tourney out of it. Bill... snagging pike in murky waters is an art. I'll give 'em the point for ganking, but only on one fish. lol.
  13. No one really goes to Temagami for the fishing... lol. It's such a beyotch of a fish even when it's on. Would like to give it another crack some winter... and yeah Chris, something about the south end calls ya down there.
  14. Medically... Worked for years with this Doctor nut who was convinced Vitamin D supplements were the be-all-and-end-all to soooo many things. I'd get tired of consulting with him on patients cause he'd want to prescribe it for just too many things. Even 5 years ago I'd think phewy about it! Until I began working in Nunavut and found that some other co-workers were taking it to help them through the 24 hours of darkness. Every November/December for years, to some degree some things would start to bother... and sometimes some things could last the winter. I'd self diagnose maybe a mild S.A.D. or just think I was down for this reason or that. But, in Nunavut 4 years ago I began taking Vitamin D daily through the dark months, 2000-3000 units each morning, and I honestly do believe it helps. First and foremost with mood, second to that cognition and energy too. In the summer nobody soaks in D from the sun better than pale faced gingers. That's good for feeling vital, (bad down the road for cancers) but honestly the sun and D do much to make people feel good. The more dark the skin, the more clothed we are (like my patients in the Arctic) the more masked we are from soaking in adequate D. Do your own research on it and find out for yourself how it can help. Again, in Nunavut during the 24 hours of dark, the insane cold that keeps me indoors for a month, dealing with sick patients one-after-another daily, and the sleep deprivation that can come with a work/call schedule of 24 hours a day 7 days a week, any legal help I can get from a harmless pill is welcome. I find some benefits to Vitamin D for the winter blues.
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