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  1. Moosebunk

    More fishing fines laid!

    Only thing that stands out as extraordinary here is that TheKawarthaAngler needs to change his name to just KawarthaAngler so that his profile can fit that dropped "r" into place with the rest of his name. Just a bit of OCD here for ya. lol
  2. Moosebunk

    A Sutton River & Trout Fishing Specktacle.

    Good to hear from ya mon chum! Would be nicer to hear of better health though. Didn't even think of "then there were six" in reference, you got me looking online now. lol... Fat bottomed gulls, yeah, that was one for sure. Polar Foam...??? Just an idiot here really. What a dumb play that was. lol Be well bud. Feel good.
  3. Moosebunk

    How old is OFC/OFC?

    Started on FishOntario in 2002, added Fish-Hawk in 2003 as it was basically home turf waters that most there were posting about, and later started lurking here in 04 I think, came on about 05/06 and joined NAA, RB's and YRF about then too. All have basically died, with F-H likely to be the next. Soooooooooo many people have come and gone but some still really stand out for each of us when you see their names. It would be great to hear how old members are doing, I always like reports, and guys like say Cookslav's spring Algonquin trips, Tony or Aaron's summer salmon days, Ramble's backwoods tours, etc, etc. are the types of personal fishing reports and stories which I always felt fueled me to read more. Steve posted the names Pameladellaire and Mepps as well. Pam years back sent me a print of one of her paintings. She had painted it from a picture I had taken of a cabin on Hancock Creek outside of Moosonee. Couple months ago I was looking at it here at home and happily remembering that kind gesture and the fact she used to post her paintings here. Well, she fell off the face of the earth, like many people actually do from these sites, except that some of us for whatever reason never forget them. And Joey!!! How could any of us forget her, she was beautiful with everyone here and off site as well. Doesn't matter how old this place is, the next person or post that could have some impact on your life could happen any time.
  4. Moosebunk

    A Jiggy Jiggy Report!!!

    Those stars had me going a minute. Can't believe how much your daughter looks like Monique, and how she and your boy have grown. It's incredible that you're all together, enjoying it together. Must make you parents proud. It's a piece of heaven, your heaven, and so it's gotta be one helluva a great jiggy jiggy place to visit.
  5. Moosebunk

    A Sutton River & Trout Fishing Specktacle.

    OK... I won't send this reply to your boss. Appreciate you reading the story but please put your job first in the future. lol You should take the trip in your dad's honor is what you should do. Back to your roots. It's the perfect place to think on that. There's only a handful of friends I could consider doing this kind of trip with. The older we all get, the more set in our ways we tend to be so if you have friends that you are struggling with on short trips now, chances are you will continue to unless you begin talking about it soon. My temperament and drive isn't for everyone, and I know this. So with some friends I am quick and honest to explain that I don't think we would work together well for this or that type of thing. If they are really your friends, they may or may not like it but, they will ultimately understand and accept that. Friends I think the world of don't necessarily have the right stuff for certain trips. And that's not usually a fault of theirs or mine, but more or less just our differences and, my beliefs of how we will manage together on any given trip. Mike is one guy who puts on his big boy pants, gets his hands dirty, never stops thinking, and in the face of troubled moments usually takes a time out to collect himself. I'm much the same except I tend to explode for a brief moment when troubled, then it's out and I can chill. It's never an easy thing though, I have some friends now who likely be ticked off with me for life because I took this trip without them. To that I say, book yourself the trip and go then. As far as fly fishing goes, I truly was just in awe of it again, maybe more so than ever before. IMO it's just not productive enough for certain fishing I like, ie; muskie, lakers, walleye, sturgeon, and others. That said, trips for specks and pike, maybe more gar at home too, I hope to step up the fly game a little bit more. It is, as you know, a very rewarding to hook up. http://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/woods-expedition-comfort-max-self-inflating-mattress-4-in-0762919p.html#srp This thing was a bit bulky but AMAZING to sleep on. Bought it and a single tent that the mattress just fits inside. The whole thing can be set up on the casting deck of my boat. Get just as good a night sleep on it as I do the bed at home. Maybe better with all that fresh O2 passing the nares. You'll like it I think! You like the northern O trip reports.
  6. Moosebunk

    Who knew Terry was an Instagram star!

    Terry has always been a star. Remembering at Wayne's cottage sitting talking and one up'ing each other. Me: "Ahhhh in my teens for something to do we'd get a case of beer and hit the backroads." Wayne: "Just a case?!?! I'd keep a keg in the trunk." Terry: "Well my car had a keg too, and I built a tap right into the dash."
  7. Great to enjoy with a morning coffee Andrew. Surely gets me missing the days on the rivers and lakes north, walleye are always a fun social fish, especially in numbers like 100 or even just 99 a day. The right group of people though, and it's trips like this one that keep ya going back for more.
  8. Moosebunk

    A Sutton River & Trout Fishing Specktacle.

    The "Freezer" is now called the "Breakfast" pool maybe? Basically a 2 second walk from Alberts? A fly angler was on it a couple days but when he and Albert slipped down river one afternoon, we got in there and pounded fish in that tailout. Didn't swing the flies much there as that's all the other guy had been doing, but he sure left alot of fish lure hungry. Above the Aquatuk where those skinny runs were we moved through at a quick pace and didn't bother. Finally drift fished in a good mile or two before stopping at Eerie Feelings above the Aquatuk. Put a quick and decent hurt on some fish there. It's interesting to note how others like to fish the river, there's certainly no shortage of trout for all styles. And thanks Sterling. lol. Mike had me laughing with that log too. Nut! GOD we could have used some horny bush broads out there though. What happens on the Sutton... well, it doesn't stay on the Sutton and it sure would have added a little extra to the story.
  9. Moosebunk

    Uncut Angling does it again

    Not 100 here... but probably 24 in the big boy box and another 50 in odds and ends muskie/pike/big laker crossovers. And you're totally right, been using about 7 or 8 consistently this season and don't change much because once you have those confidence lures, it's hard to switch out.
  10. Moosebunk

    A Sutton River & Trout Fishing Specktacle.

    Between Albert's first and new second cabin we were walking and scraping the canoe down river. That day we only had to go about 4K and we were both thinking that the canoe was going to take a beating if it kept up like that. Albert had told us that any rain they had been getting was being soaked up like a sponge by the ground, the river had been coming up. UNTIL those 2-3 days when we held up in the cabin. After that finished, the river still only came up about 2 maybe 3 inches I'd guess but, it was perfect enough to keep us from having to walk until sometime during the day we finally reached the Aquatuk. Don't think it could have been more perfect a level. Was going to ask you though, if you use the maps were there any spots on there you remember as being really good to you? OK CB!!! Epic it'll be. Bren and I were away the weekend. OFC wouldn't work with my phone so I tried her IPad. Took me well over a half hour just to finish a couple responses. Thanks Brian! Always found the sunsets and horizons extra big on the James Bay.... Hudson Bay too I guess. That river is made of something different... made just for brook trout that's for sure. Thanks for reading Grim! Where did ya go bud? Skip a hunt and come out for a fish this week, even if just a muskie troll on the Larry. Polar Bear Prov Park permits only shotguns with slugs for protection in the park. I liked your idea to Doug, but some folks north and south hunters just kinda chuckled about even having the shotgun at all. They said, "you should have a rifle." Guessing shotgun isn't good enough? Anyways, you did see the size of that paw print? JEEEEZUS MAN!!! Thanks again for your help and kindness with things, you're one good dood!
  11. Moosebunk

    A Sutton River & Trout Fishing Specktacle.

    OFC or the wifes IPad are fudged up! I’ll have to get back to you Bill. gotta go fishinghere, already late
  12. Moosebunk

    A Sutton River & Trout Fishing Specktacle.

    The wife’s darned IPad is giving me troubles here. We tried to stay away from “epic” you know!?! 🤪 Been done to death.😵 Thanks for reading, it is a pricey spot, been eying it for years and dont think I remember it being $2500 but maybe? They’re package (flight and canoe) is $3200.
  13. Moosebunk

    A Sutton River & Trout Fishing Specktacle.

    Thank you sir! Tougher crowd here nowadays but happy you took the time to read and enjoy. Probably one of the most time consuming stories to write but it had to be written. Mike and I will look back on it for years to come.
  14. The famous Sutton River and its speckled trout fishing!!! Writing stories online now for more than 15 years, this is the one which should have been the first. Learning of this remote, northern Ontario river back in 2000 while living in nearby Attawapiskat, since then it has been the longest standing fishing trip on my bucketlist. Flying in August to our starting point at Hawley Lake, my good friend Mike and I camped and paddled our way out along the Sutton to Polar Bear Provincial Park and finally, Hudson Bay. An experience completely out of this world, for 130 kilometers over 12 days, hundreds and hundreds of speckled trout were caught on lures and flies. Fishing the Sutton is truly unimaginable, just a very special waterway choked with trout for it’s entire length. If you are ever going to take a journey with me or maybe plan to one day travel to the Sutton yourself, this is a story you should read. Full, picture loaded report at the link below. So get in the canoe and trust me. A SUTTON RIVER & TROUT FISHING SPECKTACLE Thanks for reading... Bunk.
  15. Moosebunk

    Uncut Angling does it again

    Just saw this tonight... Gotta admit, the dude is pretty much a fishing genius. So entertaining. Ohhhh to fish in Manitoba and NW Ontario too... could call his shows "Untouched Angling."