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  1. Hey Moosebunk, looking for a Flyin with bigger than average walleye, been to cochrane airhearst clove and usually all the same. Did French lake out of cochrane in June and did great for walleye 2.5 to 7. That’s the only lake out of about 20 the the walleye were bigger. But 4 people this time and the cabin is small thanks jeff

  2. Wonder if it's time to give up my 05 Bravo?
  3. A diet of sockeye, brown and rainbow trout. Plenty high-density lipids for making a fat fish.
  4. Arctic Char may be one of, if not the most beautiful fish swimming in Canada's far north saltwater ocean and freshwater lakes and rivers. Chances to travel up to Nunavut from 2008 to 2022, some here may remember how I fell in love with everything about the lake trout and especially Arctic char found there. "A Nunavut Nomad" is a series of 9 different stories told of my experiences for Arctic Char. A sample of all these stories plus information for trip planning, gear selection, weight calculation, and thoughts on the relationship between both Dolly Varden & Arctic Char is also included in the write-up; as these are insights into some questions more often asked by anglers who have messaged in the past. As far as it goes for Arctic Char trip reporting, photography and information, the combined work may be the most complete package to be found online, anywhere. So if Arctic Char, Nunavut and adventure interest you, take a look. Link here: FISHING CANADA'S ARCTIC CHAR Thanks and best of luck in 2023. 🙂 Bunk.
  5. Dealership I'm with and mechanic I only use and trust has looked over some Alumacrafts these past few years and he thinks they're pretty awesome! I do too. I like that 2XB hull biz, I did own a smaller Alumacraft tiller for a time and was happy with the ride.
  6. That's some wicked arse creative shiznit right there ole bawdy!
  7. No not there, not yet, will not likely happen either. Two decades of working in the north I have been the "white man" since day one and many, many, many, many, many times been on the receiving end of racism, nurse abuse or whatever. I don't take it personally, however once finding some communities worse than others, rather than risk my license or losing my red-headed temper too often, it's best just to move on to other places that don't have or have less of the same issues. This particular place however, there's something wrong with a few too many people but, the fishing is really gooooood! lol. The furthest place I go, Grise Fiord in the highest Arctic, well, it seems the most down to earth. So you just never know ti'll ya go. Thanks for reading guys!
  8. Combining work with this insane want to fish summer's Arctic char often requires a tonne of planning and plenty of luck. It's never once been a given to just show up in Nunavut and have all things laid out just right for the fishing. Timing is everything, location key, experience golden and confidence a must but still, the monkey wrenches that got thrown into all my big plans were seemingly too much this time around. But yet in the end, having the stars align for just that one right chance, it made for an experience never to be forgotten. Char fishing is the culmination of entirely who I am and what I do for a living, there are few fish that give me the same rush. Blessed to have worked a long time and find a job that allows for such amazing fishing opportunities in the Arctic. Link on in for some northern exposure. https://bunksoutdoorangle.com/a-nunavut-nomad-viii-the-ivitarulik-redemption/
  9. AK see your inbox. Alligator gar would be a hoot to reel in and knock of the bucky Siwash. I'd think bottom baiting for something like that would be much the same as our sturgeon fishing up here... except a whole muddier and sweatier down there in that stanky Texas heat. That keeps it kinda lower on this pasty white ginger's priority list, the sunstroke and skin cancer and all. lol. Thanks for reading dudes.
  10. Baaaaahahaha! Thanks baaaahhhdddy! For making me feel all warm and fuzzy, and tingling in my horn. Baaahhhem I mean, horns.
  11. Ohhhh just don't write these reports nearly as often as I used to, especially outside of the winter months. Got the Covid this week though and that coughed up enough time to get spewing some out. For any interested, here's a latest about gar. Bit of a recap of this season along with some of my history and how it follows along with the OFAH records and other big fish caught over the years. Sorry, you'll have to link on over to my site if wanting to view.... https://bunksoutdoorangle.com/ottawa-river-gar-for-the-record/ Enjoy what's left of summer and into fall.
  12. Enjoyed a couple days of grayling in Nunavut this past summer. Thank God they and the big, river whitefish were biting because the char were still at sea and didn't get the memo to come see me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csZWAUmmJK8
  13. Was all over the Alumacraft, Lund and StarCraft websites two nights ago looking at tillers and such. The StarCrafts are beauty boats and well priced by comparison.
  14. Be careful Brian... many ties require a lot of head cement. ALOT!!! If you're finding yourself dizzy or with headache, put the glue down and step away from the vise into fresh air... preferably to go fishing.
  15. Can imagine these western ling that are twice as big... but kinda don't want to imagine. lol Thanks fellas.
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