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  1. its a 2019 so it should be under warranty, aren't they good for 5 years ? I would take it back to the dealer for sure !!
  2. Shakespeare Sportcast direct drive model EH on a Utica Tournament Taper fibreglass rod made by Horrocks-Ibottson of Utica NY. bought it in 1961 in St John N.B. I still have and use it occasionally.
  3. I think they are caused by the bunks being to short,I was told years ago that on aluminum boats the bunks have to be long enough to support the transom to prevent bending or cracking when trailering.
  4. The one that would Know would be Irishfield ,he repairs airplanes and has helped out other members.
  5. you should have waited to buy until today 58 cents a litre at costco in Oshawa..
  6. I always left my generators empty and the gas can full of Premium gas with stabilizer. I change the gas twice a year so it never gets that old and my truck has never yet complained that it just got 20l of super on a half empty tank.
  7. I don't need any baits but i am glad to see you back !!!
  8. Most motors have a relief valve to lower the motor if the pump fails, usually it is on the side of the pump depending on the motor.
  9. I bought a Broil King 15 years ago and last year without any problem I bought burners and side plates and had them shipped from broil king to my door in 3 days !!! You have to love Quality products and parts. My Bbq is under a steel awning on my deck and I use it 4x a week year round..
  10. the neighbours wife has 38's but that doesn't make her better just bigger !!!! ?
  11. I used to buy mine at NAPA ,they carry a lot of marine parts.
  12. some body from sturgeon falls won it and it wasnt TJ she is gail koster.
  13. Done and it is a very interesting survey and not quite what I expected and i really had to think about the answers, it was well worth my time.
  14. Sid Turcotte park in Mattawa is very atv friendly and is just a short hop from the Voyageur trail system. You are allowed to ride everywhere except on highway 17. vance
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