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  1. nice going B !!!,having a good year again !!!!
  2. So sorry to hear this Cliff,my condolences as well,take care of yourself.
  3. I just did mine two weeks ago,It is a Mac 3818,just fed some mechanics wire all the way through the new line and bent back,cut on a 45,went through easy,good luck !!!
  4. Great video Brian,you did alright first day.!!!!!
  5. I gave it up watching a year ago,think it was a package my wife liked a part of. Don't miss it a bit
  6. Glad your ok,had a rear ender years ago, Money came short on the settlement,close but not fully. Was told that is why have insurance so I can't be sued???,not sure if this applies still
  7. Been going there off and on for over 20 years,somehow still produces,not huge but lots of fish.
  8. Heck of a deal,thanks for sharing !!!!
  9. My utility trailer still has soup cans for over 15 years lol. Looks beautiful,NOT
  10. Just looks like to much area for a couple jerry cans ,a cooler and lawn chairs for example.Maybe that is all it's for?
  11. Way to go JD,Simcoe is the machine ,glad you hit them
  12. I like Ottawa now as Matt,thinking Rangers have woke up,looks like they will put this away ,especially now Karlson is gone. Who,knows,but thinking not so good for Ottawa now
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