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  1. Never forget,but thanks for the reminder !
  2. It was awesome,they always seem to make it hard on themselves with the rough starts !!!!
  3. I have a Nissan Exterra 07 with 409 km on it ,daily 200-300 kms a day ,burns no oil,awesome truck.The rare offroad ,6 speed standard
  4. Never did see the 100 boats near centennial beach last fall either. Unloaded there before in Orillia ,kinda remembered parking across the street ,maybe a early morning road trip.
  5. We have our tickets,again 65 tagged perch or so. Daily prizes. Have not been for 10 years. Anyone know where a free/reasonable place now to unload your boat and park?.Really looking forward to it.
  6. anyone know much about the carburetor on these? does it need crankcase pressure to run the carb? It is a mikuni carb
  7. You are the man,love this thread !
  8. Hey guys,been away awhile,lots going on, Having said that,just asking isn't that what insurance for?. illegal here get that,bad accident for sure. As all have said if we go threw a intersection on a red light are we liable or even a stop sign?. Hate to think if by accident that happens to me ,being locked up..
  9. nice going B !!!,having a good year again !!!!
  10. So sorry to hear this Cliff,my condolences as well,take care of yourself.
  11. I just did mine two weeks ago,It is a Mac 3818,just fed some mechanics wire all the way through the new line and bent back,cut on a 45,went through easy,good luck !!!
  12. Great video Brian,you did alright first day.!!!!!
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