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  1. I agree with Mike. I would have chosen Fri but Sat is my second choice.
  2. Me and a couple of buddies went on a canoe trip with 2 small portages but long paddles. Only two of us fished. My technique is a culmination of almost 2 years of failed trolling efforts, observations, research and consultations with other anglers (including a retired marine biologist in the park). I basically troll really slow with a LOT of line out with a spoon. That's it. Other factors to consider: how much line you let out (I have a colored trolling line, I let out x colors) depths you're fishing - i like to fish between 30 to 40 foot depths trolling speed, real slow -> this will determine how deep your spoon sinks depth of your spoon - it needs to be in the thermocline of course, we all know, structure and time of day helps too I don't use night crawlers, it affects the spoon's action Spoon colors - yellowish/greenish, bronze, black with silver dots That's it. Miro
  3. Hahaha. Though that before procrastination gets the better of me, I post this while it's fresh. I hope to add more to it. I totally agree.
  4. Been a while since I have posted a report. Actually it has been quite a while since I have done some real fishing as well. This year I hadn't been to my favourite park for some real fishing, so I decided to go the weekend after Labour Day. What a great decision to not go on a long weekend. Peace, tranquility, scenery, fishing was just great. Below are some pics. I was targetting Specks using this new technique but I ended up with lakers. Hey, I don't mind. I love trout. I actually thought I had specks until I fillet two for dinner, at which point I looked for the signs - forked tails vs square tail, and the worm like markings versus the halo spots. Ofcourse, how could i forget that beautiful Speck I caught a couple years back. Anyhow, was there for the weekend. Hooked 8 fish on two tries, landed 7, kept 2 for dinner. Peace out, hope you all had a great summer. Miro
  5. Awesome report buddy ... my mouth is watering. I am going next weekend. Quick question : did you attach night crawlers to your spoons? What colors/patterns worked best? Miro
  6. Algonquin Park waters melting fast http://www.algonquinpark.on.ca/news/ice-out.php Got an email that Benoir Lake, Elephant Lake area lakes have melted
  7. Bill, what's your best source of satellite images?
  8. Was looking forward to your Brookie reports ... love your fish pics man .... keep'em coming
  9. I can see the hammock, I can see the water, where is the fish Brad?
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