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    fishing/camping/hockey/archerey most of all my kidds.

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  1. This is to funny.... Any one ever see the episode of River monsters. He got a big catfish and they took blood from it. The genome was f***ked... As for our fish any thing 4 hours North or East of Toronto is on the table if I want it..
  2. The only time I mash the barbs down is when throwing some lures. I have a couple lures that are very good at finding fish but are a pain to cast simply because they tend to tumble and often catch the line when they hit the water the barbs then nick the line or if a fish hits it the barbs can and do cut the line. No I don't use braided line. I have also gotten into the habit of taking the back treble hooks off a lure and replacing it with a single barbless hook if not removing it all together. If there is one thing I hate more than any thing is when the back hook gets hung up in the gullet or gills. Having said that when the fishing is tough and the bite is soft the back treble goes back on. It's just a balance between what you think is acceptable .
  3. Is any one looking forward to a good winter and lots of good fishing? Or have I gone over the edge and into the wonderful bliss of crazy town?

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    2. Woodsman


      I can't wait either. Already bought a snowmobile floater suit to wear on my ATV. Just need thick enough ice to use the ATV.

    3. misfish


      I am more then happy with walking ice conditions Woodsman. Less noice and traffic. ;0)

    4. Woodsman


      Some places I like to fish are just too far to walk.

  4. last weekend was crazzy...... 3 days of absolute insanity 4 6 pound bass and 1 7 give or take a few grams. catch and release works .25 years of C AND R works.........Don

    1. dhickey



      7 pound not 17...


  5. Next Thursday the fishing starts..Ling//pike//Lakers/and some new found speckles..And I know nothing about fishing speckles .???? A little advice would be nice. Small creek leads into a pond. Any help would be nice.Fly rod not an option..

    1. GBW


      speckles do like lures tipped with a worm

    2. BillM


      Can't go wrong with a spinner and a chunk of worm on the end.

    3. douG


      Small spoons like EGBs or cleos. Even try a red devl. Don't hesitate to give small stickbaits a try either.


  6. Pheeeewww .not enough ice this year or fishing and to much work...Looking forward to the pike honey hole...

  7. 2 good things today.Got my Pc back from Asus and I,m packed up and ready for 3 days fishing in Bancroft...Finely fishing again..Stupid work.Guess I don,t need a cooler this weekend.

  8. Cell phone advice wanted. Does any one have experience with cell phone booster's in poor sd

  9. Nice fish I wish I could have been the net man. Don.
  10. What about doing something your interested in. Do you have any hobbies that you would be willing to devote your time to? Even possibly start your own business ?
  11. I would like to know where you got that from??
  12. I agree with this fully. Think about what you want to do and direct your motivation into it. MORE IMPORTANTLY figure out how to make your body feel good first than chase down your dreams wherever they might take you. You may end up back in construction or who knows? But if your body pains hold you back then it becomes pretty hard to think your way through new challenges.... Fix yourself and the rest will follow .. One step at a time.. Don.
  13. I have only fished through the ice for them and always with light tackle. I agree with the anchor or if weather permits a slow drift over mud /sand or rock no weeds. Depth will depend on where the water is cold 40-60 ft would be a good start to finding them. You might even pick up a ling or laker.
  14. Just a thought . Why would you feel that you need to buy 2 sets now? Winter is right around the corner. Buy a semi decent set of winters and you will have 6 months to find decent tires for the other 6 (warm) months of the year. It may mean you have to turn down a winter fishing trip but I can help you out on Simcoe to get your fix in. Now you will have two sets enough to last at least 5 years if you drive reasonably sain. There is nothing like the feeling of running on winters through a snow/ice storm...
  15. A gold largemouth kinda makes you wonder what's going on. Hmmm Just thinking out loud here Would using old tire's be a safe way to aid natural reproduction in places that have declining populations due to predation or over fishing?
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