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  1. Happy New Year to you too Big Guy !!! 2014 has been an amazing year for me personally. Nat and I were married on July 12th, and I am living a happiness I never knew existed. I got out locally 4-5 times this year for walleye, but nothing reportable. It's enough to keep me hooked Happy New year to all of you too. Health and happiness to all.
  2. Not surprised Mike. You could catch walleye on shoe laces if you had to. Good to see Connor is following your footsteps Bud !
  3. 142.9 Here this morning. Dropped over the weekend. I been paying 135.4 out my way for months now. Feels nice to be cheaper than Ontario for a change
  4. Wook !!!!! Its'a Fwee Wiwwy !!!! The image of this man slideing down a waterslide in a speedo still makes me LOL. RIP John.......This news saddened my day tremendously.
  5. Good Morning !!!!! I got pulled over on the highway this morning by a cop. He walked up to the car and said "Papers" I said "Scissors, I win !!!" and drove of leaveing him standing there shakeing his head.
  6. All in all, its just another tool. Police don't drive Prius's on the beat do they ? Armoured vehicules for times when needed are not a problem in my opinion, neither are Dodge Chargers and Ford Interceptors. Most Cops are good Cops. I have never rec'd a speeding ticket that I didn't deserve
  7. Geez Bill !!! Great report. I sure wish I could fish with the Ole Man again .....
  8. I absolutely love my 2013 Rav4 AWD. I drive over 200Km per day to and from work, on a highway famous for black ice and white outs. This is my first winter with it, and I am completely satisfied with it. It is stable in high winds, and the AWD keeps me on the road. Traction management, ABS brakes and the ability to lock all 4 axles from 0 to 40 KPH is great. We got a ton of snow this winter, and I never felt as if I would not make it to work or back. I drive around 120, and am averageing 8.6 l/100 Km I would buy another in a heart beat.!!!
  9. Too Funny !!!! Loved the comments in the background, and how the bear used its teeth like another set of hands. Hillarious !
  10. Hey art !!! Happy International Plumbers day Bud !! Time to recognize the hard work of plumbers around the world !

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      That's probably cause they do !!! :-)


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      Haha, we have one in our house right now!

    4. Twocoda


      crack pipes for everyone!!!

  11. Been there....done that a few times Lew. I know exactly how you feel. Just reading this has made my eyes damp. They touch our souls so deep that they become part of our fiber. My old girl is 13. I know Labs don't make it to 18, so I am prepareing for the eventuality. My sympathy Bud....
  12. Ya Bill..I installed separate driving lights about a month ago. They really help at night on this stretch of road. I try going slow, but the speed limit is 90kph and there is always some yahoo up my butt.
  13. LOL !!!!!! Maybe i'll get a loudspeaker and play Metalica on this stretch of road.
  14. Thanks for the replies everyone ! There is one 16 km stretch of highway 139, from highway 10 to Cowansville , that is deadly. Narrow, dark and winding. I use my driving lights there all the time. I have counted 7 deer on the roadside this winter alone. I started honking my horn every few hundred meters, but will definitely look into deer whistles.
  15. Last year I sold my suburban home and moved to the country. There are literally thousands of deer in the area. On my way home every day, I pass fields full of them, with many herds having more than 30 in them. I am pretty sure that eventually ,and unfortunately I am going to hit one, as I have seen them crossing the highway on more than one occasion. My question is this. If I do hit one, what is the LEGAL thing to do. I have heard many opinions, and many stories of people getting ticketed for hit and run etc. , after leaving the scene. Although its a sad thing to kill an animal accidentally, I can't see how it can be considered a hit and run if there is no damage to the vehicule and no other vehicule is involved. I just want to make sure I do the right and LEGAL thing if and when it happens. Thanks ! Paul
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