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  1. Jds63

    Fishing Canada's Arctic Char.

    The scenery and fish are truly stunning !!!!!! You are a lucky man Bunk !!!!!!
  2. wow !!!! looks like you hit the motherload .... some really nice splake there
  3. would love to be there right now .... at least you got a new species .. I assume ... added to your list pretty cool that little Tarpon can grow to over 200 lbs !!!!!
  4. Not sure if any of you guys follow Seabass Outdoors .. he seems like a great guy and always puts out great information and videos ..
  5. Jds63

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    Freddie got that one for the boys ... he was outstanding ... nice to see Kadri put a few points on the board to ... why couldnt they have played like that when i went to see them play against Carolina, that was like watching paint dry ...
  6. At 6 metres long and 2.5 tonnes she's a big girl ... the pictures are incredible ... https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-46909353
  7. Yup ... I'm sure Simon will chime in ... I think he's been there a few times ....
  8. Jds63

    Temperature Level

    Hey Dave we are not that far off .. LOL.. forecast for Haliburton
  9. Jds63

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

  10. Jds63

    Mountain Lake

    yup ... not sure what the story is at Minden Bait but its kind of creepy ....
  11. Jds63

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    yup , i didn’t want to compare him to Gretzky but he’s small framed like him and can skate and pass for sure... i just don’t want him to get caught with his head down or crushed by Chara in the playoffs ... yes Wilson keeps guys on their best behavior , wish the Leafs had someone like that for the playoffs Lets see what the Leafs will do tonight ....
  12. Jds63

    Did you feel the bump ?

    could be a frost quake ... check google
  13. Jds63

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    I'm glad the Caps beat the Bruins last night , kept flipping back and forth between Leafs game and Bruins . I want to be positive about the Leafs chances in the playoffs but watching the bruins and caps last night i'm not feeling that warm fuzzy feeling ... those teams play the heavy game that Babcock was looking for in his team .. as I've said before the playoffs is a different beast , i'm worried for Marner, hes going to be a target in the playoffs, and the Leafs don't seem to have any muscle to stand up for their stars ... Lets see if they acquire anyone for the last stretch ...
  14. Jds63

    Temperature Level

    Dave ... you must have safe ice ...... LOL
  15. Jds63

    Cappuccino for pennies a cup

    Beauty Dave !!!!! Married to an beautiful Italian woman , i have been spoiled for so many years ... great food, great wine and coffee ... La Dolce Vita !!!!! In laws still make the old style coffee using the Bialetti stovetop coffee machine , not exactly an espresso but still pretty good Funny about the capuccino after 10 am .... That was definitely the case in Rome ....