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  1. Stone and Duchene are both lighting it up ... just needed to get out of the Sens circus ...
  2. can’t believe i agree with Avery ... lol
  3. Kadri’s suspension is going to really hurt the Leafs , let’s see who Babcock puts in
  4. Did you see Kutcherov hit the Columbus player from behind , very similar to Kadri’s hit that got him suspended for 3 games .. they better be consistent on the disciplinary action ...
  5. Moore's stats say he's 5'10 but he looks smaller. I really liked his play on the 4th line last night.. Hope they keep coming at the Bruins like that …..
  6. i was also wondering as well ... I thought maybe the Refs show some slack for veterans maybe ... not that they would admit it but maybe its a thing ... LOL
  7. Not sure if you guys have seen some of his videos ... This is a huge laker through the ice ...
  8. Its the most wonderful time of the year !!!!!!!!!!
  9. Excellent stuff !!! Looking forward to getting out there soon with the neighbor to target some crappie .... geeze they taste good !!!!
  10. very nice ... we also do the walleye strips ... Walleye tornados I think they call them ... would love to try the perch strips, just never get any decent size keepers
  11. The only highlight in the Leafs lineup at this point is Tavares ... Nylander is going to be non existent again in the playoffs, he is getting a million dollars a goal at his current pace ... Sparks did let in a couple of bad goals but the Leafs can't score ... makes a huge difference on a goaltenders confidence if your team mates are putting pucks in the net I don't think they will be able to outplay the Bruins, they are firing on all cylinders ... if the Leafs can't score now ? the playoffs isn't going to be any easier ...
  12. thats using your body .... looks like he saved the motor and boat from serious damage .....
  13. What a cool story .... read to the end ... for me Orr will always be the greatest !!! https://canoe.com/sports/hockey/nhl/toronto-maple-leafs/50-years-later-pat-quinns-hit-on-bobby-orr-set-stage-for-leafs-bruins-rivarly/wcm/b61bf983-a74d-4f8b-8556-fd1cd807faed
  14. wow , he landed that Tarpon like a pro for sure ...
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