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  1. We will get through this .. we have to listen to what health officials are telling us and keep social distancing it’s the only way we can hopefully start to reduce infections. When we get back to a sort of normal life again have any of you thought how you might be changing things in the future ? ie .. lifestyle changes , investment strategies, attitudes towards living life ...
  2. Season 1 and 2 were great . Looked forward to every Wednesday nights release of the next episode. Just hope Aaron will continue to put out more videos.
  3. Looks like a great trip Chris !! Beautiful area for sure ...
  4. Was there yesterday as well ... massive amount of boats to see. I couldn't see it all in 5 hrs. Definitely the place to buy new if you are in the market, they were quite willing to negotiate on extras along with some good discounts.
  5. Merry Christmas !!! to the OFC members and admins !!!
  6. i drill a hole with an auger and drop down a sump pump, attach to a small length of hose , and fill a big clam sled full of water , drag it across and dump it ,.. it’s a lot of work .. my pump is not strong enough to hook a long hose and spray ... my friend picked up a gas powered pump and fire hose ... that is the way to go .. done in 2 minutes .. always do in the evening so night temps really set up the ice ... it’s still a learning process , i hope to have a better method next winter .. are you also doing a rink ?
  7. just flooded our ice rink on the lake up in Haliburton for the third time this week , 5 inches so far
  8. just read an article about how Marner’s dad avoided Babcock ... probably would have not been very nice outcome for Babcock...he didn’t agree with his tactics concerning his son .. lol, really ???? what a joke !!! what kind of coach , let alone person would ask one of his players for a list of slackers and then share that with the team ... lol ... how does this happen ? and they still made the playoffs ???? ... i’m not a coach, but i know that is bull&[email protected]$ hope they can focus on playing with a purpose now .. good riddance you $50 million joke !!!!
  9. very cool, do you need to purchase a fishing license or permit down there ?
  10. Great pics Simon ... thanks !
  11. friggen awesome drone pics ... do you need to install a snow guard on the roof for the stove pipe ?
  12. great stuff Dave ... your work looks meticulous ... ?
  13. no better way to spend time with your son ... great report !!!!
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