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  1. very cool, do you need to purchase a fishing license or permit down there ?
  2. Great pics Simon ... thanks !
  3. friggen awesome drone pics ... do you need to install a snow guard on the roof for the stove pipe ?
  4. great stuff Dave ... your work looks meticulous ... ?
  5. no better way to spend time with your son ... great report !!!!
  6. Wow , bucket list trip for me ... catching lakers with that scenery to look at !!! Great stuff !!!
  7. Nice ride Lew ! I worked at GM for many years, so always drove GM trucks, got canned a few years back with all that was going on … my last GMC pickup had the oil consumption issue as well, found out that lots of them made in Mexico with the AFM (active fuel management) for that particular year had this issue, but the dealership was reluctant to do anything… I also read online about the metal filings being found in the oilpan ...after I got the heave ho from GM I sold the truck and bought a Tacoma … basically gave GM the finger and will never buy another one of their products … will see what the long haul results on the Tacoma will be … built in Texas !
  8. its not much more than a backyard pond ... better off hiking into Provoking and trying your luck there
  9. Tragic news, Air Saguenay and now Hawk Air. I have flown with Hawk air a few times as well, condolences to their families.
  10. Wow some great pics there .. thanks for sharing Congratulations on the new baby !!!
  11. Great report ... gotta love those fly in adventures with the buddy's.
  12. nice shootin Jimmer ....
  13. I have a Yamaha Kodiak 3 yrs old - no issues so far ... installed a battery tender just to keep battery going at -30 C nights in the winter, other than that its been rock solid. Buddy has a 2000 Honda and 2005 Yamaha both are still running great, but he does all the repair and maintenance himself.
  14. good article .... Walleye it is .....
  15. wow Jumbos for sure !!!!!
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