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  1. When I got back from my month long trip to Ontario I had nearly 2000 emails waiting for me. I do a quick scroll through to see the important ones then highlight the lot and click delete.
  2. Not whisky but I purchased a bottle of Ron Zacapa 23 at duty free on the way home from Ontario and it's a really nice rum. My buddy that lives in Honduras is bringing me a 25 year old bottle of Flor De Cana next month. I'm sure it will be awesome. 😁
  3. My favorite run was the Glades. Loved moguls in between trees. 😁 One of my buddies that I skied with was on the Canadian freestyle team. He could ski the Wall like it was the bunny run. Dude was amazing.
  4. I used to ski Holiday Valley every weekend back when I was a youngun'.
  5. OI In case you wanted the full story on the upcoming apocalypse. https://instantweatherinc.com/winter-outlooks/ontario/snowstorm-1182020-2?fbclid=IwAR19zntNzJXM5dBbhdDqcU5otqTYDTIidCRCjhpgSDNhWyN3f56QYkZnmks
  6. https://www.theweathernetwork.com/ca/news/article/ontario-wet-snow-colder-temperatures-weekend-colorado-low-threatens-significant-snow-poor-travel-conditions
  7. You want toasty hands get a pair of seal skin mitts!!!! My friend just transferred to Sachs Harbor NWT and I'm going to get her to source me a pair. Down here they are pretty expensive, up in the communities you can get them cheaper.
  8. https://www.tsn.ca/chicago-blackhawks-win-in-overtime-ottawa-senators-winless-in-eight-1.1427556?fbclid=IwAR22ndjAoWm86qC-PY2Qgf9u28Ts5DkDq_lh_r7_t3KLpVc_vasdnRpEJwA
  9. We'll have to see what happens. Both Muzzin and Reily out. 6 weeks until the trade deadline.
  10. https://www.nhltraderumors.me/2020/01/rumor-maple-leafs-send-offer-to-anaheim.html?fbclid=IwAR37Xq7Ve-Z8SIrZkyKvmPoi00yXiekzQzoE2ZT0X32XM-nqOo8NmslwN4c
  11. This was a thing of beauty!!! 😂 https://www.bardown.com/fans-are-having-a-heyday-with-marchand-s-shootout-blunder-1.1426990?fbclid=IwAR2V8di-IK7JEWiY-FkBR_cBG3cnyXbkrT3HgV--rN-_u_u4RLdJNDS-RW4
  12. HMMMMMM. https://www.traderumours.com/index.php?blog=11464&fbclid=IwAR2gi12iejA46aufQuyf4icetfx0v9ExbV14-Fh88rflKVqxqctnvRnCkEg
  13. Man those fans in Montreal are real loud. 😂 😂 😂
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