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  1. Wasn't me, it was my buddy. I was just along for the ride.
  2. That's not stuck, just a minor inconvenience. Back in the 80's we got my friends Dodge Ramcharger stuck going in the back route to an off road race. We found a little mud patch and played for a bit until we got stuck. His truck had a 12" lift and 44" mudders on it. When we gave up trying to get out by ourselves the rocker panels were touching the ground. My buddy was one of the marshals at the race so we went to the race and got some of the boys to pull us out after the race. It two rows of 4X4's and two big winches to pull us out. One line had 7 vehicles and the other had 8!!! That's stuck.
  3. Didn't see any. The metal is in good shape. Only holes are ones that have been drilled through it to hold stuff. If there had been any I would have used the urethane on it. Stuff sticks like crazy and is waterproof. They use it to hold windshields in cars.
  4. Don't have the resources to do that. The original was just plain marine ply with no sealing. It lasted 28 years, so this should last longer and I'll be dead before it needs doing again.
  5. A little closer to being done. Covered in 3M-4200, liquid urethane and paint. Probably take half the summer for it to wear off. 🙄 Should get the motor put back on next weekend.
  6. OH, it'll be sealed. I have 2 tubes of 3M-4200 and a tube of liquid urethane to lock it all together.
  7. Getting closer to having this thing done. Marine ply core built and coated with 10 coats of clear. And installed back into the transom. New stainless brackets and 1/4" aluminium reinforcement plate test fit. Reinforcement plate drilled and painted. Stainless brackets painted up. Should be able to get it back together tomorrow. :)
  8. Get a high lift farm jack and fill in the ruts with logs. https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/bulldog-36-in-farm-jack
  9. Will be working on getting the new transom into the boat this weekend. Still got some time before the ice goes out up here in da North EH.
  10. Yup, don't know how they figure out the price. Seems to go up 10-15% per year no matter what the price of crude is. 😡
  11. So the Islanders swept the Pens and then the Canes swept the Isles and now Boston sweeps the Canes. Does that mean the winner of the Sharks/Blues series will sweep the Bruins for the cup?
  12. Check these guys out and see if they have what you need. https://ca.binnacle.com/
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