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  1. Elect a clown, expect a circus. 🙄
  2. That won't be happening until you germy Southerners get your act cleaned up. OH, and that useless loser in Ottawa gets his $%^t together!!! I won't hold my breath.
  3. Finally after many months and 2 tries I have the ceiling insulation installed!!!! First go was in the summer and after 10 bales of insulation the machine had mechanical issues. Fast forward to the Easter long weekend and try number 2. Got the machine out to the cabin, hooked it up and there were some issues getting it running properly. I ended up pretty much servicing the machine and then went and bought shorter extension cords. The instructions say that 50' 12 guage cords are OK but I was having voltage issues and popping the breaker on the machine until I dropped down to 25' cords. I'm just glad it's done and I don't have to worry about it anymore. 24" of insulation should keep the cabin cozy I think. 😁
  4. Got my insurance quote today. It's reasonable at $850/yr for full coverage. The company that insures my truck and sled wouldn't cover it because it was worth too much. SMH.
  5. Unfortunately there isn't a trail. East side of the lake has a river connecting my lake to the next lake and there is a river on the West side behind my cabin that also has a hydro dam on it.
  6. Yep, they're sitting in the box right now.
  7. Dara, I hear you can run them in the summer too. 😉
  8. Been thinking of getting a new toy for work and play for several years now. Finally took the plunge Just waiting on insurance to get done before I drive it home. That and they're still putting accessories on it. Say hello to my little friend. 😁 This bad boy is sure going to be some fun. Heat/AC w Climate control and heated seats is going to make getting to the fishing grounds a ton of fun. Still have to get a new trailer to haul it around and am putting a Fisher Trailblazer V-Plow on it for pushing the snow around. The 4.5'x6' power dump bed will be good for moving stuff around the cabin and has lots of room for fishing and camping gear for some epic ice fishing trips.
  9. I made mine out of plywood with aluminum inserts.
  10. Facebook Messenger. They're 300 meters down the lake from me. 😁
  11. Went out and worked on the trail for a few hours today. Watered down about 1/2 of the steep section to help with not blowing out the track. Got stuck good working on the new trail section up by the cabin. Dropped a ski off the trail and got sucked into waist deep sugar. A bunch of shoveling and yanking and with the help of my neighbour we got the grate big sled out of the woods and onto the trail again. Back at it tomorrow and then next weekend haul out flooring.
  12. Sure, you can sleep in the guest tent!!! 😜
  13. Yup, the closest it's been to freezing is -5C so far.
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