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  1. Now we've lost Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben. The world is screwed!
  2. He's pretty cool. I like the guy in Ontario ehhh!! He's pretty cool too ehhh!! 😁
  3. Yeah, I watch it too. Have known Mike for over 20 years.
  4. No allowed. https://www.aetv.com.au/alone-full-gear-list-and-prohibited-items/
  5. How about one of these new tillers? 😜
  6. Tossed a pork butt in the slow cooker this morning so I could have pulled pork sammiches fer dinner. Kinda bummed I didn't have my slaw but the roads were a gong show and I wasn't going to sit in traffic just to pick up a bag of slaw fixin's. It was very good even without the slaw though.
  7. Wait til they start burning their huts down in the middle of November. 😂 I started watching last year because they were on Great Slave and I know the area where they are. For supposedly professional outdoors people and survival experts they make tons of mistakes. The guy that lost his fire steel and tapped out was building a kick donkey cabin though. I think I would make out OK if they dropped me off out there where these guys are trying to survive. The longest anyone has survived so far is 87 days in a warmer climate. The guy who won last year lasted 77 days.
  8. Season premier on tonight. Another season trying to survived on Great Slave Lake.
  9. Growing up Lebarons on Dundas in Mississauga was my store. I spent many hours in there. As for Sail, I've never been in one but last year I did buy some tackle online from them. I was looking to replace a lure that was super productive for me that I lost. Searching on the net for replacements I found them to be discontinued but Sail had some of what I was searching for so I bought them all!!! 😁
  10. http://www.skatepunkers.net/2020/06/less-than-jake-release-video-for-new.html?fbclid=IwAR3Pe50e325kjlgyAKxWByHDA4uKaxtI0RUY_8ZrigeJA-EqNaAlsdqBM9o
  11. I make fish cakes like my mom used to. Flaked fish (usually tuna), mashed taters fairly stiff, bread crumbs. Make the taters and add the fish then make into patties and roll them in the bread crumbs. Put on a plate to cool in the fridge the make them more solid. Next melt some butter in a fry pan on a medium heat and add the cakes. Check colour after a few minutes and flip when they look good to you to cook the other side. Serve with fries and some wostcher sauce (optional)
  12. Private retirement homes are totally different than long term care homes. My dad was in a private retirement home prior to having to go to long term care. Private retirement home was like an expensive hotel and cost $6,600/month. Long term care facilities in Ontario are all the same price (private room $2,500/month). At least in London Ontario. There's a ton of long term care homes and all are the same price.
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