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  1. HMMMM, I use the FG knot a ton. A tool would be awesome. Earlier this month in Alaska I had to retie after a breakoff and trying to tie an FG knot the old school way in a bouncing boat in the wind and snow was painful!!! 😜
  2. Charge it up. They are not like lead acid batteries that become bricks if you let them drain completely. You might be surprised that it will work fine.
  3. This thread has come back from the dead!!! It's a Zombie!!! 😁 Want a stable canoe, buy one of these. http://www.gheenoe.net/
  4. The last time I was out at my lake there was a husband and wife with Seadoo's at the dock. The wife's wouldn't start, just beep. Technology!!! YAY!!!! The loaded and left for home just after I loaded.
  5. A pair of Smart Tabs will help evening out the list. You can try adjusting the fin/anode above the prop to counteract the pull from the engine. It's possible that the motor isn't mounted correctly also. With the engine down the cavitation plate above the prop should be even to 1" above the bottom of the boats hull. Improper trim can also cause pulling. Most helm and cable assemblies will allow the motor to pull to the right under idle like when trolling. Mine used to until I changed helms. I went with one of these first. Your boat most likely has one of these installed on it: https://www.westmarine.com/seastar-solutions-safe-t-quick-connect-rotary-steering-systems-P006_182_001_002.html I first upgraded to this mechanical helm. The difference is this one has a clutch that cut out the auto turn when trolling and I could let go of the wheel under power and it wouldn't turn without me turning the wheel. https://www.westmarine.com/seastar-solutions-nfb-rotary-system---11--cable-6527097.html I eventually put one of these on : https://www.westmarine.com/seastar-solutions-baystar-outboard-steering-system-3400934.html
  6. Both!! they both have their uses. I have multiple watercraft. I have 2 single man pontoons for river and stream fishing, a sit on top kayak, an 8' Zodiac, 12' tinny and an 18 footer. Like tackle you can never have too many boats!!!! 😁
  7. I have an older version of this one that I use. https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/motomaster-classic-series-smart-battery-charger-maintainer-fully-automatic-15-8-2-amp-12v-0111975p.html?loc=plp
  8. The ArriveCan app worked great when I traveled to London ON and back in late June early July. The hardest part was setting it up the first time around. After that it was super easy. The border guards see your AriveCan info on the 'puter when they check your passport. The return trip I just had to put in the port and approximate date/time. Am heading to Alaska in September so I will get to do it all again. But who cares!!! I'm going to Alaska to slay chrome!!! 😁
  9. I used to go out of Meaford and Owen Sound when I lived in Ontario.
  10. When I had an issue with my original bow mounted TM I got in touch with Minn Kota and when I was talking to the tech and told him what I was looking for he said he had one and what's my address. Sent it to me no charge!!! Worth a call as they may have some used parts like they sent me.
  11. Quick and comfortable. For me the cabin could be moved forward some to give the stern more room to maneuver.
  12. Ontario has been tornado central for Canada as far back as I can remember. May 31st 1985 there were 14 tornadoes in Ontario. Four were rated ef4 including the one that went through Barrie. Not really anything new. Y'all get multiple tornadoes every year.
  13. Look at the weight rating on your current tires. You may need to step up a class. Also make sure they aren't under inflated. The load rating and inflation psi are on the sidewall. I accidentally purchased a C rated tire when I need a D rated tire. It failed prematurely.
  14. Yep, the little buggers make great bait!!!! 😂
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