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  1. He made a beauty yesterday. https://www.bardown.com/garret-sparks-made-an-incredible-must-see-stick-save-at-leafs-practice-1.1277974?fbclid=IwAR1iDNyLmYsPqGPUHWZs6FTGZhkwslWMtURCqrTW4UJpYL24IYvziV75DqE
  2. Nice generator. I pan on getting this one to run my place in the winter. https://powerequipment.honda.ca/generators/ultra-quiet-7000i-es
  3. Got the first load of insulation hauled out to the cabin today. Got one more load to go. Dang stuff is heavy!!!
  4. He will be deported even if his sentence is reduced. The maximum sentence for this crime is 14 years. "Waldman says permanent residents such as Sidhu cannot remain in the country if they commit a crime for which the maximum sentence is at least 10 years or their jail sentence is more than six months." https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/trucker-who-caused-broncos-crash-likely-to-be-deported-after-sentence-lawyer-1.4347221#_gus&_gucid=&_gup=Facebook&_gsc=UsHy4RQ
  5. You are 100% correct as it would be a huge insult to the Honda!!! 😜 I owned a GM once and will not make that mistake again.
  6. Leafs signed Petan to a 2 year extension. Decent deal too.
  7. A few years ago when I was on a trip to Alaska my buddy and I ran my Honda Pilot down the beach to the river mouth. On the way back we came upon a Chevy Suburban stuck just as you come onto the beach. I yanked him out in low with the diff locked no problem!!! I joked with my buddy that we should be filming this to post on Youtube, Title soccer mom mobile rescues stuck suburban!!!! 😂
  8. This is how most AWD vehicles work. The computer senses wheel spin and reduces power to those wheels while adding or increasing power to the other wheels. It's pretty slick.
  9. Just getting all their losses out of the way before the playoffs.
  10. Bugger, leach and streamer patterns work.
  11. Yep, end of April and sometimes into early May.
  12. Gonna be a while yet to get the inside done. Hopefully most of the insulation will be done this year and all the insulation finished next year. After that it's 1"X6" T&G pine for the finish. May do some drywall on the ceilings in the entrance, mud room, master bedroom and closet under the stairs. Not sure yet.
  13. Best part tonight was The Yellowknife Wolfpack on HNIC!!!
  14. Beauty day at the cabin. Trail's ready for hauling materials next weekend. 😁
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