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  1. LOL!!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ http://https://www.bardown.com/auston-matthews-pulled-off-the-most-ruthless-move-on-a-sens-player-without-saying-a-word-1.1368056?fbclid=IwAR2_fMsFC1azwCWa1TZaRz05Fdh87ozgqxnFAZ84uD7X_ZctJtjMj_nGZQc
  2. Sparks is playing well in tonight's game against the AV's.
  3. Good Lord!!!! Newfies seem to have a lot of $$$$ to throw around!!!! https://www.bardown.com/tickets-for-the-leafs-preseason-game-vs-the-sens-in-st-john-s-sold-for-a-ton-of-money-1.1366988?fbclid=IwAR1i9cPKpG3RjQupNxKBALZnCcGhRaluOHtkJONMF-715jd2LFUxzTrW8Sw
  4. JEEBAS!!!!! Imagine if the Islanders had succeeded. https://www.nhltraderumors.me/2019/09/report-2-teams-presented-mitch-marner.html?fbclid=IwAR3q8v87Asam32FiNSINIiXe-Nj_IZyn_zPCP2rCLxDt4qgrq-zS4_MSry8
  5. I hadn't had an issue until last summer. Wasn't my fault though, my boat sank at the dock due to algae buildup on my bilge pump float switch got stuck in the on position and killed the battery. Then a big storm came along and with no bilge pump she went down. I had a full fuel tank but it was replaced with water during the unfortunate incident. 😣
  6. I run stabilizer in every tank of fuel all year long. Never have an issue if you do. It's not like it costs a fortune to do it.
  7. Good weekend @ the cabin. Here's a good pic of my plumbing vent (capped off until the rest of the plumbing is in) and the rear standpipe for my sprinkler. Got the service entrance for my solar panel wiring installed. The conduit runs all the way to the basement. Still need to install the flashing on the roof. My supplier was closed for inventory most of last week. Finished the spray foam work on the rest of the window headers and got some wiring and more wall insulation done. I now have lights in the entrance, bedroom and washroom. :)
  8. https://www.tsn.ca/toronto-maple-leafs-mitch-marner-agree-on-six-year-contract-extension-1.1365263
  9. Just for running shallow water floater. I run a jack plate on my boat and it works in concert with my power trim to run super shallow and it also increases performance while running as I can lift my motor higher to reduce drag from the lower unit.
  10. Years ago I watched a cruiser go up @ the Picnic Island gas docks in Honey Harbour. Also saw a drunk drive a 36' Chris Craft into the park on the West side of the Credit River during salmon season.
  11. Nope, summer isn't long or hot enough for that. No stratification on most lakes here. Just follow the bait.
  12. My lake changes quickly as well. Quite often when I'm trolling the drop I get a little shallow and drag bottom.
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