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  1. No there wasn't testing available at the time. They didn't even acknowledge it was here yet. My Dr's are almost 100% positive it was COVID due to my symptoms. In order to get Lyme I would need to live in an area I could catch it. Yes I was in Ontario visiting my dad but it was winter and ticks find it difficult to penetrate all that clothing. No Lyme disease here in the North. We have to worry about bigger pests. I had some issues earlier this week with this fella. He's a 2 year old just kicked out by momma and he's been causing a ruckus on the lake breaking into cabins and damaging stuff. He was on my deck at 12:05 AM Monday morning and I scared him off. He was back at 5:30 and wasn't scared the second time. I was banging on the door and he just came over stood up and looked me in the face. There was between 12"-18" between us. Luckily the door was there too as he was not afraid of humans. Talked to the CO's and they figure it's the same one that has been causing all the problems. I told them if I get the chance I'll dispatch the critter and give them a call for pickup. Forgot to bring Mr Remington with me. Now that he's here at the cabin the delinquent bruin hasn't been around.
  2. Found out today that Jonathan Toews has been dealing with the same thing as me since February 2020. Seems he's almost getting past it and hopes to be back on the ice in the fall.
  3. Need to listen on a good stereo. The bassline kicks donkey!!!
  4. I'm fully vaccinated since late Feb. After the first shot I felt better for a bit but the symptoms returned before my second shot. Second shot made no difference. Unfortunately I believe some of the damage COVID did to my body will never heal.
  5. My health!!! COVID has completely ruined my life. I fully expect to die much sooner than I would have I I had not got the virus. It's been 17 months since I first got sick and I'm not really much better health wise. Still have shortness of breath, dizzy spells, headaches, brain fog amongst a host of other problems. 1/2 my coffee table is covered with medicine bottles to help combat my myriad of health issues because of COVID. 🤬
  6. While my favorite team was choking yet again I moseyed into the kitchen for a glass of milk and saw my little buddy that lives at the bottom of my driveway was out and about so I grabbed my camera and shot a few pics. He/she is certainly relaxed with me around.
  7. 16 foot with a 90 on the back.
  8. Nice job Sinker. I fixed up an old Starcraft my buddy bought 4 or 5 years ago. It was just the boat on a trailer, no motor. The previous owner had done some work on it but I fixed up the dash, replaced electrical, installed new motor and controls, smart tabs, transom saver, fuel tank etc as well as extending the trailer tongue, replacing all hardware, bunks and paint and installed guide on's and spare tire/holder as well as boat buckles. Turned out mint. The previous owner redid the interior and the funky red camo paint job. We liked it, so left it the way it was.
  9. Time to hide some game cams in the area. At least the repairs will be fairly easy. Be different if they went ape with an axe on them.
  10. It's a bunch of tin boats stored at the landing on the lake. Someone with a battery drill and what looks to be a 2 1/2" hole saw drilled a hole in the bottom of each one of the dozen plus boats stored there.
  11. Pull prop, take to Citywide Propeller Repair on Drew Road in Mississauga for repair, reinstall prop, go boating. You could also put a new prop on, get this one repaired and have a spare. I have 4 props for my boat. Address: 1867 Drew Rd, Mississauga, ON L5S 1J5 Phone: (905) 612-8040
  12. NAH, I want to have fun with it year round. Will keep it there once I move there full time when I retire.
  13. Nut jobs in Alaska too. They do the surfing there as well. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=turnagain+arm+bore+tide+surfing
  14. Putting the new rig to work at the cabin.
  15. Hope you have $$$ but yeah lithium is 1/2 the weight of conventional batteries. Dakota's 54 ah would probably be great but $$$ https://dakotalithium.com/our-batteries/
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