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  1. https://www.pcmag.com/news/movable-satellite-internet-spacex-to-lift-geo-restriction-on-starlink-dishes
  2. Had it happen on the 401 in the 80's. It was pretty sketch!!! Locking clip fell out and latch came undone at a buck twenty in the middle lane!!! Luckily the tongue dropped down on the chains so it didn't dig into the road but she was whipping side to side pretty good until I got it slowed down. Scared the living crap out of me. No damage done but it could have been an epic wreck on the busiest highway in North America pretty easily. 😱
  3. It's more about the $$$$ than the two government agencies I'll have to 'splain myself to.
  4. I wish I could put in a pier using those big interlocking Lego brick like concrete blocks and back fill the middle with rocks and dirt. Then just tie up to that and never worry about dock removal again.
  5. Forgot to mention I went for a swim while pulling the dock. Of course it happened early in the job so I had to work wet for an hour or so in air temps just above freezing. 🙄 The granite is as slick as goose turds. Luckily the water is still a balmy 44F. 😎
  6. Put my $$$$ down in the spring. Just waiting for 2022. Gotta see if I can get a couple of extra antenna wire kits so I can move the system around. Would like to use it at the cabin, house and camper.
  7. Spent the Thanksgiving weekend at the cabin and was the only person at my end of the lake all weekend. It was so nice and quiet. 😁 Spent my time peeling logs that I cut in the spring. Started running low on time so only quick stripped a bunch of them. The big one was peeled in the spring. It's got really cool spiral checking now. Also pulled the dock out on Monday and closed up the cabin until safe ice. This morning there was snow on the ground.
  8. They have always been around but this is the first time they have been a pain. Other than one time years ago when one ripped open my tent had a look around and left while I was away on business. The 870 is loaded with Remington slugs. I forgot to load it when I went to the cabin on my vacation so when I cam into town for supplies I picked it up. At some point the darn thing scratched my dining room window on the porch. Their paws must be like 40 grit sandpaper!! Would hate to get swatted by one. The second time he showed up I banged on the door and he just walked over and stood on his hind legs. We were about 12 inches apart separated by the entry door. He beat feet when I banged on a pot with my BBQ tongs.
  9. Forgot to mention that this year has been brutal for bears up here. There have been 3 shot in town, a momma with twins relocated and a momma with cub they are trying to catch. There was a momma with cub wrecking peoples stuff on my lake and a 2 year old causing havoc and breaking into cabins. He tried to break into mine 3 times while I was sleeping in it!!! The first two I didn't have my gun and the third I blasted a warning shot over his head as he ran away. He got into my neighbours cabin 2 doors down and trashed it, don't know if he got into Dave's cabin beside me or not. Got to buy a tag so I can thin the herd. I could use a nice bear rug anyway. 😁 The one that was trying to get into my place I would have dropped if I had a shot then just called ENR to come and collect it. I talked to them previously and they said do what you have to and give us a call for removal. My neighbour across the bay from me is a wildlife officer too. He had issues with the same bear and the momma with cub.
  10. Doug I wanted to get out this afternoon but couldn't be bothered to buck the waves so just went home. Hopefully I'll get a day or two before ice up. Lake was 48 degrees today.
  11. Lots of things going on at the cabin this summer. Flooring underlay installed in the main area. Some work done on the gable end of the porch roof. Also started installing the interior paneling. North wall in the front of the cabin is mostly done. This pic was part way through the install. It's up to the loft at this point. South wall in the front of the cabin is also up to the loft so far. The blank spot will be drywall with tile over for the kitchen back splash. Was hoping to pull the dock this weekend but the weather had other ideas. Can't pull the dock when you can barely stand up on it because of the waves. This was last weekend at ye olde cabin. Fall colours in full effect. Unfortunately they are on the ground now. And at the launch on Wednesday morning when I went up to the cabin for the rest of the week.
  12. OI I spent the entire summer last year out at my cabin and only came into town every 2 weeks for supplies. Spent 6 weeks there this summer and finally started feeling a little better near the end of my vacation time out there. I still try and stay away from people even though I'm fully vaccinated. The Rona got into the NWT big time in Mid August. Unlucky for everyone it got into one of the communities that held a hand games tournament. It was attended by a lot of un-vaxed people and it went through a lot of the small communities like wild fire. Then of course they brought it into Yellowknife where it went through the homeless population. We went from a couple of hundred cases and no deaths to over a thousand and now 5 dead. 50% of the population in one community got sick at the same time. We are now pretty much locked down again because of the few that didn't get the shot. 🤬 https://cabinradio.ca/74140/news/health/coronavirus/northwest-territories-reports-1000th-covid-19-case-of-pandemic/?fbclid=IwAR2U5dzkJBcXkA4Tf7clKqFLmyg_EgPj1fwdMduT81DZ7FEPXCuZWyWfJVo
  13. Just threw my snowmobile trailer plate on it to get it home. No issues.
  14. I haven't seen by boat registration since I got it 30 years ago!!! 😝
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