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  1. DRIFTER_016

    Workin' Down @ The Lake

    Nice evening on the boat ride out to the cabin. Not!!! Didn't get much done was too cold to do anything. Had my 60,000 BTU propane heater on full most of Saturday and got the tiles for my hearth cut. That's all. Came home early Sunday to try and warm up some.
  2. DRIFTER_016

    Workin' Down @ The Lake

    Was snowing pretty good on the ride up the lake to the cabin today. ❄️ ❄️ ❄️
  3. DRIFTER_016

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    😂🤣 😂🤣 😂🤣 😂🤣 😂🤣 https://www.tsn.ca/nhl/video/button-believes-sharks-gm-wilson-robbed-the-senators~1487907
  4. DRIFTER_016

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    It's that time of year again!!! First televised game is next Tuesday on Sportsnet. https://www.nhl.com/mapleleafs/news/maple-leafs-announce-2018-19-radio-and-television-broadcast-schedule/c-300079044 file.pdf
  5. DRIFTER_016

    Workin' Down @ The Lake

    Made it up to the loft window this weekend. 😁
  6. DRIFTER_016

    Workin' Down @ The Lake

    THAT'S RIGHT!!!! SNOW!!!!
  7. DRIFTER_016

    Workin' Down @ The Lake

    Snow on the deck at my place in town yesterday morning. 🙄
  8. DRIFTER_016

    Workin' Down @ The Lake

    Fun like a root canal!!! 😁
  9. DRIFTER_016

    Workin' Down @ The Lake

    Didn't break 70 this summer. Pretty sure 68 was the warmest I saw.
  10. DRIFTER_016

    Workin' Down @ The Lake

    Said nope to the crappy weather and went home early!!! Was 32* F at the boat launch when I got there around 9:30 this morning. Was gusting 40 MPH out of the North too. 😩 Managed to stuff the nose of the boat into the back of an over-sized wave on the way back to the dock to top things off. The dog was unimpressed with being hosed by a wall of 54* F water. I wasn't thrilled either!!! 😁 So it rained from the time I got there on Friday until just about dinner time on Saturday so I spent the day making window trim and a few pieces for the area under the deck. Was hoping to get to the top of the bottom window today but was too cold for that. The boat runs great though after the work I had to do on it last weekend. 😃
  11. DRIFTER_016

    Another heads up, TORNADO WARNING

  12. DRIFTER_016

    Another heads up, TORNADO WARNING

    Oro Line 4 North of Hwy 11 posted 1/2 hour ago.
  13. DRIFTER_016

    cooking thread...

    Bought myself a slow cooker earlier this summer and finally got a chance to fire it up today. Just finished a really yummy bowl of beef stew. 😁
  14. DRIFTER_016

    Ice Fishing

    Temagami, is a good location.
  15. DRIFTER_016

    Workin' Down @ The Lake

    Bald Faced Hornets nest. Just one of our unique critters out here.