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  1. For me, spring starts when I can launch my boat at the lake of my choice. This was my chosen launch last May long. Yup. One week from June. So spring starts in June for me.
  2. Having to choose between spending a couple hundred bucks for a weekend activity, or buying health care doesn't sit well with me. Thankfully I don't have to make that decision.
  3. I have a full Viking two piece rain suit. It keeps me dry. That's all that I ask of it, so no complaints. And it catches fish too.. Breathabilty might be more of an issue for you southern Ontario boys than it is for me. I'm usually struggling to retain every bit of heat that I can.
  4. On my yearly jaunt to Kansas for the NASCAR race, I got talking to one of my neighbors there. He told me that his family premiums were up to $1200.00 per month and he could no longer afford it. I can't imagine too many people that could. Canada's healthcare might not be perfect, but it isn't gonna bankrupt you either.
  5. I'm no financial genius by any means, but have been working full time in a big three trade union for over 37 years. So I'll be fine. I thought that I'd be able to retire in just over a year because we had a $500.00 a month bridging at age 58 to age 60. It's been there forever, but when my time comes up.... POOF!!! It's now gone after this year. Oh well. I have to go a couple more years but I'm seasoned enough in my trade that I can pretty much pick my own jobs. Also I have two pensions in my union. The big one that pays a set amount, and a smaller self directed one that started out with nickles and dimes, that is now worth a small fortune. For you stock guys, here's my pick. RUBICON minerals. They staked the claims all around Goldcorps flagship Red Lake operation. Right from under their noses. They are going full steam ahead and are set to start producing gold next year. About a buck per share right now. These guys are going to be pulling massive amounts of gold up from the ground. I,m heading to Red Lake in the morning to have a look around.
  6. Can't help you with the fishing at this time of year, but I can run you up to Kakebeka Falls if the timing is right. It is a spectacular sight..
  7. I put my studded Goodyears on last weekend. Still no snow, but damn, what a terrible noise they make on asphalt. It sounds like I'm driving through broken glass.
  8. Capacitors are a good place to start. There's a web site that supplies complete capacitor kits for most makes and models of tv's. Can't seem to find the site now, but for less than 20 bucks I fixed my own tv. It's worth a shot.
  9. Last week, as my co worker filled the company truck in Dryden, I grabbed a jug of windshield washer fluid and threw it in the truck. Just as we were pulling out, I realized that I didn't tell the clerk about the fluid. NP. we'll be back next week and I'll tell her then. Today was next week. Filled up again today and it was on my mind, but spaced it again. Problem is that I won't be back any time soon. I feel so bad about this. And it's not even my money. It's the company credit card.
  10. A set of studded blizzaks on rims came with the Tacoma that I recently bought. I'm just waiting for the right time to put them on. That's a tough call for sure.
  11. Any brand of camera will do the job these days. As many have mentioned, the glass will be the biggest investment. Beyond that, post processing in photoshop or other post processing software is the biggest deal breaker. I've often seen shots from very expensive equipment that look sub par because of lack of post processing skills. Buy something within your budget and practice your photo editing. When you learn this, your pictures will look as good as any, no matter what brand you are using.
  12. Sweet ride Brian. You do know that Dale Jr. drives a Chevy. All kidding aside I just upgraded to an 8 year old Toyota. Liking it so far.
  13. I'm not sure just what your point is, but you've just described me to a tee.
  14. It's a myth. Don'y buy any of them. "They" say that gas goes bad after a couple of months? Mine never does after a year and sometimes even as much as 3 years.
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