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  1. Roy

    cooking thread...

    Made these quails for J. She likes them and so do I actually. They weren't half bad. Have a great evening!
  2. Roy

    Message For Wayne

    Not chemtrails....he was having his crops sprayed. Air Canada did it for him last year but he wasn't too happy with the wait times.
  3. Ya know, the last few years seemed to have been a lot more windy than usual. I'm not a great fan of fishing in winds of 25k or more and I know that a lot of my friends feel the same way. It would be great if someone could chime in with some advice. The only advice I could offer is that perhaps we should never speak of wind. Wind would be unheard of. It's a crazy idea I know.... caught wind of it yesterday.
  4. Roy

    BANG! That hurt.

    How you doing Bud? Been fishing much this winter?
  5. Roy

    BANG! That hurt.

    Hey John!! Nice to here from you. We'll get to talk soon. Hugs to you and Bahbwah from J and I.
  6. Roy

    My Fall Adventure

    Outstanding report! Love those clips. Thanks for posting that!
  7. Roy

    BANG! That hurt.

    Thanks, Joe! Found any good heads lately?
  8. Roy

    BANG! That hurt.

    Yup. Done doin' all my Hail Maries. One penitence and a coupla contritions and I should be good to go.
  9. Roy

    BANG! That hurt.

    Thanks Pete. Still come back this way from time to time?
  10. Roy

    BANG! That hurt.

    Thanks. Hope you meant that in a good way. I still like your signature.
  11. Roy

    BANG! That hurt.

    Thanks Kelvin, Phil.
  12. Roy

    BANG! That hurt.

    Thanks Mr. Bill. Waiting for your next report from the Nord...trout rivers and all that good stuff!
  13. Roy

    BANG! That hurt.

    Thanks Simon, missed you guys also. Hope all is good with you and yours.
  14. Roy

    BANG! That hurt.

    Thanks Mister Brown. Don't sweat it...it was 7 years ago. Not a problem.
  15. Roy

    BANG! That hurt.

    Cliff, you've been a friend all of these years. Thank you and nice to hear from you.