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  1. After a very long run with this reliable sled, the time has come to let her go to a new owner. I had no intentions of selling this one until I got a new one for Christmas. A 1998 Polaris Trail Touring with a 488 Fan cooled engine, electric start, reverse, 2-up seat. The sled is in good shape with many upgrades, Recently added new skis, trailing arms, seat recovered, new battery, all lights replace just because they were the originals and didn't want to be left in the dark while riding the trails, studded track, ice scratchers, tank storage bag and has a hitch for towing the hut. This year I have just replaced a few bearings that needed to be done in the skid as part of the pre-season, new sliders (found another new set to include as well), new carbides, gear oil replaced as always, new spark plugs (Compression is at 120 a side as it has been every year I've owned it.), greased, full tank of premium gas,and ready to ride. It also comes with a service manual and a 2020 Trail pass. I do have the ownership. Asking $2000 or best reasonable offer. Sled is currently in the North Bay area. 20200202_112256.mp4 Pull start.mp4
  2. A great weekend as always! Thanks for doing up the report Cliff
  3. A couple of great looking fish. Good shooting Pete!
  4. Good stuff Simon! Nice looking boat too! I see I have a few videos to catch up on. lol.
  5. Even Lake Ontario is a bath tub. Temps were over 80 for a few miles out before dropping to 78 on the surface.
  6. That's awesome Ryan!! All the best in your new adventures and continued success!!
  7. RIP - Photoz. Condolences to his family and friends.
  8. That is a good morning on the water!! Good shooting Brian!
  9. If you find someone who will give you those odds, put me down for $100. lol.
  10. Apparently they don't exist according to CBS sports. http://www.680news.com/2016/05/17/raptors-dont-exist-according-to-cbs-sports-poll/ Torontonians and Raptors fans everywhere, this is a hard post to write. CBS’s sports website has a massive error – it can’t even be called a typo – in their poll about who will win the NBA Finals. The poll asks “who will win the NBA title?” and classifies the Raptors as ‘other.’ It’s been two days since the Toronto Raptors defeated the Miami Heat in Game 7 on Sunday at 3:30 p.m., clearly enough time to get their facts right. But for now CBSSports.com categorizes the Toronto Raptors as ‘other,’ and naturally Raptors fans responded with #WetheOther making the hashtag trending on Twitter. Cue the outrage, Canada. As of 10 a.m. on Tuesday, the four-item poll was still available on the CBS website. An hour later – and after being called out multiple times on social media – it seemed CBS has created a whole new poll, one that omits the Eastern Conference finals completely. Now, as of 1 p.m. on Tuesday, Raptors fans have clearly taken over the poll. We posted it before Game 7! Raptors/Heat wouldn’t fit! We love you, Canada! https://t.co/FStrHVn0pU — CBS Sports NBA (@CBSSportsNBA) May 17, 2016 So go vote!!
  11. Some very lucky people there. Likely refused the medical attention to avoid the big hospital bill since were taken to the States.
  12. Well they are not getting any money out of you if you are off the gird. I heard that in certain areas you are not allowed to go completely off the grid, assuming populated areas. Not sure if there is any truth in that or not.
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