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  1. Grew up in a bad neighbourhood so yeah I knew a few. None that I stayed in contact with. A guy I grew up with Murdered his wife while she waited for the bus to go to work.
  2. A few years ago I was doing speeding enforcement using a laser. I decided to pack up and move to another spot. I thought I had thrown everything in the back seat. When I got to the new spot I realized that the laser unit wasn't in the car. I drove back to the spot and found an $8000 laser smashed to pieces on the road... it was an interesting talk with the boss...
  3. Hey all, Wondering if anyone has gone out with their fly gear in their kayak? Love to hear the stories
  4. He hasn't passed away yet. His daughter released a statement
  5. Yeah it was 30 when I dropped the kids off at school yesterday morning. It was 20 when I picked them up and 12 this morning. Didn't get above 16 around here
  6. Well I had a day off so I decided to do some local pond hopping. It had been awhile since I'd fished it, but 6 or so years ago I would catch 5-15 2-5lbs smallies in a few hours. Launched the yak in the first pond, spent about an hour and a half and nothin. Saw a few jump but not even a strike. Tried my go to - slow rolling a white spinner bait, then switch to a buzz bait, then switched to a KVD square lipped crank... nada So I pulled the yak out and went to the next pond. Same results. Even the beaver dams didn't produce. Frustrating for sure!
  7. Well there's laws regarding indecent acts, but usually public urination is a bylaw charge. I'd suggest that you try be discreet and make sure you're alone before whipping your junk out.
  8. I always see 11:11... different theories but really it's your.m brain looking at the clock and thinking there's something going on when there isn't. Synchronicity
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