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  1. Got my sweet fan installed this week. Took quite a while as there were a ton of parts to it. Dim-able LED light, 9 speed low draw DC motor, reversible, timer. It's got everything a feller needs.
  2. Do you leave the boat in the water? Store uncovered outside? If you leave the boat in the water and water sits in the boat for any length of time the flotation foam can become saturated with water and add hundreds of pounds of weight to the boat. The only fix for this if it is the problem is to remove the floors and chip out all the wet foam. Either replace with closed cell sprayfoam or jam a ton of pool noodles in there. I know one of the big West coast manufacturers has a known issue with this. On a 20 foot boat water logged foam can add 600-1,000#'s of extra weight.
  3. I use the rolls of hollow lead for that kind of fishing under a float. http://www.fishermans-marine.com/oregon-tackle-pencil-lead-wire.html And use a rubber dropper like on the left of this image when bottom bouncing.
  4. I just have dozens of giant T60 Flatfish. The guys I know in Alaska & Washington use a lot of Kwikfish for salmon.
  5. Got one of my attic access panels done. Took a lot longer than expected but it fits perfectly. 18" of high density foam should stop any heat loss. Also put LED lighting in the attic for inspection and working. There's no room to get into to the attic without removing one of the walls to the access but it was built for inspection and access to the pipes that connect to the sprinklers if the galvanized pipe needs replacement at any point.
  6. Mike Borger's son was harassed by bylaw there a week or so ago. They have also closed the other piers and all public beaches to fishing. Sad really. I caught a ton of fish off Bronte pier. 😪
  7. NAH, it's a good 7 or 8 weeks to go. 😁
  8. Another crappy day in paradise. 😎
  9. That's the one I used to use. Looks like it's still there on the map.
  10. Haven't been there in many years but I used to use the town launch right in Honey Harbour. Just looked on Google Earth and I don't even recognize the place anymore. Can't even figure out where the town dock/launch is. There's marinas everywhere. Life was better before all this development. Looks like it's still there Honey Harbour Park Landing is the name of the place. Lots and lots of Marinas with launches too.
  11. Had time at lunch to screw 7 25-30 watt solar panels to the front of my deck. Didn't have time to wire them up yet though.
  12. Another vote for Advanced. Got a couple of replicas I want them to do for me.
  13. Used to go there all the time back in the day. Would load up my 12 foot tinny with 5 1/2 hp Johnson and make the trip.
  14. Could be worse. Could be boxes of glitter!!!! 🤣
  15. Been hard at it, just haven't been posting. Got the ceiling joists/trusses all finished up as well as the vent plumbing and fire sprinkler pluming all done in the attic. Still have some wiring and woodwork to do. Also have to finish the vaulted ceiling insulation before I can do the attic insulation.
  16. Beausoleil Island CG Launch out of Honey Harbor. https://www.pc.gc.ca/en/pn-np/on/georg/activ/camping
  17. It's time for....................................................
  18. I picked up one off another supplier as a back up. It's no where near as good as the $25 one I have but it will do as a back up for $9.99.
  19. Had a rock do that on my big Yamaha 4 stroke. Replacing the heat exchanger was not a fun job. Book calls for 16 hours of labour to replace it. I took my time over the summer. Had to almost completely disassemble the dang thing. The only other issue I've had with my sled is the battery croaked this past winter. You would figure they would last longer then 12 years. 🙄
  20. It's not too bad actually. Takes about 3 hours or so. Plenty of time to get there, set up camp and get fishing before dinner. I've found it hard to bring everything I need for a good long trip though. 8 days is my longest so far. Might have to leave the generator and espresso machine at home next time. Anytime you want to fly up and go camping for a week or so let me know Bill.
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