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  1. So Mitchy got car jacked at Islington and Queensway (Sherway Mall) last night by 3 guys. 2 with guns and one with a knife. At 7:30PM. I can't believe how bad the GTA has become since I left.
  2. I just use one of these on my small outboard. https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/shoreline-outboard-motor-lock-0798595p.html#store=453
  3. Have been running Mercs since '91 with no major issues at all. Have a little 2 stroke for the tinny, had a 90 two stroke on my boat until 2013 when I replaced it with a 4 stroke 115. Yamaha's are good motors but more $$$ I hear the Suzuki's are good Honda's are decent motors but we found the lower units to be less robust than Yamaha or Merc when testing at the lodges on Great Bear Lake. They have been running 30hp Mercs for many years up there and they have been good motors.
  4. NAH, they built the pyramids faster!!!! 😜
  5. Happy Easter Bill. Got a little pine installed over the past couple of days. More importantly I got my rear surround speakers installed. Almost up to the vaulted ceiling now. Back to work tomorrow. How many days until the weekend? 😁
  6. Taking a break to chill @ the bush crib. Put the SxS to work hauling pellets up from the lake for the stove. Can haul 30 bags at a time. 😁 Life is better at the cabin. Don't have to head back to town until Tuesday evening. Happy Easter y'all!!!!
  7. Or you could just mosey on down to Home Depot and pick one up.
  8. I also have one if you want to come and pick it up. 😜
  9. My favorite movie is 48 years old and it is the finest comedy ever made.
  10. Craig If the grayling are of any decent size you'll end up killing a lot of grayling with tiny spinners. They will suck them into their gills really easily. My go to grayling lures are either #3 gold Blue Fox Vibrex spinners or a #8 Len Thompson spoon in (potato bug) orange with black dots.
  11. And yet the day before they lost to the worst team in the league. 🙄
  12. She was filming and letting the marina guy know what kind of fish it was. 🤣
  13. Dock fishing down South is a little different. 😉
  14. I've had access for months but haven't had the time to install and test it yet. If you want to upgrade make sure all your app vendors have tested and approved for Win 11 or you may end up not being able to use those apps. I have apps on my personal computer that are not Win 11 ready yet so I will wait until they are ready before upgrading.
  15. Yep, BBQ tank. Our cabin owners road is in, not the big one yet. It's usually done in February.
  16. Dara Tried to BBQ last night. Had to order pizza. 😌
  17. Art Figure I better post in American for ya!!! 😜 How do you like that -60 wind chill?
  18. You mean people don't pull their plugs when they haul out their boats? I've been doing it since day one!!! Not because of invasive species but because of rain filling it up on the trailer while parked. I also have a small leak so it lets me drain out any water that's in the boat. A few years ago buddy and his wife were launching their boat at my lake and they were pulling out when I showed up. Why? Left the plug in all winter tons of water in the bottom of the boat and the freeze killed his bilge pump. He put it on the trailer and was about to leave when I gave him a little piece of advice. I told him to pull his plug and drain out the 1,000#'s plus of water in the boat before he left so as not to put more strain on the boat and trailer.
  19. If you go in knowledge you will get a decent boat from the Legend guys. I have an 18 footer I bought in 1991. The base motor package was a 60 which would be way underpowered. I opted to have a 90 on it and it was perfect. The max HP on the boat is 125. In 2013 I upgraded to a 115 Merc 4 stroke and got the smart gauge package with troll control for trolling. Can get down to 1.5 mph with my 115 on this boat. She'll be 30 years old this March and it's still kicking.
  20. Yes, they are used on nets to keep them floating. Mostly use cork now though.
  21. I can't see my @$$ getting off the couch today. 🥶
  22. The joy of sliding rings!!! Better to tape them like this as they tend to fall off otherwise. 😉
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