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  1. The Can-Am's are actually designed for tracks. There is a computer module that gets installed with the tracks that connects to the SxS's computer. It adds a track setting to the mode switch on the dash that changes operating parameters on the engine, transmission and electric power steering. It comes with climate control HVAC and I added heated seats. Damn thing even has power windows and power dump box.
  2. I look at this option and think it would be awesome for powering your camper off grid without having to haul along a generator.
  3. Only just North of 5000 kms on it Sinker. Been a hard 5K though as I've moved probably more than 50 tonnes of materials with it. Probably why I wore out the clutch on it already. I'm looking at getting a SxS with tracks this year that will be fun and great for hauling with 1000# payload in the bed and 2000-2500# tow rating. Sure will make life easier when I get all my soral power materials. Those batteries are heavy.
  4. Got out of isolation from my travel South so I went to the cabin today. 😁 Pack down trail, hang with my neighbors around the fire and take some measurements for a wood order. Good times, wind was cold, no sun to be seen and a bit of snow. My awesome neighbors were nice enough to plow a road from their place to mine so I can park right at the shore of my place. Going to make hauling materials a lot easier. Got a lot going in this year, 3,000 sq ft of interior panelling, 1,000 sq ft of flooring and 3 dozen sheets of plywood along with hopefully some custom cut pine for the front wall. You can see where I had to park before, way out where those little black dots in the distance are. And a shot from the lake.
  5. I currently have a Motomaster AGM battery in my Honda Pilot and it has been the best battery I've ever had in a vehicle. No corrosion of the posts like the flooded lead acid Motomaster it replaced but the most impressive thing is it's cranking ability in cold weather (a big plus when you live where the air hurts your face). I've forgotten to plug my vehicle in a couple of times since I got it a few years ago and it still turned my vehicle over quickly even at temps nearing -30. Flooded batteries labour in the cold turning over very slowly. That difference alone could be the difference between getting home or being stranded. I will never have another non-AGM battery in my vehicles. Worth every penny!!!!
  6. And it's cold and miserable outside. A young man's fancy turns to warm climes and open water fishing. Just found this site and it has some of my favorite shows in it. Have fun peeps!!!!! Waypoint TV
  7. Is he related to the Gorilla Glue girl? 🙄
  8. That'll work perfectly on my new 30' bass boat!!! 😁 https://www.sportfishingmag.com/story/boats/mercury-marine-unveils-worlds-first-v12-outboard/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR0tsHxH71tq2uRFlSrVeu5YWD-GA1myzulCqqt6W6Pid_4Uh-EIN9tWsz8
  9. Plenty of parking down below too. 😁
  10. I bought my boat new in 1991 with a 90 hp Merc. The only issue I had with it was the carbs had been incorrectly set at the factory. Once that issue was taken care of it ran flawlessly up until I pulled it off the boat and replaced it with a Merc 115 4 stroke in 2013. The 115 has been perfect other than an issue I had due to water getting in the gas tank when my auto bilge switch stuck and killed the battery causing the boat to partially submerge at the dock during a storm. Certainly not Mercs fault. Have run Mercs, Yammies and Honda's at the lodge I worked at. Both the Mercs and Yammies were great. The Hondas ran great but the lower units were not as robust as the others. At a remote lodge this can be a detriment as getting replacement lower units can be difficult. Mercs and Yammies easily take a whack on a reef that would smash a Honda lower unit. Don't get me wrong, the Mercs and Yammies do get some damage (usually a sheared off skeg and destroyed prop) but the Hondas end up with chunks of the housing missing and lower unit oil covering the water. Personally I have no issue with either Merc or Yammie. Buy either and you'll be happy. FYI Suzuki's are also a good choice. As said pick the brand with the best service centers in your area.
  11. I decided to pass on today as I figured the cold front here would shut things down too. Things like molecular movement!!!! 🥶 🥶 🥶
  12. And I used to chum off the wall at Owen Sound and when jigging for whities, bows, salmon and lakers out of the boat in the harbor using a chum can.
  13. Would rather go to Alaska for that. Only reason I have been coming back is for family reasons. Now that pop's gone there's no reason to come back. Well one more trip to pack up the storage locker and haul it back home.
  14. A lot quieter up here. 2km commute to work. More water than I can fish in 100 life times. I was coming up here to work every summer and thought why do I keep going back to Ontario.
  15. In 2006 I moved West and North. Best thing I've ever done. I did the move by myself mainly because I didn't have the $$$ to pay a mover to do it. I ended up making 2 trips from Ontario to the Northwest Territories. At least your destination is easier to get to and you won't have any issues getting a mover to haul all your stuff out there. You will need to make a trip or two out there beforehand to look at and purchase a property. You will need to look into employment also unless y'all are retired. It's a lot of work but I found it a lot of fun and exciting. Every time I come back to the old haunts in Ontario I can't wait to get out now. It's way too peoply for me now.
  16. Here's more info to stick into your brains. New studies have reported that a substantial number of those deemed recovered have been readmitted to hospital and died within 120 days of being released from hospital. This is a scary thought that a good number of people that were very sick with the virus and thought they were lucky to have survived end up dead months later because of complication from the virus. The reported numbers only report deaths that happen within 28 days of hospitalization. The death toll could be quite a bit higher if these deaths are included in the figures. Earlier in the pandemic Those people that were still suffering the effects of the virus 120 days after initial infection (like myself) were reported to be about 2% of cases. Now it's reported to be about 10%. Also the percentage of people with long term symptoms (longer than 30 days) is reported to be 33%. As the pandemic continues I would expect the numbers to change. The good thing is medical professionals have learned a lot and have new treatments to help preserve life. The bad thing is this virus can cause life long issues and may very well shorten life expectancy of a number of those infected.
  17. Actually you need to take the number of deaths and divide it by the total number of resolved cases (recovered + deaths) as the total case count also adds in cases that are still active.
  18. I run cloth masks as our infection rate in the NWT is so low (we've only had 26 cases since last March) but I do have a box of 3M N95 masks I use when out of the territory. I have been travelling to Edmonton for tests and treatment for COVID related symptoms since I got it a year ago (before testing and the pandemic was even declared). Should be getting my first vaccine shot before the end of the month if all goes to plan. Then off to Edmonton first week of February for cortisone shots in my back. I have bad disks and bad arthritis. I think all the work building my cabin may have had something to do with it.
  20. It's coming. You just need a little patients. https://www.severe-weather.eu/global-weather/winter-weather-pattern-forecast-january-2021-usa-europe-fa/?fbclid=IwAR1aWohcm39C4pw7R46lV0JXR_pwEJ8o917PA8HcCnI7hzWORT8vPCJC1Ak
  21. He probably would still have a job if he had made his views known privately. But when you publish your views that are contrary to the boss and health authority for all to see, what do you think is going to happen?
  22. Or if you're like me and do both........... I have an older Minnkota that I added the Copilot to for the remote. Have both remote and pedal. Pretty sure the ones that come with remote also have the pedal in know the one on my buddies boat does. It's a Terrova.
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