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  1. Been using it for years to track ice out on our lakes up here Dan. This is just one more use for it.
  2. For float fishing I've been using Sunline Super Sniper for many years. For my heavier set ups I use Seaguar Blue Label
  3. I was keeping an eye on it all summer long on the Zoom Earth site with heat signature layer enabled. It was very stressful. https://zoom.earth/maps/satellite/#view=62.0476,-114.3938,7z/overlays=heat
  4. Talked to my cabin neighbour today. They got back on Wednesday the first day we were allowed back. They went to the cabin on Friday and all is good. Lots of black flies being a pain though. The lake level has dropped even more while we were away. They hit bottom when pulling out their boat at the ramp. They do have a 20' Kingfisher with cabin so they do draw more water than most boats on the lake.
  5. Evac order was lifted on Wednesday at 1 pm. I got home about 7 pm last night. Home and stuff in town is OK and as far as I know my cabin is OK.
  6. I've never had them charge me anything when getting a refund.
  7. Can't remember if it was .ca or .com. Working with PayPal on reimbursement.
  8. Well AOLithium went and cancelled the order on me because their shipper doesn't ship here. They haven't refunded my $$$ either. Been more than a month and still haven't got my $$$ back. So I would say stay away from this company. I am not impressed. 🤬
  9. NAH, my dad left me some $$$ when he passed.
  10. It's an F150 hybrid. Camper is at the max payload and has a cassette toilet which I'll probably never use and inside/outside showers. Probably never use the inside one. Am going to change the washroom into a clothes closet.
  11. I'm waiting on a pair of 100 AH AO Lithium batteries to run my TM and when on vacay in my new camping rig it will run it too. Need to swap out the solar charge controller in the new camper though as I believe it doesn't support lithium. I'll have to see, maybe I'll get lucky.
  12. Have a look here to see what's available. https://www.pure-gas.org/
  13. Dakota has 11 years warranty, how long is the warranty on the cheap one?
  14. Don't forget that the blades can't be recycled and are just buried. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8294057/Hundreds-non-recyclable-fiberglass-wind-turbine-blades-pictured-piling-landfills.html Those wind turbines sure do burn good with their 1,000 gallons of oil and 1,000's of pounds of plastic though. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-humber-62405231
  15. I picked up the tool but haven't tried it yet, but I'm looking forward to using it.
  16. I've got one of those on order. A 2023 F-150 Lariat Hybrid. 😁 430HP and 570#FT torque and gets good mileage when not towing.
  17. Good until the ice starts melting in May.
  18. I hear they are currently hiring Chinese children to work in the mine. 😜
  19. If only plant based corn was a thing. 🤣
  20. Stayed in some pretty sketch motels in NY on steelheading trips.
  21. HMMMM, I use the FG knot a ton. A tool would be awesome. Earlier this month in Alaska I had to retie after a breakoff and trying to tie an FG knot the old school way in a bouncing boat in the wind and snow was painful!!! 😜
  22. Charge it up. They are not like lead acid batteries that become bricks if you let them drain completely. You might be surprised that it will work fine.
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