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  1. Well through all this Bull Cliff, I'm just so happy Sue made it through healthy, that's really all that matters my dear Take care hon !!!
  2. Gosh I wish it was hotter today, so cold out :)



      i was combing my dog...and was pouring sweat off my face like I had just had a 2 minute shift on the penalty kill lol

    2. misfish


      Who says GOSH these days? LOL

      The lake cant freeze up soon enough after this summer heat wave.

  3. Thanks, had fun making it. I almost got the song to make it to the end, after about 20 tries
  4. OMG, all these bands I remember or have seen. I saw Molly Hatchet in Calgary and Goddo in Minden I'm loving this one right now. A bit rappy but done well I think
  5. Okay apparently the timelapse was done on the stock camera timelapse app on ipad which he says is on iphone aswell and he finished it with adobe premiere pro
  6. K I'll get back to you on that B, I have never done time lapse myself. Gonna have to talk to the boy
  7. Thanks guys, I loved it too, glad you can see it, I don't know what's wrong with the FB edition. Alan was here today to borrow the camera again. I think I've created a picture taking monster like myself. We shall see the results
  8. My son borrowed my camera and lives on the 17th floor of a building across from a cemetery near downtown. I'm having problems sharing it on facebook. Let me know if you can watch it please. It's pretty good, but I'm his mom so......
  9. OMG, so loving the photography. You have too many talents my friend, photography, fishing and having a good time
  10. Thanks so much, I love taking pics Enjoy, it's so nice up there! PM me if you want the location of the bear we saw and the eagle's nest. Enjoy yourselves Thanks B, wish you and Betty were there Always a pleasure to see you and Joe, and damn you two can cook! No worries OI, Danny is a great guy, and likes my lures too
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