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  1. I am naturally left handed but grew up in a right handed world where left handed scissors, left handed can openers and left handed baseball gloves weren’t readily available. I also had to switch my writing hand in junior kindergarten because I smudged.LOL Spinning reel = cast right, reel left Baitcasting reel = Cast left, reel right (Although I’m comfortable casting or reeling with either hand) Float reel/centrepin = Cast right, reel left (although I'm comfortable casting or reeling with either hand) Fly reel = Cast right, reel left When it comes down to it, the hand that I cast or reel with is primarily based on the first rod combos that I had as a kid. I don’t switch hands after casting (that’s weird).
  2. Great info Terry. I’m really on the fence about getting the combo you have (without livescope). Kind of disappointed reading it doesn’t work so great in deep water (I do fish K-bay), but I’m more interested in having the ability to see drop offs and various underwater structures without drilling a ton of holes every 10 feet. Even the Navionics maps are way off on some of the lakes that I ice fish. For soft water, I’d like to try using it off the pier for staging salmon, from shore for carp, around dams and locks for walleyes. Maybe stick the transducer onto a pole and probe deep pools on rivers for steelhead. There’s a bunch of applications I would love to try Panoptix on.
  3. Hi all, I hope everyone has been doing well. It's been a while since I've last logged on here - Work has been intense the last while. On that note, I recently was awarded a free trip at work to Palm Springs, California for April 2019. I realize that this part of the world is pretty much desert and cactus grow in people's front yards. Are there any fishing opportunities nearby worth trying (even an hour or two away)? Thanks for the help! Mike
  4. This must be Florida...I've never seen gators that big.Haha Nice Bill! Totally agree with you on the photography aspect of hero shots. Big fish don't need help looking big
  5. That would be true Bill. But considering that I do that ice fishing, I wouldn’t feel so bad.LOL Main issues to consider using it off a pier: There’s a high probability that it will be stepped on or kicked off a crowded pier. If you hook a Chinook and it runs around the corner of the pier, do you chase it and leave a $2300 unit behind unattended? Anyone remember the time when a guy at Bronte pier was having a heart attack and some guy decided to steal his 13’ Loomis GL2 and Islander combo? You become the ‘guy’ who knows what’s up. You will have neighbours, and quick! I’m patient and I can wait till the price comes down. Maybe.LOL
  6. I don't own a Panoptix unit (or a Garmin sonar), but I would love to try using it off a pier for staging salmon and trout from shore.
  7. I've only fished in Winnipeg for one evening in August of 2014. My dad and I were driving from Toronto to Vancouver. I believe we tried fishing around St Vital Park on the Red River. Didn't catch anything, but did see 1 massive dead channel cat on the bank. If I had to guess, it was around 15-20lbs. Definitely bigger than any channel cat I've caught in Ontario (my PB is 13lbs 8oz). One day I would love to go back with my carp gear and a bunch of worms to try for the channel cats. Bring insect repellent...The mosquito is Manitoba's provincial bird for a reason.LOL
  8. I had a lot of great memories fishing that stretch as a kid during March break. I wiped out on that muddy path so many times – mud, ice and felt soles do not mix.LOL It’s been a good while since I last fished there. Can’t imagine what the crowds are like now. They were horrible even 20yrs ago. But at least a few times a year, you’d see a rainbow over 20lbs get caught. It might be time to finally break out the float gear for a drift or two. Great fish!
  9. When I fish the Muskokas (which has been almost every weekend so far this year), I normally bring 4-5 rods with me. I've got 2 rods spooled with 8lb mono for tubes, swimbaits and other chase baits. 1 rod spooled with 6lb mono for fishing live minnows (rigged on a slip sinker or split shot rig). 1 UL outfit spooled with 4lb mono for fishing small panfish type jigs (this can sometimes save the trip when the fish are keying on plankton blooms). And 1 spooled with braid + mono leader when I need to pound big spoons on bottom in deep water. I fish outside almost all the time, and prefer a medium to medium heavy rod in the 32-36" range. If I was in a hut, I might opt for a shorter 28-30" med/med heavy rod.
  10. You following me ? LOL


    How have you been bud ?


  11. When the action lit up again, I hooked fish on everything except the roe... I will sell you one of my magic spinners and kwikfish for $1 million each...It's a price you can't afford to pass up!
  12. When I do use eggs for rainbows, 95% of the time, it's chinook salmon skein. I either get it from my friends, the trash can at cleaning stations, or from fish I give to my neighbours from late July/Early Aug while they're still chrome. I mostly scrape the eggs out with the back end of a table spoon. I then lay the eggs out on a bunch of paper towels to dry. Once the eggs are tacky, I bag them with zip-lock freezer bags into daily portions and freeze. I thaw them out slowly in the fridge, a day or two before I plan to head out. This weekend, I thawed out some eggs from over 3yrs ago and they look and smell great (too bad I forgot them at home when I hit the river.LOL). When I do decide to cure skeins (for steelhead fishing in winter or fast water), plain borax is pretty hard to beat for skein. Considering that you already have skein that is cured, just cut it to size and use.
  13. Now they're owned by Industrial Alliance - Formally by Dundee, then Scotiabank, now by IA.
  14. Brian, it is clearly obvious that the more you spend on tackle, the more and bigger fish you catch. That is why I always out-fish you
  15. It is always worth it. I've been going since 2010 and can definitely say that many hands make light work. Some years, it does take a little longer to hit that 200 fish mark and every little bit of help does count. Bring a net, a set of waders/boots and perhaps leave a set of spare clothes in the car in the event that your son takes a spill in the drink. There really isn't a time you have to stay till - You can pretty much leave if you need to. Some pics my dad and I have taken over the years: Brian Morrison fisheries biologist with GRCA Spring Buck by MJLeung, on Flickr Cheers Mike
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