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  1. yes, the insoles and liners are poor, but those are cheap to replace I had a 3/4 inch diameter stick go through the sole into my foot but the boot is still waterproof, pulled the stick out and the sole doesn't leak, the material squeezes back together, I wear thin cotton socks and don't get cold
  2. I'm fired, I've lost my job, 25 years service, 5 years away from my pension, that's how strongly I disagree with what's happening right now, I've got a 6 year old son and I want him to have the same quality of life I was fortunate to have, I'm dug in, I'm boots on the ground, I'm gonna fight this globalist, new world order crap
  3. it's martial law Harold, unyielding power, all because of a street party with bouncy castles, hugs and honking horns
  4. I've lost my faith in Canada and Canada's gov't and the media they control, just today they enacted martial law and are talking about seizing bank accounts, they do it slowly, calculated and meticulously, the vast majority of Canadians are oblivious to their 2030 agenda, so now we are in a state of martial law when a few cops with ticket books and a few heavy tows could easily solve the blockade, gotta wake up here people
  5. All of us take for granted our freedom, freedom to go fishing, hunting, to travel, to have firearms, to speak, to assemble, to raise our kids in the best way we know how in God's image. You might not see it now, but these rallies and protests in Canada and worldwide are happening because some people are awake and can see something bad is happening. Evil, terrible things have happened in history. It's naive to think they could never happen again. It's crunch time. Time to decide what side of history you will be on.
  6. and trudeau and fauci say get your boosters, ethanol and pfizer are both poison, that is undisputable
  7. I think you made a good choice and it will serve you well, like other guys have said- no ethanol fuel
  8. what do you mean "ice fishing"? are you trying to bush crash into back lakes or just towing a pop up down the lake? IMO Yamaha is by far the best, polaris is 2nd, cat 3rd, skidoo is junk, whatever brand you pick stay away from high performance models, go for entry level, simple, basic, low performance stuff
  9. I can't say for sure, it was dark and we were gassed
  10. I got another orca story, let the discrediting begin, lol. Ash Bay, French River, 2 boats, 2 guys per boat, still fishing well after dark, no lights, no moon, no motors running, no conversation, it was silent at the time. There was a small sound when the orca exited the water, but when it splashed down it sounded like a cow had jumped off a cliff into the water. KASPLOOSH. It scared the hell out of us before we figured out what had happened.
  11. awesome nostalgia Phish I know that island behind the tail of the plane well yes, the sturgeon are there, 20+ years ago I saw natives pull a net, on that trip too I was WOT heading west towards frenchmans ( the deep section where it's safe to run without worries, you probably know where I'm talking about), I was staring blindly towards the horizon and at 500yds I saw a 200lbs orca breach and crash back into the water
  12. you took the words right out of my mouth, Sienna!
  13. I've boated and snowmobiled my whole life after dark, if you can hardly see you don't outrun your lights or outrun what you can see there's late night canoeists, x country skiers on the ice in the dark, hardly visible fish huts, they all have a right to be out there if you're under power you're liable, the rich silly got off in this case, and I wouldn't care except 2 people died
  14. his wife wasn't driving the wrong word boat! if 2 people weren't dead I wouldn't care
  15. I totally forgot about that, lol, that hat's got some mojo, threw it on and I had a stellar day
  16. no, I don't read all this stuff, don't care to kevins boat hammered the gas and was getting on plane in the pitch black night that video of mrs oleary bouncing the boat into the dock with the date and time stamped on it just makes me laugh, what a façade, what a joke justice denied!
  17. I know kevin from shark tank and the Canadian version dragons den, that's it, but he's an arrogant my father who fluked into a dot com buy out and got rich and his o'leary funds have underperformed and are garbage, looking forward to your video
  18. I haven't seen the video, please inform and post it, 2 people died I assume that some speed (ripping around) was involved to cause that, a fender bender doesn't leave 2 people dead
  19. bull crap, an egotist like kevin always drives, he doesn't say- honey I've had a couple, can you take the wheel, and she puts the hammer down and goes ripping down the lake in the dark, it just doesn't happen that way, 2 people dead and justice denied
  20. well put, it's a double edged sword, that's god's country, a special place, I'd hate to see it raped, I kinda want to keep it for ourselves, but for people that go, please tread lightly, this place is unique
  21. when I fished Cam twice it was a supposedly a pike only lake, it was fast action for hammer handles but after 30 pike somebody would catch a walleye and the walleye were all 4 pounds or more
  22. Chapleau Game Preserve Shag, that camp has been plagued by bear problems, my wife and I cut the portage years ago, lol I'm curious what you caught in Cam Lake 410? Maybe the biggest walleye I've seen on any trip came out of Cam
  23. I think guys aren't familiar with the Niagara, it's crazy fast, heavy water, for those who don't know I'd use a lifejacket and have it tethered to a tree like Wayne suggested, a short leash too
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