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On 4/8/2021 at 9:21 AM, irishfield said:

Meet "Grocery Get'r", "Drug Runner" and the "Moonshine Express".

You are a northern redneck for sure; but with a different edge. You know what the (#*^%) you’re doing. I’m not a big Mopar guy ; but that pic sure does show the icing on the cake. What an amazing display of Chrysler’s glory days.



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6 hours ago, Headhunter said:

The CDC has listed Canada as a no go zone!



who had this on their bingo card ? ffs our numbers are beyond frightening and ICU is critical and urgent surgeries are on hold. I'm laying much of this on Ontario's CMOH Williams....and a few others of course. mask up, avoid large crowds (inside or out) and sanitize the hell out of your hands. 

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