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  1. 3 years at a time, you get a card. Reminds me, need to renew the wife's... Got a website link??
  2. Every trip into Wally Mart, CTC, Home Hardware these days they seem to be $7 a tin... when you can refill them for a BUCK ! IF you want to start Brian, I have a couple dozen empties here, I grab them from the PPark every Fall for the boys, left by the "green conscious" campers that leave them behind and the park absolutely hates them! I still use my 20 lb'r and a sunflower, but I now carry a top burner and 1lb'rs to take the frost off quick and cook lunch. The "boys" use at least 2 tanks a day x our 10 day trips... $20 vs $100+ !
  3. LOL.. did you need any screws, we seem to have a few extras!
  4. Oh.. this one must have been Paul's... Seems we tear at least one apart every Winter!
  5. Like the figure 8 x 10" I saved your Brother from stepping into out of Lloyd's van one day on Kemp.... What is the point of this nonsense?
  6. Dock bubblers and impellors will come up next! Not much safe ice anymore in the Muskokas, although it looks like the MNR might start going after owners for "disturbing fish habitat".
  7. Mine's it until they bury me Dave ! Hopefully I can get it down to $3K a year! lol
  8. Less labour $$'s involved in running a chop gun and shooting epoxy into a mould than drilling, deburring and riveting an aluminum hull properly. My 2150 Baron was a $90K Cdn boat + tax in 2007. The 275 Verado was about $30K of that..
  9. I can boat to my dock in Temagami.. don't get yourself in a hurry and WET !
  10. I'd say coincidence that you happened to pay something with Paypal and you got a text saying your payment hadn't gone through. Seeing probably 70% of the population is using PP to buy stuff not a stretch to try and catch someone with "your payment didn't go through.. try again". If you opened it, you could get a job as the Treasurer for Tay township.....
  11. LOL.. yep, withdrawn if Bren isn't coming with you. Thinking something Christmas to Feb time frame if the ice cooperates. A couples trip... where we kinda behave and fish for eyes and whities!
  12. So there is gonna be a Temagami 2020 Winter report right.... Make sure you and Bren have some time off...
  13. I don't know.. it's no longer in this picture on the back deck!
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