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  1. irishfield

    Jack on the Tundra.

    Your little man has sure grown up Simon!
  2. irishfield

    F/F Batteries

    New website is VERY easy to use. Just bought my 3 year last night... $99 dollars ! Your first clued to the fact our government used a US company is when it's called "Fish and Wildlife" and not MNRF !
  3. irishfield

    DIY Trading/Investing

    Sorry about todays market close, I asked for some of my RSP's to be cashed out yesterday! 😣
  4. irishfield


    ..all bought on the employee "Family first" FULL discount that GM gives them at basically zero profit.
  5. Is it to early for this, or toooo late?
  6. irishfield

    You Never Know When It Comes To Bears

    Of course not, they have no passport and can't cross the border into Yukon from Alaska. 😉 Sad, sad, story.
  7. irishfield

    What's on your FISHING Bucket List?

    Well I can't beat that David.. but I'd settle for You, Me and your cousin Don in a boat together some day!
  8. irishfield

    2 Way Radio for Hunting

    Yah, I'd say 8 miles in a blizzard with a call from the ice to us all cozy inside the cottage to go rescue the buggers is "working great" !
  9. irishfield

    Winterizing not just boats

    They are NOT running jet fuel. Jet fuel is basically diesel or kerosene! The are running racing GAS... or some like me cutting their Shell / Sunoco high test with 100LL AV Gas. I just happen to have a 500 gallon tank of same.
  10. irishfield

    And, it begins

    I don't need help Kelvin!
  11. irishfield

    And, it begins

    Under a different tree, with a full view down the front yard.
  12. irishfield

    And, it begins

    Be a bugger getting it in Kelvin, this is as high as the little Kubota would lift it so I could move it to where the Boss wanted it. .. and that was by cheating and lifting it, then putting the hoe out full to use as a weighted lever to lift the front up a bit. Still snowing here!!!! Where's that sunshine they promised for 1PM ??
  13. irishfield

    And, it begins

    Trying to go easy this year and just cleaning up some dead stuff.. LOL.. 36" maple and a 28" Ash. Made Leah a love seat, coffee and end table!
  14. irishfield

    And, it begins

    Glad to see someone else get the dump for a change!! LOL My view from yesterday has changed minimally this morning, may have got 2" overnight but still snowing lightly.
  15. irishfield

    Ice fishing show Barrie

    Been a long time since it was "Molson Park Drive".