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  1. Still on the floor Joe ! As for fishing... hearing they've already started the same thing as last year, blocking boat ramps. But is that 100% true or have they just not unblocked them since Winter.. with "Spring" a month early...
  2. Customers car at this point, but they haven't paid their bill.....
  3. I renamed the cars... Meet "Grocery Get'r", "Drug Runner" and the "Moonshine Express".
  4. I actually suspect this WILL be the case Paul. A yearly shot just like the Flu shot that I have never taken (as I've only had the Flu once in my life as a kid) but my Wife gets it (a shot) every year. Covid shot, if it's every year.. it's every year and it will be in my arm !
  5. Still running the original spark plugs in my 2007 x 275 Verado. She's on her 2nd fine fuel filter and 5th course one in the water separator. I've skipped a few years on oil / filter changes, pending usage and always check the lower unit oil. Mine's almost 2 gallons of engine oil ($120) and almost 2 quarts of lower gear box oil ($36). Oil filter 15 bucks at best. Lower unit all the way down self drains. Next outing don't just dump it off the trailer and hit the key, let it soak in the lake for a few minutes first. Other than the last few years I've Musky fished until we couldn't break the ice at the ramp anymore in December.
  6. So I'm stuck at home working in the shop again today Joe?? Do I have to.. lol
  7. Driving to my island dock tomorrow to restock camp with heavy stuff... be a while yet...
  8. Read it in context ! He asked if the automatic fisherman was illegal ...
  9. If it was downrigging would be illegal..
  10. Considering we won't even be vaccinated by years end at the current pace, not happening in 2021.
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