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  1. Posted same yesterday.. everything since Friday gone... and even my post from yesterday.. LOL
  2. Yep no doubt stole her speech, not much doubt there. Father's another hypocrite if you've ever seen pictures of his house(s) and wood burning fireplaces. Especially the one he co owns with an oil distributor...amongst other things!
  3. I go anywhere and leave the lads behind at times with my '1998 Skidoo Touring 500 Fan. Lloyd's liquid cooled he spends half his life chipping ice because of the intercooler above the track. Leah's '95 Polaris 500 Trail Deluxe is about as unstoppable as my Skidoo.
  4. LOL Shayne... it might need a new engine by the time I get back. Watching oil usage isn't gonna be fun every 200 miles to Bama and back !
  5. Probably OI, I'm too old to look after children! LOL.. ... I got married in '82 with $13.84 cents in the bank and Leah had a grand.. so I married for money! Only to find out her Mother had froze her bank account!
  6. Paid propaganda by many, don't forget we had a "tropical" climate with Dinosaurs and such and then an ice age. That cycle will continue as the earth, moon and sun get a bit drunk and dance out of unison, just like the "stop the drop" nonsense for Georgian Bay. Water is now over Leah's father's beach retaining wall.
  7. LOL.. I can do the tires.. when I picked it up from Mom's in '86
  8. That's just the Maid of Honour pulling her hair out !!
  9. From here on out they had better all out live me! Son gets this car and since we've lost a kid I sold Leah's old Vette and we're now down to two classics. I guess the Daughter gets the SuperBird then, if I don't sell it while I'm at Talladega (with it) in 12 days. Test loaded today for position and tie down logistics for the 20 hour haul to Bama next week.
  10. LOL Terry.. I know you are talking about the car, because you fish out of my camp!!
  11. I assume you're talking about the car! The motor it was born with on the assembly line. This has been my car since I was 17 (1979) and my Father's before that! 4.5 years and 3000 hours of work in the restoration. EVERY bolt came out of the car.
  12. Our Gorgeous Daughter making my freshly restored '69 Bee look good !
  13. Haven't had a paycheque in over 15 years.. I should be golden.. in another 8 years! LOL
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