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  1. I have an '85 Yamaha Moto 4, '95 Breeze and a '95 Big Bear that all still have their original oil in them. The '95 Big Bear got a new muffler assembly last year. The only part I've ever bought for it.. flawless !
  2. Next time a CO stops to check you for a licence, ask him for a business card. I haven't met one yet that wasn't willing to do so, and/or gave me their personal cell phone number.
  3. Check before you head out this weekend. MANY waterways are closed to boating!
  4. How many restaurants do you see in Ontario offering a "Walleye Dinner"... none !
  5. Nah, the gear oil's a good lube!
  6. Roger, the thread fittings that come with the cheap bottle pump fit the thread on the RTV tip. Thread it on, cut it to the diameter you need and hold it in the BOTTOM hole. Pump... Or if you prefer, you can use a hemorrhoid cream tip!
  7. Like I said Roger.. just use an RTV/silicon tube tip if you come up against a thread that you can't get. That is what I use on both my 25 Honda and 9.9 merc. Thankfully I have a correct thread fitting for my Verado as it takes 1.8 litres.
  8. This is the only one they are showing on line currently... should be one in store for 16oz bottles with multiple fittings. If they don't have a fitting that fits... just thread what comes with it onto a RTV/silicone multi step tube tip and cut to the size to fit your inlet diameter https://www.princessauto.com/en/detail/32-oz-gear-lube-pump/A-p8780389e
  9. On the "muskoka region" side of things, be certain you are allowed to have a boat on the lake before you do! Some are closed to ALL boating.
  10. OPG currently using Lake Temagami as a storage lagoon, as an attempt to stop more flooding downstream, and going to wreck a LOT of crib docks with the lake still totally covered in ice!
  11. Do you get to take a gear caddy with you.. I'm not tooo busy!! LOL
  12. Nuts eh... you can rent FOUR 42' Bouy o Boys in Temagami for that money. (and have better scenery!)
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