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  1. It got nuts.. I have some great video.. but not sure, I'll see if it uploads. All that matters is everything is still standing today. Hangar is off plumb by about 2" over 16' so I'll push it with the hoe again... stormoct232020 026.MOVstormoct232020 027.MOV
  2. I watched Marg Simpson go by and told Leah maybe it was time to stop cutting wood and call it a day, I was swimming in my clothes anyhow with the humandex. Just made it back to the house when the tunnel cloud went behind the hangar, then Armageddon started ! Lost track of how many times the power went in and out and lost our internet service for hours. Intense winds, rain, 1"+ hail stones and lightning bolts. Thor's arms must be sore...
  3. That is a crime as well.... you can't paint a plate. My buddy Tom got charged for that 30 years ago for repainting his letters Blue again on his front plate..
  4. Possibly, but nothing I've heard before. Even if it was, would your prefer paying 10 bucks or the $300+ fine for an unreadable plate.
  5. As I said, there is a series of letters that started the process change.. any plate forward of that is free to exchange if they peel. The new aluminum plates are junk.. even the $350 personal plates I paid for for my Bee. Those I'm told if they start to look scruffy I can have replaced for 10 bucks.
  6. Peeling plates are free to exchange. It started with a BE series and has gone exponential from there. Still no requirement to have a current annual sticker... enjoyed my free summer driving two classics!
  7. Nice.. beautiful temperature for doing this...
  8. Many cops are handing out tickets for these crap peeling plates.. I think it's $300+ for the unreadable plate yet everyone keeps driving around with them. Free to exchange.. IF you can get into a Service Ontario outlet. I guess right now you can claim "you tried a few weeks ago". Still don't need a current sticker!
  9. Trust me Cisco.. he's a master at carrying everything and the kitchen sink and always makes it home... but there was this one time at the gas station.. LOL
  10. Especially if they were female...
  11. NICE.. but that seat... no "buddy" rides there!
  12. So you shipping that down to Chris UPS or Fedex??
  13. You're talking McKeller correct.... Make sure you know where you are going... an easy lake to get lost on. I fly over it every trip North and South. Leah's video the other days shows it well. Other than that.. no fishing info, not a foot of shoreline without a house on it..
  14. Which model you want... ask @Terry .. LOL..
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