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  1. You need either a card or a renters check list filled out and signed by the renting outfit. Note that many lodges and resorts will no longer do the renters check list due to the liability it alludes to. I can state 100% that you need a boaters card at Manitoulin Resort.
  2. Inspect your engine fuel filter. Hose falling apart will clog it, but I can't see anything getting through it. My Lund/275 Verado/9.9 kicker is 15 years old now and no intention of changing any hoses for the same "No" answers....
  3. Is it leaking? Is it sucking air? Is the fuel hose hard and no longer pliable? Is the bulb hard or can you still squeeze the bulb just fine to prime? If the answer is No, No, No and No I can prime it just fine, then you are wasting your money and time.
  4. Well seeing there's no "registry" anymore, I guess it's time that I returned this gun that I borrowed from my Son...
  5. Winter access... be VERY aware of the current in most of the Honey Harbour area channels and most have no safe ice. ASK ASK ASK questions...
  6. Well I can promise you that the outlay of the lake hasn't changed!
  7. Search function here works as well.. just type in Tomiko and you'll see over a dozen threads on it. Here's one with my pictures of the lake, so you know what you're on....
  8. What ever button the Wife pushes! She's just happy I finally moved it into the house... from my shop.
  9. Temagami Marine and most Northern Marinas have racks full of USA registered boats. Not sure how they get away with it year after year, as I believe 45 days is the limit to be here, but most have been there for years if not decades. They do get sold and traded in... and they sure don't ship them back to the USA to do so. Bet it's as easy as a bill of sale and a "vessel registration unknown" declaration to get a new registration #.
  10. The family lives at the dam...
  11. NO ad blocker, running Chrome. It only does it about 25% of the time, but when it does if I hit refresh it stops.
  12. Same here... hit refresh and it stops.
  13. Did you want me to ship you over some dirt Lew... that shop's too damn clean...
  14. Just make sure you guys all register your plates! As the money generator is going to be fines for running "expired" plates!
  15. Yep, and folks told me I'd never get away with not paying for the previous two years !! LOL Had to pay the 15 bucks a year for the sleds today though..
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