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  1. Female Sin City cop... Smiths Falls.
  2. No need Dan.. not offended. Just a "don't shoot the messenger" memo! LOL
  3. Hey I'm not telling you where to buy stuff, just the messenger of where NOT to buy stuff or if you did to return it for replacement/refund. I don't imagine anything currently available from CTC is any better than PA or HF either, just a different colour paint.
  4. With the kids all gone from home, I looked at some of these to keep my runway cut. Husqvarna's are about $4500 each and I'd need at least 4. That'll buy a lot of diesel for the tractor and I suspect these robo mowers will be the next target of thieves at that value. Even the $1000 city yard model OI, how many times a summer does the lawn need cutting and how much $$ to have someone do it each time and not worry about it.
  5. I properly social distanced today, never stepped foot anywhere but my own yard! While out doing an hour long test flight I noted that most every dock in Severn Sound has a boat(s) tied to it, multiple people on them (approaching at least 30 in one case), the usual multi vessel "rafting" groups around Honey Harbour, Beausoleil and Giant's Tomb / Beckwith Islands. Why we haven't left home for camp, at least we can plan supplies while stuck here at home, with a full size freezer, fridge and pantry full of stuff.
  6. Black flies almost none existent today here in Penetang, but you know what that means. Mosquitoes are out!!
  7. MMM squirrel, get out the chicken skewers !
  8. The whole things nothing but a farse OI, you don't even need to know how to start or operate a boat !
  9. Black flies are THICK here in Penetang already and ice out happened on Monday on Lake Temagami, so I'd suspect black flies start this weekend based on our 16 years on the lake..
  10. Cards aren't issued by the Government OI. They were/are issued by private companies/power squadrons etc and there is no registry for them. Many of these fly by night operations that issued boaters cards are gone, so makes it hard to get a copy in many cases.
  11. If you got your card in 1999 like a few of us did, good luck getting a copy!
  12. If you own any Harbor Freight stands STOP using them and check the product number. 454,000 of them out there that may have the ability to collapse. https://www.thedrive.com/news/33572/harbor-freight-recalls-jack-stands-that-could-suddenly-collapse?fbclid=IwAR1X5za85AEA-pEz7ePEz6SL22585er0sFU3FQHiYWhrM4Y4cm9DY3gAcVM
  13. Transport Canada's boating RECOMMENDATION is to only boat with members of your own household. That said it's not law and fishing in a 14' or larger boat and staying at your own ends = more than 6' of seperation. To follow the social distancing rules under the emergency act, take separate vehicles to the launch, one guy puts the boat in and the other jumps in the nose. Doable and I have at least two buddies doing so since this all started.
  14. The engine popped/died crossing the airport fence and he grabbed as much altitude as he could. Whether it was with the hope to turn back to the airport (that we're generally trained NOT to do) or eject only the pilot can tell that tale and will in time. I'd originally thought it stalled and spiralled and may well have, I don't know the characteristics of a Tudor.... a Cessna would have dropped the outside wing in the turn (right) and rolled over opposite to what this Tudor did. Maybe he rolled to make sure the canapy cleared.
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