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  1. My troll controller is set to 1.66mph all Summer
  2. Leah and I took her guest into town today to get her on her way home. Lakeland's houseboats were coming in at the same time and while wishing our guest a safe drive home I kept looking at this guy on the street beside his jeep and boat on a trailer and he at me. He finally said "Wayne?" and walked over. Chris took the high road, shook my hand and apologized for the nonsense that the two of us got into a few years ago and I reciprocated and thanked him for same. A great but short meet up, but was good morning as life is way too damn short for grudges!
  3. Edzacery Chris, it's a smoke and mirrors show that is doing more damage than good, but we can't go political here!
  4. I don't care what it says on their pump. Prior to this new mandate that everything has to have renewable fuel in it I bought regular at Shell for misc items in the yard while I was also getting premium for my old cars. That regular damn near destroyed my 3 year old Kubota mower. As you can see further up in this thread I know full well how to test for Ethanol, the regular I got had about 21% in it !
  5. Be careful going to lower grades "just because everything now has ethanol". Shell's regular is the worst for ethanol percentage, or at least it was, as to get the 10% average mandated previously across their sales (and having none in their premium) the regular can and will have over 20% ethanol in it. Damn near destroyed my Kubota riding mower running it after it softened the float needle seat so much it buggered it up and filled the entire engine with fuel.
  6. Sounds abought right with the 72 cent Canadian dollar. 30 x .72....
  7. Almost as fun as watching boats go "down the hill" after coming out of the Marine Rail heading for Port Severn.
  8. Well... I made certain my 8 cans of Premium from CTC Midland were corn free on Friday before putting them in my cars ! It's as easy as putting an inch of water in a jar, marking the level and topping with gas. If the "water line" moves up it has ethanol in it.
  9. Good thing CO Bruce Ward retired... he'd have nothing to hassle Georgian Bay Musky fisherman with anymore..
  10. There's still hope, it all depends how you program them...
  11. Guys a push over.. just offer him a few quick fish....
  12. The fishing hole in Alberta is out of stock... my go to to save the tax!
  13. Mine was my thoughts on going electric... LOL
  14. Why would you... They already knew you had A gun by the fact you had to obtain a possession licence or PAL prior to the registry coming about..... so you then registered ONE! In my case the old family Cooey 22. And that's all I have.....
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