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  1. You weren't the guys with the pop ups right in town were you, fishing beside TShores three huts??? If so we drove by you a bunch of times! Can't figure out why they put their huts there... when there's a nice 55 FOW hole half way between there and their docks! Glad you had a good time and made some memories Chris, it can be a tough lake to crack... and even when you think you have it figured out, I got skunked for 10 days straight!
  2. All we've ever used is an auger in the corners. Amazing how fast you can pump water and great if you have someone on skates with a squeegy broom to move it while you run the auger.
  3. Just looking for someone to cuddle with...
  4. "YES Mr Bryant I can get your daughter and coach to the game on time". A very sad mistake for him to give in to "just gotta get there" mentality. PIC broke most rules in the book, including his companies. True reality, trust me I've broke too many of them myself.. a trip to Nipigon comes to mind...
  5. I wouldn't even drive a Civic out to my dock on Temagami tomorrow, when many years I've had fully loaded truck and 20' enclosed trailer sitting beside it on New Years Eve. No way I'd be driving a truck on Simcoe this year.
  6. Sounds like my flip phone !! Get it working... no real ice up Nord!
  7. SF with a total points of 38 and I win some car parts! All I care...
  8. Great to hear.. so you'll be sleeping in like me in 10 days!!
  9. This one stole the cup out of Leah's hand Lew... guess it knew what Baileys was! LOL
  10. Enjoy what you can or you'll go off the deep end. !! You are a Canadian no... lol
  11. ... and Andy asked me to say hello toooo Roy !
  12. Probably needs her 710 checked toooo.
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