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  1. irishfield

    House Boat

    If you decide on Temagami you'd better get your boat reserved PDQ. Most of the fleets are taken by yearly repeats and very little "fill in" spots for newcomers. Lakeland Airways / Three Bouys has 7 x 42' units that sleep 12 I believe and Leisure Island has a few dozen of their little brown houses. They would be my choice if I was going with the in laws as they'd have to have their own boat. They only sleep 4 and that would be 2 adults and 2 kids or two VERY friendly couples.
  2. No practice drilling in the living room...
  3. irishfield

    Gar in GBay

    In years past there was always numerous gars in South Bay. All Glen caught there though was this...
  4. irishfield

    phone down an icehole

    Lost my sunflower burner grill in 92 FOW on Kokoko Lake. Spent 20 minutes dropping my musky tube with 6/0 hooks on it to the bottom blind and gently lifting, but I got it back!!
  5. irishfield

    wolverine study in NW Ontario

    Fishers in the yard are enough, but thanks!
  6. Nope.. bought it Dec 5th.
  7. irishfield

    Well that was fun

    HEY... Lloyd's looking for that chair !
  8. irishfield

    For you drone fliers

    Legal aircraft height above water is ZERO feet and 500 feet separation from boats / persons / shore unless landing and taking off then it doesn't apply. I know you fly it responsibly Dave, many do not.
  9. irishfield

    NF NF back up camera

    Thanks Dave and then some (cap colour and script are even car line specific and correct). ! Also has correct date coded pentastar mufflers and all parts on the car are installed with correct assembly line parts and fasteners.
  10. irishfield

    NF NF back up camera

    2100 hours in it so far Brian.. almost there and have to get it done. Daughter #2 expects to be driven to the alter in it this summer. Back to the paint shop for cut and buff week of the 21st.
  11. irishfield

    NF NF back up camera

    The Dodge in the trailer makes for a good pusher!
  12. irishfield

    NF NF back up camera

    I had an old licence plate style camera the kids bought me for Christmas one year, before back up cameras were really a thing. Sat in the box for years in the shop, but I found a GOOD use for it finally. As said above, I'd just buy an aftermarket and install it how you wish for a 1/4 the cost or less than OEM.
  13. irishfield

    Muskoka Lakers

    Hey Jon!!!! Nice to see you out on the trout hunt!
  14. irishfield

    Got a favourite sunrise or sunset from 2018?

    2 hours before official sunset and almost dark with the forest fire smoke so thick. Shot when taking Lexington's Daughter for a flight in late August.