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  1. A LOT easier just to bum some from Brian...
  2. Was my son that made him get tested....as GM of the Township. At least he's been taking it seriously the past 10 months, but it's certainly taking a toll on him trying to keep all his ducks (employees) in tow. He went for a walk to clear his head Sunday afternoon, but instead was the one that called 911 for the sledder that died in open water between Midland and Penetang Harbours. Can't win..
  3. Exactly Joe! Just learned last night that my neighbour has it, unknowingly since early in the new year until he was required to get tested for contract work and now his Wife and two Daughters are both positive and probably many others that he's associated with as an Electrician and her a Teacher.
  4. Enjoy YOUR Day Dan and keep having these Birthdays, as I don't want to catch up to you!!!
  5. Here's the actual regulation enacted at midnight.. https://files.ontario.ca/solgen-stay-at-home-order-2021-01-13.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1gH1RKesy0ObPOsPewnUtOvKXZno9cNgJxb5uCVIZ6XjIjppWSJIypNWc
  6. I wouldn't worry too much about the fishing Roger.. as you probably won't be there!
  7. Yep they have added ice fishing... but they also "disclaim it" and everything else by saying you have to follow Health guidelines and those are to stay at home other than essential trips for necessities and "walks around the block" for exercise. "If you have two residences pick one but do not travel back and forth between the two". Issue with a place like Temagam for example, there is no grocery store in the Winter.. so you either have to go North to Liskeard or South to NBay or Sturgeon Falls. It's a Cluster......
  8. Read the other threads that are already going...
  9. Read it for yourself.. and see where you fit in.. https://files.ontario.ca/moh-enhanced-provincewide-shutdown-2021-01-12-v2.pdf
  10. Repeated on the Barrie new tonight.. "if you have two residences you can pick one to reside at", but then they added "to take everything you need for your VISIT with you" That's not picking one or the other... At this point I'm not even going to my Camp on an island, as I have no desire to come back to my truck and trailer with 8 flat tires. The pitch fork crowd is in full effect in the North...
  11. 'tis what happens when some yells FREE BEER...
  12. Another... Got a very solid "go see these guys" very honest and reliable. RPM Automotive on falcon bridge rd in sudbury. Recommended from a friend who is a transmission mechanic. Says very honest guys and you will get a good result
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