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  1. LOL.. I'll never give up my '98 x 500 Touring Fan and now that Leah seems to love that 75mph '95 Polaris Indy Trail 500 I bought here I think you'll have to use the buy and sell !
  2. They always come around Paul ! You'll be next.. LMAO !
  3. Rain is continuous right through until Wednesday AM !
  4. Oh.. there wasn't a season already.. oops...
  5. So your front sensors are F'd and it thinks the wheels are locked and releases the brakes. Typical GM safety issue and you'd better be ready at times to throw it in reverse before you get the guy at the lights in front of you. Pull the fuse.. I believe it's a 50 amp. If your hubs bearings aren't gone, which is a usual cause, but the '98/20 sensors always went bad on their own with hubs still good. I presume it's been on a hoist and the front wheel/hub assembly have had the wobble test. I've been driving my GMC plow truck that way for over a decade, put the fuse back in = no brakes.
  6. If you decide to launch at the end of the Temagami Lake access road be sure to take at least 2 gallons of water with you to leave in the car. This is for when you come back to your vehicle, that will be parked about 2 miles down the road from the launch, to get the dust off your windshield so you can see to drive. If you park in a residents #'d parking spot or the reserves private lot on the North side you will be ticketed, towed or worse by the owner of the stall you took. This may also be the last year for non residents/tax payers to use the ramps for free, or park for free. Most bring everything with them and don't even know the way into town so add no economic value to the Municipality and the majority have had enough. The Municipality and Band Council are currently working together to form a corporation to control the end of the road. The better approach IMHO is to come into town, forget the 45 minutes of beating your stuff up on the road to the hub. Launch your boat for free beside Temagami Outfitters (turn left at the gas station, then 2 buildings over). Tie your boat to the far end of the dock, go park your truck/trailer over the tracks behind the train station, walk back and hit the LCBO and grocery store on the way back to your boat via Wildflower Drive that will take you right back to the ramp.
  7. Parking passes and boaters cards, we might have a business to run yet in this province...
  8. Where ever I can... when ever I can..
  9. Year 13 and they just gladly take my $960. That's $100 more than my truck insurance, but then again the boat has a full agreed replacement value of almost twice what my F150 is worth.
  10. Carry good cutters for the cable, you sadly wouldn't be the first to snag and get transom swamped out there!
  11. You'll need to make the seat braces also and you could use door hinges. Seats are just 5/8" plywood with foam on top.
  12. As others have noted, Lexan and you can bend it cold in a metal brake to suit your needs.. Clean it with Pledge if you don't want to spring for plastic cleaner.
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