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  1. It certainly is a miracle in a can. Leah's 3 carb x 25HP Honda had a miss at idle when we started out the summer. Tried new plugs and wasn't that, one carb/cylinder that just didn't want to run as well as the other two. 1/3rd of a bottle of Seafoam to her full gas tank and then one run into town had it purring like a kitten again!
  2. Unless they already had their freezer full...
  3. You can take your car off the road for 30 years in Ontario and you don't need a safety to go buy a sticker for this year... trust me on that. My '69 Bee's last safety check was in 1986, after my Father passed away and Mom transferred the car into my name requiring a safety. My last "off the road" period was 14 years without buying a sticker. Most recent is 2 years, due to a stay at home order.. lol.
  4. $300 fine if you can't produce your vessel registration..
  5. Have to be DAMMMMM good at that price per can..
  6. 257092179_lakair2011003.jpg
    A great guy that Spiel fella...
  7. Today's fuel I'd be all over the can vs a built in tank! With my 275 maybe not so much though...
  8. 71693315_rcatv001.JPG
    And to think I just threw this 26" RCA out, still working. Bought it on a Friday night at Krazy Krazies in 1982, so we could watch bugs bunny in colour on Saturday morning.. .
  9. Or Trout Creek that use to have 4 gas stations, none now. I'm amazed Sundridge and South River have held on as well as they have... We still go through most times and buy our Groceries at the South River Foodland for a quick in and out.
  10. LOL.. "just drop by any MTO scale with your unlicenced trailer and have it weighed"...
  11. Check with the renter and see if they will still do the renters check list to make you legal vs the need for a boaters card. Many will not anymore, including my Sister in law at Manitoulin Resort. Boaters card or no rental, thanks to insurance liability from their provider.
  12. TSC/Peavey Store. Put my order in at midnight on Saturday and they called at 10AM yesterday to come pick it up, while I was expecting 3 days. I'm not in that big of a hurry to demand everything open up, the 4th wave will be coming soon enough after this long weekends gatherings. Oh.. I hear Art coming....
  13. Stop shuffling your playing cards!!! Get well fella....
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