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  1. Still 30" of ice on a Temagami back lake as of today and sledding is fine on the main lake.. ... will be awhile yet!
  2. May 20th.. Temagami currently has 3 feet of snow in the bush and 30+ good inches of ice on the lake.
  3. So while we all piss and moan about a slogan change on future manufactured plates, who was the premier when they "wasted our money" and changed it from the perfect "Keep it Beautiful" to the current "Yours to Discover"?? Maybe we should just go back to no slogan...
  4. It's safer than jumping out of a perfectly good airplane... that's for sure!!!
  5. I'm good for the year... I already have my renewal in hand Steve! If RSA doubles my house premium I'll go uninsured before I pay $8 K a year....
  6. RSA Yachtworks. $935 + tax, premium hasn't changed since the day I bought the boat. 12 years later almost hope someone steals it! LOL $88K agreed value replacement on the boat $4.7K for the "tender" (9.9 Pro kicker) $4K for my Shorlander Trailer $2.5k for personal effects $2million in Liability.
  7. Stacked pack ice I presume.. Still 3' in the Harbour!
  8. -2C or better EVERY night for the next 14 days in Temagami. Considering ice out was the Monday before the May 24 last year I'm working towards opening camp in JUNE this year!
  9. They hit ice estimated at 19 FEET thick just off Hope Island yesterday and this is the third coast guard ice breaker to try in the past month that has been unsuccessful at getting the grain boat out of Midland Harbour. It'll be awhile..
  10. Picture or picture of a drawing of what you're expecting with dimensions and how long??? Then I'll go look through my hangar stock...
  11. Best deal is the MIG welder that is on sale every 2 weeks for $200 vs $600 regular price. They ordered 50,000 by mistake instead of 5000. They work great too, even on 100 feet of 14/3 extension cord...
  12. I have that book somewhere, consider it new, unopened, never read..... how much you wanna pay???
  13. Here I thought you'd found some tramp in Lindsay..
  14. Yep..same crap here...
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