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  1. If we'd had the doors open you may have, but that's just my camera.. that for some reason makes that sound like it's zooming or focusing on it's own. Follow my "irishfield" video links... lots of the car there.. Buick... just float her in place and squeegy it out. The strip I am doing has a backing layer on the top so I can squeegy it pretty hard. If it's the finished decal and no cover paper/plastic use a flexible plastic bondo spreader... not a hard credit card like Misfish's video shows.
  2. Florida Brian ! I also forgot, clean the area first with rubbing alcohol and then Naptha. You paused the video at 4:48 didn't you...
  3. 1 tsp of dish soap to a gallon of distilled water. If Leah and I can do this, an engine decal should be a walk in the park !!
  4. Thanks Lew.. mine ate 2 quarts in 3000 KM by the dipstick, but who knows if the last oil change the guys actually filled it. This round they made sure it was on the full mark, changed the PVC valve per Ford tech and I'm monitoring oil consumption every 320 KM. I complained it sounded like a diesel when I first got it and was told it was just the EGR valve clacking. My 2011 with the 5.0 had ZERO issues... this one I'm not so sure. Only good thing about it is I got the upper hand on trading in the 2011 when the rear end went for the second time after it was fixed from being hit and burned on Landsdown St. Nobody bothered to tell the sales manager my truck was sitting their while service and the body shop where fighting over whom was paying for the rear axle as it wasn't going to be me! 😂
  5. What was the engine issue Lew??? Mine has some harmonics I don't like when pulling a LOT of weight and it ate some oil it shouldn' t have between the last two check ups.
  6. Terry learned that from me ... on the BOQ when my NEW 9.9's alternator output at 1.4mph couldn't keep up to the power steering and boat draw and my screen would shut off at 10.8 volts... Your brother's next fishing outing payment is to bring a new battery Rob!
  7. Sounds like a pretty good road for one that's not really supposed to be there!! My understanding is the Gull River and it's dam is a spawning ground for Lake T's fish. Not even sure they can get above the structure.
  8. I have an '85 Yamaha Moto 4, '95 Breeze and a '95 Big Bear that all still have their original oil in them. The '95 Big Bear got a new muffler assembly last year. The only part I've ever bought for it.. flawless !
  9. Next time a CO stops to check you for a licence, ask him for a business card. I haven't met one yet that wasn't willing to do so, and/or gave me their personal cell phone number.
  10. Black flies are in FULL swing in Penetang!
  11. Check before you head out this weekend. MANY waterways are closed to boating!
  12. How many restaurants do you see in Ontario offering a "Walleye Dinner"... none !
  13. Nah, the gear oil's a good lube!
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