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  1. I'd have asked them if they could lower their voices. could work, or not, never know. kinda related. was camping in algonquin few years back and there was a very loud radio crowd with kids next to us. didn't look like the crowd you'd want to ask to tone it down but went over anyways. they were apologetic and turned their radio off. told them that wasn't necessary, just a bit lower volume. they were great the rest of the weekend and really nice people.
  2. sure. make me google 'Luiza' ...
  3. crushed mustard seeds, celery seeds, oregano, paprika, cayenne, lots of ground pepper, some chili flakes and smoke at 225-250 °f for a bunch of hours.
  4. Was up north of Kenora and the pike were smashing my Cranking Raps and Divers (Firetiger pattern). Probably could have gone larger as they inhaled them deep. Also caught Mooneye on same.
  5. that's wide variety of feisty fish there...but was that a gar ???
  6. There was a story in the Globe and Mail last week (?) bout someone paddling the MacKenzie River and how he had not come across any bears. Story related that downstream, and a few days ahead of him, another camper was pulled from their tent, and killed, by a grizzly. A few years ago, I was thinking of camping near Fort McPherson and had asked about bears activity...
  7. Agree, but we shouldn't presume that his recollection of the event is accurate as well. If he was sauced, and letting his wife or whomever drive the boat, then perhaps he may be wrong as he may not have been watching ? Also, reports say that he hasn't confirmed who was driving his boat. I trust the police will handle this with a blind eye.
  8. Also wondering if anyone on the larger craft saw the O'Leary boat coming at them, and did they have time to sound a horn. Did they give O'Leary a breathalyzer as well ? Guess they're not going to finger print the wheel to see who was driving their boat. So many questions. Will be following this story closely.
  9. His statement sounds like pr damage control to get ahead of the story and set the narrative. Police says other boat went elsewhere and called 911. If I was operating a boat that had severely injured people, I sure as hell wouldn't stick around, I'd be hauling ass to the nearest dock. I think there's more to this story. If it's a local (which it sounds like) and it's Lake Joe, I can't see them running without nav lights. will be watching to see how this develops
  10. It's not as if Alberta is chock full of waterways, but I'd love to know how many of those are alcohol related. My guess would be pretty high tbh
  11. Heard about that on the radio Lew. Don't recall if it was daytime or night when it happened, horrible accident nonetheless. Also people forget that they really need to have their heads on swivel when on the water.
  12. c'mon, The Rock was was pretty good, esp with Sean Connery and Ed Harris in it. Con Air was fun, and John Malkovitch and Steve Buschemi help round out a good cast in that movie.
  13. unless it was a simple run up something like Five Fingers during summer levels, I'd suggest learning how to line your canoe up rapids. Unless the shore is a mess of boulders, it's an easy job. also, unless you're good at reading water, a motor could get you into trouble. Running moving water, and understanding its features is an art. walk the thing, would be my advice
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