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  1. I'd be pegging down two opposite corners. It helps to have some tension opposite from where the roof, or wall is being pulled out. I wonder about cutting a hole in one of the walls, and putting in a stove jack so you could run a small wood stove in there, if one was not moving daily though...
  2. I think anecdotally, one can make the assumption that masks, combined with social distancing, and an uptick in the flu shots, have contributed to much lower cases of the flu. I hope someone is doing a study on this because it would be good data to have. Also guessing that masks might be something people will wear next flu season.
  3. one thing that has been discussed but not sure if there's research or studies, is that masks will likely prevent the wearer from getting a huge viral load. I understand this is why some may be able to stay at home and down tylenols, and some need more intervention. there's so much information out there to consume that it can be overwhelming separating the wheat from the chaff. stay safe everyone, fingers crossed we see the end of the tunnel this fall.
  4. I would think that with cottage resorts open, then it would seem permissible to cut some holes for the day, fish like a demon, then head back to the cottage for some wobbly pops. would the legal issue, if there is one, be overnighting in the shack ?
  5. um no. they're to keep patients safe from OR staff primarily. I've observed in operating theatres and have ALWAYS been masked and gowned. not for my safety but for the patient's safety.
  6. I wanted to use much stronger language but the software here filters it out...wisely
  7. and how about these tools who flew to Whitehorse, then chartered a plane to get them to a remote community, where they lied their way to a shot of Moderna. They got caught after the jab, but the fine was a spit in the ocean for them. I truly hope they get more than a measly fine for putting a remote community at risk, and for taking two shots out of the community. There's a special place in hell for these two. https://www.yukon-news.com/news/former-ceo-of-great-canadian-gaming-actress-charged-after-flying-to-beaver-creek-for-covid-19-vaccine/
  8. Going to have to respectfully disagree.These two measures are part of the safety trifecta we need to adhere to. Masking is what has proven (along with strong test and trace) to be one measure that is proven to work (based on numbers etc). All you need to do is look at South Korea and Taiwan. Aerosols are the big factor and masks are the first line of defense against aerosols. Stay safe everyone
  9. It's a bit more problematic getting there by car but St.John's, NFLD, is a place I'd be putting on a long list. Big city/small city vibes and people are friendly as heck. I'd imagine sledding would be incredible there.
  10. screen cap the website and your receipt etc.. open a dispute (I think it's called). undelivered goods. good luck
  11. they can't, and this is partially why our numbers are in the crapper. if we don't know the chain of causation, then we're flying blind. the simple act of wearing a mask would go such a long way to improving things, but no, it's too hard for some people.
  12. yeah, mice make sleep miserable when you can hear them scurrying around. but def wld choose mice over bruins if only cuz black bears are def an unpredictable predator. with teeth and sharp claws.
  13. someone had fun cleaning up that mess. wonder what those stains on the fridge were. Looked kinda like blood... but yeah, been to some cabins near Grassy Narrows FN and all windows had saw blades attached. mice on the other hand got in easily of course...
  14. would not hesitate to drive a Hyundai Don't believe it can get rated N95 (they have tight rules on what can be tested) but it appears to filter around 95% so should be better than the blue masks. fwiw, saw a photo of one of the WHO guys wearing a similar mask so there's that anything has to be better than cloth masks.
  15. the latex straps on some respirators are their weak point and I've ended up sewing fabric elasticized webbing when they snap. When an N95 respirator has outlived its intended purpose, I put it in a bag to keep as strictly for dust control.
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