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  1. I don't really think the 14 day quarantine guarantees much imo. the concern I have with it is that people can be asymptomatic, which a 14 day quarantine won't uncover. Considering the ages involved, the only way to be safe, and sure would be for everyone to get tested, ideally at a date close to the trip. I'm an essential worker and basically presume EVERYONE is positive, and/or asymptomatic. this is a line of thought some front line medical professionals suggest. it keeps you on your toes a bit more.
  2. this woman is a MACHINE !!! 99 years old and still hitting the big lake chasing salmon ! https://www.facebook.com/silversalmonchallenge/videos/567613050602651/
  3. I was hoping to go back to Totem Point Lodge (Wolseley Bay) this summer but not sure I'll be able to. They've made some changes (for the better from what friends tell me) and would love to see what they've done. It's some beautiful waters there and the scenery is, imo, on par with the West Arm, but on a more intimate scale. I found the fish a bit more complaint in the West Arm area however and fwiw, there have always been lots of Ohio and Pennsylvania plates when I've been up.
  4. yikes !!! looks like one ship was turning portside before the crunch of metal
  5. have used Royal Oak, Kingsford and Weber, and tbh, I haven't really noticed much difference between the three. Have also tired red Maple Leaf and same thing. I understand B&B is the best of the briquettes out there, but I can't seem to find it in Ontario. So, I went and got five bags of Kingsford from HD, well cuz the price was good. Hope I don't run out before the snow falls lol
  6. I usually get my side and back ribs at either Valumart or Metro. The latter usually offering family bulk packs at a good price.
  7. doesn't look like too much work to make seats and a transom tbh. No idea what you paid, so no idea if you will take a hair cut selling what you have. What Wayne said about the seats and transom tells me it's worth the work. Otherwise you're back to square one. good luck whatever you do
  8. that's a gorgeous view over Kensington Market ! hope everything went well and she'll be discharged soon. stay safe
  9. Hawai'in folk on play.google. perfect music for winding down and chillaxin'. this is a youtube vid of one song.
  10. now more than ever, I really miss LeBarons. Was never a fun time shopping at BPS, and preferred Cabelas instead tbh. I liked Sail, but agree that the stores are HUUUGE and perhaps they could have trimmed down a few GTA locations, and probably will. Hope the can recover.
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