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  1. some people believe their vehicles are so precious that they need a buffer zone ffs have seen this often in Toronto
  2. Weather was pouring pretty good last night but still got more kids at the door than I thought would show up. Have lots of Old Dutch chips and soooo many Oh Henry and mini Reeses pieces to polish off. Wonder how trick or treating will go in Montreal tonight lolol
  3. fermented black beans and garlic pork ribs are in the oven. parboiled rice and broccoli. leftovers for wife's lunch and my dinner tomorrow. kitchen smells mmmm good
  4. can't see the vid either... went to the FB page. DAMN ! wonder if they moved ballast forward to drive the bow down for the pivot
  5. Nipigon might be too far to go...
  6. yup. bullying was definitely around back in the 70's. but there was no social media to amplify, or spread the ugly. I think what some here are trying to say is that back then, things were dealt with after school, behind the portables, with fists. Today it's knives and guns.
  7. I've been thinking about this a lot and it's extremely disturbing, esp with the boy's mom there. I find I'm probably more pessimistic than others re: this and don't see any hope tbh. There will be lots of people saying the right thing but it will fade away. Bullying does not exist in a vacuum and I wouldn't be surprised if this was one of many incidents at this school .It's likely Devan was bullied during school a lot and I really wonder if anyone stood up for him when they had the chance ? It's easy to do after the fact, but less so when the rubber meets the road. But yeah, the 18 year old shld get the maximum sentence possible, esp since he was charged with 1st degree. I'd like to see the other person moved to adult as well but that's probably not going to happen. Sorry for the rant, but he shld be celebrating Thanksgiving with his family, instead a mom is mourning the loss of her son.
  8. Some of what I've been reading or heard, is that things won't creep up on us incrementally. There will be a point where everything cascades, like a cart rolling down a hill, with no way to stop it. Around that point, conditions are supposed to be such that it will be extremely difficult to maintain life on this planet. Life being us two legged creatures.
  9. Could she have been driving too fast for the conditions ? I mean if it was close to midnight, I'd be moving very slowly, even if I knew the waters well. I'm presuming the O'Leary boat drove up onto the larger craft, which is why I'm wondering about speed.
  10. thanks. I prefer to wolf them down asap but it's nice to have a few ribs for days when I don't want to cook lol. praise be the mighty microwave. Also happy if I get a really nice smoke ring
  11. backs and sides. gonna be ton of leftovers that will be vac bagged for the freezer.
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