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  1. open seating with very low dividers are likely going the way of the dodo. Our company demo'ed various setups and I suggested partitions between spaces would be good to have, not just for sound, but so you're not distracted from seeing other employees. They ignored as I figured they would. 98% of staff are wfh. cubes may not come back but there needs to be a serious rethink of how people will sit,work and interact. imo most of the open concept was cost driven and had nothing to do with staff interaction and collabs. its almost always about the $$$
  2. they shld have emptied their book of tickets on those idiots. Trinity Bellwoods is a special park unlike many others in Toronto. The demographic is skewed heavily to the younger set (skinny jeans/PBR drinking/hula hoop, slack lining etc) I have very little sympathy for the complaints of them being cooped up in condos etc and needing a break, if they're going to do this crowding crap. Screw them. My niece was locked down in NYC and couldn't hit any park, when it was the US epicentre. I have no faith in people to do their part to help drop our RO < 1. I did manage to smoke a ton of baby backs yesterday. Neighbour was very happy to not cook dinner lol
  3. wayne, if it were any other craft, and had more elevation, it would look like a stall turn (which can be unnerving if one has never experienced one before) ? also wonder if they had their cockpit camera running during what I presume was a regular run, possibly to their next stop ? I don't envy the task, investigators have before them.
  4. Super score !!!! that cave is always worth poking around.
  5. haha, I don't mind Diamonds, Diamonds. it's waaay less treacly than Patio Lanterns...unless yer in grade school haha
  6. from what I've read (take it for what that 's worth), only one ejection.
  7. was very low and sharp angle for ejection. I believe each seat (they're side by side) has an eject stick and can only presume pilot was trying to return to the airfield when they realized they weren't going to make it. fortunately no one on the ground was hurt. also heard one of the two in the Tudor, didn't make it. sad day for the RCAF.
  8. HD garden centre was a clusterf$#%. no space in the aisles, no masks. they should have controlled access and limited the numbers inside the garden centre. I mean they had a separate entrance so what the hell ? when I spoke to customer service about it, they said, at one point, that it's an essential service, and did I find what I wanted. Essential ? gtfo...I mean the csr was tone deaf and probably had no clearance to say anything other than what was in the corp playbook.I wish there was a Lowes or Rona closer to me...
  9. I must need more fresh air, I read the thread title as '...Motel report...' sigh...
  10. Supertopo refugee ?!!!! was lurker there, sorry to see it go to sleep.
  11. something to think about re: opening things up. https://time.com/5826918/hokkaido-coronavirus-lockdown/?utm_source=reddit.com&fbclid=IwAR0KCrbsi7-DHtecC7fuVobCvy0SrEQJA29uX99UXgOyaC7xT-_PbpmBsds
  12. wow. wonder if neighbour just came back from a trip and was supposed to quarantine ? that's a steep fine and I'm thinking they should fight it since there are no legal travel restrictions (beyond quarantines) afaik.
  13. OI- no, I'm good. don't use puffer anymore (but keep with me just in case), and asthma is rare occurrence now.
  14. nah, same as here. used to get cold induced asthma in the winter, that sucked bags. so everything is fine now, thankfully. take care and stay safe
  15. yup. I also believe Ontarians and Quebecers are more likely to hit the states for March break. which was/is likely a hotspot.
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