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  1. New skin for OFC ?

    see my previous post. there's an option on that bar with the posting options . look for the three 'stack of books' (best way to describe it) choose the left one for left justified which places text at left and staggered right.
  2. New skin for OFC ?

    and in case anyone else is wondering, I think centre justified is default text formatting for posts. you can change it to left justified by selecting the icon that looks like a small pile of books (three piles to choose from haha) and fwiw, I prefer the light blue vs this green and brown skin
  3. New skin for OFC ?

    So couldn't access the site earlier today and eventually got onto the site but had to log in again. Now the skin I'm seeing is light blue and lighter colours overall. is it me or is this the new look OFC? Don't see a pulldown for different skin options. the banner is still green and gold coloured like the old style.
  4. Leasing property

    and people are putting in septics ? Legally ? with those conditions, if the price is right, I'd be throwing up a wall tent on a platform, similar size to the ones Lakair had. Don't get renewed, take the circus to another town. Too much downside for me. May be good pike lakes but that's not unique. btw, is the road ploughed in the winter ? Again, I suggest finding your own paradise and never worry about annual renewals
  5. Leasing property

    honestly, depending on how much the lease costs and the location (does it have killer views or near great fishing and hunting), I would think buying your own acreage will be better in the here and now and in the long run.master of your own domain so to speak. It will probably be cheaper as well imo
  6. Elderly neigbours. ya gotta love them.

    JFC !!!! sorry to be rude, but to heck with her. and again, the rich find ways to stay rich off the generosity of others. did I say to hell with her ?
  7. Elderly neigbours. ya gotta love them.

    you're a better man than I OI. I woulda found an out long ago lol. Seems she's using the 'helpless senior' schtick to get her way. if she can fund a plane for her grandson, she can well afford someone to do her bidding

    I like Bisping, he's more likeable than so many other fighters out there. I think he'd fun to hang around away from the cage. Most impressed with Namajiunas' win over JJ. She has a great head on her shoulders and super humbler. Now to see what St.- Pierre does in his next match. Imagine how crazy it would be if he beat Bobby Knuckles ??!!
  9. Just me or are others having

    nope, not you. still getting the error. not very often, once a day if that.
  10. I'd love to take on of those, wrap it in foil with a good helping of unsalted butter, some fresh sage and s&p. mmm
  11. Very interesting and much easier than simply marking waypoints. I do wonder though if the fine print says they own all data you upload or find using their technology ? If so, I'd be leary of a manufacturer adding this data to chips as it would give up hard earned info.
  12. Advice please on purchasing gas generator.

    Honestly, I'd avoid Champions like the plague. Every one I've had the misfortune of seeing, sounded louder than snot. Your neighbours, and the missus, will thank you for not choosing Champion
  13. Moose vs wolf shot in 4k on a drone!

    If moose had gone to deeper waters earlier, canis lupus might have drowned trying for a meal. as it was, water eventually got deep enough the wolf let go, from what i saw.
  14. Advice please on purchasing gas generator.

    whatever you do, make sure you isolate the genny from the grid when it's running otherwise you will give linemen severe jolts. If you weren't moving, my bet would be a Generac that self starts, and have lines that run to an auto switch to isolate from the grid. Otherwise, Honda or Yamaha. I have both a 1000 and 2000 Honda but think the 1000 would struggle with the load you want to run.
  15. Canada Thanksgiving

    happy turkey time and make sure to claim the sofa after the bird is polished off