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  1. Have thought about going this route a few years back, but not year round. I don't recall any rv park opening year round in Ontario. Have seen some in Alberta but they were most likely on a nightly basis for travellers. I'd think the cost of keeping all lines open wouldn't be worth it for them. Guessing insurance is a factor as well. Good luck in your search, but I agree with Big Cliff, look for land, it will be way cheaper in the long run.
  2. that's a sweet spot. haul a lawn chair out there, and yer golden lol. always amazed at the size Sheephead grow to, compared to bass, at least.
  3. So I've heard that Burger King's meat alternative is better than Beyond Meat but isn't available up here yet. A&W's meatless burger is fine and is something I'll have now and then as I'm eating less and less beef, so this helps. Will never leave pork, chicken or lamb though. As for being processed, I don't think it can be compared to sausages etc as was mentioned before, sodium is probably much less, as are other ingredients. For a die hard carnivore, this is an occasional meal that will hopefully help my ticker, keep on ticking.
  4. this is nuts and I hope red boat driver gets everything coming to him. and few extra for good measure. https://www.facebook.com/BadBoatDrivers/videos/boat-assault-on-lake-st-clair/421076815288982/
  5. kinda going OT here, but since it was semi-mentioned here... What if someone held a tourney, no graphs and maybe 5-10 lures. Each boat has the same set of cranks/spinners etc.. But back to muskies. I think the younger gen of musky hunters are not digging the forum thing, instead they're all over Insta and FB. There's a cohort of younger women that throw huge arse streamers on sink tips etc.. Otherwise as everyone said, marketing, and bass fishermen are drawn to shiny objects, so to speak.
  6. I've used electronics but I probably wouldn't go this far. I'm not a tourney fisherman, and I kind of prefer enjoying the scenery. wolsley bay and the west arm are stunning enough that all I worry about are the granite prop killers to each their own I 'spose
  7. that's a great colour match ! did you find out the colour code (?) or just lucky but yeah, now you hafta to get that stand dirty and battle scarred
  8. found them pretty decent but after a season, the igniter button on the portable-ish one, stopped working. I like the larger boxy one as it's also a battery powered area light
  9. yup. got a canned call telling me about a $500 charge attempt on my cc. Press 1 to continue...sure, I'll do just that ya lol phishing scams abound so much that our IT dept regularly sends out phishing emails to see who bites. then said person has to do an online 'education thing' if they fall for the trap. this is now company wide SOP, no more phishing attempts to catch unwary people.
  10. niiice. you plan to tow a second vehicle or boat. or neither ?
  11. when I had a Jeep, I'd always meant to make boards for the times snow and mud was iffy. Basically was thinking of maybe four lengths of 2x12x4 (or 5) with hex head machine screws for something for the rubber to grab. Screws would go through the board and the business end would stick out maybe 1/2" or so, again for sticktion. Good luck with the retrieval.
  12. hope everyone gets out on the water or up at a cottage or campsite this long weekend. Myself, stuck in the city doing chores but at least it's quiet lol Stay warm, stay hydrated, and stay safe !
  13. just cuz you can, doesn't mean you should. definitely darwin candidates.
  14. no job too big for a Knipex tool lol. might take some time tho 😂
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