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  1. awesome day. safe to say I make a valiant effort to polish off all those morsels lol they look absolutely delish
  2. god those beach finds look awesome, making me hungry for some kumamotos ! nothing beats feast right from the sea. for oysters, I also suggest a good towel to place the oysters on, and to wrap over the bivalve as you slide the shucker in.
  3. making a mid career pivot can be intimidating but cld be best thing to do. the loss of free internet sucks but if the job is better, small price to pay. good luck and congrats on making this decision !
  4. thats a big ouchie bro (as riley would say lol)
  5. ugh !!!!! mark the spot and see if someone wants to go down when the water is warmer ? if there a ton of pics etc on it, might be worth paying a diver to fish for it
  6. It's too bad the sandbox got messy cuz it was nice (for me anyways) to see the mix of topics on the same page. I totally understand that the time had come for these measures, and I hope this will smooth things out. Mod life is a thankless job, been there, done that. still have the t
  7. any way to atv to your cabin ? nice that you're not too far from town
  8. how about Crosby's use of the net to ditch his defender, and the pass for the score.
  9. If the Leafs want any chance to make it past the first round, they really, really need to solve their back up goalie situation. and maybe their defense as well...
  10. gonna listen to Tom Sawyer now...RIP
  11. that goal was pretty insane. totally tooled reilly. I guess lots of credit can go to the Power Edge Pro™ training he does. saw him run some drills and I can see how it can help with puck control. which he has off the charts skill at
  12. I'd go wood, with this over it. https://www.homedepot.ca/product/epoxyshield-garage-floor-coating-in-semi-gloss-grey-3-55-l-covers-up-to-249-sq-ft-/1000181988 Would bevel the edges for a clean joint and maybe skip the foam padding ?
  13. let's hope so. seems the Americans sometimes have the mental edge.
  14. so are some still seeing a Russia -Sweden for gold, and Canada-US for bronze ?
  15. I wouldn't be upset if there was a huuuuuge bucket of fried chicken from Popeyes. and lots of biscuits...
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