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  1. lucky you going up to open up your friend's camp a co-worker just bought some property in the general area as well. super jealous. melting ice on the Big Lake is spectacular. also, LOVE me some fried smelt mmmm.
  2. just asking...how can a company respond to FB messages but not phone calls or emails ? hope everything works and the water and fish gods are good to you
  3. I have no stake in this as I've never, and likely never will use Aliexpress. Gamakatsu exports their product to their company in China (Gamakatsu Shantou Co.Ltd.). I wonder if the possibility exists that the Aliexpress hooks are indeed the og item *BUT* are product that failed the QC process and thus sold thru resellers like Aliexpress ? fwiw, I get all my terminal from either Sail, Cabelas, or BP. Sometimes Cdn Tire.
  4. if everything is okey dokey with the boat (no major issues) then $2500 (even if it's USD) is a steal !!!
  5. sounds like it's going to be a great summer but the passport, if you weren't joking, is going to be a gong show. long delays everywhere. probably easier to get an enhanced driver's license
  6. will have to check it out. wish someone had a done a doc on Ralph Bice as well. never got to meet him, would have been an experience.
  7. YIKES !!! guess I'll need to go in and make sure GPS location is disabled. thanks Bill !
  8. I believe it's not the meta data that's the problem but the visual cues in the photos. most will blur or crop out easily recognizable landmarks or locations, otherwise people will try to figure out where the photo was taken. imo, if it's a very popular and well known spot or community hole, I don't think I'd worry too much. if it were a known waterway, but a spot that doesn't see much activity, then yeah, I'll keep the location tight.
  9. welcome to our little corner of the world! btw, we luv photos. lots and lots of photos ! and trip reports. did I mention we love photos of big fish lol ?
  10. if one has room in the garage, good time to buy some 20lite gas cans and a bunch of Sta-Bil
  11. there are bunch in Toronto. Friends in Ottawa rave about them but I didn't think it was anything special. Some nice store brand stuff but won't replace Longos ,No Frills or Valumart. Nice to have another choice but I wouldn't go out of my way to shop there.
  12. Any rally that has Swastikas flying proudly, loses any support from me. How hard would it have been for organizers to send them packing. This gave a black eye to the protest and any sympathy they might have gotten. don't get me started on what they did at the War Memorial...
  13. thanks Chuck. the two hut setup sounds interesting and great way to keep things tidy. but the idea of rolling over in bed when the tip goes down is super lazy but über convenient lol
  14. thanks all. now they're not sure if they can get the time to go up. but will still send them reccos. anyone familiar with reeds ? they're looking for space and so far hust don't look *too* close together, and I understand callander bay can be a gong show. I'd be tempted to haul out some pallets, set up my wall tent and stove on it. maybe bring a genny for some mod cons.
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