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  1. must have been incredible watching the water bomber making its low pass and water scoop. Only thing close to that was one time at Lakair, a helicopter kept circling low over the area. Asked about the equipment hanging below and Lesley and Kevin's son was a helo pilot and said it was likely something for monitoring leafy crops of, at the time, ill repute fwiw, dropped by Lakair and it is so different now. cottages have been spruced up (a little too pretty for me tbh, I prefer lodge rustic). camping is def done but they have plans for more luxe camping. as during Lew's visit, place was very quiet hope people return, dennis and denise have done alot to the place.
  2. not a lawyer, but I wonder if a will, will preclude needing an agreement. Also, obviously a good lawyer can guide you on how long you co-habitate before becoming common law. whatever you decide, do this before taking the next step, or you can disperse your assets to your kids now if you can.
  3. have Simms, but next pair I'd consider Dryft. Friends who have them say they're pretty cats meow.
  4. these, and others are in stock at Cabelas Barrie. https://www.cabelas.ca/product/57700/eco-pro-tungsten-pro-drop-shot-weights
  5. the flasher view is pretty sweet huh ? just need the one graph for everything
  6. thanks man ! it seems everyone can't understand why Humminbird doesn't have inline fuses preinstalled, like you alluded tom are they just being cheap ?. It's a smallish battery so *shld* be ok, but inline fuses are cheap vs blowing something on the finder lol also gotta say it's really nice seeing depths for wolseley bay (even the spots where I bent some props are marked as rocks lolol). heard the water is lower this year as well.
  7. ugh. shopping at Basspro and Cabelas aren't the same experience any more. In other words, I really, really miss LeBarons, and that one place in Oshawa (name escapes me, thought they were going to reopen)
  8. So had a Piranhamax 160 for years and just got a Helix 5. With the 160, the power cable went straight to the 12v 7amp sla battery, no fuses. Helix manual says i need a 3amp inline fuse and their illustration is odd, shows it connected to the +ve terminal and just hanging there, no splice in the cable. Before I go shopping, does anyone here use the Helix 5, and have an inline fuse ? It's going to hooked up to a Dakota 12v 10a LiFePo battery. tia btw-the cave at Cabelas has really gone downhill. all they had in their was camo clothing. no gear at all.
  9. just had laser iridotomy last week. if I didn't have the work done, my condition (acute angle something or other...) would likely have ended in glaucoma, which leads to a world of misery. thank god my optometrist is on her toes. hope it heals up well, I'm probably going to need cataract surgery down the road...
  10. typography is such an under rated aspect of EVERYTHING, it can be so subtle that one barely notices it. I knew people who worked at the Globe and Mail and when they were doing a redesign a few years ago, they had tables full of fonts...serif, or sans serif lol decision took some time and involved the publisher as well iirc.
  11. hope they figured out how to move traffic then. wonder if friday will see a return to lurching cars ? haha
  12. you've spent more than your fair of life working so enjoying life is part of the plan. can you still do work for some fav customers after the garage is shuttered ? enjoy more time fishing and putting your feet up
  13. take the 529 detour. the lineup on 69 is hellacious x1000
  14. man I hope it's done before that lol but this is Ontario where summer is road work season !
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