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  1. As the parent of two kids currently working minimum wage jobs (students), i find this kind of behaviour abhorrent. Here's essentially a kid trying to make some money for themselves, being assaulted for following their bosses instructions. It's nothing short of disgusting and should be followed up by the law. Brings me back to favourite saying in the trying times... "I don't think he's stupid for spitting on the girl, I just think he has some problems with the thinkin parts". HH
  2. It gets the boat driver out of the drivers seat and in a position where they can remotely control direction. Also gives them a finder reading in front of the boat as opposed to the back of the boat where they have already been. It's a convenience factor... HH
  3. They are using the trolling motor to steer the boat. Gas engine provide thrust, electric motor to steer remotely. HH
  4. Seems to me that the only draw back would be the bugs dinning on your kidneys! HH
  5. It's got honey dew and the milk of paradise in it! HH
  6. https://www.lcbo.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/en/lcbo/golden-ale-16022065200/henderson-x-rush-canadian-golden-ale-19609#.YUzFPX1E2Ul HH
  7. Or you could put it in a Sous Vide for 24-36 hours, brown it on the BBQ and have fillet mignon. HH
  8. I've been experimenting with my new to me Sous Vide. My turkey breast recipe, shown earlier in the thread typically has a two day marinade; with the Sous Vide, no marinade required! Dump the marinade into the bag with the turkey and slow cook it for an hour or two and all the flavour is impregnated into the turkey. A quick 2 minute grill on my ceramic bbq side burner and done. I am really liking using the Sous Vide! HH
  9. What I learned from my niece re Halibut is that the 20lb fish are far tastier, less tough then the fish over 50lbs. She also mentioned Pacific Black Cod as a rare catch, but has to be properly cooked (soaked in milk over night) to get the best out of it. When she still lived in Prince Rupert, she would send me a care package packed in dry ice. i must admit that i much prefer fresh water fish to ocean fish and found the cod not to my liking. She also would go crab fishing with him and the pics they had of their catch would set my spit a running! HH
  10. https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2021/08/16/couple-jumps-to-safety-after-float-plane-hits-canoe-upon-landing-in-ontario-lake.html I think we will be seeing and hearing about a lot of misadventures in the coming months as so many city people have moved out and into more rural areas. The above article not with standing, I can't imagine how they felt seeing that plane heading toward them! HH
  11. Halibut.jpeg
    My niece recently moved from BC to the Caribbean, with stops in Merritt (on fire!) and Prince Rupert. it was in "The Rupe" where she and her husband befriended a local First Nations fisherman, who took them out him him many times. The pic below is that of one of his recent catches. You wanna talk Halibut?! LOL HH
  12. Have had them do the wing tip thing to us many a time fishing Quinte. Pretty impressive airplane. HH
  13. Such a great band and such a great loss to the rocknroll world. I never got a chance to see them, but have been playing their songs for decades. RIP Dusty, there will never be a voice like yours again! HH
  14. Apparently the link above doesn't work, just google sous vide if your interested... HH
  15. Anyone here tried using a "Sous Vide"? https://www.linenchest.com/en_ca/ricardo-sous-vide-precision-cooker-with-color-changing-led-ring?utm_source=shopping&utm_medium=cpc&scid=scplp266436&sc_intid=266436&utm_campaign=SC Shopping - Branded - English ON - Prospect Shopping&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIivWr94eE8gIVh9zICh0BUQ6gEAQYASABEgJENPD_BwE I did my turkey breast recipe with mine (thanks air miles!) on the weekend. It took four hours in the pot and a quick 5 minutes on the bbq to crisp it up. They turned out great! Sorry, no pics. I got it on my brother's advice after him showing me the video of the three rib prime rib he did for New Years. 30 hours in the pot, and quick browning on a super hot bbq., there were flames everywhere. He said you could cut it with a fork. He's also been buying eye of round roasts and putting them in the sous vide and again, quick browning on the BBQ. Turns a dry roast into fillet! I'll try to document my adventures with this thing as I gain more experience using it. HH
  16. Georges Jalbert General Manager at Mercury Marine Limited Milton, Ontario, Canada HH
  17. Road in is fine, just keep an eye out for the logging trucks! Recent rain may have the lake up a bit, but it was down quite a bit as I said. HH
  18. Water level was down two feet three weeks ago, so as Big Cliff says, be watchful of rocks... HH
  19. A trip to Baie Fine is well worth the run with the family, if you need a day trip. Be sure to check conditions before leaving as it can get pretty nasty on Frazier Bay. There's also Topaz Lake that is a hike, but a fantastic diving and swimming lake. You can access it about half way down Baie Fine. There are rainbow on the south side of both Badgeley and Centre Islands as well as the bay on the north east corner of Centre Island. Hit the drop offs. Follow the markers out of Killarney and you will be good. HH
  20. Apparently, I have been told that this video is not real. Explosives were used to create the vid. Sorry... HH
  21. Video of a lightning strike. Remarkable how long it takes for the water to settle down. I wouldn't want to be swimming near by when it hit! HH Lightningstrikingwater2.mp4
  22. I did a 4 day at Lac Charlotte a few springs ago. We were there 3 days after ice out. Facilities on the lake were 2nd to none, including hot water and an in door shower! Fishing was good and probably would have been better had it not been a late spring and water temps a bit warmer. I can also attest to the drive in being a brute. 290km's on gravel did my Ford flex in and i still have sand falling out of the bottom of my truck every time it rains... three years later. The Gouin Reserve, we flew over on the way to Charlotte and it is definitely an intriguing and large body of water. If I could get there without driving for hours on a gravel road, I would consider it. HH
  23. Imagine how big that fish is now, 12 years later! HH
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