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  1. Sobeys in peterborough has pretty good seafood. They don't always have live lobsters, but they do in season. I've bought them there a few times and they were great. S.
  2. My firewood for the last 3 or 4 years has been about 90% ash. All free. Removing hazard trees for people has its benefits. Your right though, it is a ton of work. I notice the young ash trees still going strong, so hopefully the beetle dies off, and those young once can regenerate. They grow quick and replenish well enough. S.
  3. I also use a helix 5. The portable unit fits perfectly inside a bucket for protection while ice fishing and running miles by machine, runs for days off a small portable battery, and marks the exact same fish as any larger screened unit. You will want to put a mapping chip in it if you want detailed charts. The larger units are just that, larger. I have bigger units on my boat, and wouldn't go smaller, but for PORTABLE, i prefer the 5" screen. S.
  4. I hear ya. I have shot every one that came in range, but I haven't gone out of my way to target them either. S.
  5. Man, its so dry nothing is really doing well. My morels are up, but far and few betwen and very small. They are drying up. I don't know if I should let them go a few more days, or pick them before they are dehydrated lol. Its not looking good. S.
  6. That will troll the big water nice!
  7. I have 2 manuals if your interested. one big jon with a titelock clamp on gunnel mount, almost new. Also have a scotty with a clamp on mount. I forget which model, but the one thats 2 ft per turn retrieve. S.
  8. If your worried about theft, insure it. Wont cost much. If someone wants it, its gone, no matter how you lock it up. Will be nice to see you out trolling. Any other odds and ends you need? I have tons of stuff here i will likely never use that is useful. S.
  9. Get a second battery if you have the space. I run 2, 31 DC on mine and it will run forever. I do a lot of slow trolling with mine though, so if you are just positioning the boat, one battery should be ok. Get the biggest one you can though. S.
  10. Who knows, maybe there are lots. I have fished sae run brookies my whole life, and they are always right tight to shore. I mean like on the bank tight. I don't see anyone fishing them on lake O.
  11. I had my inflatable accidentally go off in the fall while duck hunting, and i tell ya, by the time it actually inflated, I would have been drowned. It took a long time, and never actually fully inflated. Definitely do no reccomend for cold weather situations. S.
  12. I won't show you my guitar collection/music gear, gun collection, decoy collection, and we aren't even going to talk about fishing tackle and rods/reels. Nope, not even going there. I might need a hand building another shed.......:)
  13. Well, the gooderham LCBO is your new beer store. lol.....Its the first place I got served under aged haha.....use to be a tiny trailer. I think the next closest is kinmout, or wilberforce. Spent a lot of years in that neck of the woods. Get a skidoo. You won't regret it. If you like the bikes, a skidoo is next closest thing to riding a bike. You can go anywhere from your front door, and I mean anywhere. We were on grace lake for 26 years. I miss it every damn day. S.
  14. Its always worth the drive. Just do it. S.
  15. Ok a few things from my experience. A 25 yammie will troll as slow as any other sized outboard, with ease, smooth as can be, and quieter than the water pumping out of it, ALL DAY, no problem. The digital troll control is SWEET! ALWAYS get the max HP. Did i mention ALWAYS? I opted to get the lift assist with my 40 yammy (also a 16ft boat). Like said, I don't want my engine locked down while I'm in shallow water, or running unknown lakes. The beauty of lift assist is I can hit neutral, and push down on the tiller handle with one finger, and up comes my engine, then I can lock it in shallow drive and idle along until I know I'm safe. I use it TONS. Especially duck hunting. You can't run at speed that way, but if your on plane, you don't want to be trimmed up that high anyways.
  16. Maybe its your local dealer? I havent tried, but I almost bought one last year. It was in stock, on site. S.
  17. Electronics will never trump experience. That is all. S.
  18. The freedoms are killer if your looking for a great utility boat. I almost bought an 18fter last year but rebuilt my 16 WB instead. I should have, because the price now is rediculous! Great boats though! I know your a starcaft fan, and you know you can't go wrong! S.
  19. Oh wow....glad I didn't order a set then. I'd need like 16's or something lol ....not so light any more at that point LOL
  20. Go see Pat up at lake of the woods. Its an awesome trip! I've been 3 times and can't wait to go back! I even went in the winter, and it was also amazing! Long drive, or a short flight to Tbay then a few hours drive. Lake of the Woods Lodge S.
  21. Best way is to re-set or replace rivets. Sealing them doens't work. They move around too much if they are loose and will eventually just leak again. It is very easy to re-set or replace if you have the floor out. I did my whole boat in the spring. Replaced a ton of them, and re-set any that didn't need replaced. Very easy to do, just need a second person, and the tools to do it. S.
  22. The Nats are all rubber. Anything else is basically useless to me in the winter. I love my titans. I find them pretty light lol.....and i wear size 14's. S.
  23. Forgot to mention, it is a lot easier on your batteries. I can kill one 31DC battery in a day trolling for walleye, but with the 2 in parallel, they only get drained down maybe 60%, so they aren't getting as much abuse. Before I added the second battery, i was lucky to get 2 full seasons out on one battery. With the two batteries, I am going into my 4th or 5th season and they are still as new. I also have the option of removing a battery if I wan't to lose 80lbs of weight out of the boat (ie duck hunting) and it helps a lot. S.
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