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  1. I used some regular simple green on my boat today. It was quite amazing. Thanks for the info!
  2. More and more I’m going to be parking my boat at our place up by Nippissing. I’ll do the early spring fishing, and the fall stagers but for the summer months I’m leaving it up there where the launches are free and the fishing is good.
  3. This. I believe I’ve done it by accident also. Sorry if I ruined your day
  4. I hate to parrot, but that's almost certainly a short!
  5. I've had experience with a number of small motors over the years. My conclusion to date is that there is no point going with a 2 stroke motor unless your boat won't support the weight of a 4 stroke. Everything about a 4 stroke is better. That said, I've had honda, suzuki, yamaha, tohatsu, nissan and merc over the years. The honda is the king as far as I'm concerned but you'll pay for it. The yamaha four stroke electric start that I'm currently running on my tin boat is pretty darn good so far. It's been quiet and reliable. I bought is off a guy here for a good deal and i'm pretty happy. Although I did have a heck of a time with a brand new yamaha 2 stroke on my duck boat. I finally resolved the hard starting issue no thanks to yamaha canada warranty, and then moved it on as I had little faith after that episode. I would not buy a new yamaha. Their warranty isn't worth the paper its written on as far as I'm concerned. That said, most of their product is good and you probably won't need it! Tohatsu's work well. I had a great 9.8 as a kicker on my big boat until my oldest kid borrowed the boat, left the kicker down and blew a piece of the rod through the front of the block. It only had about 100 hours so that was an upsetting loss. I now have a merc 8hp as a kicker, also made by tohatsu. Every spring it is a bear to start, and requires a bit of messing around. I winterize it properly, so I'm not sure what the issue is, but after screwing around for 30-60 minutes, I get it running and don't have a problem for the rest of the season. All of the small mercs are tohatsu engines. I had a 2 stroke nissan that was also a tohatsu build, it was a great motor and only 60 pounds. That is the one 2 stroke I'd consider buying if I found one in good shape. Otherwise 4 stroke all the way. Happy hunting! You could try The Marina Guy up in Priceville north of me if you wanted Tohatsu. Ron and Mia are good people and that's where I take my boat for service when needed. 519-369-3892. I imagine his prices are competitive and he may have something used in good condition available!
  6. I’d just call customs. I’d sure as heck wouldn’t be dragging a boat back to the states.
  7. I see you’ve given up on the idea for now, but I’ll give my thoughts for next time. I have wide gunnels and the tracks on the gunnels are great, but I have lots of area for reinforcement underneath. MY old boat had skinny gunnels and I mounted tracks on the decks and used pedestals. It was a great setup, and when they weren’t in use I put the inserts in the tracks and it was a very clean install. That’s the way I’d go if I where you.
  8. First launch for me was March 25th. I was supposed to be out a week earlier but life got in the way.
  9. They left the barn doors open far too long here. The horses have left the building. Just do your best to drain your wells and your bilge at the launch and clean the crap off your trailer at the launch. Every so often I give my hull a wipe down with vinegar and water to get the spots off and tidy it up, but I imagine that doesn’t do much for mussels.
  10. I service them when I can’t turn the handle easily or if the level of squeaking becomes unacceptably loud. Otherwise why fool with what’s working. A good friend of mine deliberately brought a squeaky reel on the boat every time we fished for years as he knew how much I loved the sound!
  11. I don’t know how Mississauga ended up on there. Brain error on my part I guess! It’s the Hamilton bass masters spring swap and it’s on the 26th of March. Info on their Facebook.
  12. You know why they call it kinmount right? Cause they couldn’t put cousin____ on the sign! Hope you like banjos 😀
  13. Your not the first guy with a hobby gone wrong pal! You won’t be the last! It’s like guns, the trick is to get it into the safe without getting caught. Then one looks just like the others. Hooks and feathers are no different!!
  14. Thanks for the input all. Craig, I was attracted to the lack of casting deck. I’m a troller through and through so most casting is a total afterthought to me. I’m also a hunter and have a huge diver rig that hasn’t seen the light of day for a few years but my boys are getting more and more into hunting year over year so I expect it’ll be back in service eventually. Sinker, the starcrafts are a heck of a hull, to be sure! Thanks for the input. I have to find the right setup but it’s at the top of my list. Shag, boats are hard to come by, but some of the utility style are a little more readily available! Nonetheless I do have a tin banger on standby so if I happen to sell and have to wait a bit I won’t be without a ride. A couple good buddy’s have fully rigged boats also so I won’t be temporarily stranded on the big lakes either.
  15. I wouldn’t have bought my last truck if I hadn’t had a big boat to pull. My commute is very short fortunately. Still, as I am starting to see the way the wind is blowing these days, I’m starting to consider moving it along in favour of a smaller rig. That means the boat is going to have to move along for a bit smaller rig. Bummer, but adaptability is key. The electric rigs aren’t readily available and just don’t have the range for someone that likes to travel!
  16. While I’ve enjoyed my Superfisherman 18 for a good few years, I’m considering dropping down to a slightly smaller tow vehicle and a bit smaller boat. A 16 tiller is nothing new to me, but I’ve spent the last 6 years in a big console boat so I’d like the roomiest 16 tiller I can find with an internal tank. I’m taking a good look at the smoker/starcraft freedom at 16’11” and 89 inches wide. Anyone run one of these? How do you like it? Comments, thoughts etc. I’m looking at brand new. Unless someone is thinking of selling a less than 3 year old model and just happens to have one of these for sale. Thanks!
  17. Get the 25. I had a 30 2 stroke on my SSV 16 and never regretted It. You add a load of anything and you’ll be glad you got it!
  18. 2013/14. Bottomed out gas auger. Didn’t have extension with us. Had to move several times to get slightly thinner ice just to get fishing. Was on the ice on an atv much later than most years!
  19. Hey sweet rig man! Glad it’s put to use!!
  20. My last experience with the sportsman show was less than exciting. I might go just to support shows returning. I will most certainly be at the Hamilton bass masters spring swap meet as I see it’s returning this year and it so happens I don’t start back work until the Sunday that weekend!! That should be a good one!
  21. Yeah the dewalt compacts won't hold up to an 8 inch. My buddy has their heavy duty contractor grade and it spins an 8 inch ok. I too would recommend the Milwaukee Fuel brushless hammer drill. Mine blasts through ice with an 8 inch bit.
  22. I'm torn on this issue. I would be lost on the water without my GPS/Sonar and ipilot. It has changed the way I fish, and when dialed in will crush them. I am sort of lost on the livescope and cameras. I have a mini cam, but I use it to find weeds for perch, and rock formations to find gobies in winter. Outside of that it doesn't get used unless one of my kids is with me and wants to watch the fish. I don't use it in the summer at all, and to be honest I think they are often more trouble than they ae worth. I think technology is great, but there is such a thing as too much tech. And none of it is worth a pinch of salt if you don't know how to fish. If you do though.....
  23. Yes a 6 inch hole is good for whitefish, I’ve yanked plenty through a 6 inch hole. Bring a gaff with you. An 8 inch is certainly nicer. But if your going to use a hand auger you don’t want an 8 inch or you’ll wear yourself out. If you have a good 18 volt drill then you can get plenty of mileage out of a 6 inch sub zero, or any simple auger. If not, and your plan is to hand bomb then buy a nils master hand auger. Best there is!
  24. I would take a couple trips with an operator. I’ve been heavily invested in ice fishing since I was a teenager, so I don’t mind maintaining all my own gear. If I was just getting into it, I’d take the operator route and see if it was for me. To be fair though, once you have a shelter, heater, auger and some gear you really don’t need to spend a whole lot more unless you want or need to buy an atv or snowmobile.
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