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  1. I would defiantly go out with an operator that rented day huts, the first few times. This will/should give you enough of a feeling as to whether you actually like Ice fishing? An outfitter will supply you with transportation, bait, and a heated shelter. They upon request (if not already there) will drill holes outside the hut. You'll have the choice of fishing inside the hut or outside; depending on your preference; definitely try both. At the end of the day, there are no worries the hut operator will come and collect you and take you to shore. Yeah, it's a few bucks to rent a day hut, but I feel that for an inexperienced ice fisher, it's money well spent. Dan.
  2. Have a look at this vid on a shrimp creole recipe. The guy in the vid is a bit annoying but the recipe is great. I followed the recipe as closely as I could. There's no such thing (that I found here) as holy trinity veg in the frozen section at the grocery store. So I used fresh onion, celery, and bell peppers and lightly sautéed them just to soften. I did have some of this on hand. It's a great seasoning, that is good in seafood, beef, chicken, and pork. I made up a batch of burger patties with it and they were a big hit around the BBQ. It has a nice little bit of heat to it, just to the point of knowing there's a spice there, but allows the flavor of all the ingredients to come through. Anyway, give the recipe a try. My wife said it was restaurant quality. She rarely ever complements one of my "different" recipes. Dan.
  3. Assume set up!! I believe the car is a 1959 Chevrolet Impala. I remember a friend of my elder brother stopping at the house to show off his brand new Chevy. I also remember my Dad walking by, saying what a dumb-looking car; with those flat wings. LOL He didn't understand that it was the age of jet fighter planes. So the car designers gave the consumers wings??? Dan.
  4. Ok, it wasn't a cougar but a Lynx or bobcat that I saw last summer. Diving out of the trailer park's lane (Heavily wooded on each side) something caught my eye and I slowed to a stop. There it was an amazing cat, about 15 feet inside the bush. It was just standing there dead still. After a bit of staring at each other, I looked down to grab my phone to take a picture. When I looked up it was gone; never made as a sound, it was like a ghost. I still wish I didn't look away but just sit there to watch this amazing animal. Dan.
  5. That's where I'm at now that I've retired. Never knew how hard it is to make something different for supper every night. For me, it's no big deal, throw a couple of hotdogs in a pan and I'm eating in 10 minutes. That only works once every couple of months for the wife. Tonight is smothered baked pork chops, served on a bed of rice. Tomorrow I'm thinking buttered chicken. Homemade butter sauce of course; she likes curried foods but not too heavy on the spices. She's worked, raised the kids, and cooked for all these years. It's my turn to give back. Plus she's the money winner right now and I don't want to screw up my weekly allowance!!! LOL Dan.
  6. Regardless of series or parallel circuits, depending on the application. The circuit is only as strong as the weakest battery. Yes brand new identical batteries are the best to start with; but after some time, even these batteries need to be tested individually. Making sure they have all survived being discharged and recharged numerous times. Here's a good example of what I'm saying. My golf cart we use at our trailer is a 36 volt system. 6, 6volt batteries connected in series. Being a used cart I replace all the 6 batteries with the same make and size. The cart worked perfectly for about 5 years; using a self regulating charger. After that the carts running time slowly decreased to the point that at a full charge, we wouldn't get a weekend out of that charge. Being a mechanic I have equipment to test batteries. After allowing the battery pack to fully charge, I performed a discharge test on the pack and it seemed to pass but barely. Disconnected the batteries from each other, charged and tested them individually and found that 2 of the batteries were not accepting a charge properly. They quickly fell well below the manufacturer's rating during a load test. After only replacing those 2 batteries the cart ran as intended. Yes eventually I replace all the batteries again; but by doing so I added a few year worth of use with the original batteries that I installed. Dan.
  7. Even though Tim Hale and myself don't agree on property management on the ice. He would not be taking out clients unless he felt it was OK. I was going to say safe, but we all know that NO ICE is completely safe. Have a great day out there Cliff; wish I was out there myself. Dan
  8. I think all this will do is make good people unknowingly break the law and bring bait from wherever it is convenient or from where they have bought their bait for years and fished those waters? Dan.
  9. Keep a running track of the costs of your original setup, then add any redesigns that you'll likely encounter; along with their costs. Once up and consistently running, add all your costs; including the hydro consumed while building the system. We won't even talk about your time building and collecting parts. Once all is said and done, calculate how long your system's savings will be to pay for your system. After that, if you can go completely off the grid, you'll have "Free electrical power" Then there comes maintenance? I know what you're trying for, but it's a hard long journey to accomplish what you're striving for. I built a wind generator out of a GM alternator; rewired it to become a permanent magnet generator. The plan was to install it on my fish hut and keep my 12-volt DC system charged. I was test running the system at my place of business. The system was working great. It cost me approx $500.00 + by the time I bought the rectifier, charge controller, and all the material that was needed to rewire or building of the load dump. Came in one morning and found that someone had cut the 3 phase cable from the generator to the rectifier. Which shorted out and burned out the controller. I closed my business shortly after that and everything has been put on the back burner. So take that also into consideration; things that are out of your control that'll add more expense. You'll find that getting reliable free hydro, isn't cheep. Dan.
  10. Agreed, but there's no such thing as cheap free usable electricity. Dan.
  11. The size of the water turbine you'd need to charge a 12/24 volt system, even in a 5-10 hr. time frame, wouldn't be practical on the average size of an angler's boat. Possibly a small gas inverter generator? Some of the newer small gens are very quiet, that installed inside a cubby you'd barely hear it. Dan.
  12. Got any pics? The same goes for anyone else that might like to share a pic or two of their car/truck or whatever (any project even a wheelbarrow LOL) with us? It would be great to see the projects at different stages of the build. Dan.
  13. That is one amazing car Wayne!!!!! My 50 Chevy has had about 65 years worth of the 216cu" in-line 6cyl. engine and the old three-speed manual trans spuing a ton of oil out onto the underbody. If those motors and trans didn't mark their spot when parked; you'd know it was time to top up the levels. Kind of like a butterball turkey; self-basting. LOL So she's very grimy underneath, but the floor pans and frame are as solid as new. She'll never be a show-quality car like your Bee is, so she's staying just as grubby under there. If anyone at a cruise night female dogs about that, I'll ask them to show me their car and we'll compare. That usually shuts them up pretty quickly! LOL Dan.
  14. Wayne. I really like that shade you picked, with the BEE's sharp/squared fender tops and rear 1/4 lines it makes the edges pop. But I'm thinking a little deeper colour for the 50. With her rounded fenders, this colour seems to slowly blend/fade from light to dark. Thanks for the path to find House of Kolor That'll all see what Brian (painter) has for suggestions. I don't want to force a certain brand of paint on him; that'll only open a barn-sized door of excuses if the paint doesn't lay right. Dan.
  15. Sorry but no flat black for this girl, she'd look too gothic/gangster. Now, my 20-year-old niece, that is going through that stage right now would love it. LOL I'm thinking a navy pearl would suit her just fine. Something close to the pearl pictured below. I'm hoping that it will enhance her curves and body flow, as the different light passes over. I don't want to be out with a hooker, I'd rather an elegant lady in an evening gown. LOL Yeah and she likes the drive home too. LOL Dan.
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