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  1. I know what pissed him off. His mate told him she had a headache. I think we've all been there? LOL Dan.
  2. Well he won't have to worry about having a decent draft. Hell hook a hose to the air inlet of the stove and I bet he could use it for a vacuum cleaner. LOL Dan.
  3. With the serial and or model number you should be able to order the correct parts? Serial Number Model Name Motor Transom Height Approved Model Code Yamaha Outboard Motor MODEL, PRE-FIX and SERIAL NUMBER’S are stamped on a metal plate which is mounted on the transom clamp bracket located at the rear of the boat. PPT For the above Info and much more. Dan.
  4. Very interesting video. Just wish I could afford today’s electronics; there’s some amazing crap out there. Thanks for posting Lew. Dan
  5. Worrying about weld on spring perches is a non issue. Assemble the spring pack, perches, mounts and U bolts. Adjust axle position and tighten it all down. If the trailer tracks properly; stop at most any garage that has a welder. Have them weld the spring perches to the axle. For a road test with things just bolted together, will be fine. Have it welded for longevity sake Dan Sorry forget to add that your road test could take you to London? I’d be more then happy to weld it up for you.
  6. Yow will likely need a different ball mount; so that the trailer frame rails will be level when hooked to the tow vehicle. The optimum tongue height is 17 - 19" (Level trailer) measured from the ground to the inside top of the ball coupler. An axle flip will give you more frame clearance; but not axle clearance. Axle clearance is determined by wheel & tire size. Like what was said above, you will loose some stability. Going down a smooth hwy, you'll likely not feel any difference in the handling. There's only vertical down pressure on the springs. It's when one wheel goes over a bump or dip in the road; is where you'll feel it. Because of the horizontal side load on the spring. It will force the spring to twist; when the load is gone the spring will return to its normal position causing the trailer to sway. Rule of thumb is to have the center of the axle to be as close as possible to the center of the spring's mounting eyelets. The diagram explains this better. Seems like a lot of extra effort, just to gain 3-4" of frame clearance and possibly loose some stability? Dan.
  7. Man what are you going to do with all your time after finishing the house? Other then fishing you’ll need to build a work shop that equals the work you’ve done on the house. Everything you’ve shown us all looks first rate. Congrats!!!! Dan.
  8. Wait. You originally said that the replacement bearings had to be hammered/forced on? If so that tells me that the spindle’s damage has knurled it. In other words increased its diameter. By polishing it, it will bring it back to its original size. Dan.
  9. If you have the time and patience, you still might be able to save the axle. Start by cleaning all of the grease off the damaged area with some solvent. Now with some 60 grit emery cloth (1 - 1 1.2" wide) about a 1' long length and start polishing the damaged area. After the 60 grit has done its job, move up to 120 and then finish off with 320 grit. Keeping the polishing even around the diameter of the spindle. When you're done the bearing should slide on the spindle easily and the inner race (the part that touches the spindle) of the bearing should be able to rotate easily when held and turned by hand. Don't over polish; stop when the bearing will just slides on. The inner race of the bearing needs to be able to rotate ever so slightly; by the friction of the rollers running over it. If it cannot you will have bearing failure again; due to the load weight will always be on that one part of the bearing race. Lay the cloth over the spindle; take one end of the cloth in each hand and start pulling the cloth back and forth, over the damaged area; something like how a shoeshine person would buff your shoes with a cloth. I've salvaged a lot of axles over the years here at the garage, by doing this. To the point I bought a handheld 1" wide air belt sander; speeds the job up. LOL Dan.
  10. Angler with sport license 6 walleye in your possession. Commercial fisher with nets full on a daily routine, until quota is met and that's only if they're not doctoring their books. Sorry man; but who's doing the damage to the fishery? Dan.
  11. Just back from our annual trip up to Elk Lake (Montreal River); stayed at Elk Lake Wilderness Resort. Rented a cabin and decently equipped Lund; that was always topped up with fuel, as soon as we got back to camp. This was out 6th trip there. The fishing was a bit tougher this year; walleye were scattered at all different depths. What we found was that anything making below 20' would not hit on anything we offered? So we mostly fished in the 12-18 FOW. We definitely had to work for them. Bottom bouncing with a drop shot rig and making sure the minnow on your hook was alive and kicking. For some reason no one in the town of Elk lake sells minnows? So I made a bait tank out of a 7cu' chess freezer; That I installed an adjustable thermostat to keep the water at appox 50° and put a pond bubbler in it. Bought 15 dozen minnows from a place around Latchford (Still the Montreal River). At the end of the week there were still approx 3 dozen left, all still very much alive. Gave them away for others to use at the camp. Pike fishing was about normal for the area; find a weed patch and start casting a spoon or spinner bait and it wouldn't be long before you had one on. No giants but good table fair sized of nice tasty beer battered pike. After the fish fry, we became a little more picky on what we kept size wise for both the walleye and pike. We released a lot of fish that were under 12" for the walleye and 18" for the pike. After having our limits of these, we started focusing on bass and perch. The perch in that area are usually wormy at this time of year; but they all seemed to be free of them? The bass for some reason had a real funky smell to them? So they were all catch and release. Had a good time and we're booked again for next year. Sorry no pics; but everyone here as seen average sized pike and walleye. Dan.
  12. What I meant was that I agree with you that you were treated very well. It was the comments of the guy (@ dealership) be fired for telling you what Ford’s policy was on the oil consumption. Sorry for the confusion on my part. Dan.
  13. That’s The mother ship (Ford headquarters) making those policies. In other words don’t shoot the messenger. It be like trying to get a mechanic to feel sorry for you when he tells you what it’s going to cost to fix your vehicle. As a mechanic; I didn’t design, build, buy or break the thing. I’m just here to fix it. Dan.
  14. A good friend of mine fished it once. After the lake ate his boat's prop and took a bite out of the skag; he swore to never return. LOL So i guess the lake got its name for a reason?? Dan.
  15. X2 I might be naive here; but even a great forum like this, it still needs new people to join and feel welcome. Now if this or whoever new member doesn't contribute in other ways; I'll get the coals for the dog's roast. Dan.
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