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  1. Here’s my hydroponics garden. The plants all seemed to have adjusted from soil to water fed nutrients. The plants have been in for two weeks
  2. X2 After you confirm that the machined surfaces where the bearings and seals run are in good condition; just replace the bearings and seals. Most any automotive parts store should have the bearings and seals. Take the old ones with you; as to match them up. If you do end up replacing the axle; I'd still take the hubs apart, to check the condition of the grease. They'll likely need to be repacked. If I read the size properly from the picture (4.80/8) I can get a Carlisle 6ply tire for approx 32 bucks each. By the way very clean looking boat congrats. Dan.
  3. Oh yeah that'll happen; already know how I'm going to attach the generator's hose to the oven. I guess I could do the same with my propane smoker. Then all I'd need to transport is the smoke generator to and from the trailer park; that's where the pizza oven is going to live. This time I should've thought inside the boxes, I already have; instead of outside like I usually do? LOL Dan.
  4. Thinking about it and I have to agree; a plastic smoke chamber is asking for trouble. I just want this to be as light as possible and self contained when not in use. Plus I’m cheap and afraid. Cannot spend anything that may be caught on the wife’s radar!! LOL Not joking really; she’s had my boys in her purse, since I bought my 50 Chevy; without asking OOPS LOL Dan
  5. I spent a bit of time resurrecting my old cold smoke generator. Thinking of smoking some cheese that I haven’t gone for a number of years. haven’t l told the wife that I stole her blow dryer yet; but she’ll get over it. (She knew what I was like when she married me 35 years ago) now that I got the generator going I’m looking for a box to smoke in. The last time cold smoking things I used a cardboard box. It worked OK but crumbled after a few smokes. the max temp in the box never went above 70 after a 4 hour smoke. The moisture killed the cardboard box. Thinking of a hard plastic tote? Just unsure of what chemicals that might be released during a 70-80 degrees smoke? Yes wood would be the best; but I want to keep this assembly as light as possible so I can move it around. Let me know of any alternatives. When the smoker box is not in use I’d like to store everything inside that same box? Thanks. Dan.
  6. You could try to weld it. Soldering iron and a few tie wraps. I repaired the fuel tank on my quad and it hasn't leaked since. Have a look at this guy's vid. Dan.
  7. I didn't take it that way at all. If my post made you thing I though that; I apologize Dan.
  8. I wouldn't buy anything that is remotely safety related from Harbor Freight or Princess Auto. Made the mistake once (no one was hurt); but when that 3 ton chain hoist failed, it dropped a Chevy small block on the fender of a 69 Nova; it made a very costly mess. Dan
  9. Thanks for the replies! I'll try and listen to all the suggestions. Dan.
  10. I could use some help from any of the HVAC people that may be on board? I'm converting a NG pizza oven to LP. I have the replacement nozzles and the conversion kit for the Robertshaw gas valve. Replacing the hard parts look relatively easy. My question is what should the inlet and manifold pressures be? The spec plate on the oven, only gives NG pressures; as in 7" WC inlet and 3.5" manifold. From my research the inlet pressure for propane seems to be 11" - 13" WC; but getting mixed info on manifold pressure? Some techs are telling me half the inlet pressure (like NG) and others are saying 8"-10". One last question, do you check pressures static or with the burners fired? I assume fired but every time I assume something; I turn out to be the ass in the equation. LOL Thanks. Dan.
  11. Hey! Look what I just picked up from an auction house. It's going to need a good cleaning, a few repairs (Gas valve is seized) and convert it to propane. At what I paid for it; I can put a few bucks into it. Plan on taking it to our trailer for the summer. I think it'll work great for the group meals we're always doing down there. You can cook/bake more then just pizzas in it. Then there's this Italian lady across the street from me that makes one of the best pizzas and calzones going. She'll be able to make party sized ones now. LOL Once I get her fired up, I'll be asking for recipes. Recipes that call for hot and fast bake times? I've emailed the manufacturer to ask if they had a replacement parts division; waiting for their reply.
  12. Oh man! What's your recipe for the batter and cook time. Deep fryer or oven. Haven't had one of these since the days of the EX. My wife loved them and would like to introduce them to my granddaughter. Thanks In Advance. Dan..
  13. misfish. Confused? I thought that you for one (being a homer) would understand the KISS method. LOL Keep It Simple Stupid is the best way of making the best foods. You being from the East coast knows that better then me!!!! But then again you're now living in Ontario; that can corrupt anyone. LOL Dan.
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