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  1. With Bombardier owning Evinrude, there won't be replacement parts issues for many years. Just like the automotive "manufacturers", they don't actually manufacture the parts that go into their vehicles. They buy them built to their spec. I can't see Bombardier/Evinrude being any different. Then there will be the aftermarket industry, that will pick up on a lot of the top moving parts and have them cloned or find a different replacement part that will fit and function. Dan.
  2. I hear you! My daughter's little girl was born last April and it was July before our doctor felt it was safe for me to hold my granddaughter. Last weekend we were able to have our oldest (3 years old) granddaughter for a sleep over. So I know what you're saying; can't wait till we get another chance with another grandkid. Dan.
  3. I've been in the service industry for better then 40 years now. Clients are now very demanding; I call it the Walmart syndrome. "I want it now and I want it cheep!" Not saying that's what you guys are wanting; but service providers are getting very cynical with people and that's wrong. I try and keep an open mind with all my clients and treat (deal with) them individually. Then I still get it wrong at times. Oh this person is cheep as hell; then they turn around and give me a free hand at bringing their vehicle back to be what it was or as close as it can be? All I'm saying is that a Lot of " want to be" self employed people don't understand what it takes to run a business and look after their clients. Like I said after all these years I still get it wrong at times? Dan.
  4. No it doesn't, at times it makes it easier to find a potential leak. It's easier to see liquid seeping rather then air. I've converted one of my rad pressure testers with a hollow screw to pressurize lower units. I have also found that pressurizing the case doesn't always show you a leak. A worn seal for example (if not torn to shreds) may not leak while under pressure. When checking for a leak I also will fill the case with a Varsol cleaner. Chemically it won't hurt anything, it will clean out the inside of the case and then evaporate; if left open to the air, once drained out. What I do when seeing milkshake coming out of the case; is put the plug back in and pressure test. If nothing is found, drain the case and flush with varsol. Fill case with varsol, run the engine in gear of a minute or so and drain. Repeat as many times as it takes to get clear fluid draining out. The varsol has enough lubricating ability to not hurt anything, in a no load condition. After the last fill with vaesol, clean up the mess and walk away for the night. The next time out to have a look, check if there's any varsol drips and where they're coming from. Yeah I know most already know this; just putting it out there. Dan.
  5. She is a registered nurse at sickkids here at Victoria Hospital in London. So she's getting presidential treatment, by her coworkers. If you think us fisher people are close, never get between two nurses. LOL Dan.
  6. Well not to side step this thread; but here's another reason to listen to your doctor about this virous and the vaccine. Meet my grandson born earlier this morning. Mom and Baby are well and want out of the hospital ASAP! He looks like me body wise. Floppy boobs and a big round belly. LOL Dan.
  7. We've been going to the same Dr. for the last 40 years. When she calls (Which she does frequently, along with the occasional house call) and says get your butt in here for the vaccine; I'll be going. I/we've (Wife, kids and grand kids) trusted her for all these years to keep us safe and healthy, I'm not going to start doubting her now. At the same time if she says hold off, she wants to do more research on it; again I will listen. I'm not going to listen to a politician's popularity poles. Dan.
  8. Princess is my go to store for a tool that I may use a couple of times a year; not so much for daily use. We all know most of the tools are Chinese knockoffs and the quality is just not there for longevity of use. Like I said something you may need for whatever a few times; so why not buy it cheep? For me it was when I was running new air lines at the garage. I went with black pipe and needed to thread the pipe for the various fittings. PA had a thread kit that was half the price of any of the competitors. Sure 3/4 the way through the job the die ratchet went for a crap; but with some Mac Gyvering I made it through the job. As for what Cliff said about customer service; it has also been very good for me. I usually go on-line to their catalog, find what i want and take a screen shot of it on my phone. I walk in to the store and if I can't find it; I ask one of the sales people where it might be and show them the pic with the Sku # . The on-line ordering also works good; other then my wife can see that I bought something from PA. LOL Dan.
  9. Been there done that! Talk about a butt pucker, as you pin the throttle Dan.
  10. My whole family were born and raised in the West Flanders of Belgium. My Granddad and his brother (Uncle Bennie) fought in the trenches of the 1914/1918 war. After Belgium became occupied by the Germans.; he/they had to lay their guns down and became a slave laborer's for the Germans. He was allowed to go home at night and that's where his fight began again, with the underground and black-market. Black market to feed the family and the underground to screw with the the German's occupation. The stories from both granddad and Uncle Bennie are slowly fading in my memory; but I know they never stopped fighting. My Dad was 12 years old when WW2 broke out and he followed his Dad's and Uncle's sense of fighting where it counted, in the resistance. They're all gone now; but no one can take the pride I have for them. Dan.
  11. Is there an issue with that lady? She seems very jiggly? Dan.
  12. I got a 700 cc Suzuki King Quad and it hasn't let me down. Well not a 100% true; when it was -40c out, the little battery couldn't turn the engine over fast enough to start the engine. Had to build a small fire under the quad; to warm thing up before it would start. LOL Fixed that by putting a full sized (875CCA) car battery in the side compartment; now the starter spins the engine over like nobodies business. Four wheel drive I think is a must. Chains on all 4 wheels and a winch; cause there's still a chance of getting stuck or getting yourself out of a partial break through. Drill a hole in the "safe" ice, drop down whatever you can come up with as an anchor down the hole and pull yourself out. Been there done that; more times then I want to remember. LOL Not saying you need a 700cc but the more power the better. The big thing about ATVs is they cannot travel on ice that's a bit sketchy; where a snowmobile wouldn't have an issue. Dan.
  13. Pail #2 Missed this on and it can be ordered on-line. The first one is an in-store only item Dan
  14. Princess Auto Pail Pail Lids Not sure for your area; but here there's free deliver due to covid. A 4 hour round trip may end up costing as much as these pails in gas money? Dan.
  15. Here's a fox in the chicken coop story. When I was a kid on the farm, Dad raised chickens for the eggs. One night he heard a bunch of squawking coming from the coop. He grabs the shotgun and out he goes. When he opens the coop's door there was it was a red fox in the corner; with a chicken in its mouth. Dad raises the gun and pulls the trigger; just as the fox made a dart to the hole he dug under the wall. Dad missed the fox; but shot the chicken that the fox dropped. LOL We teased Dad about that for the next 50 years of his life. Been fox or should I say chicken hunting lately Dad? OH man do I miss the old bugger. Dan
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