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  1. DanD

    Vacuum sealers

    I've had a food saver for many years and have never regretted buy it. I take the thing with us on fishing trips (as long as we have hydro) and package our take home fish with it. Partially freeze the fillets on a flat surface (dish drainer); once stiff to the touch, place them side by side in a vacuum bag and seal them. Perfect if you're stopped for an inspection; both sides of the fillet are visible. Why freeze the fillets;; so the the vacuuming doesn't squash them and the liquid in the fish doesn't get sucked into the machine. As for sealing liquids, it can be done very easily. I elevate the machine off the counter, by 4 or 5 inches; a shoe box works. Fill a bag 3/4 full, set the bag on the counter, put the open end in the machine and lock the lid. Push the vac button and just as the last bit of air is gone push the seal button. Saves a ton of room in the freezer; when you can stack the flat bags on a shelf. Other uses are almost endless; I have a complete change of cloths in the fish hut; sealed in a bag (11"X 12" X 2") oh yeah there also a bath towel in there to dry off; after that refreshing swim. LOL Potato chip bags, after taking out what you want, put the open end in the machine and push the seal button; nice air tight seal and the chips stay fresh. We don't use twist ties anymore on plastic bags; just pop the open end of any bag into the machine and reseal the bag. No more rock hard brown sugar or freezer burnt half bags of frozen vegetables. Yes the bags are not cheep to buy; but you don't have to always use the "FoodSaver" bags. Here's a place where you can get generic bags; that work just as good. Flex Pack Dan.
  2. DanD

    T.O. airport hotel recommendations/NF

    When we spend a night before a trip, we always go to the Carlingview Hotel. Shuttle service and free parking during your trip away. the last time we went the cost of the room's package (shuttle and parking) was equal to or less then a week's parking alone. Carlingview Dan
  3. DanD

    New parking options for innisfil

    What a novel idea; who would of thought? A little respect and the art to gab can get you a lot farther then salt in the wine. Good for you Brian wish we all could follow along. Take a lesson readers; it really does work 75% of the time.The other 25% well lets just say their day is coming; one way or the other. Dan
  4. DanD


    When I hear an ice fishing report from you and what your opinion is on the ice conditions. That and seeing operators out; is my signal to haul big blue out there, to the perch grounds. I'm approx 2 1/2 hours away from Beverton and I kind of rely on some of the first hand reports that I get here. It's still my choice to head out on the ice, so i'm the only one to blame if I get into trouble. I Guess it's not what you listen to, it's who you listen to; that goes a long way to build my confidence; when going out for the first time of the season. Believe me I check with every operator as to when and where they have set up their huts. When I hear that they're confident pulling clients out there; I get the hut out shortly afterwards. Dan.
  5. DanD

    Chum can

    The bolt has two jobs; on the way down it helps to keep the lid from opening. When the funnel is on the bottom and you lift up on the retrieval line; the funnel flips upside down and the weight of the bolt helps to pull the lid open. Dan.
  6. DanD

    Chum can

    I've made a few of these chum funnels before. For the sake of scale, the bolts are 1/4 inch in size. The first one I made, I found the funnel in the kitchen cupboard; wife never did find out where it went. Dan.
  7. There's a lot of times the pan gasket is or looks reusable; but what the F%$* get a replacement. You're going through all this work and then taking a chance on a used used gasket? Hey look at this, the oil pressure is great; to bad it's now a butter ball turkey. Leaking enough oil to be self basting. Sorry. It's good to cut corners but only in the right places! Dan.
  8. Flat rate book pays 3 hours on a 4X4; so depending on the shop's rate and or other issues; as in seized differential mounting bolts or bad U or CV joints, could all add to the cost? The oil pan gasket is around a 100 bucks; the pick up tube seal is about 6 bucks, then an oil filter and fresh oil; add another 40. I'm also going to say that this seal change is not a guarantee; you've got a 50/50 chance that it is the actual problem? So I guess I'm saying throw the dice and hope like hell you don't roll snake eyes? Dan.
  9. This is a long shot; but it has helped with a number of these high mileage GM engines. Go to Crappy Tire and get a bottle of the Lucas engine oil stop leak. Lucas This stuff will soften and swell rubber seals and if it is the pick-up tube seal (Which it likely is; I have done lots of them) you may get lucky and seal up the suction tube? It won't hurt anything, Lucas products have served me and my customer's vehicle's well over the years. Change the oil again and then pour this stuff in; even with the 15W40; diesel engines run it year round; so it wont hurt a 360K loosey goosey gas engine. LOL Take the truck for a drive (an hour or so) that'll give this stuff a chance to work through the whole lubrication system and have a chance to do its job. Dan.
  10. DanD

    Vehicle Insurance changes for 2019 NF

    Yeah there's no need to hold your phone to text with today's technology. My 17 Silverado has voice command to send and receive texts and make phone calls. Push one button on the steering wheel and tell the system what you want it to do. Verbally say what you want to text; it repeats the text back to you; then asks if you're ready to send. There has to be an after market source for a similar system? Dan.
  11. DanD

    The French need to fish more ......NF

    For things like this countries could take a lesson from the Sheikh of Abu Dhabi. 20+ some years ago when we were in the UAE, visiting my in-laws (they were teaching there at the university in Dubai) we read about the cab drivers in Abi Dhabi; rioting over territories. Most of the cab drivers are/were Sikh or Indian decent. On the morning of the third day of rioting the Sheikh called out his army. They were to collect all rioting drivers. They were then taken to the airport, where there were a number of jets waiting for them. The planes were to take them back to their home countries. Get on one and leave, we do not want you here anymore. Problem solved and there were hundreds of cabs abandoned, waiting for anyone to take them and work them. Harsh maybe; but cause me or my people grief and you will be dealt with. Dan.
  12. DanD

    Remote car starter

    Like what someone else here already mentioned; factory equipped or dealer installed; if the vehicle is under warrantee. The first thing that a tech at a dealership and myself now, is to disconnect an aftermarket system and rewire the harness back to its original state; if there are some strange electronic issues. I have had to disconnected remote starts that had been working fine for years; due to something in the remotes logic go screwy. Things like power windows not working or going down all on their own, power locks randomly locking and unlocking while driving down the road and my list of strange things could go on and on. All the control modules (computers) on today's vehicles, talk to each other via a serial data line and each module knows what the other's jobs are. Connect an aftermarket cheap knock off of a "known good" system and it sends skewed data down the serial data line, could confuse the other modules; causing them to make the wrong choices when they receive a command. I'm not knocking all after market remote starts; just the cheap knock offs or a cheap system that offers a lot of functions. Both of our vehicles have remote starts, my truck is a factory system and my wife's is a basic aftermarket by Viper. What I mean by basic is that it starts the vehicle and that's it; the factory fob does the rest. As for the comments of fuel usage; yeah sure it uses a bit of gas. But a lot less then driving a stone cold engine, with the computer dumping fuel into the cylinders to keep that engine from falling on its face; when you step on the throttle. Dan. Sorry forgot to mention, buy from and have a dedicated automotive electronic shop install your system. Not some pimple faced "trained technician" at your local Best Buy store.
  13. DanD

    She made me so PROUD NF

    Be proud for sure!!! It takes a lot of courage for a young person to stand up against another; that was/is doing wrong. My son when he was 10, was suspended from school for fighting. I couldn't believe it; he has always been a bigger kid (in size) then most his age. When we heard the whole story; yes he was in a fight and got his butt kicked. But he was portecting a younger kid from a grade 5 kid; that was trying to push the other off the swing set. He took his lumps and the suspension; but I/we knew he did the right thing. Dan.
  14. DanD


    Designers design, engineers implement the designs and the bean counters tell everyone what will be allowed. Dan.
  15. DanD


    Regardless of all the politics and Bull; it's still a shame to see GM pulling out of Oshawa; it's the end of an era. This old girl was built there, back in 1950; she's my pride and joy. 1949 was the first year for this body redesign post WW2. The original truck plant was opened in 1918, good bye centurion. Dan.