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  1. Looking at the pic it looks like you already have a 5 stud hub? Why do you want to change the axle? An axle doesn't change the carrying capacity of the tire. If it is because you want more room for a larger tire. You could relocate the axle or add blocks between the axle and springs. As in if the axle is sitting on top of the spring flip it to the underside of the spring. If after flipping the axle and you still want more room add blocks between the axle and spring. With your estimated weights you gave us a D rated (2150lbs @ 65psi @ 65mph)) should be enough but it's getting to the top of it's range. Then add in your gear, supplies, and then mix in a bit of road speed could have add up to the blow outs? An E rated (3520lbs @ 80psi @ 65mph) should do the job with no problems. I'm just looking at the cost of buying an new axle if it is not warranted. Dan...
  2. What's wrong with the axle? If the axle and springs are carrying the weight ok; why not move the fenders, allowing to put whatever size wheel and tire on? If the hubs on the trailer are four bolt, you may need to replace them with 5 bolt by 4.5" pattern hubs, opening you up to most any 14, 15 or even 16 inch wheels. You didn't say so I am assuming that you have glorified golf cart wheel on the trailer now? Dan...
  3. Just an experiment. When done for the day, disconnect the fuel line at the motor and let the motor/carb run out of gas. The next day plug fuel line back, pump the bulb until it has fill the carb's bowl, then try your normal stating routine. If it starts and runs better; it's likely that the small amount of fuel in the carb has gone stale (yes even over night) and lost its volatility. The fuel in the carb is exposed to the atmosphere; alcohol fuel loves to give up its essentials to burn and absorbs moisture. The fuel in the tank and hoses at not exposed to the air or shouldn't be with a good self venting cap and or you closing the vent at the end of the day. Just for worst and giggles give it a try? Dan...
  4. I agree 100% with the thermacell underlay, keeps you warm and dry while laying down. I'd still like a cot, I'll be off the ground (incase of a tent rain flood) or accidentally picking the ONLY lump/rock or whatever under the sleeping bag, that jabs you not matter how you move. A thermacell will still work on top of a cot; it'll keep the dew off the underside of your sleeping bag. Speaking of lumps under a tent; we set up a new tent in out backyard, just to see how it went up. The kids and I were going to sleep in it that night. While Cathy (my wife) was laying out the sleeping bags, she finds this lump under the tent's floor about the size of a small pinecone. So I'm asked (told) to go under the tent and remove it. So I did and when I came out from under, I found myself holding a petrified piece of dog crap!!! LOL Dan..
  5. What we've been using at the trailer is an oil burning lantern filled with a citronella based oil. It gives off a decent amount of light and it does help with the bugs. What I've been doing is to light the lantern (outside) about a half-hour before we go to sit out on the deck. Leaving the wick set a little high to produce some extra smoke. Once outside I turn the wick down to get a nice flame. I agree that the green coils work well; but my wife can't stand the smell of? Dan...
  6. You might want to check with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) before you transport the firewood form your area to another. emerald ash borer CFIA suggests that you buy your firewood local to where you're camping and get a recite. A recite showing the seller's name, address, and contact info. I used to repair the CFIA's vehicles here in London and Brian Hamilton (Enforcement officer) said the fines depending on severity of the offence can reach into the ten's of thousands of dollars and or possible jail time. I understand the wood would only be for a couple of camp fires, but the CFIA is worried about what may crawl out of the wood waiting to be burned. They also work with the OPP and the MNR to help find offenders. Just a heads up. Dan...
  7. Anytime buying a used vehicle is always a crapshoot. What I've always ask my clients to do is bring the vehicle they are interested in; to me or any independent garage, away form the dealership that is selling it. Regardless of the pressure the sales person puts on you. One of three things happen during the inspection. It gets a thumbs up that it's a decent vehicle. Take it back and tell the dealership they should be ashamed at trying to sell you such a piece of crap. Lastly the vehicle has potential but needs certain things repaired before purchase; giving you bargaining power. IE: The brakes pass safety inspection; but within 2-3 months it'll need a grand worth of work. I wasn't just asking this for my clients sake; it was for me as well. If it's a decent vehicle the client doesn't mind (as much) spending money on. In other words I rather work on a decent vehicle then some sort of junk; no one is happy when that happens. Dan.
  8. Don't give up on your vehicle. Your tech will find the issue, if he hasn't yet. Good luck; there always an answer to every problem. Dan...
  9. Any word on the diagnoses of the van? Or should we all hold our heads low as another vehicle dies? Sorry for joking but I am interested in the outcome? Dan.
  10. 100% brother. Today things are built and monitored with one thing in mind. Planned obsolescence!!!! Dan...
  11. Sorry man, I closed my shop last Sept, after 42 years of head-scratching, unusual jobs. Jobs that the gremlins were too slippery to catch, the first few times out fishing for them. You seem to have trust in the shop you're dealing with, give him as many kicks at this as he is willing to. If this gremlin doesn't want to show his head while at the shop, all he can do is try this or try that and see what happens? Maybe have your guy throw a used throttle body on it; just for worst and giggles? There are tons of Caravans in the wrecking yards. If your Tech has a good repour with a yard and explains the issue. The wrecker' would likely refund or just lend him one for the test? I know as a Tech, we shouldn't just be throwing parts at a vehicle; but if the gremlin has you by the balls you may have to start fighting dirty as well. Dan.
  12. I know you were not asking for fix suggestions, but try a replacement throttle body unit. There are three throttle position sensors for the system. There are two redundant sensors on the pedal assembly and one feedback on the throttle body. All three must match as the accelerator is moved. Now if the throttle does not stay in sync due to the throttle blade binding in worn bushings or the stepper motor has an intermittent electrical fault stopping it for a second; the PCM will see this and throws the engine into limp-in mode. This is not a sure thing without catching the issue while test equipment is attached to record the event, but I have had to replace hundreds while I was going after this same type of customer complaint. Dan.
  13. Well, I can't go on that long of a road trip, but I'd be into a day's worth of crop touring; once I get the Chevy back on the road. How times have changed, a crop tour used to mean hitting the country roads right after picking up a 2/4 at the in&out store. Now it actually means looking at the crops and scenery. LOL I'll let you know Lew when the car is ready. Just a couple of warnings, Roscoe will likely be riding with us and the car only has 4/60 air conditioning. Dan...
  14. Something has changed, it has stopped doing it for/to me? Thanks to whoever deserves! Dan...
  15. When I come to the site and scroll down the "General Discussion" page to see the threads. The page reloads and sends me back to the top of the page. If I can be fast enough to click on a thread, it'll go there. After that everything runs normal, as in I can go anywhere on the site without the reloading issue? But it all starts over again after closing the site and then returning? What's wrong? Is it a setting on my computer? This doesn't happen anywhere else I visit? Dan...
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