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  1. When it was "normal" to have the inner bay of Long Point freeze over solid; we'd always see coyotys out on the ice. It got to the point we didn't throw our perch out the hut onto the ice. The buggers would sneak up and steal the fish. I'm talking late 60's and early 70's; but they were very common to see. Dan.
  2. You know what Johm, I have yet added up the costs so far; other then what the wife knows about. LOL I've been thinking about doing something like this for a few years now; so what the hell; lets build it. LOL If it's a flop I guess I won't build another; or at least not the same way? If it does work as plamed, I think we'll have some fun with it; umtil it blows apart. Believe me all of this has been built on a budget, of calling in favors and using used materials.Sally doesn't mimd used undergear as long as its been cleaned, freshly welded (She has steel drawers) and painted. LOL Dan.
  3. Started assembling the tracks, now that all the treads are cut, drilled and the wheel guides are welded up. The treads are 1”x1/2”x14” long channel. The guides are 1”x1/8” flat bar, bent to form a rounded triangle. All bolted together with 5/16” bolts, nuts and washers. Once everything is together and has proven to work the way I hope; I’ll cut the excess bolt length off and tack weld the nuts to cut the bolts. The rubber strips that the treads are bolted to, are from an industrial conveyor belt that use to haul rock out of a quarry. It’s about a 1/4” thick with multiple layers of canvas and rubber. All I can say is that I picked a good winter to build this contraption; because there’s no ice on Simcoe that I’m willing to get out on. Which gives me more time to finish up. LOL This rig may take its maiden voyage out on Nipissing? Dan.
  4. Amazon. Savoir electric heated gloves. ASIN # B01LWKECIO Description If you've struggled to find gloves that keep your hands warm in bitter winter weather, turn to the Savior Heated Mitts. These gloves have everything you will need to brave the toughest weather conditions. Innovatively designed, these premium full finger gloves gently warm the entire length of each finger, back of the hand, keeping your hands nice and toasty even when battling freezing temperatures. Durable and Comfortable - We’ve used premium grade materials to give these gloves the durability, however, doesn’t come at the expense of comfort. The gloves have a breathable membrane and soft lining. You’re in for a comfy experience even with prolonged wear; no more dealing with sweaty hands $175.00 for a pair not cheap. Not sure on their claim of 6 hour battery life (on the low setting) but the reviews sound good? 122 reviews with 4.3 stars out of 5 usually means a decent product? Dan.
  5. You can tell you're in the States. Here there would be signs all over the place. No screwing on the pier! Sure does look like you're enjoying yourself; good on you. Dan.
  6. This stuff is High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and it should hold up to the cold. Plus the stuff I'm using is 3/4" thick; time will tell? Dan
  7. Sorry for posting 3?times in a row; but wanted to share this. A birthday card from my daughter. Yep 60 a few days ago. Dan.
  8. Got a bit more done on Bob (sled). A coat of paint and the puck board attached to the bottom of the skies. 3/4” puck board does not like to bend easily; not without a lot of heat. Thought I was going to burn out my heat gun. but it seems to have worked out? Dan.
  9. I actually went to a service Ontario this afternoon and they took my info and said they’d call me when/if they had an answer for me. come on people I’m not doing anything illegal; I want to be legal and property register this thing for off road use.
  10. Need some advice here; hoping someone has been through this? Went to service Ontario to transfer Sally into my name and have it re-registered as a UTV ((Utility Task Vehicle) and get off road plates for it. The lady behind the counter looked like a deer in the headlights. She had no idea of what or how to do this. I explained that I am turning this vehicle from an SUV to an UTV and it will never see the roads again. Still nothing but dead silence from her. Maybe if I were using the proper termanalogy might help; but I think my request was strait forwad? I hacked off the bits I didn't need for the road, added the bits I needed for off road. It is now a rebuilt/repurposed vehicle; what's the confusion? Dan
  11. He's a Cockatiel. I guess they are originally from Australia, so I named him Auzzie. He'll be 19 years old this October. Told my wife I was getting a bird; I didn't tell her that Cockatiels have a 25-30 year life expectancy. LOL Dan
  12. X2. Over the last few years, I’ve picked up an electric grinder, a 12lb meat mixer, sausage stuffer and a burger press attachment for the stuffer. Made all kinds of stuff with this set up and like Doug said I know exactly what I’m eating; plus it’s fun throwing in your own touch into the batch of whatever. Here’s some summer sausage ready for the smoker. Like I said it’s fun and should have taken more pics of the process. Dan.
  13. Well that sounds promissing. Sure hope you're right. Dan.
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