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  1. I use to work on bikes at my shop, when I was younger. I'm actually still licensed to do safety inspections on bikes; but I do not touch street bikes anymore. Seen way to many people hurt or killed on them; that I no longer want to be apart of someone I helped get into an early grave. Here's one example of why. There was a whole family that were/are customers. The Grandson bought a bike and brought it to me to safety it. I refused to and the kid left mad as hell. Granddad called me and said that after all these years of us dealing together; they were done with me. A month or so later, I see the grandson pulling into my lot. I could see the bike's fairing is all scraped up with large cracks all over it. He gets off the bike and walks towards me; saying he laid the bike down and could I help him. As he turned to walk back to the bike; all I could see was a shredded, blood soaked T shirt. I told him to get into my truck and took him to emergency. They spent close to 4 hours sanding and picking gravel out of his back. Granddad showed up at the shop the next day and apologize to me and said he now understood why. This kid was lucky but I have so many more things I could tell you of what had happened to others that weren't. Before anyone brings this up; yes people can get hurt while driving their cars. At least they're in a crash shield and with 99% of today's vehicles having air bags; the chances of being badly hurt or killed are much much lower then riding with the wind in your hair. Dan.
  2. Now why would I take veggies like these and try and make them taste like a sausage? This is my first attempt at hydroponics and it has been fun watching my stuff grow. No weeding, cultivating and the growth rate is amazing. Want a salad, to go with that steak? Go out and pick enough romaine or lettuce leaves that you need for a meal. Next week there will be more growing in. Starting on our second round of strawberries; all the blossoms are back. Dan.
  3. I eat plant based food all the time. Cow, sheep, deer, moose, pig, rabbit, chicken and fish; they all eat plants, plant seed or plankton and I eat them. I don't see what the issue is? LOL So take those veggie burgers and feed them to the animals and when large enough harvest the animal. Dan.
  4. Just order one off of amazon. Hope it gets here before my trip up North? Dan.
  5. I agree with there's no excuse; but I'd also would like to know what the "innocent" boater did? When I had my 16' tinny, I cannot count the number of times that I've been cut off, all but capsized or damn near run over; by these innocent cabin cruiser drivers/owners. Something set that drunk off; but again he shouldn't have done what he did. Dan
  6. Couple of vids that may help? Dan.
  7. I'd go back in a heart beat; if I had that kind of money sitting around.
  8. Just back from my BC trip and all I can say is amazing!!!!!! I cannot find one thing that I could complain about with Duncanby Lodge. The fishing again was amazing, I have no idea of how many chinook that I caught; I lost count? Anything under 10lbs we released; along with anything above 30lbs (Called a Tyee) due to their genetics of being that big. I was lucky enough to be on a boat where one of the guys landed a Tyee at 32lbs We were able to release it after about 10 minutes of hard work for it to swim away strong. The lodge owner and guides were very pro catch and release of these large fish. To make it even more appealing they offer up a hand carved center pin reel to anyone that releases a Tyee. My largest fish was 20lbs and all fight; it and the others came out of the water 5 or 6 times trying to shake the hook. Being barb less hooks just added to the fight. I have never fished with a center pin before; so it was also a bit of a challenge; but now I'm looking to buy one. We also fished for ling cod and rock fish (sorry no pics) . I was reeling in about a 3 lb rock fish and a ling cod grabbed it and had my fish half way down its throat by the time I landed them both. Here is one of the 20lbers that I caught. If anyone here ever is offered a trip to fish the West coast of BC; do not hesitate to go. Just amazing fishing. Dan.
  9. I'd be happy with just one to take home; but wouldn't mind practicing catch & release after that. LOL Nice haul for your niece and company! Thanks for posting the pic HH. Dan.
  10. I leave tomorrow on this trip; longest month of my life waiting. Why I brought this thread back up; is that I'm looking for any tips on halibut fishing. Watched a bunch of videos and read a ton of articles on fishing for them; but would like to hear from anyone's first hand experiences? I've done a lot of down rigging, here on Lake Erie. So the salmon fishing won't be as much a mystery to me; as what bottom bouncing for halibut is going to be. Dan.
  11. How bad am I going to get spammed after giving them my email addy? LOL Votes In. Dan.
  12. Went on a walleye charter to the Detroit river; a week ago last Wednesday. Caught a pile of what I've always called white/silver bass; but the charter guy was calling them white perch? Who am I to argue; plus I was on my way to get a limit of walleye.😀 Dan.
  13. Thanks FF17 I’m still spinning from the news. I know a number of other mechanics who have been on this trip and not a bad word from anyone. So far there are three guys that I know very well that are going this year. Makes for an extra bonus having friends along. Dan.
  14. DanD

    Gopro Camers

    Cuzza. All good info and can/will help others to make an informed purchase. I have a decent Sony that takes good pics but wanted waterproof. If I hurt the Sony my wife would not be a happy camper. I may still take the Sony for shots around the lodge? thanks for your input. Dan.
  15. DanD

    Gopro Camers

    Thanks spincast and everyone else that chimed in. I just put an order in for the Fuji camera. All I need to do, is remember to use the thing. LOL Dan.
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