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  1. Not to disagree but I have to on this one. Sorry Shawn. Rockwell Princess Sells Rockwell American. Like I said In my previous post; yes PA does sell a bunch of cheap crap; but there's nothing wrong with Rockwell. Yes maybe they are using Chinese made parts; but parts that meet Rockwell's specs. Who cares where the parts come from; as long as they meet the qualifications that the manufacturer needs. I can't believe I'm defending PA; but this time I feel I have too. Dan.
  2. Sorry for the double post. If you're replacing the axle, I would suggest going one step further and replace the leaf springs as well. For 50 bucks each, it would be a good thing having all the suspension new and working together. Yeah I know it's not my money I'm spending; but fixed right the first time; will or could save some grief later?. At the very least make sure the spring's eyelet bushings, shackles and the spring's center locating pins are in good shape. The last thing you want is for the trailer to be dog tracking behind the tow vehicle. Dan. Springs
  3. Looking at a few charts I found on line and not knowing what you have added to the boat; I'd say the boat itself is anywhere between 900-1100 pounds. A 40 Merc (2 stroke) is under Approx 200 pounds. If that is the approx. weight then a 3500 pound axle should work fine. Yes Princess Auto does have some questionable quality items; but there's nothing wrong with a Rockwell axle assembly. Dan.
  4. 3 or 4 inches are all you need for a fusible link, like what you're thinking. Just have a jumper wire with alligator clips; so that if whatever short that burnt the link is remedied; you'll have a way to reconnect the circuit and get your ass going again. Dan.
  5. You're right people are repairing their older vehicles; but many families (at least many of my clients) are down to one vehicle. There are also a ton of people working from home and their vehicle now is their grocery getter; only leaving the laneway once or twice a week. They don't break or wear; if they're not driven. Your friend is 100% right! It's amazing how deep people's pockets are when it comes to paying for things that they WANT. Like I said in an earlier post; vehicle repairs are a grudge purchase; always has been and will always be. Even body shops have an easier time selling a job; because the customer knows or will see that their dented/rusted car will be strait and shiny again. Automotive mechanical repair is a different song and dance. For example; we bring in a car for a basic oil change; the owner has no complains, just wants it serviced. During the servicing we find that there are issues with worn steering components. Go to the customer that's thinking he's only going to be spending a little money and tell them they need to spend big $$$. Once the repairs are done and the customer drives away. He doesn't feel or see anything different, the car drives the same; as far as they are concerned. Dan.
  6. The retirement part I'm good with. It's having to sell/loose my equipment; that I've had for years and took for granted that it would always be there for me to use. The fish hut, quad, the tracked Suzuki Tracker and the enclosed bobsled are staying with me. Even if I have to plant them in my front yard at home and call it fishing art! LOL That's my problem, I don't have room for all my crap and will have to let a lot of it go. Dan.
  7. I know the 2.5 automotive and the 2.5 marine are internally different. Not sure what these differences are; but you cannot switch them from automotive to marine; not without modifications made. I could ask my nephew (Marine mechanic) why; I just don't remember. Dan.
  8. Maybe get a 40-50 amp breaker with a reset button? If something accidentally shorts out and after the accident/short is found, push the breaker switch and you're back going again. There are also auto resets that once the short is removed the circuit will be back on line. I would suggest marine type applications. A bit more money but well worth it. You'll not have to worry about spare fuses. Dan.
  9. I have my 50 Chevy 2 door sedan to work on, as soon as I get it back from the body shop. I have 45 years of tinkering, building, repairing and fabricating; all of that is in my blood. Going to miss all the equipment; but when I started, I didn't have that stuff and still built cars. Once things get settled; I've been thinking of building an air boat. Be good for water, sketchy Ice and pissing everyone around me off with the noise. LOL Dan.
  10. Thanks Guys! I'm a person that does not like change and man am I scared of what my future is going to be like? One step at a time and I have a wonderful wife that is there 100% behind and in front of me. So I should be OK; having her support. Dan.
  11. What we found on Mountain lake (Elk Lake area) was trolling the weed beds and pencil sticks, in the 6- 8 FOW, We were always getting good numbers of small pipe. We then went out to the 20-25 FOW: drifting and casting into the weed beds and started hitting bigger fish. A lot more work then trolling but well worth the time. Can't get up there again this year; but fingers crossed for next. Dan.
  12. Been in the automotive trade for 45 years. Owned my own shop for 40 of those years. With covid kicking my ass financially; decided I had enough and wasn't putting any more of my savings back into the shop; to keep it going. I'll miss a lot of my customers and the loyalty they have shown me over the years. The sad part is I don't know who to recommend them to go to? All the good smaller shops that I knew are all closed or closing. So I'm going to try this retirement thing and see how that goes. Oh man my life is in for a great big change; not sure if I'm ready for it. Dealing with the public hasn't always been easy; vehicle repairs have always been a grudge purchase; but at times it could also be very gratifying; I'll miss that the most. Dan.
  13. I've have a trailer down at Normandale (Close to Turkey Point) now for about 25 years. Still enjoy going down there on the weekends; even if all I do is sit on the deck and watch the park world go by. It's nice to see you posting again Cliff. Dan
  14. LOL! You should never force anything; just get a bigger hammer. I broke 3 5lb slide hammers trying to get a rear wheel hub off of a C3 Corvette. I then went and bought a 10lb; just like butter. LOL There's some crazy crap we have to go through in this trade; just to do what looks like a simple job Dan.
  15. To The OP! 👍 Glad you got it working. This is no excuse for your dealer; but a friend of mine that works at a dealership. Says they are so busy selling; that service can't keep up with PDI (Pre Delivery Inspections) They just hope crap works, as the manufacturer advertised? Like I said no excuse; but even though frustrating, it was an easy fix. Go and enjoy your rig!!!! Dan.
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