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  1. I don't have any vid of this; but when I went on a supply run into shore and didn't have the bobsled hooked behind. Just me and Sally and I was able to pour a few more onions (Throttle) to her. The guys from my crew said there had to be at the least a 20 foot tall roster tail of snow coming off the tracks. It was a sunny clear day but I had to have my wipers on full speed, or else I couldn't see out the windshield. Hit a couple of big drifts that threw so much snow on the hood and windshield that the wipers stopped. Had to stop and clear the snow off. LOL Dan...
  2. Really nice work!!! If we get enough ice this season, I want to get my Sally out and give her a good run to clear out the cobwebs. I've put rear fenders on her now, hoping that they'll slow down all the snow she throws? She doesn't like pavement, but out on the ice she just digs in and pulls like a bear. Nice to see you haven't lost the knack of being a builder/fabricator; good on you!!! Want to race???? LOL Dan...
  3. Just a heads up here. There are restrictions on moving fire wood form certain areas to others. I have no idea what the fines are but I know it wont be cheap? Here's the contact info for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) they are the agency in charge of the ash bore issue. CFIA Contact A phone call doesn't cost you anything. Dan...
  4. I 've worked with these small battery testers and they do work fairly well. That's as long as you enter all the required information properly/correctly. Information that the tester needs to test that particular type and size of battery. The wrong info and you may as well not bother; the test results will be inaccurate. Below is from PA questions and answers section. Do I need to disconnect the battery from the car terminal in order to use the digital analyzer? 1answer Answer this Question Electrosonic · 19 days ago No. ehicle Mounted Battery 1. Before testing the battery the ignition needs to be turned off. Be sure everything is off, all accessories and loads. Close all the vehicle doors and the trunk lid. 2. Determine which post of the battery is ground (-) typically a black cable connected to the chassis. This is your negative connection. Now determine which post of the battery is posi - tive (+) typically a red cable connected to the starter. This is your positive connection. 3. Connect the POSITIVE (red) clamp from battery tester to POSITIVE (+) post of battery first. 4. Connect the NEGATIVE (black) clamp away from the battery. Typically a heavy gauge metal part of the frame, vehicle chassis, or engine block is a good choice. Do not connect clamp to carburetor, fuel lines, or sheet metal body parts. NOTE: When disconnecting, remove clamp from vehicle chassis first, then remove the POSITIVE (+) clip from the battery post. 5. Once connected to the vehicle, the screen will display BATTERY TEST. The battery volt - age will also be displayed with __. __ V. Press the ENTER button to go to the next step. 6. The screen will display BATTERY TYPE. Press the ARROW button to select the battery type: REGULAR LIQUID, AGM BATTERY or VRLA/GEL BATTERY. Press the ENTER but - ton to confirm choice. 7. The screen will show RATING STANDARD. Press the ARROW button to select the bat - tery standard: SAE DIN IEC EN or CA (MCA) SAE: United States Standard EN: European Standard DIN: German Standard IEC: International electrical science and technology as - sociation CA (MCA): Normal starting current or maritime starting current Press the ENTER button to confirm the choice and go to next step. 8. The screen will show RATING CAPACITY. Press the ARROW button to select the bat - tery capacity of CCA. With each press of the button, the value will increase or decrease Press the ENTER button to confirm the input value and begin the test. 9. The screen will show the message, TESTING. The test result will display after 2 seconds. 10. If the display reads BATTERY CHARGED Press the ARROW button to select YES or NO. Press the ENTER button to confirm your choice and proceed to the next step. NOTE: The Tester will judge the battery status & decide whether to show this Step or not, it doesn’t appear every time. 11. When the test is completed, the display shows the actual available CCA. Press the AR - ROW button to see the SOH, state of health as a percentage. 12. If your test results in and TEST ERROR, press ENTER, return to step 4 to continue test - ing or remove the test clamps from the battery terminal to end test.
  5. You're 100% right. Take a lawn chair and your tackle down to your favorite river, pond or lake side and enjoy this weather. Dan...
  6. Oh man, things like this scam just pisses me off to no end. Yes an alignment should be checked, making sure that there isn't an issue; but to say that you will void warrantee by not having an alignment is a complete and total ripoff! Oh look there's a 1/8 degree of caster out; you need to have that adjusted. Yeah right, caster is a non tire wearing angle; $140 dollars please!!!! Lastly it is NOT the tire dealer that holds the warrantee on the tire; it's the tire manufacturer. Dan...
  7. What's wrong with just using the scroll knob or the back button on the mouse: if you don't like what you're reading/seeing? Dan...
  8. Are there rack pockets on the top rail of the truck's box? If so make your own racks that'll look something like what was pictured in the link. Get some 12 gage square or rectangular tubing that will fit inside the pockets; in the length that will be required. (Height X2 + length between the pockets for one rack) Measure the height you want and mark the tube across one of its widths. On the opposite side from your mark, cut two 45degee angles to point at the mark; but do not cut through the marked side. After it is cut the tube should still be one piece with a triangle cut out its side at the required height. Now bend the tubing to close the triangle. Once bent you should have a 90degrre bend. Do the same at the other end of the tubing. To secure the bend you could use L brackets screwed to the inside of the bend. If your measurements were correct you should have a rack that'll fit the truck's rack pockets. Once the racks are built, there's hundreds of ways to secure and lock your rod tubes to. Other then your time, it should be under a hundred bucks to make. You can find this tubing at most of the metal supply stores. The place I use here in London is called the Metal Supermarket. https://www.metalsupermarkets.com/store-finder/ Check their store locator to see if there's one close to you? Dan...
  9. I'm not always checking the site so if I don't reply rattle my chain. PM will be sent shortly. Dan...
  10. If you haven't sorted this out, I might be able to help, if you were to post a few pictures of the brake calipers and a few general pics of the brakes. Dan...
  11. As a mechanic I've work probably half my tradesman's life under cars/trucks with stands holding them up off the ground. If they placed properly with the base square to the floor and square to the frame of whatever; you'd have a hard time to push a car/truck or boat trailer off the stand. After setting the stands and you're worried, get back about 20 feet from whatever is on the stands. Run at it like a linebacker going for a tackle. After hitting it and after you've woke up from being knocked unconcise; check to see if the stands have moved??? LOL Dan...
  12. I'll bide (Or hold my opinion) by the natives rights the day I stop seeing them selling walleye or whatever fish out of the trunks of their cars. I was so pissed at my dad because he was a regular customer of this one native guy. Dad was (He's passed now) a bigger problem then the guy selling the fish; he gave the guy an avenue for income. Dan...
  13. Not to change the subject, but still in storage mode. Do you do anything with your boat's trailer? Suggest putting it on blocks. Blocks under the frame that'll support at least half the travel of the springs free height. Sitting static for any length of time could cause the springs to sag, if all the boat's weight is left on it. Dan..
  14. Do you need too, MAYBE NOT? Does it hurt too, NO Do I recommend it, YES Intake valves and guides on a wet 4 stroke engine's manifold (fuel passing through) does not have any form of protection from condensation, while sitting over the winter; its only seen fuel. Same as direct injected engines, which are famous for accumulating deposits on the back of intake valves, where condensation can be absorbed and turn into something like cement. Giving the intake assembly any form of oily film will also help prevent the formation of oxidation on the shiny bits. When I stored customer's vehicles for the winter, I always fogged them. If there were an issue doing so I would have heard of it. These were the customer's summer time babies. Never had a hung up valve or seized piston ring doing so. Dan..
  15. In a separate fuel container run some 2 stroke oil & fuel mixture through the engine; till she starts to put out smoke. In the spring run Sea Foam through the system to clean out any residual oil carbon deposits that the 2 stroke may have left behind. Crappy sells this stuff. I'd make up a hose to connect to the motor's fuel line and then stuff the other end in the can of fuel. Dan..
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