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  1. Nice looking table or should I say nice piece of furniture. Dan.
  2. DanD

    All Weather Tires

    It's not always the people with the summer/all season tires fault. A lot of low income families just cannot afford two sets of tires; hell a lot of of young families cannot afford to replace their all seasons; that all but worn out. Being a mechanic and shop owner for 30+ years, I can tell you it can be a real struggle for some to keep the car (that they need to get to work with) on the road. They don't have the luxury of buying boots for the kids and tires for the car; they make due with what they have and can afford. I know if Ontario ever went with a snow tire law, like Quebec has; there'd be a lot a bald snow tires on the roads. The law says (in Quebec) between Dec. 15th and Mar. 15th winter tires must be on the vehicle. There's no legislation saying that you must remove them or a law that says when they're worn out. They do make a recommendation that at a certain tread depth and below "you may be compromising your safety". So run them until the cords are showing; but you sill have the snowflake symbol the sidewall of the tire. Dan. Sorry I forgot to add. I agree 100% that winter tires are well worth the money. I was just looking at this from a different angle of why some people cannot get them.
  3. 4 Bridgestone Dueler M+S tires, P255/70R17 . Thread measures 8.5 - 9/32" on average; new they measured 10/32".in tread depth. $160.00 Cash & carry for all 4 $200 Installed & balanced. Reason for selling, went to an LT tire, due to towing my car trailer. Note! One of the tires has had puncture repair in the tread. Patched from inside and NO other visible damage. D&S Auto 519-681-3844 Dan.
  4. DanD

    Time for a portable generator

    Surge protection is one thing; but it's the dirty voltage that's generated from the cheaper machines; that you need to worry about. Don't want to harp; just do some research and compare inverter to non-inverter machines. You'll see the potential hazard to your equipment. A lot of people get away with it and not hurt anything; I'm not one of them. Must be the luck of the Belgian's? LOL Dan.
  5. DanD

    Hours On Outboards

    I agree here. If the seller is willing to have this inspection done; it would making the sale much easier. Spend a hundred bucks and tack it on the price of the rig. If the shop that's doing the inspection has a good rep; the potential buyer could go and speak to the company about their findings. Just like selling a car, have it certified and offer up all service documents you have; it'll sell twice as easy.
  6. DanD

    Time for a portable generator

    All I can suggest (regardless of what brand you buy) make sure you get an inverter generator. Tell me what in today's appliances do not rely on sensitive electronics, to run? One voltage spike form a cheap non-inverter generator, could take out the controller(s) to anything you have connected to the generator. My fish hut has a 12 volt DC RV furnace in it. My batteries were running low, so I thought I'd charge them up with my little Champion. All was good until the furnace wanted to kick on. The igniter clicked about three times and went quit. The controller was fried; new they're about $500.00; almost twice what I payed for the generator used. Luckily there's a RV junk yard just outside of London and got a replacement controller for $75.00. I still have the Champ but I isolate the batteries during charging. Sorry for being long winded here; but spend the money on an inverter genny. Dan. PS: Fisherman had also mentioned this in his post to the thread. Smart man!!!
  7. DanD

    Fishing Gloves

    Spray your cotton gloves with silicone. Not saying to use the stuff in the vid; just an example of what a high quality silicone can do. Dan
  8. DanD

    More fishing fines laid!

    First time caught maybe/likely. Dan.
  9. Have any of you had to deal with the idiots at CRA? They've been hounding me for the last 4 months, on me supposedly being $10K in the rears on my corporate tax. I have the cashed cheque to prove I payed it; but they've lost the money somewhere in their system. Just this week they found the money; it was sitting in my HST account? Now guess what I get in the mail yesterday. A bill from CRA for the interest and penalties on the $10K that they lost; IDIOTS!!! LOL Dan.
  10. DanD

    How old is OFC/OFC?

    I have no idea of how many years I've be coming to the board and like a lot of other I found this place via the ZOO. As for my yellow jacket, it now lives in St. Lucia. I was wearing it on a fishing charter. Junior (the boat captain) didn't take his eyes off of it. At the end of the day I gave him the jacket. In turn I got Barracuda steaks and the address of a local restaurant that would cook it up for us. "The St Lucian way" Junior called the owner and set up the time for us to meet up there. What a great day and night we had. Cathy and I were the only non St Lucian's there and man can they party!!! Dan.
  11. DanD

    Smoked a laker

    Learned some stuff reading this thread; thanks everyone. A few things I've learned on my own. Soaking the wood chips is a good idea for large cuts of meat; brisket, ham, pork belly (beacon) ect. Chips last longer but the amount of smoke seems to be less and slower to produce. That's fine for these large pieces of meats; they have more time to absorb the smoke before the surface seals. For fish I use dry wood chips; more intense smoke and less heat required. Keeping the heat as low as I can and still generate as much smoke as I can; gives more time for smoke to be taken into the flesh. Once the pellicle has absorbed the smoke that it can; there's no need to keep adding chips. If you continue to add more chips, you're taking the chance of building up some creosote on the meat. After 1 or so hours of smoke, I go by internal meat temp of 145 degrees. A word of warning here. LOL On two separate occasions, I've added alcohol to my wood chips and or the moisture tray. The first time was Drambuie to the wood chips. Man did it smell good; even after it blew and put a 1 inch buckle in the smoker's door on either side of the latch. The second was when I added some crappy but very strong Scotch to the water tray. That one rattled the patio door on the deck; when it blew. I'm on my third smoker now. LOL If you like the flavour of whatever kind of booze in your smoker; just give it a quick boil on the stove before adding it to the smoker. The flavour will still be there; but there's no potential BOOM!!!!! LOL Oh Yeah. One last rule of thumb for me. If what you're smoking lived on the land, use a wet brine. If it was a water dweller, dry all the way. Dan.
  12. DanD

    Another heads up, TORNADO WARNING

    I can see both sides of this; cry wolf (and get TV ratings which is a lot of this) and then nothing happens. Don't warn people and the crap hits the fan; we'll ask why we weren't warned? So yes make us aware but don't make it sound like the end of the world. Dan
  13. I've looked for the regs that I read this and cannot find the link; but I know it was an Ont. Gov site. If cormorants have set up nesting on private property and are doing damage to the property or threatening to kill aquatic life on your property; you are allowed to "harass and or kill" the bird to the point they are no longer a threat to your property. Crown land is still off limits; but doesn't crown land belong to all of us??? Dan
  14. DanD

    Turkey Point

    Backfield. You were right to post this question here on this site. One of the most informative and friendly sites you'll find. That being said; maybe try here for more responses and up to date info on the inner and outer bay of Long Point Bay area. http://www.longpoint.on.ca/forum/index.php?forums/fishing-reports/ I have a trailer in Normandale (5 minutes from Turkey Point beach and it backs onto the TPPPark) and have fished the bay a lot (30 +years) until I sold my boat. Any help I can give just let me know. Dan.