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  1. Wright Choice If you do want to contact Lee at Wright Choice, tell him Uncle Danny gave you his info. Lee was my nephew by marriage; but my niece and him have divorced a number of years ago. Lee is a good guy and I have no ill feelings towards him that's why I call him a friend in my first post. Dan....
  2. I have a friend that is a marine mechanic and runs his own shop. At the end of boating season and has finished winterizing his customer's boats. He pulls out all the failed items that he has stored over the summer. He checks out what is rebuildable and what is only worth salvaging parts from. After listing his inventory of bits and pieces. He orders what he needs to rebuild what he feels is worth rebuilding. The last time I was in his parts room, there must have been 25 to 30 lower end units hanging on the wall; just waiting to go. He's told me many times that boat repairs are an OnDemand repair. Meaning whether it be a pleasure boat or a fishing boat; the customer wants it fixed NOW so they can get back on the water. My friend doesn't rip anyone off but time and opportunity does delegate the price. Simple question to the customer; you want back on the water tomorrow or in 4-5 weeks? I say good on him for working through the winter getting ready for next season. Well worth the extra few hundred to the customer; when his other option is sitting on the beach watching the other boats go by. LOL Dan...
  3. What a great web site!!! Thank you for the link, Dave. Dan...
  4. A hard lesson learned; once done it feels so good! Good On you Wayne!!!! Dan...
  5. crap Man I should post a couple of pictures (if I had them) of my platform shoes. That I wore in the 70's. I must have looked like Frankenstein's monster with the 10" soles. LOL Dan...
  6. I know bees are an important part of natures design; but I hate the little F%#@ERS!!!! Over the years I have grow allergic to their stings. Was stung twice this year once on my lower lip and another time on my upper lip. The lower lip sting wasn't that bad; just the lip had swollen up twice it's size for a couple of days. Do any of you know how hard it is to drink a rye and coke with a fat lip? Had to wring my shirt out to get the rest of my booze! LOL The upper lip though, the whole side of my face had swollen up to the point my right eye had swollen shut. Been to the doctor and he's prescribed and Epipen for me. I've been stung in the past with no ill affect; other than holly crap that hurt like hell!!!! Now according to the Dr. it could be life threatening? Dan..,
  7. One of my customers was charged with assault causing boldly harm. This was after he caught a guy trying to steal his Harley and he beat the crap out of the guy. It went as far as court day; that's when the guy trying to steal the bike dropped the charges. Saying his injuries where from trying to get away and him falling into the deep ditch beside the house? It had noting to do with my customer being affiliated with the Outlaw Biker Club. All I know is if I caught someone trying to steal my 50 Chevy; I'd be doing everything in my power to stop them. We have an umbrella stand at our front door. It holds 2 umbrellas and one aluminum baseball bat. Guess which one I'd be taking with me too "talk" to the thief? Dan...
  8. Amazing thread, amazing pictures! Your posts are what this board was meant to be; sharing fishing stories with friends. I enjoy all your posts and the replies you receive. Good on everyone who joins in. I myself don't have much to say; unless something impresses me. You guys constantly do. Thank You!!! Dan...
  9. Well crap loose those pounds and to could easily add another battery!!! LOL Dan...
  10. There's nothing wrong with an honest man. Now go have a stick of celery and go fishing. LOL
  11. The biggest thing with ethanol fuel is that it loves absorbing moisture, which we all know. My Honda 40hp had three carbs on it. If that motor sat for anymore then 2 weeks it was a complete dink to start. The fuel in the carbs (less then an ounce per-carb) are open to the atmosphere (all carbs need atmospheric pressure to function) and the ethanol fuel would go stale that fast. If I drained the carbs after using the motor for a day of fishing. The next time I would go out, I'd use the primer bulb to refill the carbs and that motor would start right up. I did also use Seafoam in every tank of fuel. The fuel in my sealed tank would stay good because I made sure that the fuel tank cap was actually working and sealing the tank when there was no draw from the motor. In other words a bit of prevention and a regiment of maintenance is all you need to deal with ethanol fuel. A lot of onboard fuel tanks have a fuel tank vent that is open; we've all seen it at the gas stations, where gas would spill out the vent when the fuel tank was full. That fuel in the tank is exposed to the atmosphere, depending on how humid it is that fuel can go stale if not used right away. We don't see this problem of stale fuel in the automotive industry. Emissions standards (no hydrocarbons are allowed into the atmosphere) require the fuel delivery systems to be completely sealed. It is called the evaporative emission control system (EVAP). This system works only with fuel injected motors. They don't need air pressure to atomize the fuel and can have sealed systems. At the end of this long post all I can advise is keep the fuel, you're using away from the air as much as possible... Just a side note and a bit of humor. My neighbor next door to me at the trailer park, buys a 2 gallon can of gas every spring. It's nicely sealed not to spill in his car. He opens the can, puts the pour spot on and fills his lawnmower; but leaves the gas can open for the rest of the season. A few weeks later he doesn't understand why the mower is hard to start and if it did start, it ran like a bag of crap. I'd go over drain the fuel tank and carb and then put gas in from my sealed can. Two or three pulls and it starts and runs like new. He doesn't understand why his fuel is bad. "I'll never buy gas from that place again" NO buddy seal you gas can!!! Dan...
  12. My thinking is you cannot have to much battery, sitting in reserve! The average difference between a group 24 and group 27 is approx. 13-15 pounds. Look around your boat for things that you have in and get rid of the non essentials. You can likely find those few pounds. Dam if you're anything like me, loose that weight by going on a diet: the doctor, your wife and you'd feel better? LOL Dan...
  13. Oh yeah their screeches can go right through you. Then when Auzzie feels safe and calm, he can sit nice and still on your shoulder, snuggle up to your cheek and coo like a dove in your ear. Look out though, if something scares him that ear he was cooing in will be ringing for a week. LOL Dan.. Sorry guy this is a thread about our dogs. Here's a picture right after I told Stax we had his boys removed. I think he was a bit upset with me?
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