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  1. Try telling that to an 80 plus year old that has to have everything just so. LOL Dan
  2. Lets not forget our elderly and not just our family members; but the seniors in our neighborhoods. Check on them to see if they're OK; in need of supplies or errands too be done. Today my wife is off from work; (They started rotating days at the service department of the car dealership; where she is a service adviser) she called the people we new in our neighborhood that might like some help. At the same time she asked them if they knew of anyone that might be in need of something. Only got three people take her up on her offer; most said that they were OK. She did a grocery shop for a couple of homes and one stop at the service Ontario to get a license plate sticker for our next door neighbor, Why this 80 year old man wanted his sticker I don't know? The car hasn't moved for the last two months; but he was upset that his plate had expired. LOL She dropped the groceries off outside at their door and they had the cash or a cheque in their mail box for her. Yes she wiped all of the containers, boxes and bags down with an antiseptic cloth before leaving the stash at the homes. I was proud of her for making the effort; one she plans to continue doing. Dan.
  3. I still have my garage open and I feel guilty at times; but believe me, it's not for the money. I just had to injected 20 grand into the place, to pay my bills and my two employees. We are not taking in any routine maintenance jobs; only breakdowns or things that will cause a breakdown. We also do work for the OPP, RCMP, CFIA and a few other first responder agencies. So that's how I've been justifying being open. The biggest thing I do regret by being open to the public, is I cannot go see my 2 year old granddaughter; my sons girl. Plus my daughter just last night, gave birth to a healthy baby girl; don't know when I'll be able to hold my new granddaughter? The second piss off for me; the walleye charter I had booked for mid April; out of St Clair, to fish the Detroit River has been canceled!!! Dan.
  4. It doesn't look like a bad idea; but i know of a number of marinas that would have a hemorrhage, if they caught you power loading your boat. Dan.
  5. http://www.eatingwell.com/article/15855/10-steps-to-water-bath-canning/
  6. I said it before. COVIDIOTS !!! Dan.
  7. If this needs to be taken down; so be it and I apologize for posting it. Dan
  8. I call people like that Covidiots. Dan.
  9. Most any professional auto part supply stores should have them. CarQuest fo example. Dan
  10. Oh come on Cliff with your reputation how are we to believe thatyour sister would do that. Good on her! Dan
  11. That works but a pain to remember; at least for me. Get a box of exam gloves. Yeah I know medical gloves are scares; but mechanic’s (Latex/rubber or whatever they are) gloves are still available. My one supplier shows over a 100 boxes of gloves in stock. 100 gloves per box for around 15 bucks; that’s only 30 cents a pair. Use them and pitch them. Most of the brands are 5 mil. thick so they do not tare easily. I put a box in my truck; go into a store, I’m warring a pair. Dan.
  12. LOL She was gone before I noticed. Since this virus thing has started, I've been giving the washroom a wipe down with bleach; after I know that it was used. When in saw what she had done; I called the guys over, so we all could have a laugh at how dumb this was. LOL Dan.
  13. People are doing some crazy stuff, during this "crises". Had a customer steal two rolls of toilet paper and a bottle of hand sanitizer, out of the customer's washroom? Hope her fingers poke through when she wipes her ass. LOL Dan.
  14. Oh yeah! The fond memories of parenting. LOL Dan.
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