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  1. Well guys I too always did and some what still do have respect for Tim Hale's operation; used them many many times. Never had a complain and if I were to rent a hut from him; I would still likley not have a complaint. He's a good operator. That being said he also dislikes "weekend worriers that think we can infringe of "HIS" fishing grounds" not my words his! Wish I had taken a picture or two of my location compared to his; like I said I was an 1/8 of a mile or more away from him or any other huts. How far is far enough away? It was after the CO put him in his place; that the buzzing of or hut began. I know what Tim Hale's bombardies look like and I'm sorry; but Hale and his crew do not have hailows. As for the Sidekick. I have already locked (welded the spider gears) in both the front & rear diferentials. Now looking at ways of locking and unlocking the tranfercase as needed. If that becomes an issue I'lll leave the T-case alone. Add an ajustable proporsioning valve to the rear brake system. This will allow me to lower the pressure applied to the rear brakes; allowing the front brakes to apply with greater force percentage wise. The T-case in turn will send the power to the rear wheels/tracks. I'm not talking of standing on the brake peddel; but just enough to send applied power into the T-case and then to the rear drive wheels. It will never see the road again; yes an ugly trailer queen. LOL Already checked into registering it as an off road rebuilt vehicle and getting an off road plate; no issues. As for equired off road insurance my broker said it would be the same rate as the quod and to call him when I'm ready to insure it Thanks for your comments and concerns on my other post and another chance of explaining my interaction with a well known good operator. I guess he just doesn't like my aftershave or the lack of? LOL Dan.
  2. Can't wait to get back out on the perch grounds of lake Simcoe; out off of Beaverton. I like planting my hut somewhere between Georgina Island and Thorah Island. Last year I got crap from Tim Hale; saying I was to close to his rental huts. I was at least an 1/8 of a mile away, on the other side of the main trail? He tried telling me that my hut was causing his huts to flood? LOL OK. Your huts are 2-300 feet apart, mines an 1/8 of a mile away; how is it that I'm the cause of your huts flooding? He couldn't give me an answer. LOL Ministry (CO) showed up while Tim and I were having our conversation that was starting to get heated. The CO more or less told Tim to go pound salt; he didn't own the lake and if I wanted I could place my hut right up to but not against one of his. I did eventually move my hut. Mr. Hale (going well out of his way) kept buzzing around my hut with his bombardiers. So I guess he's not going to be a friend of mine? LOL My hut is big and heavy and the 700cc quad has all it can do to pull it on clear ice. That's why I'm going to put together a half track system on the rear wheels of a Suzuki Sidekick and chains on the front wheels. 98hp and about another 900lbs of weight should allow me to move the hut much easier. I never go out unless I see the the operators out there with their Bombardiers; so I should be OK; staying on marked trails? So if you see a navy blue hut out there with a Canadian flag on the door; stop in and say hi. Dan.
  3. Being that this only happens when its cold; I would check that the fluid in there is of the proper viscosity. To thick an oil will become even thicker when it's cold. The pump will have a hard time pressurizing and circulating it. If unsure I'd change it out to the recommended fluid. The system is self bleeding and as long as you do not let the reservoir run empty during the filling and running of the system you'll be fine.
  4. Changing the date of holoween is just another chip off of our culture’s history. What’s next, no Lord’s Prayer at school. Oh wait that’s already happened! How many more of our customs will be changed, to satisfy new wave and new Canadians. Customs/annual events should stay as is; or they are not ANNIAL OR OUR CUSTOMS! Dan.
  5. Nothing stupid about it. If the seal you're thinking of using is oil resistant and of the proper size, it should work fine. Dan.
  6. There's not a lot to say; people showing pride too who they are!! Dan.
  7. We had a far amount of kids last night. Shut it down around 8:30; when the kids looked like their 5 O'clock shadow was a dark as mine. LOL The remaining candy (Other then a few of my favorites) went to a woman's shelter; here in London. A lot of the families there are not comfortable to go out at night. We've done this a lot the last few years; with different items. Last Labour day, I cooked (Using my spit) for a sick kids hospital fund raiser pig roast. (We raised $4500.00 that day; between the roast and silent auction.) what a great day! The remaining unopened salads (Potato, Mac and Coleslaw) were all brought to a woman's shelter. That's my wife's doing; very proud of her! Dan
  8. Nice. I always bring my telescopic rod and a few lures with me, when heading down to the islands. Just before daybreak, walk out to the water break walls, piers or wherever; sit back and enjoy, chucking some bait. Usually bring two coffee's & Baileys with me. One for me and the other for the security guard; that usually tells me that that place is off limits. Then he'll escort me to where I want to fish and stay until the coffees are done. LOL Dan.
  9. What are the extra precautions to take? Both our dogs have what the vet suggested. Is there more we can do? I know the long grass thing and checking the dogs for hitch hikers before they get a chance to dig in; but what else? Just asking for advice and any would be well taken in. Thanks Dan.
  10. I know what pissed him off. His mate told him she had a headache. I think we've all been there? LOL Dan.
  11. Well he won't have to worry about having a decent draft. Hell hook a hose to the air inlet of the stove and I bet he could use it for a vacuum cleaner. LOL Dan.
  12. With the serial and or model number you should be able to order the correct parts? Serial Number Model Name Motor Transom Height Approved Model Code Yamaha Outboard Motor MODEL, PRE-FIX and SERIAL NUMBER’S are stamped on a metal plate which is mounted on the transom clamp bracket located at the rear of the boat. PPT For the above Info and much more. Dan.
  13. Very interesting video. Just wish I could afford today’s electronics; there’s some amazing crap out there. Thanks for posting Lew. Dan
  14. Worrying about weld on spring perches is a non issue. Assemble the spring pack, perches, mounts and U bolts. Adjust axle position and tighten it all down. If the trailer tracks properly; stop at most any garage that has a welder. Have them weld the spring perches to the axle. For a road test with things just bolted together, will be fine. Have it welded for longevity sake Dan Sorry forget to add that your road test could take you to London? I’d be more then happy to weld it up for you.
  15. Yow will likely need a different ball mount; so that the trailer frame rails will be level when hooked to the tow vehicle. The optimum tongue height is 17 - 19" (Level trailer) measured from the ground to the inside top of the ball coupler. An axle flip will give you more frame clearance; but not axle clearance. Axle clearance is determined by wheel & tire size. Like what was said above, you will loose some stability. Going down a smooth hwy, you'll likely not feel any difference in the handling. There's only vertical down pressure on the springs. It's when one wheel goes over a bump or dip in the road; is where you'll feel it. Because of the horizontal side load on the spring. It will force the spring to twist; when the load is gone the spring will return to its normal position causing the trailer to sway. Rule of thumb is to have the center of the axle to be as close as possible to the center of the spring's mounting eyelets. The diagram explains this better. Seems like a lot of extra effort, just to gain 3-4" of frame clearance and possibly loose some stability? Dan.
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