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  1. 16 FOOTER! Your Grandson will be a true fisher. He'll talk about the one that got away for years to come. Good on you for getting him out! Dan.
  2. Enjoy the time; it won't be long before his interests may change? His fingers will smell the same; but it won't be from cutting bait. LOL Dan.
  3. Thanks all for the replies everyone!!!!! Lefroy. This pic is exactly why I started this thread! My Son Is now in his mid thirties and busy with work and his kids. The look on your son's face is everything I remember about taking my son out. Thanks for sharing. Dan.
  4. Come on guys give me something fishing wise to get me/us shut-ins through this February blues! I'm the second youngest in our usual ice fishing group. The eldest being 74 and (with no blame) doesn't want to go out where there's a chance of getting infected. Along with the "stay at home" crap; we couldn't travel together. So my fishing experiences have been through your reports. I don't care whether you caught or not; just a report on your trip out; would be good to read. Yes I'm begging here for anything fishing and/or fishing trip related. LOL So please post whatever you have; I promise to read and reply to the entertaining ones! LOL Dan.
  5. The trinkets I've bought my wife over the years, that have never been seen since gifting them; would likely add up to my new boat; plus accessories. The only ring she wares is the engagement and wedding. I guess there's something in there to be grateful for there? But the pawnshop is still an option for the trinkets; but I'd have to stage a break in to the house. .🙈 LOL Dan.
  6. Call me whatever you want; just not late for supper or a fishing trip! LOL Dan.
  7. 100%. You are correct there's only a few battery manufacturers That's my point; check the stats on the battery, not the name. Don't fall for the loneliest repair guy; like the Maytag commercials. LOL Dan.
  8. OH Man!!! Do you cater; if so I'll place an order in for a group of 5 and if you'll keep the proper social distances! LOL Really looks good. May come back to this part of the thread, next trailer season and fire up the pizza oven. Dan.
  9. You need to look for a group 35 battery (External battery size and post configuration). The next thing to look for is the cold cranking amps (CCA) . Your CRV needs/wants a minimum of 440 CCA for starting power. Also check what the reserved capacity (RC) is of the battery. RC is what the battery voltage would/should be after a two hour drain of 25 amps (Headlight left on) and not fall lower then 10.5 volts. 10.5 volts will still get you started as long as everything else is equal. The higher RC the better. Please only start comparing pricing, after you know that you're comparing apples to apples. There are a lot of batteries out there that look the same to the eye, even from the same manufacturer. Check the specs on the battery you decide to buy. If you have any other questions; please ask. If I don't know the answer; I'll reach out to my contacts in the automotive field and get you an answer. Dan.
  10. Yeah we did too at first; but by end of our first season, we decided to pull out. The parks facilities and location were fine; but it became more and more evident that we were not fitting in with the clicks in the park. As I found out, most other campers there "owned" their lots. So when some (I'd say 60% of) found out we were renting our site and who from; we usually were given the cold shoulder afterwards. I didn't want my kids (then 6&8 years old) to feel what prejudicem was and pointed towards them and us as a family. When I told the couple that we were renting from; that we were not coming back next season and why. They said they understood, as they been living it their whole lives, being a Black family living in Detroit Michigan. Just telling it as how it was; hopefully the attitude there has chanced? It was almost 30 years ago. Dan.
  11. A friend sent me this; I thought it was worth sharing here?
  12. A couple of days ago we needed to get some antibiotics for one of our dogs that has an infection. We put the meds on the counter, beside the bread box like we always had. The next morning the package is on the floor, torn to shreds and only 2 pills left out of 20. Then we hear Gus (one of our 2 cats) at the door (wanting out) with the dry heaves; we now know where the pills went. Off to the vet's office and after a night's stay and $600.00 + dollars Gus is home again feeling fine. So thanks Cliff; it was nice seeing a cat getting his dues. LOL Dan.
  13. They'll only be able to collect past licensing fees from people willing or afraid not to pay them. My 50 Chevy has been at the beauty spa (body shop) for the last 2 1/2 years. Why would I have bought a sticker for her while she was getting a face lift? LOL The only thing I have been paying for her is her insurance. Same as a buddy of mine he's had his 67 Ford Galaxie sitting on the sidelines for close to 30 years. Last year he bought a new plate and sticker for it (Chevy's are hers Fords are its LOL) and there wasn't a question as to why now after 30 years. After this is all over and done back to "normal" Ontario or the Febs will be taking a big enough bite out of us that I'm not offering up any cash that I don't have to. Dan.
  14. I'll be printing a copy of that email, to take with me; if I do get a chance of staying overnight. Dan.
  15. Just Got this reply from the Aylmer MNR office Good morning, Dan. Thanks for your email seeking clarification about ice fishing during the Stay-at-Home order. Hopefully the following information will be helpful. Under the Stay-at-Home order a person is required to remain in their place of residence and only leave their home for purposes permitted under the Stay-at-Home order, including: · Obtaining food · Exercise · Exercising an Aboriginal or treaty right as recognized and affirmed by the section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982. Ice fishing huts should be treated the same as indoor gatherings and only be used with other members of your household. There are new restrictions on the rental of ice huts. Ice hut may only be rented to a person if the hut will only be used by members of the same household and the hut will not be used overnight. If a person owns their own ice hut, they can stay overnight. All the best, Melody Melody Cairns | Resources Operations Supervisor (Acting) Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry | Regional Operations Division | Aylmer District | 615 John St. N., Aylmer, ON, N5H 2S8 | Tel: 519-773-4720 | Cell: 519-902-4631 | Email: [email protected]
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