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  1. Regardless of what you do aluminum or magnesium wheels will eventually start to have rim and valve stem leaks. Mother Nature loves screwing with these metals and the area where the tire beed and valve stem need to make a the seal. The corrosion that looks like white powder that builds up and pushes the beed away from the rim. The corrosion is easily cleaned off once the tire is dismounted. I then brush on a liquid rubber on the beed and valve stem areas. Dan.
  2. The wheels have to conform to the DOT specs; so I wouldn't be worried for your application. The wheel torque for the factory wheels is 150 ft-lbs. I would be checking with the manufacturer of these wheels (Not the sales person) as to what they suggest the torque should be for that wheel, being bolted to your truck. If you don't already have a torque wrench; I'd suggest getting one. Improperly torqued wheels could work themselves loose, warp the wheels, brake rotors and hubs. Once the wheels are installed; check the torque when you get home. Then every 100klm for the next 300. Sometimes an aftermarket wheel needs to fully seat to the hub & brake rotor; before they'll hold the torque. Is that being a bit over caucus maybe; but it's better then watching one of the wheels pass you; while you're on your way to the ditch. LOL Dan.
  3. Automotive has gone the same way. You test a failed circuit and you know that it is just a $10.00 relay; but that relay is incorporated inside a module assembly. Chrysler has had issues with their TIPM (Totally Intergraded Power Module) it controls all secondary electrical systems. Things like lights, heater/AC, power windows and so on. Talk about a hard sell. Well we found out why the left headlight isn't working. It's the TIPM and it'll cost you approx $1200.00 to have it replaced. There's usually a few moments of silence on the phone; before I hear a very loud WHAT! Like what one of my instructors told me years ago and have had to use his line many times. I didn't design it, build it or buy it; I'm here to fix it; sorry for your luck. Dan.
  4. I service the shop's mailman's vehicles. I haven't had to go to a post office or mailbox in years. Everyday he shows up around 10am with my mail (Bills mostly LOL), makes himself a coffee and takes a 10 minute break. On the way out he picks up my out going mail and looks after it for me. He's about to retire and I'll miss the guy. As a retirement gift I put a $100.00 gift certificate for the shop, in an envelope addressed to him. He always checks that I have the proper postage on my stuff. I wont put a stamp on his letter; so he'll notice it's for him. Dan.
  5. The last time I thought I found a loony; turned out to be a nice snack, after peeling the foil off. Just to show off my luck. LOL Dan.
  6. Very surprised that the mother came back to tend to them; after your scent was on the baddies. My dad raised domestic rabbits; on average he would have 300 + at a time. If we went into a nest to early. Most times the mother would abandon them and these rabbits knew our sent? Maybe wild rabbits are not the same? Dan.
  7. This lockdown may have good reasoning; but it sucks big time. I had to say goodbye to my fishing partner, best friend, my elder brother this week. After fighting years of cancer, it finally took him last Monday night! I had a half hour with him at the funeral home; as many people were waiting outside to show their respects to this man. This morning I wasn't allowed to attend the funeral and church service for him; because of this frigging lockdown. I had to sit here at home and watch the service on youtube; total Bull!!! What a shame a man that had nothing but love for all of his family; which a large part of this family wasn't allowed to attend. I'll follow the covid rules; but for damn sake lets get a handle on it. I'll miss you Morris; sorry I wasn't able to be with you!
  8. I laughed when I read that; good on you making it through this!!! Dan.
  9. I'm on my 50" LG smart TV as I type this. Been one of the better TV's I owned and is on it's 10th year? The thing is on all the time; I use it as my computer screen, TV cable monitor; along with all the movie streaming I do. Did I get lucky with this one? With all the circuitry that's inside these things; it only take one soldered connection on one of the hundreds of boards to go open and shut the thing down. The labour involved in finding this possible open connection out ways the cost of replacing the unit. The only thing that I think is different between brands is the quality control at the factories that supply the companies that do the final assembly and slap their name on it. Just like the automotive industry. GM, Ford or Chrysler do not build the components that go into their vehicles. All that is subbed out to other companies to build whatever part to spec. The vehicle manufacturer then assembles those bought parts to build their vehicle. I should ask my son to post some of the horror stories he has to deal with working as an engineer at GM and is in charge of North American rear wheel drive mounting (engine, transmission & body) components. Sometimes what he has approved in a manufacturer's sample part; isn't exactly what shows up at the assembly plant. Talk about the "Ship High In Transit" (S.H.I.T.) hitting the fan. LOL Dan. Trivia. Ship High In Transit comes from when river barges use to transport manure in their holds. They didn't want the manure to get wet; so they labeled the bails with the words Ship High In Transit. That's where the acronym S.H.I.T. comes from. LOL
  10. Been following this thread from the beginning and I am so in awe of what you have built! Please don't stop posting you're advancements towards the end of you're build. Thanks for sharing this adventure with us. A dream of mine that may never happen; but I can enjoy watching yours's come true. All the best!!!!! Dan.
  11. Thanks for posting this! I spent about a half hour checking my phone settings. Man I was getting pissed at my lack of knowledge of the phone settings. Thank! You saved some of what little hair I have left. LOL Dan.
  12. Yup! The KISS method is usually the best. Keep It Simple Sir. (KISS) Dan.
  13. If they don't let me know and provide all measurements and description of what is needed and I'll go down in person and talk to them. My shop's phone # is 519-681-3844 (D&S Auto) call if you'd like any help with this. I'm the owner of the shop and at times, it's good to be the boss. I don't need permission to leave the shop if I want too. LOL As long as the wife doesn't find out!!! Oh Crap! LOL Dan.
  14. Oh man, I know what you mean. I saw it leave, I heard it hit the floor and now it's gone. Reminds me of my days rebuilding carburetors. A check ball spring decides to take off before you get it pinned; just forget about it; it's gone never to be seen again. LOL Dan.
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