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  1. Dang! I hope it passes soon for you! so, as someone who has it and is still trying to get rid of it, I find myself wanting to ask you.. Given what you know now and had it been available to you, would you take the vax given the chance? Thanks, HH
  2. Made back ribs earlier this week. Dry rub, and 4 hours in the oven at 275f. It was difficult to remove them from the pan as they just fell apart. Put them under the broiler for a bit with BBQ sauce, crisped them up... gone! HH
  3. Tenderloins marinated in Jerk Sauce, a couple of days. Low and slow on the BBQ, with rice a peas. HH
  4. 60 Minutes ran a segment last night about "Long haulers" and no, they don't mean truck drivers. Just another level of nastiness being delivered by this virus... https://www.cbsnews.com/news/covid-long-haulers-60-minutes-2020-11-22/ HH
  5. Send Bell an invoice Wayne! They pay net 90 days btw... LOL HH
  6. That's an assumption I wouldn't make Big Cliff. In order to know for sure if you already had it, you would need to be tested for anti-bodies. Until you do that, I think it would be wise for you to assume that you haven't had it and avoid places where you could catch it. I would not take the vax out of my thinking. HH
  7. You are talking about the first wave of vax. I have no expectation of receiving the vax until the fall of 2021. There more important people like health care workers, the elderly who will see the first batch. HH
  8. Honestly, I won't be happy until we are out of this dumpster fire. The only path I can see it through is vaccine. Vaccine is only effective if most if not all take it. Have we not noticed how our friends to the south are suffering as a result of anti media and anti vax attitudes? I truly hope that none of you have to go through the effects of this virus... HH
  9. I don't get the anti-media take on all this. Can anyone provide a logical reason, other than pandemic, that every country in the world has turned their economies into a manure pile? I'm all ears! HH PS... I now have two people who have passed as a result of "the rona".
  10. Here's an article that may have some re-considering. Long haulers as they are called and sure as h e double hockey sticks, I want nothing to do with it! https://www.yahoo.com/gma/number-covid-19-long-haulers-003500035.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cudGFsa2Jhc3MuY29tL3RocmVhZHMvY29yb25hdmlydXMtZGlzY3Vzc2lvbi10aHJlYWQtbm8tcG9saXRpY3Mtb3ItcG9saXRpY3MtYnktcHJveHkuMTQ1MTY5OC9wYWdlLTg5NA&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAJjeQmpr89d8GPBMPRVXj3Qh-C7BPDcLeM1e_k8iy84EwGEohLvhkSJRI7ajnHOLlW5FGv6CbOvWzEhaeaYzNSukKTM9bVK7VfS_lDl46fL8sMmT9z3hX3_JQO_4WzHNf7ePIcQYLCw_7pCapIecvTBHlCeU1xI8a_IsnWWN48eg HH
  11. I guess you don't mind passing it along to the 0.4% who you could possibly kill by being positive? This is why we can't do nice things.... HH
  12. I can't agree more. Firstly, there is simply no evidence that you cannot get this virus twice, so anyone who thinks they have already had it, should think twice about not getting the shot. If there is going to any path to normalcy in our lives, folks are going to have to get the shot, otherwise, we will be living in this purgatory for years to come. I also can't wrap my head around the ant- vaxers. Is it your goal to infect and potentially kill off those folks in your life that may have brought you into this world? Or do you simply not believe that there is any risk with this virus? What the heck are you afraid of? I would much rather deal with any potential side-affects for the vax, then I would with the multitude of side effects from the virus... but I get that some folks just don't see it that way. They would be wrong! HH
  13. Freshly ground horseradish is great stuff! Fabulous on a sandwich, smoke pork hock, roast beef etc.... When planting it, be sure to give it lots of room to spread, because spread it will! Little shop of horrors come to mind. And Big Cliff is correct, the stuff will grow anywhere. Just peel it like a carrot, and grate it. I also find it to be a much more "mellow" flavour then the processed stuff. HH
  14. It's a good time to loosen the drags on reels we won't be using for a while. HH
  15. Update... Eight staff confirmed, one still in the hospital. Two students confirmed as well. HH
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