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  1. One of the first things we do is to bury our coolers up to the lid. Then cover them with moss to keep any sunlight off of them. You can't bring enough tarps and rope. Tie rocks to the tarp lines and throw the rocks up into nearby trees, wind the ropes around the tree truck to hold the tarps in place. If you have room, a fold out table can be really helpful. HH
  2. I'd quit workin if that was my backyard! HH
  3. If you haven't seen this show, I highly recommend it! Now, that said, it is violent, crude and silly funny, everything you look for in an anti-hero type situation. The hero of the show is a "hairband" junky, meaning that he loves obscure 80's bands and the sound track reflects that. John Cena stars. I have watched all of season one, season two have been announced given that this show is the all time leader in viewership for HGBO Max. PS... his "side kick" is an eagle who he named.... Eagley! LMAO! HH
  4. We've been watching Peacemaker recently. It's basically a super hero series, but the super hero is a Richard Cranium! It certainly isn't a movie that will leave you thinking, it's really eye candy, but I have found myself laughing out loud through every episode! It stars John Cena as the lead and is available on Crave or HBO+. I would post a link to previews, but they are definitely not safe for work (as is the whole show!) and I don't want to get in trouble here... HH PS... Peacemaker has a sidekick, his pet eagle who he named... wait for it.... Eaglely! That still makes me laugh!
  5. I have to wonder how folks would feel if that crap show going on in Ottawa was happening in THEIR backyard... HH
  6. Despite the rules in place, some of just can't seem to be able to comprehend that this is not the place for your political views... HH
  7. That's a beauty! I haven't seen one that big from that body of water for over ten years! Well done! HH
  8. I refuse to put on winter tires because: • It’s my car, my choice, my freedom. • The effectiveness of winter tires is not proven, except by studies carried out by the manufacturers (like I’m supposed to trust them). • My neighbor Bob had an accident even after putting on winter tires. • Some drivers are already on their 3rd set of tires, which proves their ineffectiveness. • We do not know what the tires are made of. • The tire manufacturers scare us with winter just to enrich themselves. • In fact, I read on the internet that the tire giants invented snow and spread it at night when you sleep. • If I have winter tires, the government can track me in the snow. Educate yourself, open your eyes, stop being sheep! This year, I say no to winter tires! HH
  9. Filling lakes with microscopic plastic bits seems like a no win to me. Don't we already have enough micro plastics in our oceans to deal with? There has got to be a better way. HH
  10. And bed time after Jeopardy! LMAO! HH
  11. I knew your were getting old @misfish, but I didn't think you were that old! Cooking dinner at 2:30pm means dinner at 4:00pm! LMAO! HH
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