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  1. Headhunter

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    I was pretty impressed with the way the Bolt's collapsed on their net, when things got hairy around it. So many blocked shots and no time for the Leafs to make up their mind where to pass to or shoot. I think the Leafs could take a page outta the Bolts play book. HH
  2. Apparently, Woodbridge is the place to be for this type of thing! "It's worth the trip to Woodbridge!" LOL HH
  3. I suggest that you leave the truck running/warming up in your driveway and go in the house to "grab a few things" while it's warming. With any luck, it will be gone when you come out. Sorry, that's the best I could come up with! HH
  4. Headhunter

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    He's looked scared/afraid for a long time Bill. HH
  5. Headhunter

    Vehicle Insurance changes for 2019 NF

    Unfortunately by that logic Brian, we would never have passengers in our cars! HH
  6. Headhunter

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    I agree, with the addition that he will just disappear in the playoffs again anyway! HH
  7. Headhunter

    Vehicle Insurance changes for 2019 NF

    I wholeheartedly with all of you! We have to put an end the scourge of texting/talking on phones, unless a hands free option is available. HH
  8. This popped into my in box this morning. If it is indeed true, there will be folks who will see massive increases in the car insurance premiums. Perhaps we have some insurance folks here who could verify? Either way, still not a good idea to text/talk and drive! HH Are you aware of the changes that are happening with Auto Insurance. Please note as of January 1, 2019, a cell phone ticket in Ontario will carry a 3-day license suspension and a $1000.00 Fine. What does this have to do with your insurance. If you receive this conviction it will be seen as a Major Conviction (minimum surcharge of $350.00) plus a ratable license suspension (minimum surcharge of $150.00) and a guarantee non-renewal/cancellation of your auto policy. The reason for this is insurance companies do not want to insure drivers who text and drive as they are at a higher risk of a fatal accident. Insurance companies are even taking into consideration the people who received a texting and driving ticket prior to January 1, 2019 and rating their insurance policies accordingly to the new rules. If you have this ticket on your record currently, you might be seen as a high-risk driver and we may need to place you in a high-risk market come your renewal. Please note that all convictions and license suspensions stay on your record for only 3 years – after that they are not ratable. Stay safe and Drive Smart Edit... first offense 3 points, next offense 6 points. Also, window will go 5 years, not 3.
  9. Headhunter


    Elon Musk was on 60 minutes last night. To keep up with demand, they build an assembly line under a tent in the parking lot! Yes, he was asked if he would consider buying any of the closing GM plants and he said he would consider it. He also mentioned that one thing he has learned in the process of building a company, is that humans are far more reliable than robots in most cases. HH
  10. Headhunter

    cooking thread...

    And the gym!!!!!! HH
  11. Headhunter

    cooking thread...

    Endless possibilities Brian... HH
  12. Headhunter

    cooking thread...

    Well, I have been putting the ole thinker box in this one and have come up with a few ideas myself. Next time, I'm going to start by frying some pancetta as a first step. Once crispy, I'll remove and set aside. Going to use the fat left over to cook the onions and raw garlic. Add the crispy pancetta at the end. I also think that a decent sausage would be good. Croutons at the end and even some aspargas. Not sure that shrimp would be the best choice because man, it this soup ever rich! Shrimp might put it over the top! Heck, why stop at shrimp when some chunk lobster would settle in ther nicely! HH
  13. Headhunter

    cooking thread...

    Update on the garlic soup... It was even better today... having second thoughts on adding potato as it thickened up nicely overnight in the fridge. HH
  14. Headhunter

    cooking thread...

    Well, my son and I enjoyed the Garlic Soup last night. With as much garlic in it as I used, around 50 cloves, it was not in any way over powering or "burning", just a nice mellow garlic flavour. Heck, the house didn't even smell. The flavour reminded me very much of Leek and potato soup. The Pro's - very tasty and a bit of depth to the taste with the combo of fresh and roasted garlic. It's pretty darn easy to make, with total prep and cooking adding up to about one hour. 45 minutes of that was roasting the garlic. I used my hand held "outboard motor" rather than transferring everything to a blender and it worked great! Side benefit... if you are one who has some troubles with your daily constitutional, this soup will help get things moving along! Don't ask how I know! Cons - I found the finished product to be a little thin to my liking. The next time I make this, and I will, I'm going to add some peeled and diced potatoes, probably only two, to help thicken it up a bit. I'll add them in the 20 minute simmer. So, if you have never heard of garlic soup, you have now and I highly recommend it for the flavour and ease of preparation. It's pretty rich which means you really won't be eating too much as I found it rather filling. Happy chowing down everyone! HH
  15. Headhunter

    cooking thread...

    Nope! The girls are out tonight so it's just my son and I and he likes garlic more than me, if that's possible... I think it's my birthstone. BTW - he asked for garlic bread w/cheese on the side! LOL HH