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  1. Don't get me wrong, I love the Donner! Can't say I agree with him and the numbers back me up. HH
  2. I only caught the highlights of the game last night as I had a commitment, but Freddy did it again, passing the puck right onto the Tampa players stick and in his net. He sure isn't playing like a number one goalie! HH
  3. Years ago we thought we'd try hitting Quinte in January... as you can see from the pic, we cleared the launch the old fashioned way, grit and determination! On a side note, we didn't do well that day at all! HH
  4. So, nice to see that Freddy used the time off in the summer to work on his puck handling skills! LMAO! In the four games played to date, he has let in at least one bad goal in each of the three he has played and it could be argued that he has let in more than that! I sense a weakness between the pipes... still waiting for him to "steal" a win for the team... HH
  5. Moon rising over Georgian Bay. Point and shoot camera, no tripod... a bit of a challenge! HH
  6. Let those off us who haven't done something similar/stupid in our youth, cast the first stone. I bet the ripples from the tossed stones don't even disturb the surface. HH
  7. Mann Stretch 20's off of planner boards, 200ft behind the board and 150 out from the boat. Colour is dependent on grey or blue skies. Fish from the Hay Bay boat launch to the mouth of the bay or back in the bay near the island if you feel like casting. HH
  8. My wife is a big fan of these guys and dragged me to the Danforth Music Hall last week to catch them live. I gotta admit, I left a fan. Just a really fun band, catchy tunes and non-stop action on stage. I hope you enjoy! HH
  9. I think that what Irish is leading towards is that it is generally seen as bad practice to hold large pike/musky by the mouth, without supporting the rest of the body. Bad things can happen unintentionally when the fish's weight in not being supported. That said, nice fishes! HH
  10. At least they weren't on their phones... HH
  11. I believe that he would be referring to the pier jutting out into the lake. Happy Carp'in! HH
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