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  1. https://globalnews.ca/video/6438754/woman-leaves-car-window-open-in-newfoundland-blizzard This made me LOL! HH
  2. Their induction into the RnR Hall of fame is still an emotionally charged moment for me, even after having watched it numerous times. Such an amazing response from the crowd. HH
  3. That last pic sure looks familiar! LOL HH
  4. I still have my toque from the fishing show at the International Centre somewhere around 13ish years ago? HH
  5. https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/22/entertainment/terry-jones-dies-scli-gbr-intl/index.html So sad to yet again, lose one who has entertained for so long. The guy had talent and was such an influence throughout my life. My sense of humour is directly related to being a fan of the troop. He will be missed. HH
  6. It would look better with some peaches one the side... im-peached so to speak! HH
  7. Apparently Muzzin skated on his own today, so maybe just a couple of weeks out? Re late night's game.... lucky they were playing Jersey, don't think they would have won if they were playing a good team. Leaf's need a goalie! BAD! HH
  8. Reilly out 2 months, Leafs recall Sandin. Fishheadjoe
  9. So Freddie decided again last night, that playing the puck was a good idea... hey Freddie, want to hear a really good idea, stay in the net! HH
  10. Once the parachute is deployed, I bet that baby trolls down pretty good! HH
  11. Stay away from anything made of cotton, in the cold, cotton kills! Any nylon dress sock will whisk moisture away from the foot. A good wool sock on top and you should be good to go assuming you follow the advice above and remove the insole each night. Any boot rated for -100C is a definite asset. See the Baffin lineup. HH
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