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  1. Filling lakes with microscopic plastic bits seems like a no win to me. Don't we already have enough micro plastics in our oceans to deal with? There has got to be a better way. HH
  2. And bed time after Jeopardy! LMAO! HH
  3. I knew your were getting old @misfish, but I didn't think you were that old! Cooking dinner at 2:30pm means dinner at 4:00pm! LMAO! HH
  4. To say that I am "hooked" (see what I did there! LOL) on these Boneless Blade Roast might be a bit of an understatement! Cooked up another for Sunday's dinner. Again, 72 hours in the Sous Vide at 133F. I took it directly from the freezer, added kosher salt, black pepper and instant coffee to the bag and vacuum sealed. it then went right into the drink. After the 72 hours, I took it out of the bag, dried the roast with paper towels and put on another layer of slat and pepper. From there, onto the side burner on the Napoleon for 30 seconds per side. A quick ten minute rest and sliced again the grain. Note the dark "crust" a result of both the instant coffee as well as the high heat from the side burner. What you see on the cutting board is what was left of the roast after dinner. Tonight, we are having home made French Onion soup and roast beef sandwiches with melted swiss and au jou for dipping. Unfortunately this is the last of the blade roast I scored on sale... HH
  5. I grabbed some Blade Roasts on sale a bit ago. Took it from the freezer, directly into the Sous Vide (rub applied to the frozen roast) at 133 F for 72 hours. (Brian is going to lose it reading this!) After 72 hours, remove roast from vacuum pack, pat dry with paper towel and re-apply rub (fresh cracked pepper, garlic, kosher salt and Tim Hortens instant coffee) and onto my BBQ side burner to brown for five minutes or less. Let stand for ten minutes. Slice against the grain... HH
  6. My niece is teaching on a small Carribean Island. Her and her husband have been surf fishing and enjoying the beach during all this covid crap. My niece dug this up on the beach and after a bit of research, found it to be a glass fishing float. Anyone ever seen one like this? HH
  7. Just remember Brian that as soon as you start advertising on public sites and selling things, you become potential fodder for CRA! Should you ever get audited, they will check public forums to find out if you have other revenue streams that you "may" not have reported. HH
  8. Probably only need a couple of hours for the tenderloin. HH
  9. Well, its not as if you have to stand there and watch it! It's a set it and forget it thing. Also, Brisket is as you know a very tough meat and it takes that amount of time to break down all the collagen in the meat. BTW - typical time in the drink is usually less, just depends on what you are cooking. HH
  10. Brian, I've been on a roll for the past few months using a "Sous Vide" as much as possible! I bought a bunch of Blade roasts when they were on sale. I got them for under $24.00. Two are resting in the freezer and one I cooked in my Sous Vide for 30 hours at 133F. Along with the meat, I also added... fresh thyme and a dry rub. Into the vacuum pack and into the water bath for as I said 30 hours. The roast came out perfectly med rare. A quick trip out to the BBQ set on sear for 5 minutes to brown it up and it was glorious. Cut thin against the grain and you could cut it with your fork! Tonight, I am putting jerk wings in it for 2 hours at 155F, then into the convection oven to brown. Because the Sous Vide "cooks" the meat in it's own juices, there is no need to marinate any more, the cooking process flavours the meat. I also have a full beef brisket in the freezer. That will take about 40-50 hours in the Sous Vide at 155F. Once cooked, it will go into the fridge for 3 hours, then onto the BBQ for browning! As far as which machine to buy, there are basically two kinds to consider. The lower priced units are virtually the same as the higher priced units with the only real difference being blue tooth connected to your phone for remote monitoring. Typically they can be had had for under a hundred bucks, without the blue tooth option. I know that CTC has them on sale right now for around $80.00. (If you are an Air Miles person, they are currently available at a reduced cost, thats where I got mine) HH
  11. Is that an "escape from the pen fish"? HH
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