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  1. Quick! Somebody cook something!!!!!!!!!! HH
  2. Shanahan didn't look to pleased in the shots TV showed last night. First mistake he made was getting rid of Lou. Second mistake he made was picking Dubas over Sutter. Third mistake he made was thinking that the game had changed enough, that only "skill" can win the cup. Fourth mistake was not finding suitable wingers for Mathews. Fifth mistake was not securing better defence before the trade deadline... I see them ripping this club up after the playoffs are over. Keep the core and leverage peripheral players outta town. HH
  3. Back in the 80's, I was in a "hair band", typical of the era. My girlfriend at the time (my wife of 30 years) used to go through my tackle box and "steal" my streamers, hair jigs etc... anything with purple! I used to get quite the laugh outta seeing her in the crowd wearing my fishin lures! HH
  4. I hope who ever is kicking your dog every day stops soon, you seem to be taking it out on complete strangers. How's fishin been for yah? HH
  5. My daughter and I polished off the tray ourselves!!!!! HH
  6. Let us know how you liked it! HH
  7. Seasoning for the mussels, in a big bowl... -1/4 cup of olive oil -one head of garlic, crushed -1/4 cup of balsamic vinegar -1/4 cup of white wine -5 green onions chopped -one sweet onion chopped -kosher salt and pepper -one chopped tomato -chopped parsley Add the mussels to the mixture and stir making sure all the mussels are coated. Pour onto a baking sheet and cook at medium heat until all the mussels have opened... about 10 minutes. Stir them up and cook for 5 more minutes to ensure that all the mussels are cooked. Dump the cooked mussels in a bowl and serve. I lined the baking tray with aluminum foil for easy clean up. HH PS... I have also seen it done where the mussels are placed right on the grill, no tray. PSS... cooking time will vary based on the size of the mussels and how high they are pilled. Check every couple of minutes after 5, to ensure that you don't dry them out.
  8. Well, it looks like the weather is going to put a damper on my plans. Thanks to everyone! HH
  9. I usually do as well, but saw this done and gave it a go. Super easy, just make sure to give them a stir to even out the heat during cooking. HH
  10. Thanks Terry, Should have been more specific, looking for the Sibbald PP area. HH
  11. Been lookin forward to getting out for some perching at first ice out. Can anyone verify that Simcoe is open and fishable? Thanks, HH
  12. I have a ten lb Prime Rib nestled in the fridge for my son's birthday on Friday. We usually don't eat "meat" on Good Friday, but we're bending the rules for his birthday... and no, I am not the religious type, just kinda following our family tradition. HH
  13. We call this a "mixed grill". When we can't decide what we want, we mix it up! Jerk chicken wings, mussels in olive oil, garlic, tomatoes, onions and one head of garlic, crushed. Brats as well. HH
  14. The other plus that gas affords is that the burners (stove top) will work in a power outage. The oven won't work, but you can easily light the stove top burners and cook, during an outage. HH
  15. I agree with Gerritt with one thought in mind... carbon tax on natural gas will increase the cost over time as the tax will simply keep rising. HH
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