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  1. I'd contact Bear's Den and find out what they suggest you bring. Man, I haven't been on the lower French since '78! HH
  2. What ever works for yah I guess... LOL I hope has has "back-up"! HH
  3. I use a beef and pork mixture in my Meat Loaf. I also add ketchup, mustard, tomato sauce, chopped onions, and a bunch of stuff I would have to kill you if I told you! One thing that everyone likes is adding hard boiled eggs to the centre of the loaf. Each slice will have egg in the middle. I also add a pound of bacon in a weave on top of the loaf. The guys at our GTG's always ask me to make meatloaf on our trips... HH PS... left overs get a grilling on both sides and a couple of slices of Swiss Cheese melted on top.
  4. Glad they're keeping the Shwa store open. I usually go to Gagnon's first, then get whatever else I "need" at Sail. Growing up in London, my buddies and I would ride our bikes across town to the Outdoor Store on Oxford Street. It sure beat CTC for selection and price! HH
  5. Thanks for the correction, Long term Care it is... Take a look at the attached and the number of Chartwell facilities... https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/ontario-covid19-ltc-chart-1.5557748 HH
  6. One of the largest private retirement homes here in Ontario is a company called Chartwell. They are for profit and on the board of directors is a guy named Mike Harris. Look up his comp package and you will see where the $$ went... and it didn't go to the residents! HH
  7. https://montreal.ctvnews.ca/quebec-based-sail-outdoors-inc-files-for-bankruptcy-protection-to-restructure-operations-1.4965411 HH
  8. My original door was wood as well. It faces west and as a result, it takes the most weather and sun. I knew it was time to change when my son shot a ball hockey ball through the lower pane. As I said, I didn't know the difference between doors.... Good luck with your purchase.... HH
  9. Why couldn't you just buy a regular door and apply Styrofoam sheets to the back side of the panels yourself? I fully admit that I have no experience with insulated doors, but aren't they simply insulated from the back side? Wouldn't it be cheaper to do this yourself after a trip to HD and a tube of adhesive? HH
  10. Check you coils, 30 year old boat and all! HH
  11. Replaced my two car garage door about 5 years ago. I didn't go insulated and if I recall correctly, it was in the range of $1500.00. HH
  12. Brian, drop a moth ball or some cayenne pepper in your pots... they will stay away. HH
  13. May not be safe for work.... LMAO! HH
  14. My neighbours with young kids, under 10, have pretty much told me that they are done with this social distancing thing as their kids are driving them crazy. They have been interacting together for a couple of weeks now... we stay away from them! The knuckle heads at Bellwood are probably just like my neighbours, tired of being locked up in their million dollar condos waiting for the weather to get better. Their phones probably told them is was ok to do pretty much anything they want. RE businesses returning to normal... well, I can't help but think that companies are going to look at the costs associated with a large office presence and decide to close up offices and have a remote staff working from their homes. If there is one thing that C19 has taught us is that employees can be highly effective working from home. Why pay the high price of square footage is down town T.O.? Some of my clients have historically shunned staff working from home, C19 has changed that for good. To quote one of my favorite comedians, "You can't fix stupid" HH
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