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  1. Apparently Gorilla Glue girl is suing the company for big bucks as related to no mention of not gluing your hair to your head with Gorilla Glue. HH
  2. So, here's a thing that happened to a buddy of mine a few years ago.... Buddy is a house framer who was working on a house in Toronto, he lives in the east GTA. Now, my buddy is a bit of a "rebel" if you will and decided many years ago that he had no intentions of buying his plate sticker every year. At the time of the "incident" he had not bought a sticker for the better part of a decade. So, he is working in Toronto, framing a custom home. His work truck with all his tools and materials, in the driveway of the home... including the keys in the ignition and his wallet on the dash! (his feeling was that it was safe to do as there were three guys working the site and the truck was always in view by at least one of them.) so, mid-day he goes to get something from the truck and it's gone! No sign of the truck. He calls the cops, gives a report on the phone, they won't even come to the site. He records the officar's contact info, calls his wife to come pick him up. A number of days go by, no call from the cops. About five days later, he gets a call from a bar in Toronto, someone has turned in his wallet, would he like to pick it up? Yup, I am on my way. So he parks in a "Green P" parking lot close to the bar, goes in a retrieves his wallet. Walking back to the green P, he spots something that looks familiar... there it is, his truck siting in the parking lot with multiple parking violations on the windshield. Fortunately for him, he kept a "hide a key" under the front wheel well, starts the truck, pays the fees and is on his way. All tools and wallet in place! He called officer who took the original report and leaves a message that he found his truck. No response from the cops. Fast forward a couple of months later, he's working on a job in Bowmanville, driving his truck north off the 401 to get some needed material. He notices an OPP coming the other direction and as he passes him, he notices in the rear view that the cop is now quickly doing a u-turn and following him. He gets his material and is heading south to get back on the 401 and see's two cop cars following him. As he reaches the on-ramp, there are three OPP cars parked on the side of the on-ramp. As soon as he hits the 401, all hell breaks loose! Cops everywhere, surrounding his truck. Next thing he knows, there's a cop with his gun trained on him from the driver side and he's screaming at him to exit the truck. He's now face down on the 401, in hand cuffs as the cops go through his truck. He keeps asking them what's what's going on, they tell his in no uncertain term to shut the*&%^ up! After going through the truck and finding nothing, they finally tell him that the truck was reported stolen and they think he's the thief or trying to rip off insurance. He explained how the truck was found and reported to TPS. Boy were the cops disappointed. They eventually all began to leave and the last cop to leave says to buddy... uhm, your plate sticker is out of date. Buddy says to the cop, after all I just went through, your not going to give me a ticket are you? Cop says no, you've had a bad enough day. That was at least 5 years ago and buddy still hasn't bought a new plate sticker! LMAO! HH
  3. So, years ago, when I worked downtown, we had Bell as our ISP. The system, to say the least, was sporadic and completely unreliable. One day it went down and my boss called Bell for tech support. After well over an hour talking to various techs, she was put on hold and the call was dropped. Angry she was, oh yes. She called back and again, more than an hour with the tech, the tech asked here if she could hold. Her response was no, I won't go on hold as the last time you people put me on hold, the call was dropped. Response from the tech (who was off-shore)... "Don't worry, I'll be with you until we kill the goat". @GBW can verify! HH
  4. Well, a simple google search will net you all the info you need re mask wearing. Also, note that the number of colds/flu this year is way down. Is that a result of stay at home orders or masks or a combo of both? All I know for sure is that a lozenge company in PEI has had to lay off 30 staff because folks aren't buying cold lozenges. I think I'll just keep wearing my mask. HH
  5. Well, they wanted to drill holes in my driveway John, so I parked my truck right where they wanted to drill! I told them to go ahead, drill through my truck! After much back and forth, I got them to agree to drill out the sidewalk as their original option was only two feet from the sidewalk. HH
  6. Please explain to me then, why surgeons wear masks when performing procedures. I'm pretty sure it's not for the looks. Is it not to stop their aerosols from contaminating their patient? Does it not make sense that wearing a mask will inhibit the release of aerosols? Does it get everything, well obviously not. I won't go into the "brainwashing" as it will likely end with this thread getting locked. HH
  7. My wife just informed me of a family who's children attend her school (wife's a school principal). Large multi generation family of 13. Mid 50's father tested positive. The health unit followed up with the family, now all 13 are infected. these are numbers that are not at all uncommon. How do contact tracers follow up on this and all the others? Not possible. HH
  8. Well, none of the above mentioned will get us out of this sooner than later. Suggesting that humans use "common sense", something that is obviously in short supply these days is yet another way to extend these stay at home orders. Not listening to people who are trained, educated and experienced because of a presumed right to do as we please, is simply ignorant. No one on this board can say with impunity that they are not an asymptomatic carrier. We have a retirement home just down the road from our house. There are 100 residents in the home. As of yesterday, half of the residence have tested positive, ten have died and 30 staff are infected. The disease did not walk in the front by it's self. Most of the folks in the home are war vets who IMHO deserve better than to die from what others perceive to be "common sense". Unless you are an expert in communicable diseases, you don't get to suggest what "common sense is; your just fooling yourselves and potentially folks who are vulnerable. Ignoring the problem has got us to where we are now. I get the feeling that many here haven't had this plague hit them personally. I bet that when it does, some of these attitudes will flip pretty quick. HH
  9. Well, I like old people, so I will continue to do whatever I can to ensure that I am not one who will pass the virus on to others. Too many have already died, folks who rely on us to ensure their safety. Yah, I want to gtg with the boys, get life back to normal, as long as my actions don't affect others. I don't have a "right" to do that. HH thanks for the chuckle @DanD
  10. They always bring it down in the fall Chris. They need room in the spring for it to go back up again! God I miss that place.... HH
  11. Man I missed this show during lock down. Anyone else a fan? So far, Season 9 has been a gut buster! Not for those sensitive to language for sure, but really quirky and funny. I would post a trailer, but it would likely put me on the mod list! HH
  12. If the conspiracy theorists turn out to be correct, we will be hurting for medical expertise as all are getting the shot! LOL HH
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