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  1. It would be like reeling a turkey platter!!!! TugTug Tug! HH
  2. It's been a bout ten days since our last sighting. HH
  3. @DanD... any concern about potential rim leaks with these kinds of aluminum rims? I ask because I have aluminum rims on my Flex and have had trouble with temperature fluctuations causing pressure drops. HH
  4. Assuming they have the money for fuel and wages! HH
  5. Well, it's bigger than my 85 lb Lab! And yes, our vet who saw the video also thought it looked pregnant! I really don't need a bunch of Coywolfs running around in my backyard! Hopefully, it will choose a better place to make it's den. No sign of it so far today, but that's not so unusual. HH
  6. I like George, but we have decided to call him Boris. Kinda gives off that vibe. HH
  7. I had the 46 inch version of this TV. It had the best "organic" picture I have seen, until it didn't! What crapped out that TV was the all to numerous power outages we suffered through here. Fluctuations/spikes when the power went out and back on blew out the power supply module. To replace it would have cost more then the TV (Samsung) I bought to replace it. All these current TV's are built in a modular manner, meaning they don't replace bulging caps or bad resisters, they just swap out the entire board, which are typically really expensive. No component level repairs that I'm aware of. HH
  8. We had a vet visit for our dog this afternoon and showed the video to the vet. He thought it was a Coywolf. Arriving at home after the visit to the vet, the "Coywolf" was back, resting in the ravine in our backyard. I whistled to it, it just look at me, gave itself a scratch and wandered away. In thing I left out.... when it was here this morning around 9:00am and left, a group of deer showed up about an hour later. Three or four of them. My dog has been sniffing up a storm in the backyard and no, we won't let him out there without us having checked it out beforehand. Here's the "sniffy one" resting up for his next encounter.
  9. So this morning, my wife looks out the back window and see's this critter wandering around the pool. Anyone know what one might call this? An hour latter, there were three deer in the back as well. HH 10000000_473375540571499_1150515636682663768_n.mp4
  10. Truly sorry for your loss and the situation you have been forced into. HH
  11. It's pretty rare fro me to take a gander out the window and NOT see a rabbit in my backyard. Every year, they have a bunch of babies and every year, I find most of them have been pulled into the skimmer for the pool. It happens usually after a night rain. They can't smell the pool in the rain and inevitably, the fall in the pool. Yah, I feel pretty bad about it, but in reality, there is little to nothing I can do to avoid it. HH
  12. https://www.cp24.com/news/13-year-old-brampton-girl-dies-after-contracting-covid-19-1.5402037 So it's not just taking older people.... Also, have a look at India's DAILY case count of over 300k positive tests. Horrifying! HH
  13. Alternatively, you could ask them if they would rather live for two more years or die drowning in their own fluids. I'm guessing I know the answer to that question. HH
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