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  1. Newfie goes to the mainland for the first time in his life (Sorry Brian!). He walks into a grocery store and walks around in amazement at all the stuff he could buy there. Heads to the meat section and see's people buying these things called "sausages". Having never had such a thing and being all the range on the mainland, he decides to buy a pack and take them back to the rock. The next day he tells his wife, honey I bought these "sauce-ages" on the mainland, they seem to be all the rage. I'm going out fishing, but when I get back, I'd like to try those "sauce-ages for dinner. Off he trots out the door. He comes home from fishing, sits down at the table and his wife drops the cooked "sauce-ages" down in front of him. He looks at the "sauce-ages" and there is nothing there but a pile of skin and a puddle of grease. He asks his wife "what happened to my "sauce-ages"? Wife replies "well, once you cut the head off and gut 'em, there's not a whole lot left!" HH
  2. Justin Trudeau was struck by lightning and killed. The coroner was called to view the body at the morgue. They opened the hatch, pulled the body out and pulled back the cover. "I thought he was struck by lightning by lightning" said the coroner, "so why is he smiling?" "He thought he was having his picture taken", said the attendant. HH
  3. https://www.sail.ca/en/tite-lok-rod-holder-430388 She didn't say anything about buying more rod holders did she? HH
  4. In London, try fishing the train bridge in Greenway Park. Slightly down stream of the bridge. Lots of carp and other coarse fish. HH PS... they like dew worms!
  5. I rarely concern myself with bikes as they usually aren't behind me for more than 10 seconds. I find most of them running right down the line separating two lanes as they weave their way through traffic at speeds well beyond the limit. HH
  6. A couple of things that come to mind... -tylenol as you never know when/if you are going to need it -jaw spreaders for pike HH
  7. Nice properties on the east side of hwy 69, but a lot of people! Busy place with existing cottages and camps. I would be checking on the west side of hwy 69, in the Hartley Bay area if indeed, you are seeking more privacy. You will likely be off the grid there... HH
  8. The only thing that disturbs me about Plant based foods is that I did not invest in companies making this crap as their stocks are going through the roof! I could then afford to buy more Prime Rib roasts! HH
  9. Many of the U.S. owned cottages in Ontario are legacy cottages. Wealthy families escaping the heat and humidity of the mid and southern states. Rail lines provided them transportation to and from and no, they don't like to do things themselves, they don't at home, why would they here? Nothing wrong with it, they helped pay the way to better infrastructure and jobs locally, which helped to open the the north. Let's not forget the taxes they pay. Where we take our vacation, the vast majority of the cottages are American owned. They are almost always empty. Makes for a nice quiet stay for us. Sorry for the off topic response.... I think musky baits are just swell! Especially the furry ones! HH
  10. Shag, I'd BBQ Froot Loops if they didn't fall through the grill! HH
  11. Awesome Brian! Congrats to all! HH
  12. 0 for 75 in a day and half of fishing last weekend! We let some fine eaters go back being short about an inch. We referred to them as "market fish" as that is where they are going to eventually end up! HH
  13. Google shows Ready Powersports in Mississauga as carrying the Yammy. HH
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