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  1. With our provincial numbers climbing on a daily basis, i can see where we could be moving back to phase two, in the not to distant future. HH
  2. This is adding a whole new level of concern with this virus. Long term heart damage in athletes who have had the virus. https://news.yahoo.com/post-covid-heart-damage-alarms-researchers-there-was-a-black-hole-in-infected-cells-172015067.html HH
  3. Just came home from a trip to CTC in Pickering. They had a number of Cleo's in stock, various sizes and colours. I didn't see your particular lure, but it might be worth a look at a local CTC to you OP. HH
  4. https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/school-2020-mom-funny-video_l_5f4ffc72c5b62b3add3b5fc3?ncid=engmodushpmg00000003 HH
  5. If you don't get shot gaining access to the property! HH
  6. Pics from a whole week gtg and I only see about 6 beers in all the pics? You guys need more OFC'ers in your group. Heck, i didn't even see one person passed out in the pics! Rookies! LOL HH
  7. Well, to continue off topic.. I used to work for a guy who raced pigeons. He keep them by the hundreds, breeding the faster ones and "donating" the slow ones. Not uncommon for me to come in the office hearing cooing only to find a cage full of pigeons. Now, these were well fed birds living in the best place money could buy, so they were clean and healthy. Co-worker would grab the cage at lunch time, come back after lunch with an empty cage. His parents lived a few blocks from the office and pigoni was on the menu. Also worked with a fellow born in Portugal who told me as a kid, he would put glue on top of fences to catch pigeons... HH
  8. Well Brian, should ever question yourself why I'm freezing my arse off catching nothing, you now have a permanent reminder! Glad your happy with it, personally, I have enough troubles with the orifices I was born with, to add thousands more! HH
  9. But won't they all end up in a braided jacket of bacon? HH
  10. Great work as always Chris. More importantly, it's great to see you back at it again! HH
  11. @MJIG no additional staffing so far to make that happen! To my mind, there should be a public health nurse in every school! Education staff are not trained to deal with this! HH
  12. The Ontario "plan" to get kids back to school is so flawed, it's only going to make things worse than they are now. Just a couple of points to ponder... -they have no real plan for kids showing up sick. Yes, they will put a room aside to keep the sick kids in, until their parents arrive to pick them up. Whose going to be in that room all day with sick kids? In many cases, sick kids wait for their parents for hours, while they are at work -mass retirements being announced across the board. In some cases this is good, in others, problematic -admin staff in schools (Office staff) will be responsible for entrance checks, ie temp checks. This responsibility falls on the principal and VP. With the average school having 600 kids or more, temp checks will take until lunch time! -busing is a nightmare! I could go on..... I think the thing that we have neglected to consider in these plans is that the virus is transmitted mostly through the air, so anywhere people are in enclosed spaces, it thrives. We have done a great job to this point in reducing people's exposure by wearing masks and avoiding enclosed spaces, only to shove our kids and educators into exactly that. IMHO, virtual learning is the only way to go to protect our most vulnerable. HH ***Full disclosure*** My wife is a Principal in the TDSB. I may have some insight into the goings on!
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