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  1. Yes, a lot of people think the pleasure craft licence or registration is proof of ownership, it's not, the bill of sale is. therefore you keep both in the boat with you. This is copied directly from Transport Canada. Does the licence prove the ownership of my pleasure craft? A licence does not prove that you own your pleasure craft. You must carry separate ownership documents with you.
  2. Don't know if you are aware and I don't know the amount but it goes by a percentage. When completing a transaction through PayPal, the seller must pay a PayPal fee. The buyer isn't forced to pay any fee. The fee the seller pays is calculated for each transaction and is represented as a percentage of the total transaction plus 30 cents.
  3. If he's insisting and not open to other foolproof methods, I see a red flag fluttering in the breeze.
  4. Just took a look at the website, definitely doesn't give me the urge to drive there, maybe if I'm bored on a rainy day and I'm in the area.
  5. Take a picture of him, usually makes them think twice.
  6. Nice pics for sure. One of these days, some fishing store is going to kidnap you to make flies.
  7. Zipper with its tongue sticking out.
  8. Ya, down to about 205 and holding. Lot easier on the back and knees.
  9. Still knocking on every piece of wood I pass by, so far so good.
  10. Well, looks like aliens been at work stealing a piston and valve. Hope you can keep the total $$$ low.
  11. Hahahahaha, I don't think I could afford the gas and carbon tax to make that monster go, lol. Martins 16 footer did the job.
  12. IMG_20210819_102317.jpg
    Took the chance with my cranky back and went along with my son out to GB for a morning of lure washing. Meet at 0500 at the launch, load my coffee, lunch, myself and a few pain killers and off we went. No sooner out of the harbour and the waves were a tad on the large size but dammit we're going. A slow ride out but set up by 0530, rig and set the rods. At sunrise the first rod pops, nice 11 lb'er, into the box. About 40 mins later, a 7 lb'er bit the cheater, you're coming for supper. Around 8, a zinger, line burner, ends up being a 15 lb'er, nice fight and into the box. A few minutes later another on the cheater but managed to free itself. That's all my back could handle, time to get back to hard ground. Had a great day, I'm glad he convinced me to go.
  13. Did you strip the bolt or the drain hole? If it's the hole, helicoil it and get the correct bolt to fit.
  14. Yup, I had to weld that trailer back together for him, axle was starting to part ways in a different direction, not good. Life's moments.
  15. I have a vivid memory of that place, pulled up to an island and I was a little too ambitious trying to stop the boat, fell off the front and had one heel of a time trying to stand up with fleece pants and that heavy Norwegian sweater soaked head to toe. Those were days.
  16. Enjoy your retirement Dan, each and every day. I thought I might get bored not working, nope, not at all.
  17. I just went to Princess Auto and picked up one for the motor, (3 sizes) and a few more for lawn chair covers.
  18. All about controlling the population in many different ways. What if you don't have a mobile device or smart phone, do you get a bar code or QR code tattooed to your forehead.
  19. Pretty sure they were used the the GM Colorado/Canyon trucks for a number of years too.
  20. No alternator bearings or similar in the front that might cause a racket/
  21. Ya, what Hack said, lot easier working on something standing upright than upside down in the hull in confined space. Friend of mine had an inboard and even being a certified mechanic said never again would he go for an inboard. Does it actually start and run or just make funny noises.
  22. I suspect, the swivel keys either got broken or the previous owner took them off for some reason.
  23. Well you got lucky with that one, I would still make the effort to keep putting the rust buster to the axle to get the wheels off and when you do, grease the bejesus out of them.
  24. That will definitely not buff right out, good luck with repairs.
  25. Your's is still a spring chicken, mines an Ariens from '68 and still going strong.
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