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  1. I wear them quite often hard pack or ice they work, were on sale a while back for $10 at CTC and Costco. https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/maxxdry-gripons-traction-spikes-0872519p.html?_br_psugg_q=ice+cleats
  2. The remnants that he pulled out of a lakers stomach in Algonquin Pk. Eaten or discarded synthetic bait.
  3. Ah yes a kicker would be in order when you have a Merc as the main, lol. Underpowered doesn't cut the mustard when you're way out on a body of water and the thunder clouds are approaching faster than you realize.
  4. I was still in Bagotville until 78, then went to Moisie until Aug 79 and then 1 MP PL.
  5. Those sleds,(my bro has the other) were made in 1982. And I've known Doug since about '79.
  6. Sometimes you just have to wonder who came up with this and who signed off on it.
  7. Nice catch and good weather to boot.
  8. We have one around here somewhere, usually every evening you can hear the Whoo-hoo.
  9. Well in BC they've been burnt, drowned, now frozen, wonder what's next.
  10. Same in some of the more northern "tea stained" lakes, might get to see 12 inches at 20 feet down.
  11. You can call on your dime, https://www.gulllakehutrentals.ca/contact/
  12. Always someone trying to loosen your wallet with a screwdriver. Just talking to my bro a couple hours ago, he's 80 but not gullible. There's a bunch of scammers phoning him for payment for his hot water tank. It's been there for at least 15 years and I know he never misses paying any bills up front. I told him, next time tell them to come and give them the address of the local police station.
  13. Surprised to see that they said they are sending out a notification. I've been at the same address for over 25 years, no notification within 2 months of expiry. Anyway, got mine back by email today, looks same as the old one, saved copies, printed one off and promptly laminated it and it will go in the boat sealed box after supper.
  14. A little less bacon to drag around, easier on the knees and back.
  15. That's the (usually) yellow and blue plate riveted in the back corner of the hull about 2 x 3 inches with the hull number, manufacturer name, model of boat etc, weight allowance and, compliance number issued by Transport Canada I believe.
  16. No, mine expires in Feb 2022, just by chance I looked. You can renew 3 months ahead of expiry. Already got an email back saying it's accepted and should get an email copy in 2 weeks or so.
  17. Not hard to do, you should be able to find some youtube videos for that. You might have to get them balanced for equal output.
  18. Well if there aren't enough hoops and loops in life to jump through, here's another. Took a look earlier today, aha, PCL is expiring in Feb 22. Go to the website for renewal, name, rank, service number, shoe size, etc. Now they want a picture of an acceptable gov't issued id and a full side picture of the boat along with hull number and hull compliance tag number.
  19. Friends don't let their friends buy Poop ATV's, if it's not broke down, it will be.
  20. Take a friend that knows sleds and their inner workings to help you inspect them. Some of the things to be aware of are motor seals, too worn they suck air and make it run lean and burn. Same for dirty carbs. Worn bearings, same. side to side movement, radial movement, same. Secondary clutch bearings, same. Track sliders for wear, becoming hard to find, even after market ones because of supply problems. Bogey bearings can still be found in stores that sell bearings. There's a start.
  21. From a very reliable source, parts are hard to get even for newer sleds of any brand, the cost of tracks has virtually doubled, other parts are almost impossible to get. Guys that have been ordering tracks from last spring to summer are still waiting. The shop he works in has requests from all across the country. when you go to buy, make sure it's not a basket case that needs a lot of work.
  22. Even 10X would be fantastic and the price much lower.
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