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  1. Lucky duck… I’ll be at work again tomorrow!
  2. Shoulda got the heated seats. I love the heated seats, and I never thought I’d have loved a heated steering wheel, but when I got up to go to work this morning and hit the auto start, came out to a warm truck with a warm wheel and a warm butt, I was a happy man, or as happy as a guy can be that has to work instead of fish!
  3. I just read that your considering or want a tracker. Don’t do it. They are junk. I’ve seen many complaints of them splitting hulls, and I thought it was maybe just one of those occasional things, all boats have flaws etc etc. Not the case, I know a guy who then bought one and the hull cracked on him within a couple of years of Great Lakes fishing. Not a little crack either. They might be ok for cottage lakes but they are garbage for big water! Stay far away!
  4. This is generally the case with legends. I’ve met the odd legend owner that was happy with their boat, but most I’ve talked to or known have been underwhelmed and eventually moved on! Also, like you’ve already heard the 115 is underpowered.
  5. Best used for locating rocks and gobies!
  6. Whatever you do, don’t buy into that! No corn gas!
  7. That may be so, but I've owned a lot of crappy old sleds in my day and never had a problem getting parts, current shortages aside.
  8. I'm not sure how accurate the 7 years support is. I have never had a problem getting parts, even factory parts many years after production. Case in point we just recently obtained a factory new (from Polaris) water pump for a 1997 Indy touring 500 with just a bit of lead time for delivery Also, while Polaris generally makes garbage ATV's, I've ridden and owned Popo sleds, amongst others and it's about the only thing they do well. The indy lite 340's in particular are gangbuster little fishing sleds! I rode with a hunt camp full of guys that wouldn't touch a Polaris bike if you paid them because every one we had in the camp broke down at some point, but they where all riding polaris in the winter with few exceptions.
  9. Perch killer….. if your selling, I’m buying. Let me know!
  10. I use a helix 5 and a 5AH battery and it lasts me all day even if I charge my phone. I don't have my screen set to max brightness, but you shouldn't have issues. I'm going to take an old 2AH battery out one day just to see how long it lasts.
  11. Whew! That’s a big rig! Love those tracks, and it was nice to find out just how surprisingly easy they are to install!
  12. Your going to love that setup. I carry 2 batteries, a 5AH on the fishfinder and a 9AH on the auger. If I ever run out of gas on the 5AH between my phone and the finder, I just switch out the auger battery. Its slicker than snot on a doorknob! I used it in the tin boat up north all summer too!
  13. Gotcha… was thinking Kitchener and maybe I’d be able to help him out!
  14. You should send Brian a PM. He kindly offered me all 4, but that is more than I can use so it’d be nice if someone else can utilize them!
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