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  1. It doesn’t taste too bad, I had to give it a try. I can’t say I’d ever buy another one though. I have no idea as to the health factor. We do home made burgers. Just meat, eggs, worstershire sauce and garlic powder. No filler. I no longer buy frozen burgers. The closest to that is we will sometimes freeze the fresh Costco 100 percent beef burgers for convenience, and use those if short on time.
  2. Things have changed Dave. I’ve fished north and south shore Erie for many years. Spent a fair bit of time steelheading on the south side in the glory days. It’s always been a remarkable fishery, with some lean years here and there for both pickerel and steelhead. I’m not sure when your last trip to Erie was, but it’s gone from good fishing, to holy crap I can’t believe it! As I said, the good old days for walleye are right now for anyone wanting to get out there. 60 fish days are common place if you follow the fish and know what your doing. You should hitch up that boat!
  3. It’s been that way consisntely for a number of years now. These are the good old days for Erie, for sheer numbers anyway!
  4. Congrats to your son, that’s pretty awesome! Make sure he takes you out for dinner!!
  5. There’s not much I can add to this, so as the kids say...... WORD!
  6. I have found spot lock works best if I ease up to the location and don’t use it until I’ve slowed down, it makes the whole spot lock thing less violent. Have your batteries tested and replace the battery in your remote: I’ve occasionally had the head wrap thing but the other items you mention would cause me to be concerned. I have had intermittent performance issues with my motor if the battery is near dead in the remote. If that fails, take it to aikmans sports in Mississauga, they are a Minkota repair facility.
  7. I know walleye guys that have 6 special mates filled with multiples of custom painted cranks. A couple boxes deeps, couple boxes mids and shad baits, couple boxes of shallows. Each box maybe a couple grand all in? I have a fair Arsenal of tackle including some custom stuff, and more tied up in rods and reels than I want to admit. But theirs no way I’m stepping over the edge into that abyss. The minute tournament is mentioned, guys go off the deep end. Mega imaging, huge screens, boxes of tackle that would make a small independent shop jealous, trolling motors worth more than a used car. They need something to spend money on, and guys are gadget crazy to begin with. I don’t mind it, your going to have some sort of hobby and may as well keep the fishing industry healthy! But anyone that thinks they need these ultra lifelike lures and all the other stuff that comes with it in order to catch fish, bass, musky, pickerel or otherwise is fooling themselves so they can really sell it to the better half! Some of it for sure makes it easier by a landslide, gps, gps trolling motors.... I’m like an addict for that stuff, I literally need it now and get pissed off if I have malfunctions lol. You can’t take it with you!
  8. Good that your happy with it! They seem like a really nice motor! I was pretty happy with the Honda outboard I had, I don’t think you can go wrong!
  9. It gets pretty crazy still R2. You try to get gas after a hatch and your going to be squishin shadflys by the hundreds. Go in to Tim’s for a coffee and they’ll be a ton of them inside the restaurant lol. It’s something to see. The amount of larvae on the sonar screen when out fishing is unbelievable as well.
  10. There is usually a big hatch in north bay right about now!
  11. I love having current electronics, and I’m a big believer in redundancy. But..... that might be taking it a touch far lol. I run twin 7’s and can see pretty much all I need to!
  12. If he won’t, I will. They’re big bluegills, and your lucky I’ll admit to even fishing for them, but sure I’d fish them on beds, I’d fish them on reds; I’d fish them with a gaff, I’d even fish them with a staff, I love fishing bass on beds. Try it try it and you may, learn to love fishing beds the same way! I will not fish them in the rain, or if the wind blows more than 30k, but I do so love fishing beds on any other day!
  13. When did opeongo not have smallies?
  14. They’re bass. There are plenty of them, they’re prolific and durable creatures. I don’t really spend much time fishing for them, but I can say with some certainty that they will be just fine! If they didn’t hold tournaments for them, people would just consider them big sunfish.
  15. Guaranteed it was the pickerel. A lot of our kawartha pics had some tapeworms this opener.
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