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  1. Water intrusion isn’t always a milk shake. I am sending mine in this winter for seals. I began to notice it just as you did at the end of the 2018 season. By the end of last season when I changed out my oil it had gotten slightly worse. I intended to put it in this March to do seals but then corona. By the summer marinas where a gong show so I just changed oil mid summer and again before freeze up. I definitely have a water intrusion problem now. Keep an eye on it. My buddy had a marina tell him his was fine also and by the following season he had milky oil also. Especially if you just took a knock. You can run it next season no problem, just check you oil every once in a while and don’t let it go until freeze without getting the oil changed. Problematic if your a winter fisherman.
  2. I wouldn’t buy a new model evinrude myself. That said the last 2 stroke Yamaha I sold, I had guys fighting over it on kijiji and offering more than I asked to beat out others. I ended up selling it to the first guy that offered my asking price and he EMT’d me a $500 deposit on the basis of the YouTube video I made of it running, sight unseen other than the pics, so I’d hold it for him until he could pick up that weekend. So there’s definitely a good market for 2 strokes!
  3. Corona definitely, but market prices where already moving up on tin boats. I sold my last boat in 2017 for $3000 more than I paid for it, and the only addition was a powerdrive ipilot. Even then a good shape aluminum fishing boat was commanding good money!
  4. I think the sled is better for a dedicated machine as well and I’ve gone both routes. To be honest we’ve done a fair bit of running around on mostly glare and even with a liquid with studs haven’t had too many problems. Just watch the temp and don’t beat on the machine. Mostly we are either sitting at a prospect location for a while fishing, or we are doing short hops looking for fish. I’ve been surprised how little trouble we’ve had. If you where going straight from Beaverton to Keswick on glare you’d have problems though! A fan cooled would be even better! I’ve run a 350cc atv a fair bit on the ice and it did just fine with chains and was very easy to get unstuck as they’re pretty light. I think the best app around machine you could go with for an atv would be a Honda 500. Have fun shopping.
  5. I have added ipilot to 2 Terrovas. (The old pre 2016 models). Both terrovas where bought on clearance from Canadian tire. The first one went with the boat I sold Ipilot upgrade worked perfectly, the second I managed to scoop from a local CT that had one non ipilot terrova in the box stashed in the back. I sourced a head unit from another CT for $250 on clearance. It’s been on my boat since 2018 and works great. I sold the. 2010 ipilot terrova that came with my replacement boat for more than I bought the newer set for on clearance. Just last year I found one more clearance terrova head unit for $150 and bought it for a spare remote/head. So yes overwhelmingly the upgrade units work great as long as your motor is in good shape. That money is already spent and a new one will cost you $2K plus tax vs $600 or so for the upgrade. Sure you can recoup some of the cost by selling the used one, but you’ll still have to lay out some extra cash. If it where my money, and I was already mainly happy with the unit I had I’d just upgrade the head unit.
  6. Ah I see. So yes it’s still possible to fish that area and people do all the time, but yes depending on the wave action it can be challenging, however the huge riverlike drift that was below the line in lower water is absent that’s true. But that’s a Mother Nature thing. Also, there has been a sign just above the mouth on and off for as long as I remember, and that’s a long time. Now I haven’t been down to the mouth this year as I generally fish the space between first and second bridges just above the mouth, and it could’ve been removed by an eager late season angler (wouldn’t be the first time). However I suspect nothing he changed in that respect.
  7. What has changed around the rules regarding the mouth other than water levels?
  8. I absolutely detested using a Mitchell 300. I must be in the minority in thinking they where one of the worst reels ever designed. Old abu’s where ok, I still have a couple. I never stopped using 700’s and 1300’s. A 700 sits on my favourite jigging rod, I have at least 2 1300’s that still see regular use. Can’t beat em!
  9. You’ll get quotes of 4K or more for a good paint job. You want signs and wraps in Erin Ontario. Al Hales is the owner. He did my boat last fall, I’m very happy and he was very reasonable. He estimates 5 to 7 years no problem as long as you don’t treat your rig like crap. It’s only been on a year but so far no problems and my boat is trailered a lot and spent 2 weeks straight in the water this summer.
  10. I’ve done it as long as I’ve owned a float reel, which is a long time. Never had an issue. Careful what you read, a lot of the guys giving the advice these days have only had a bobber pole for a couple years. Anyhow, whatever floats your boat brother in the end it don’t matter so long as the equipment operator is happy 😃
  11. Just buy some cheap Walmart 20lb line for $4 and away you go.
  12. I am with CUMiS. I have a separate rider for my home policy, and it itemizes everything including electronics, trolling motor, kicker etc. Tackle is covered with limitations to 30K under home policy.
  13. My buddy has an 1875 pro V standard. My 18 foot Starcraft superfisherman dwarfs it. The 1875 has a fair bit of shrink when you put it in water. It’ll be plenty for solo fishing or taking kids out. I don’t however see any advantage to that layout over a standard pro v, and when you inevitably sell you’ll be marketing to bass guys that want a glass boat, or a small group of musky anglers who want a strictly casting style rig. The 1875 Pro V is a great boat, I’ve spent a fair amount of time in it, and in some snotty weather, but it’s value is as a multi species boat, even if you are a just a musky guy, when it comes time to transport the family or do other things you wouldn’t regret the standard layout.
  14. Put sonar to advance mode, turn off fish ID. Look for hooks and bait. Turn off fish alarms. Properly set up you should be able to see your cannonballs down 100.
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