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  1. My kids also use the Siennas. Surprisingly decent reels at a low price. I also use the smaller ones on almost all of my ice rods. Good stuff!
  2. You should not tell them anything. The lawyer they supposedly have should advise them. I've seen plenty of [email protected]#ckery in my day, and it sounds like some is afoot.
  3. Yep, you will need some power to steer. You can still use the bowmount without ipilot. Just bring your pedal back to the console. They give you plenty of cable!
  4. I have hundreds and hundreds of hours of troll time on my ipilot. No detriment to the motor itself that I can see. I did burn out an ipilot head unit, but fortunately I had stockpiled an extra complete with remote when Canadian tire was clearing them out a few years back. Using heading lock to troll is the only way to go. It leaves you hands free to set lines, catch fish, do whatever. If you want to adjust course you can do so at the touch of a button. There’s no better way!
  5. Wow, video evidence is pretty compelling. Bet Oleary is happy that both he and his buddy had expensive security systems!
  6. Late night booze cruise is a possibility. It’s not unusual on cottage lakes to see an unlit pontoon and hear the clink of glasses and laughter. Stargazing, avoiding attention, call it what you will. I’ve seen it many times on the family cottage lake. Mind you, who takes a shot of booze when returning to the dock after a late night collision when your son has just called 911. I’d say their is negligence on both sides here. Truth will never come out because there is too much money on both sides!
  7. If I had to own one boat for fair to moderate weather fishing, camping and for banging off rocks and beaching etc. I'd probably buy a 16 foot Lund SSV with a Honda 40hp. They take some pretty big water for their size and they are an excellent utility boat with a good amount room for gear. Pretty bare inside though. Another good unit would be an older Lund Rebel 16 or if you wanted a flat floor an Alaskan.
  8. I have had several self destruct many years ago. I never gave them another chance. I'm sure they have some good offerings.
  9. 50amp breaker, all day. Princess auto sells em cheap and they will work fine for your application.
  10. Congrats Dan, My good buddy retired 2 years ago. It was easier to book a day to go fishing with him when he had a regular job, now he has more things to do than ever LOL. It'll be good, my day is not too far in the future and I'll enjoy every minute!
  11. I’ve caught many musky in the river not far from the park. Buzz baits always effective
  12. My buddy had the starter on his 2012 merc 150 rebuilt and as far as I know it turned out fine.
  13. I'd look at these. I almost considered selling my superfisherman and getting the Freedom 18. It's a hella nice rig for a mid size semi utility, and I sometimes miss the tiller layout. last I checked Marsh's marine had a 16 in stock. Might be gone now.
  14. The spot lock uses very little battery unless it’s very windy. Another thing you’ll like is the autopilot feature. It will change your world if you like to troll. I’ve heard of some occasional problems with the self deploy, but I sure think I’d take my chances if I needed a new motor and it was in the budget. Talk about a nice feature to have!
  15. If you want mature fish and aren’t concerned about big silvers, the level best time is the last 2 weeks of August/ first week of September in front of rivermouths anywhere from 20fow to 120fow. Here’s a tip, at that time of year, the hooks you see hugging bottom aren’t always carp. If you want to be a salmon fisherman, set your alarm for 2am and be Setting lines by 430-5am. Your success will double if not triple. This is a direct result of water clarity and no doubt zebra muscles. Guys leaving the launch at 7:30am have missed the best fishing and should perhaps consider bass fishing as a hobby!
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