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  1. I’m sure uziks work, a couple years ago I inherited a bunch of them with my new to me boat. But there are much better options for a worm presentation imho. I’d just use a standard worm harness if that’s the way you want to go. Any of my quinte fishing has been near ram island in the spring. I couldn’t tell you the fall patterns, but I’d lean towards cranks as you’ve been told. That said, I was taking fish on harnesses tonight on nippissing with no problems so who can say!
  2. Husky jerk 12’s in brown/orange for shallower waters and bandit deep divers in a number of colours work well for me. I also use a fair amount of customs painted ripplin red fins on the Great Lakes.
  3. Good choice. You’ll have it for a very long time!
  4. I would run 2 riggers, it’ widens your spread, offers more versatility and you can stack 4 when it’s a rigger bite. That said, it’s not at all a pain to stack with the right gear. I use Scotty’s with longline clips and it’s pretty simple, you just have to remember you stacked when you hit the up switch. You’ll want a couple of wire dipseys as well eventually!
  5. I put a conversion kit on a Terrova. I got a 2015 old stock Terrova on clearance when the new ones came out, with no ipilot. I then found a Terrova ipilot kit on clearance as well. Very simple to install, only took a few minutes. It’s worked perfectly ever since. I say go for it!
  6. Definitely getting out ahead of story. Running lights? I’ve seen many a nighttime booze cruise on our cottage lake chugging along in an unlit pontoon, so who can say. Wife driving? Maybe, maybe not. Time will tell.
  7. What do you mainly fish for? Salmon, then no it’s not nearly enough. If you fish for walleye bass and occasionally pike and use braid, it’s plenty. All of my spinning reels are 1000 size these days, with the exception of those I use for salmon and steelhead. I own a couple 1000 size Stradics and not once have I had an issue with line capacity and I actually prefer the more compact lighter reels. I’d go for it.
  8. Detroit River is sporty in April.
  9. If you can find a nice mid sized freighter and put a 15 horse on it and bring extra props you’ll probably do just fine. It’d be easy to tow behind your big boat! I was on the Cheepas once when the natives dumped one running rapids though, so even freighters aren’t a foolproof system like with any boat and varying current!
  10. Shooting rapids with a motorized canoe is done regularly. Most often with a flat stern freighter canoe and a 20hp outboard. I’ve seen natives do it in their bigger canoes. I’ve done it in a smaller flat transom canoe with a 5hp and it was sketchy trying to power up in smaller flows and barely enough. You’ll also need to carry at least one extra prop because inevitably you’ll hit rocks. I’ve spent some time in a canoe with a side mount outboard. Fine for smooth waters, no way I’d have gone up or down swift water with it, and that was a 2 horse Johnson. A modern heavy 4 stroke, no way! I did run a 3.5hp merc four stroke on a square stern 14 foot sportspal wide transom for a few years and that went pretty well and was very stable. Also darn quick, but they are set up to be slow, stable, dumpy boats and they aren’t meant for running rapids. Anyway if you do it let us know how it works out, but in my opinion you’ll need to stabilize or you’ll end up in the water with a side mount!
  11. Your a bass guy aren’t you? Do it do it do it do it 😂😂
  12. Don’t bother with 211 either. Another Cage dive bomb.
  13. I don’t vary much from shimano or Daiwa when it comes to reels. I’ve owned most other brands over the years and been disappointed by a number of them. I don’t buy quantum stuff. I had a couple of iron horse casting reels years ago and both failed on me. Fixed at aikmans and sold them. Your mileage may vary. I’ve been pretty happy even with the cheap shimano siennas that I use ice fishing and on my kids rods. They hold up pretty well for a $50 reel. Have a couple cheaper Daiwa spinning reels and they seem to keep on ticking as well. A Stradic is a pretty nice reel!
  14. A Japanese company that is one of the largest manufacturers of outboard motors in the world.
  15. I don’t consider that particularly high hours.
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