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  1. Yeah you’ll be fine with a 55lb thrust. I had pretty much that exact boat but in a Lund. I ran it in current on the Detroit river and it would hold spot lock in that current. I trolled for countless hours on the bow mount, even in wind and it was fine. Sure, will you encounter an occasional situation where it may be underpowered, but very few. I’ve been told that an 80lb thrust terrova isn’t big enough for my 18 foot Starcraft, strangely enough it is. Anyway, my 2 cents.
  2. I fish further west than that, but here is some general info that will help you on the bay. Fish early. People showing up and launching at 7am, and getting rods in the water late have missed the best fishing. I launch in the dark. Fish long leads, and run much lighter rigs than your standard salmon fare. That's all I got for you, I can't help you with Collingwood area, but my understanding is those guys start to do better around August, but I really can't say. Good luck!
  3. I’ve been very pleased with my Suzuki if that helps you any. I was super happy with the Honda I owned before as well. Either one would make me smile!
  4. Seals are shot. Replace bearings to be safe and install new seals. As long as the spindles aren’t pitted you should be fine. Watch princess auto for deals on tires l.
  5. Too bad the fishing wasn’t better for you bud! Good seeing you!
  6. I couldn’t says what impact goby have had overall other than they are definitely a major food source these days. I will say that I will often drop a camera looking for goby before fishing a spot.
  7. Many guys that say they get 7 plus years on their batteries probably only fish 6-10 times per season. My boat goes in the water in March and comes out in December. My average run time on the trolling motor is 8 hours straight while trolling. I crush batteries in 2-3 years no matter how much I pay. It all depends on the level of use.
  8. I have AGM’s. They work good but they came with my boat. I wouldn’t pay the price for them new. My starting battery is beginning to give me problems. I’ll be replacing it with a standard lead acid. Wally World batteries have been good to me in the past. I think they are available in store!
  9. Fished Glasgow today. We had to work hard. Very few marks, some bait. Did best in 35 fow. 8 in the box plus a bow. Tough bite, lots of knock offs on riggers And blew several fish, several rips on the boards resulting in lost fish, dropped 3 at the net, and changed rigs all day just to produce what we did. It was a good day of fishing as we actually had to work for em. Biggest came in at 8lbs. It was not the usual hot fishing that you’d see there in a few weeks, but it was definitely worth it for our first Erie shake down this year. Whackum purple redfins put the majority in the boat. Good luck!
  10. Yep. That ought to about do it. There is absolutely no way anyone can entirely avoid disease wether it be flu, colds, or coronavirus. But just doing the above mentioned should vastly improve your odds of staying healthier.
  11. He may be thinking of the old Angling Specialties which was in the basement of a convenience store a bit north of the old Lebarons from what I recall. It was the only place I could find blackbird floats way back when. I bought my first rifle at the old Yonge street lebarons as well. They used to sell everything, all kind of milsurp firearms, PPK’s you name it. Good times!
  12. I'm sorry to see that they are in trouble. I don't spend much there in the way of fishing as I shop pretty exclusively at Kingsway down in Guelph, but Sail is one of the options that I will go to for hunting products or if I want a firearm. I just picked up a shotgun from Lake Huron rod and gun and it turns out they are going out of business. That's a real loss. I've never had much luck with BPS or Cabelas. They rarely have what I want in the hunting department. Elwood Epps is a good store to stop at also when I'm heading to the cottage. Sail is a good option for hunters and fishermen, although I think there are enough small tackle shops out there that as long as you live in the area you should be supporting them as long as they have good service. But for hunters, the options are dwindling!
  13. Youth model OK. Must have 3 inch chamber and a vent rib. Fixed or removable chokes ok. Send PM if you have what i'm after. Thanks!
  14. 90 over, and you got jammed for an expired plate. I hope you bought a lottery ticket.
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