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  1. You just did. You also have a .218 bee. Don't put nug stuff online, ever. It will never help you, only harm you. Like mentioned, they already know you most likely have one by virtue of licensing.
  2. I disagree entirely. The minute I saw the 7, I said there is no way in heck I want to drag that giant thing around on the ice and I went with a 5. Not everyone wants the same thing. Nothing wrong with a big sonar but they aren’t for everyone in all circumstances! Your mileage may vary!
  3. I have a Helix 5 as a portable. I agree it's excellent for the purpose. I had an opportunity to buy a 7, but found it to be far too large when I took a close look. Just my opinion, but the 7 certainly can't hurt if you don't mind the extra size and weight!
  4. Ear clamps work well but I’ve replaced many a fuel line with stainless hose clamps because that’s what I have and it’s never caused a problem with many hours on the water. Either way you go you’ll never have an issue because of the clamp, it’ll be something else that causes problems.
  5. They are pretty reasonable questions By all means share your kayak/electric motor experience with us. I’d be happy to hear more. I typically gravitate towards taking advice from those who’ve actually done what I’m thinking about doing, not just those with an opinion. So in that sense his questions where quite reasonable to me!
  6. Reasonable questions! I had a 2 man nucanoe frontier. I ran a 50lb thrust transom mount electric. It worked great. If it weren’t for the fact that I used the electric on my tin boat as well, I’d have cut down the shaft. No experience with bow mounts.
  7. The last dignified public figure that fully understood her role and how to carry herself on the world stage. She will leave a vacuum, because no-one will be able to follow her class act.
  8. I have a 2009 DF140 that has served me very well. I’ve never had an issue with it and it starts instantly no matter the temperature. I also have a 2002 DF15 on one of the boats at our camp. I bought it 3rd hand and I believe it’s seen a lot of hours and It’s still humming along at 20 years old and doesn’t seem to miss a beat. In my opinion you can’t go wrong!
  9. Nice boat pal! Don’t feel bad, I put a tiny crease in the very bottom of my hull on lower Buck 2 years ago on water I know very well. Fortunately I was going very slow, and fortunately you can hardly tell it’s there, and the boat doesn’t leak any. But I know it’s there LOL. I’ve smoked a few props and one lower unit over the years as well. It happens sometimes!
  10. I owned a very similar boat before getting my 18 footer, mine was slightly narrower but similar draft etc.. A 55lb will throw it around just fine. I could spot lock in Detroit river current with no trouble, and wind caused me no grief. If your primarily a troller though, and constantly use the Minn kota as auto pilot, I recommend the 80lb thrust. The one problem I had was I destroyed batteries when only running off the one. Even with the biggest battery I could stuff in the compartment, they didn’t last as long as the performance I’m getting running 2, and the battery suffered for it. For general bass fishing, jigging, perch fishing and other stuff, you’ll be good to go with a 55.
  11. I have the original nautilus charger, it’s nowhere near as smart, but I’ve had it for 20 something years and it keeps on ticking. Looks like a good buy to me!
  12. I’ve always charged at the highest amp rating, and used the trickle for occasional maintenance. Shag is not wrong, we recently got a smart charger for the place up north and it’s pretty sweet, but sometimes you have to dance with what brung you!
  13. I’ve fished out of a kayak, I’ve fished out of a 14 foot sportspal square stern, and I even have a heavy duty inflatable kayak for fall steelhead. A 14 foot tinner outclasses them all as far as I’m concerned. I have a Great Lakes boat, a tinner, and the inflatable kayak. I got rid of the sportspal and the Nucanoe 2 person kayak that I had. Nothing wrong with them, just not as capable!
  14. Buy the smallest torpedo swivels that are available, all of your frustrations will melt away. I’ve even landed some angry kings on them so I know they out-hit their weight category! I don’t use a lot of torpedo products but their swivels are the best available at the moment in my opinion!
  15. Spiel, from this board, as above!
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