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  1. They look a wee bit like a pickerel... maybe that’s why their so tasty.
  2. I’d love to do the clam and oyster digs. I watch YouTube videos about it all the time! Looks like your having fun!
  3. Maybe so but the off ice winter accommodations are spectacular, and the owner is very flexible and accommodating if you want to stay out a bit late in the evening. He’ll also take you in for lunch if you want. I highly recommend them. The Gallagher’s are good people that know how to treat their guests and they know how to run a resort! I’ve never had a bad experience there, just lots of good memories with family and friends.
  4. Most equally balanced boats develop a slight list to one side when the operator is solo.
  5. I’d absolutely use those openings. It’s basically unused space and in a location that likely won’t unbalance you boat much. I’d just stuff the batteries under there in the spring without doing any wiring and take it for a good rip. If it seems ok wire away.
  6. Looks like zone wide seasons apply to balsam. No winter open season dates.
  7. If I could’ve pushed my arctic cat into the street and lit it on fire with a clear conscience I would have. I did have to push it out of my garage while on fire once..... true story, I put it out with a handy extinguisher and only melted part of the air box. In retrospect I should’ve sprayed the extinguisher all around it and made it look like I panicked. Would’ve been easier just to collect insurance. The other 2 arctic cats and one Polaris at my hunt camp where complete buckets also. No experience with canam.
  8. Pilot or highlander. Going to be older or high km though for that price point. I was just looking at them because while reliable, our Venza is boring as can be. I love the 2015 and older pilots, but even then you can spend close to 30k and they’ll still have closer to 60- 100km on them depending on how optioned. You get the picture. While I’m a fan of my F150 and it’s been good to me, I don’t have much love for the domestic full size SUV’s and I have many hours behind the wheel of them. My oldest boy just had someone write off his civic for him as well, 5 days before Christmas. I just did that dance but we replaced it with another civic.
  9. Don’t read Facebook or websites and you’ll be fine. I was on the ice on December 16 down south. The ice i was on in the area I was on could probably have supported a quad. There where people on Facebook and fishing sites telling guys that if they went out on that exact lake they would assuredly drown. You just have to realize that 50 percent of the folks on Facebook or web based sites are casual anglers, and even a lot of the boat owners put up their rigs for the season on sept 30th. I filter out the conversation to what’s relevant to me, and then make my own tracks! I understand how they feel, because we’re all somewhat nervous and cautious in areas where we lack experience myself included. There’s only one way to gain that experience ice fishing, and that’s by walking on it.... in pairs, with the right gear
  10. 1987 Chevy Cavalier. Had all kinds of issues from the electrical to the mechanical and then It started drinking oil. I used to keep a case of 24 Canadian tire litre bottles of the cheapest kind in the trunk and it got to the point I didn’t even check for oil, just waited for the oil light to come on and stopped at the side of the road to fill it up. I did a lot of steelhead fishing in that car though, and put many many KM on it. Still a piece of junk though, despite the fond memories. Second worst vehicle was an arctic cat ATV. What a mistake that was!
  11. I can’t speak to ions, although they look great. I really think electric is pushing the envelope at a 10 inch auger. 6,8 inch drills they will spin no problem. I’ve been super happy with my Milwaukee. The lite flite looks pretty neat but my $50 sale priced augers cut very fast on a drill as it is so no need for me to upgrade. I do want the clam adapter for nils master as it’s cheap and I’m eager to give the nils a try on a Drill seeing as how I already own one.
  12. I was out on what Is in my opinion “safe ice” last Monday on a southern Ontario lake. There will be some safe ice in many areas of many lakes all across Ontario now. But not all areas of all lakes. The trick is that you or someone you have faith in needs to know what’s up. That’s experience gained only by getting out there and doing it. No one can tell you that Ice is absolutely safe, especially as a lot of larger waterbodies just started freeze up in the last week.
  13. Thats the mill pond in Richmond hill. When visiting my grandparents, gramps would drive me down there as a little boy when my grandmother went to the mall (smart man, he wasn’t getting stuck shopping) We’d fish for panfish. You’d catch the occasional bass as well. No idea what if anything you can catch in there now but 40 plus years ago that’s all that was present.
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