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  1. I went to the bass masters show yesterday. For $110 I walked out with a brand new Okuma leadcore rod, 2 shimano ultralight reels that where like new for my perch rods, a bag full of anglers choice and fin S minnows, 2 dozen 5/8’s custom painted jig heads and my son got several jerkbaits and some frogs and soft plastics also. Great deals in my opinion, and it was $3 to get in with free parking.
  2. Nice looking build for a good cause! I have an affinity for that blank!
  3. They are looking into the alleged fish filets left to spoil. Wanton waste. And frankly it’ll just be lip service to appease the complainant because your not going to CSI a pile of fish guts so unless buddy left an old bill with his name on it in the pile, that’s not going anywhere!
  4. Thank you! They seemed to be ok with that bit of info any machine is better than no machine! Tough guy that fish farmer. The amount of ice on simcoe, I’m not hand bombing 8 inch holes. Nice fish!
  5. Much in the way of snow patches Brian? Kids want to ride the sled tomorrow but it’s a liquid, no scratchers. Told them they may have to settle for quad.
  6. I set up my buddies throw away 8 inch auger. Welded a centre point into it using a half inch spade bit that I ground down. I’m running a Milwaukee fuel. It will spin an 8 inch. Over 2 feet of ice on Simcoe last week and I didn’t have to swap batteries once using 5ah with my 6 inch and we punched many holes. The 8 inch and I would’ve had to swap batteries. It don’t matter I have 3. Never even been close to overheating through that amount of ice, and we always punch 6 holes every time we stop. 2 each for fishing and 1 for sonar or camera. Don’t believe it, send me a PM I’ll be on cooks bay with my kids tomorrow afternoon, and happy to let anyone try it! With the clam plate it’s the way to go, light weight and very effective! Can’t speak to any of the other electrics though. There is a reason there are so many Milwaukee fanboys!
  7. If you live in southern Ontario, and don’t need 24 inch extensions on average, the solution is simple. Switch to an electric auger. Pick your flavour, wether a dedicated electric or a drill combo. I believe they even make a 10 inch electric now. Our gasser has sat in the barn for 3 seasons now and hasn’t been out once. The electric has been better in every respect. I drilled nearly 3 holes to one against a guy with a jiffy a few weeks a back. The guys up north with 4 feet or more of ice need gas. Down this way electric will do anything you could ask and faster than a gasser!
  8. Cooks bay is usually a guarantee. That said, my last 2 trips to Simcoe on some of our confidence waters that usually produce big perch in good numbers, we took a butt kicking. We moved many times, drilled many holes, and watched fish on camera just sit and stare at our baits no matter what we dropped. It was a humbling couple of trips to be sure. However, I’ve had so many great trips on Simcoe that I’m taking it in stride. Some times you just get beat, or have a bad run!
  9. It was an interesting night to work last night, and an even nicer drive home this morning. Last night we could barely see the road in front of us. This morning wasn’t much better. I stopped 4 times for cars and trucks in the ditch on the way home and still saw people driving way faster than they could ever react for the conditions. And they wonder why they’re in the ditch.
  10. I to grew up pickerel fishing. That’s what my grandpa called them. I don’t think I knew what a walleye was until I started reading Ontario Fisherman. I still fish for pickerel and I still hunt partridge from time to time. That’s not about to change because of some biologist!
  11. That was awesome!! We just played it in the hut LOL, good for a morning laugh!
  12. I’m only doing the smaller tackle swaps now. I’m done with the sportsman and the fishing shows. Too much money and not a whole lot going on!
  13. Maybe I have a bum unit, but like crappieperchhunter, I haven’t been too impressed with my foodsaver.
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