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  1. Gen 7 fuels on the reserve on 17 pulled all their ethanol free, and when I asked about it I was told they can't get it full stop. I'd be a little suspect about anyone advertising E free. I'd at least run my own test to see what's up. If it's legit, then its good news!
  2. Me neither, I buy the 200 yard spools of everything. The one exception would be maybe Seaguar STS, but even then that's 100 yards, and it used to be reasonable. This is the only way to fly. Leader line spools are a ripoff!
  3. You can’t go wrong with super sniper. It’s tough as nails!
  4. Much as I don’t love boot fishing in creeks at all, I tend to agree with this viewpoint. Trolling big kings in the lake is an excellent time and one of my favourite sounds in the world is a wire diver shot with a 25 plus king at the end of it. I’ll take the river full of muddy boots and all that comes with it. That and I do love catching bows in the fall! By rights none of those fish belong here, but they all have their time and place! I take people into consideration when I see these things. Sometimes young guys get overwhelmed seeing big fish in small water. Some people view it as an easy harvest of meat at all costs (you may not agree that they’re fit for food, but some cultures eat dogs and horses and that’s ok where they live). Where I look down my nose is guys with 1k fly rigs lining them in riffles and thinking they are fishing, or dudes who have 20 years in the game running custom outfits and clearing snagging them (time to grow up fellas). Everyone else I cut a bit of slack. Our views are sometimes born of too much available wealth and opportunity. Some areas salmon snagging for residents harvesting meat is perfectly acceptable and legal. Killing is killing, at the end of the day if the intent is harvest for meat then how it gets done doesn’t matter much to the fish… they’re dead! Anyway in my life I’ve gone full circle on this over the years, from a 12 year old salmon snagger, to a steelhead snob and purist for many many years, and now I look at it with a bit wider lense, especially having spoken to numerous people of other cultures who do indeed consider creek salmon as good for dinner!
  5. US immigrant, cameras shy, hasn’t got her visa yet. Made by Starcraft, yet again!
  6. Thanks that would work for me entirely but a little less HP than I’m looking for! I still need to pull a tube every so often.
  7. This worked for me once before here some years ago, so let’s try again. Looking for a deep V aluminum 16-17 foot. Very good condition. Honda/yamaha/Suzuki. Prefer newer than 2012 unless it’s mint. Trying this before I buy new.
  8. Lookin good Barry! Nice pics!
  9. All of my tackle is insured under my home insurance. I have up to 40K for "sporting equipment" and I clarified specifics as to what could be claimed in the event of mishap as I collect certain things that may be worth more than a shimano sienna. We also have a separate policy for our items up north. As for my boat policy, it's a separate rider on my insurance and has all specifics laid out for trolling motor, electronics, kicker etc. Any company should be able to do this for you relatively easily unless the agent is a dolt!
  10. Great pics! I have a pic of a pair of Sandhills that showed up on the back trail of our place near River Valley ON, in the middle of the bush. It was the darnedest thing, not where I’d ever expect to see that! I’ll have to try and find it.
  11. Good fishing! Nippissing sure is a factory for many species!
  12. I guarantee crusty old boy won’t care. He’ll probably give you his business card and his Staff’s home phone number. There are no worse bedside manners than crusty old b@stards on their way out the door, and newly minted young guys who believe there is a world to be saving!
  13. The tradition continues in our house! No Americanisms here!
  14. Yeah, I hear ya every year people accuse us of bass fishing in the spring from a distance in pad beds. Yelling out “bass is closed”. I’m always waiting for the CO to show up so we can laugh our butts off when he tries to bust us for this big caper and finds a livewell full of crappie lol. I can only imagine what it’s like in a bass boat.
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