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  1. I’m glad he wouldn’t apologize. His statement was exactly what it needed to be. Wouldn’t bend to the lefty’s for a second. MacLean should be ashamed of himself for not having the guts to stand by him. You’d think that after 30 years of working with a guy there would be some loyalty.
  2. I can tell you I’ve been buzzed by a Floyd Hales bomber. He had to go out of his way and off his track to do it and passed way too close to my portable, and I was nowhere near his huts.
  3. I like to do a bit of perch fishing and I just booked a couple of days on nippising, but truth be told I’d rather be in my boat or on a riverbank these days, although I ice fished a lot when I was younger.
  4. I stood in the rain with my 2 youngest. They didnt seem to mind, and neither did I. Sometimes life throws you lemons. Showing kids how to make the best of it despite the circumstances helps them develop personal strength.
  5. I had 8 mini bars last night before I stopped myself in disgust. The extras are going in to work.
  6. https://www.swmarineservices.com/inventory/2009-starcraft-fishmaster-196-grand-bend-on-n0m-1t0-10292974i This is a heck of a boat for $20K. If I was in the market, I wouldnt waste any time.
  7. I have a 10 year old Starcraft superfisherman 18. I bought it used 3 years ago. It’s held up pretty nicely for a 10 year old boat. I looked at new pricing when I wanted to go to an 18. I really didn’t want to be paying for it long term and it was a lot of money. I bought a well kept slightly older boat and have been very happy, and I own it! The Starcraft is rock solid in rough water on Erie and Ontario. I’ve only ever owned either Lund or Starcraft and so far never disappointed. My first Lund 16 is still in great shape 18!years down the road and a buddy is happily using it still with no failures. I owned a used Starcraft 16 and a used Lund 16 since that boat and both where great. I expect to keep the superfisherman for a good long time. I’ve never talked to guys that where super pleased with their legends, and I personally know of one guy that has his tracker crack. If it where my money I’d steer clear of tracker or legend. I’ve heard they are nearly as much as the big names when properly equipped with adequate horsepower anyway.
  8. I’m in the same boat. Everything leaking from waders to my jacket. I patched waders for the last time, and i DWR’d my goretex for probably the last time. Looks like it’ll be an expensive Xmas. Again.... I can’t complain, did pretty well on the last bargain bin pair of Simms waders and my coat has given more than can be expected of a coat. I’ll be watching this thread. But sadly I don’t think cheap lasts very long. Best way to do it is watch for a clearout sale on last years model of a brand name. That’s what I did last time.
  9. Another schmuck that got his 15 via facebook.
  10. Realistically for most of them that I’ve seen at yard sales or swap meets a realistic new price would be $500 tops. Most 6 tray tackle boxes I’ve seen have a few costly rapalas, some mepps spinners, a few Williams and some various other name brands, then are filled with red and white bobbers, snelled hooks, rusty fillet knifes, a spring scale etc. Some might have a bit more expensive gear, but tops probably a grand, and I’m being really generous there. Most trays have 10 spaces tops, most that I’ve seen have a couple lures in each space at most, so let’s say at the outside 120 lures. Then let’s say every single lure is worth $10 (probably only half would come close at replacement value). So lure value is $$1200 brand new at the outside. $100 in hooks, bobbers etc and maybe $100 for the box so $1400 plus tax would be a pretty generous insurance ask for most “average” big boxes that I’ve seen. I have a lot of tackle. All of my rods, reels and Plano boxes are photographed and I advised my insurance company of my hobby including numerous customs rods. Even still I think I’d get a very hard time asking 10k for one box, unless it was full to the rim with Lymans, or old valuable new in package lures that are currently collectable and in demand. Seeing as you went high to start with I’d see how much I could get but 10k isn’t going to happen.
  11. Loose eggs? Get you some 20 Mule Team borax from Freshco and sprinkle in ziploc until the eggs look well salted. They will become drier and firm up a bit. Dollarama sells a locking lid container in the craft section that is perfect for loose or scraped trout eggs. Let them sit in the borax for a couple days in the ziploc in the fridge, then scoop them into the containers and fill to the top. Use the lids to screw tight and squeeze most of the air out. They should keep for a good while in the freezer. This is how I store all my brown eggs, loose or scraped. Mature laker roe should work great!
  12. I’ve used 3M 5200 and starboard for 15 years now to secure transducers to the stern of the boats I’ve owned. The original board that I first mounted without screws is still on the boat (a buddy owns it now). That’s the way I’d go!
  13. I’m sure uziks work, a couple years ago I inherited a bunch of them with my new to me boat. But there are much better options for a worm presentation imho. I’d just use a standard worm harness if that’s the way you want to go. Any of my quinte fishing has been near ram island in the spring. I couldn’t tell you the fall patterns, but I’d lean towards cranks as you’ve been told. That said, I was taking fish on harnesses tonight on nippissing with no problems so who can say!
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