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  1. You know what, your right. All fishing is closed, it’s illegal to go outside your home. The fine for being in a boat or on a riverbank is 1 miiiiillllion dollars!!!! Zeeee Geshtappo vill arrest you for unlawful travel! There that ought to do it, it’ll be a lot quieter on the water for the rest of us now!
  2. No they can’t because there is no travel restriction in place in Ontario. I hauled my boat to a private launch this morning. People are making up rules here. Go to the province of Ontario website or the OPP website if you want accurate information. It’s far superior than internet rumours and manufactured laws.
  3. Nope , I don’t stop to chat, lick people or buy coffee either.
  4. Section 71 of the old list. Other service providers. I know exactly what I’m speaking of. And I haven’t spread a single rumour or piece of misinformation. So here is some more real information for everyone on this thread. There is currently no restriction on your movement about the province. At this point it is merely a suggestion. There is also no restriction on your freedom to meet in groups, so long as it is 5 or less. You can also drive in a car with other people not of your household, as long as there are less than 5 in that car. You can’t operate a business that’s not on an essential list, and you can go for walks, ride your bike, run the dog, etc etc. unless it’s in a closed area. You can’t have a party with 10 of your closest friends, unless it’s a funeral, you can’t play softball in a park, you can’t use a municipal boat launch that has been closed by the governing body. But should you choose to go fishing or drive to Kapuskasing for groceries, or even take up residence in your cottage at this point your free to do so even though they are “strongly suggesting” you don’t. As long as you don’t enter into areas that have been closed to do these things you aren’t violating any rules.... yet. Your right Gmech, there is a lot of misinformation going around both online or on threads like this. I’ve seen it here and on Facebook.
  5. Where were you three days ago when I had to shave my head?
  6. Voluntarily or enforced, the result is the same. Where are all these folks the rest of the time? All you ever see ordinarily is people screaming about their Charter rights. Who knew all it would take was one good virus for the whole world to become communists LOL.
  7. No dude, true story. The list was updated yesterday I’m not sure if the situation remains the same, and I’m not about to check until back to work time.
  8. The ticket is pretty steep Terry. $880 with court costs.
  9. I would Un share it. A number of the small unknown launches I frequent are still open. I’ll be darned if I’m going to post all these spots for people to flock to. Mums the word in all instances. But, I absolutely applaud Chatham- Kent for their stance. If every dummy and his brother can flock to his nature trail while he’s on mandated holiday, why can’t I go fishing alone in my boat on my days off.
  10. Pet groomers make the definition of essential. I kid you not, this is fact! This is a cluster. These fellas have a valid point.
  11. Your right on the mark Terry! It’s a much bigger gamble just going to the grocery story and I’m pretty sure some of these guys are doing that 3 times a week right now.
  12. Well there goes Friday’s plan! Good thing I’ve got a tinner that can be slid across a beach!
  13. LOL, I’m willing to bet your right!!
  14. Guess I’ll be poaching in the river across the street!
  15. I’m with you. The only thing I need is more storage room!
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