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  1. Put sonar to advance mode, turn off fish ID. Look for hooks and bait. Turn off fish alarms. Properly set up you should be able to see your cannonballs down 100.
  2. Yes, get ipilot and it will change your life!
  3. Mr. Fletcher passed away over 2 years ago. The shop is closed unfortunately. It was a unique place!
  4. You can pick up Best Lure Co. plugs. They are Canadian made and pretty much a complete knock off of a lyman, and they are wood not plastic. Most of the Lake Huron and Georgian Bay Area shops (what’s left of them) carry them. Watson’s in Owen Sound has them for sure. I have used them a fair bit mixed in with my Lyman originals and they run just as well. I have one stairway best lure that‘a got well over 20 matures on it and the paint is tired but still holding up well! I have a box full of Lymans and I like em but I’ll tell you I’d never pay $30-$50 for one since they came out with these knock offs!
  5. I'd love to, but I can't bring myself to put holes in another guys boat. John, I've been running an Elite ti as my second unit on my big boat for 3 years. It's an exceptionally easy to use sonar, and has some pretty unreal 2D, side and down isn't too shabby either. I also have a bird Helix, and it works great on the ice and not bad on my tin boat, but it's just not as good as the Lowrance. I don't know where you'd go for an install as I do my own stuff, but I'm a hack and not nearly as fussy because my boat is 10 years old. I would definitely mount a sonar board. It makes fiddling with getting the right setting dead easy with limited damage to the hull. Maybe the angler outfitter guy? Great shop if you can get past the owners sarcastic attitude to everything
  6. Cost of boats today, this is inexpensive and worthwhile if someone is satisfied with their rig!
  7. I tried them, couldn’t get used to it. There was a dude that used to fish below the lamprey weir on Coburgh brook long before they made it a sanctuary. I saw him using them a few times while fishing there and had to give it a try. It was unique!
  8. 1300’s are still the sh$&&$t. My hardware rods still wear them. I still have an SS700 on a pickerel jigging stick. They are as good today as they where then.
  9. I’m sure the marina on sparrow would be happy for the $20. I can’t see why not. The public launch at the north end can be a challenge depending on the size of your boat when the water is low. Be aware that on Kahshe navionics only has about 50 percent of the obstructions. I’ve taken out 2 lower units and I’ve been on the lake for almost 20 years and know it too well by now. I proceed with caution unless I’m in water known to me. The KLRA did not put out the markers this year due to covid. Good luck!
  10. I don’t know, I really like fans And normally I’d say fan all day, but I run a 97 Polaris touring 500 liquid, with studded track and it’s able to run in most conditions without overheating. Got it cheap from my father in law and it’s been pretty good. Hard to say.
  11. Our guy had many US cancellations but filled them with Canadians. He lost a whole month though.
  12. Yeah you’ll be fine with a 55lb thrust. I had pretty much that exact boat but in a Lund. I ran it in current on the Detroit river and it would hold spot lock in that current. I trolled for countless hours on the bow mount, even in wind and it was fine. Sure, will you encounter an occasional situation where it may be underpowered, but very few. I’ve been told that an 80lb thrust terrova isn’t big enough for my 18 foot Starcraft, strangely enough it is. Anyway, my 2 cents.
  13. I fish further west than that, but here is some general info that will help you on the bay. Fish early. People showing up and launching at 7am, and getting rods in the water late have missed the best fishing. I launch in the dark. Fish long leads, and run much lighter rigs than your standard salmon fare. That's all I got for you, I can't help you with Collingwood area, but my understanding is those guys start to do better around August, but I really can't say. Good luck!
  14. I’ve been very pleased with my Suzuki if that helps you any. I was super happy with the Honda I owned before as well. Either one would make me smile!
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