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  1. porkpie

    ipilot questions

    Sweet motor, enjoy!
  2. porkpie

    Clam replacment parts..N/F sort of

    Your going to have to order a replacement tent from Clam, unless you stumble across someone selling one on Kijiji. I’ve never seen a retailer carrying replacement tents. I suppose your local tackle shop could order one in, but at that point you may as well order direct.
  3. porkpie

    ipilot questions

    Yeah side scan is pretty amazing. We used it last summer to mark suspended fish on Erie, drop a waypoint on them, turn the boat over them and whammo. It was pretty cool. Very nice to be able to find rockpiles and structure off the side as well!
  4. porkpie

    My new Smitty

    Very nice build!
  5. Holy schmoly. Thats uuuuuggggeeee
  6. porkpie

    ipilot questions

    Couple things, I have a very deep 18.5 foot boat. I run my kicker with 80lb terrova for steering all the time. The autopilot is by far the best feature of the minn kota for a troller. I don’t even have a bow sonar because at least 70% of my time is spent trolling. I might put my helix up front at some point but I just haven’t got around to it. The only time I really miss it is when vertical jigging. Unless it’s very windy, then the 80lb terrova is fine. Really I just bump the throttle on the kicker if I need more. If I was planning to just troll on the minn kota then it might be a problem on windier days with the 80. Absolutely spend the money on the Minn kota. It’s the best cash a troller in a tin boat can spend. I use spotlock, but only when fishing vertical for perch or jigging. It doesn’t factor in as much as I thought it wouldn’t but definitely useful!
  7. porkpie

    Cork Cleaning

    A longa line of corka soakers!!!
  8. All that is left is the mooching reel and the Abu silvermax.
  9. I don’t know, it was a surprise to us but apparently not to some other guys we talked to at the launch. We weren’t even dragging bottom at the time, maybe 35 down over 80.
  10. We caught lakers off the lighthouse at long point this summer when trolling for pickerel. Surprised us but apparently not that uncommon!
  11. porkpie

    Thought Process - Common Sense

    The fellow that initially posed the question on another board is using a clam plate which is quite short when used with an auger on its own. I made an extension for mine primarily so I didn’t have to bend over to drill holes. Ice thickness didn’t have much to do with it for me anyway.
  12. porkpie

    Thought Process - Common Sense

    Brian already won the lure, your too late!
  13. porkpie

    Thought Process - Common Sense

    LOL, I probably do somewhere in the basement Brian!
  14. porkpie

    Thought Process - Common Sense

    People ask for help everywhere. On every forum I frequent people ask for info on something or other. Often info they could google or call a store about. What’s the sense of this post on this forum other than mud slinging for no reason. He could’ve mocked the dude on the other forum if he wanted to. Answer that question reasonably and I’ll mail you a new in package AC shiner!
  15. porkpie

    Thought Process - Common Sense

    I really don’t see the need to post something from another forum over here, other than a need to knock someone. If your really need to know why, maybe send the guy a private message to satisfy yourself. There is no point to this. While the forum is a little slow, it doesn’t need this kind of traffic.