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  1. Yeah I don’t go on the information of others. If he knows the difference between a bass and a crappie then he is also probably aware of the MNRF. You could always provide him with the tips line. I’ve had people yell at me to stop fishing bass as I toss another crappie in the livewell. It’s true that people poach, it’s also true that witness info is often sketchy.
  2. I had a 3.5hp 4 stroke kicker on my 16 footer. It worked very well but it was a shallower draft boat. For your rig you could bolt on a raisable kicker bracket and use a tiller extension. You could put a short shaft motor on it and it’d pull double duty on a tinny. I’d look at a 6hp four stroke. Their a bit lighter than the 9.9’s and you can still use a remote tank rather than tank on top. I’d say go with a 9.9 but I can see your dilemma with weight. The little one lungers are noisier and shake a lot more than the 2 cylinders.
  3. My local marina carries a rack of tip adaptors for gear lube pumps. I’d be surprised if most marinas don’t.
  4. No it applies to most dams on the system and has for many many years.
  5. I used a piece of 3/4 thick cutting board material that I bought at some plastic shop in 2002 and useda healthy dose of 3M 5200 to affix it to the back of my new Lund SSV as a “stern saver”. 17 years later a friend of mine still owns that boat and the mounting block is still attached. I think you’ll be fine!
  6. Great picture Bernie! Hope you get to ride it out to retirement, sounds like a good gig. Too bad about the no fishing thing!
  7. porkpie


    There is a place in Scarborough that I’ve seen advertise online. He is called certerpin angling. Could try there. I believe I saw eggs on his website. If you just want chinook or coho, I’ll give you some, but you’ll have to pick up. I can meet you down in Guelph, but that’s as far south as I go.
  8. I grew up with a gas stove at home, but my adult life has been electric. I prefer the smooth top that we have than any of the ring stoves. Yes it’s a bit of a pain to clean but it works well and I like the looks.
  9. Been using a bobber and roe for 30 years. Probably won’t quit now. I’ve bottom bounced plenty as well but only when they are float shy or when fishing big water. I use beads sometimes also now, and I never use less than 6lb test leader. That’s a big change considering 3lb was something we used all the time. I don’t go for opener very often now though. I usually fish the fall or early season more than the opener for spawned out fish.
  10. There is a free launch across from tudhope park off 12 south. I haven’t used it in a few years but that’s always where I put in to fish that area.
  11. Good bye and good riddance, I’ve already had the boat out twice! Although I still have some ice gear rolling around in the back of my pickup for some reason. I probably should put it away!
  12. I have 32k replacement value and liability on my boat through CUMIS insurance. It costs me about $600 a year. I also insure my home and vehicles through them. I did get rear ended in my SUV in 2017 and they where extremely fair with valuing the vehicle when they wrote it off. So fair that I didn’t even need to counter their original offer. I’ve been happy so far and rates are decent for everything. There is also no layup period, which is important to me as I’ll fish as long as the weather cooperates.
  13. Good score, that’s $120 towards tackle!
  14. Yep Suzuki engines and it’s the only bad zuke I’ve ever come across. No amount of carb rebuilding, cleaning or fiddling with it would get it running right. POS!!! And I’m a big zuke fan, so it’s hard for me to say it!
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