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  1. Fisherman

    4 stroke marine oil

    No, we use this: https://www.amsoil.com/shop/by-product/motor-oil/marine/10w-30-synthetic-formula-4-stroke-marine-oil/?code=WCTQT-EA
  2. Fisherman

    4 stroke marine oil

    I've been using the Amsoil 10W30 for over 25 years, it meets all the specs.
  3. Fisherman

    Record Buck

    From what I remember when they get that big, they just taste like bad sneakers, all pumped up from hormones.
  4. Fisherman

    Wilderness walleye and pike.

    Nice video, you sure have a nice piece of nature up there.
  5. Fisherman

    Memorable funny ice fishing trip

    The Benny Hill crew.
  6. Fisherman

    I just love a good fishing story!

    Nice ending, I'm sure it would not have been the greatest tasting, maybe a little breeding left in it.
  7. Fisherman

    Vehicle Insurance changes for 2019 NF

    A question, is it legal to play with the GPS while driving? No it's not legal, inputs must be made before driving. Simply holding an electronic device in your hands (hand-held communication during driving is against the law) Using a cellular phone to talk, text, check maps or switch playlists Eating (there may not be a licence suspension, but the RCMP warn you could be fined or given six demerits depending on the food) Reading books or documents Typing a destination into the GPS
  8. Fisherman

    Vehicle Insurance changes for 2019 NF

    I don't have a problem with that. While you drive, turn the phone off, problem solved.
  9. Fisherman


    So you have to spend a couple grand more and hump a can of gas around. Seems like we are running in a squirrel cage to catch our butt.
  10. Fisherman


    I'm sure they also said they are just starting to make a profit. Until someone comes up with a really high capacity battery, I don't think I'll ever buy one. At present you go on a trip more than there is capacity, then what, especially if you're not at a recharge station. Run out of gas is one thing can be fixed by a jerry can, run out of electrons, hmmm, never tried to get them to get in a jerry can and refill a battery.
  11. Like you said you don't want to throw money in a bottomless pit. My neighbour replaced his motor last spring and within short time, in no particular order other things started going south. I wonder how much sludge is in the engine keeping the oil from flowing properly. That was his problem but he waited too long and it just plain quit. I'm a fan of real synthetic oils, never had an issue with it.
  12. Fisherman

    I'm gonna get me a Sparrow

    Nice pics.
  13. Fisherman

    Ice fishing show Barrie

    I thought you might be out on the Lake by the condo, 1 walker and 2 huts out on the west end. One was a red hut.
  14. Fisherman

    Lake access win against billionaire

    RCMP useless bunch of donut eaters. If they're bona fide public roads, then they must stay open. He can take his ranch and buzz off.
  15. Fisherman

    F/F Batteries

    Don't leave home without it, lol.