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  1. Check that Grillspot place that Crimsongulf mentioned, I've used them twice and my neighbour once, 2 days to get my parts.
  2. There used to be a place called Slyville, now you make find a place called Noville, how the heck are we supposed to find it, lol.
  3. You realize it's a discontinued product and probably won't get any new updates.
  4. I bet you won't find too many hepa filters soon. Good video.
  5. One thing for sure, it's sad that it comes to this.
  6. If you have a shallow ramp you would have to back far in. If it's windy you still need someone to hold the boat to keep it in line with the bunks or rollers. Might be nice if you're a millionaire and have wave control by your dock.
  7. Damm, did you invent the anti gravity machine, lol.
  8. I do when fish salmon/bows are caught. Other than time consuming, it's pretty easy to do and I find it tastes just as good as the commercial tin can fish.
  9. Unless people are planning on launching by helicopter, you better wear your Jesus water walkers. A lot of the parks/boat launches are closed.
  10. Lazy install, the sheath should have protruded to the outside of the tongue to prevent that.
  11. If you hear a knock, knock, it's my wife.🤣 She likes those red things, fortunately they were banished from my kitchen. Couldn't get them past my nose even with a bulldog clip.
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