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  1. Well you got lucky with that one, I would still make the effort to keep putting the rust buster to the axle to get the wheels off and when you do, grease the bejesus out of them.
  2. That will definitely not buff right out, good luck with repairs.
  3. Your's is still a spring chicken, mines an Ariens from '68 and still going strong.
  4. Keep an eye skyward east of Barrie area and southwards, just had a roaring torrential downpour with strong winds. Of course the EC radar didn't show it until it was passed.
  5. Does it have a removable pin to slide the wheel and tire off the shaft? If so, then the wheel center is probably rusted to the shaft. Post a picture if you can.
  6. I went wit the 40 Yamaha tiller for some of those reasons, gas tilt assist, tilt motor up with 2 fingers and the electronic idle control.
  7. You mean taking the rubber tire off the rim or removing the whole wheel and tire from the shaft? Some of those wheels get rusted right onto the shaft, use some rust buster or equivalent to break the rust down for a few days.
  8. This should go viral to teach them a lesson.
  9. Anyone run a small Honda generator to charge their boat? That may be the next purchase . No other sites anywhere near ours so noise won’t be an issue . You could use the smallest Honda 1K EU to run a 10 amp battery charger with no effort.
  10. Thanks for the reply. makes me wonder why anyone bothers to buy black anchors.
  11. Please let us know the brand.
  12. Ha, funny you mentioned that Lew, just talking to a fellow down the road building a house, said the same, it's dropped about 30% and will continue downwards for a while yet.
  13. Maybe it has a water sensor and needs that for it to work, no worky in thin air, lol.
  14. 120 works better, tape the black wire(small opening in a receptacle, big one is white, neutral) to a metal rod about a foot long and insert into damp ground. Now don't be a fool and try and lick the rod. Dad used to do it quite often to feed the fish in the pond.
  15. I've had my BPro goretex for many years, still holding up and no leaks. I would buy it again.
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