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  1. News said we are going back to lock down in Simcoe Muskoka on monday, this is getting annoying.
  2. Even the weather net is mentioning that campsite booking is well underway with little to find at the moment. With people turning to other things like camping and trailer/rv sales booming, it will be do it now or camp in the driveway. Even last year was pretty sparse on weekends.
  3. What is it, a frankenstein of human meddling by no other words.
  4. LGBxtyz2 is hunting your sorry butt right now.
  5. A number of years ago, 5 or so, they were still catching them in the small pools just beside the north impact area.
  6. Summertime favourite, fried onions with 1/2 a can in the old cast iron pan over the fire, add fried potatoes and it's a happy meal.
  7. I'll have to take a look, I like the old Ron Lindner TV shows. Some of these new guys is just a bunch of hee hee, haw haw laughing like fools.
  8. Ya, got a foot here last night and had to go to Vaughan this morning for back injections, boy a ride I wouldn't want to do every day of the week.
  9. Wouldn't want to tally up the herring I caught all on a treble hook with a pearl wired underneath the hook, just jigging. Those were the good days.
  10. Attracts too many raycoons.
  11. Well it comes with 4 year warrantee and roadside assist so it can't be that bad.
  12. Thanks, however doesn't say about throwing offal into the water/lake.
  13. If you make a statement like that, please put up a link to support it.
  14. Seems like you can't kill that stuff.
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