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  1. Yup, tried fuel stabilizer once and found it made big globs of a jello like substance in the bottom of the gas can. No ethanol regular can still be found in certain areas, and seafoam.
  2. You just keep that up there and make good use of it.
  3. Don't know about hell freezing over any time soon according to the blond waffle twat that climate minister. No, no brown fur, we went up to check cameras at a buddies place just past Gravenhurst, 2 tracks and some dink stole one of the portable blinds. Nothing is sacred anymore. Most of the gravel pits on #90 were frozen over and then I just about crap when I saw the bays frozen over on couchiching, maybe an early ice season for a change.
  4. Noted that some of the shallow bays on couch by highway #11 were frozen early this morning and still on the way back around 1030.
  5. View Advert 205/75R15 Trailer Tires 2 used trailer tires, 205/75R/15, free. Not pretty but will make a couple of good spares to get you out of a bind. Advertiser Fisherman Date 11/05/2019 Price Category Miscellaneous Classifieds  
  6. Looks like you have all the intelligent ones down there. Couple years ago when they first came to Stayner/Collingwood, I saw some nitwit doing a left turn into oncoming traffic, not realizing you go around 240 degrees to get to your turn off.
  7. Hey I wasn't hatched there, somebody dumped a bucket of water on my feet and I grew roots, lol.
  8. I don't mind roundabouts, but Barrie nitwits are special. I take my time and go to the entrances on Bayview most of the time.
  9. Socks, the ones on at 40% off called Heat Holders. I don't need my old heavy duty ones yet. Noticed Cabelas has their own version of the BPro life time warranty ones too, be prepared to leave an arm or leg for payment.
  10. When you come back out and see this, I surmise the person must have failed colouring within the lines 101 and paid off the driving instructor. I would hazard a guess Cracker Jack doesn't issue licences anymore. Hopefully the goalie had to go for a #2 so they could score.
  11. Sometimes you just have to wonder.
  12. I remember our first Hallowe'en in Manitoba, -10 and 2 feet of snow. Do you think that stopped the kids, nope. Dress right and fill the pillow case. My boys went out twice to make sure they got a full load.
  13. I find that an object (crook) coming straight at the camera is less likely to get picked up than an object going across from left to right or other way.
  14. Ah yes, optical dillusion for me, Drifters right about the drop axles.
  15. Yes highway robbery for sure, Honda does NOT make oil, it's just rebranded.
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