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  1. Looks like a moldy fish or soon to be.
  2. Hahahahaha, good one, Suzuki's are much more reliable.
  3. Needs a winch, just in case.
  4. A lot of finger pointing and exclamations of guilty before being investigated.
  5. Nice info to be aware of. Damm thumbs have more rules than...
  6. More for the little gel cells for winter.
  7. For those who have a tendency to procrastinate or have perpetual brain farts, don't forget to put your fish finder batteries on charge once in a while.
  8. Your best best if you want to get the present axle serviced without towing it and doing any more damage or worse: Park it. Jack up the trailer frame and remove the axle from the springs.
  9. Admit it, if it wasn't for the money and bragging rights, I'm sure there wouldn't be as much interest. As much as fish in general may be on the low end of the proverbial totem pole, they are a food source for other species. I find it sad that man has to go around "just because" he can, wasting a resource. If they were required to keep what they catch with no culling and injuring fish, there's still 4,5 or 6 fish to tally up and enter. Then go eat them. Oh, for those who wonder, I'm not a P3TA freak, if I catch some, I eat them, unless they're out of the legal size.
  10. Fisherman


    Well that makes at least 2 of us that haven't become hard core addicts. I'm not talking a Cheech & Chong monster doobies with smoke billowing that could hide the Queen Mary, I don't need any more than a small peanut size piece to achieve the sleep factor.
  11. Canadian Bearing, 160 John St, Barrie. 705-726-3030. My 1 inch ones slide on with no effort. After a bit of digging I found an axle with a 1.062 diameter which is pretty darn close to your measurement. Appears you may have a 1 1/16" axle. Hopefully this link works. https://picclick.com/TWO-Trailer-Axle-Spindle-42-6000-7000-W-291686429027.html
  12. Fisherman


    See, there's that parent problem.
  13. Fisherman


    I'm sure some of the problem also lies with parenting or a complete lack there of. I'm glad my old man kicked my ass when needed and that was passed onto my boys. Best thing I ever heard from them, they thought I was a miserable jerk compared to other "fathers". As they got older, they now realize the benefits of proper parenting compared to being "friends" and have told me that. Both are doing well and have a gorilla grip on life.
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