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  1. That stuff is like Franks Hot stuff for motors.
  2. You already fixed it. If there's too much slack in the coupler nut, it can pop off the ball. I would also suspect lack of 10-12% of total trailer weight on the ball would make it easier for that to happen.
  3. Somebody must have told him something, they just don't randomly check peoples freezers
  4. If you leave multiple possessions in the same freezer then they must be packaged to be able to make an accurate count and labelled with individual ownership.
  5. It's not hard to put the tracks on once you have done it once. Deflate the front and rear tires a bunch, wrap the tracks around them and then use a ratchet strap with big hooks where they meet up, insert the rod and locking collar. Pump tires back up. If you go with the 18 inch ones, then you may require wheel spacers for extra body clearance. I had the 12 inch ones on my Bigfoot 6x6 and never got stuck anywhere. Only reason I sold it was they are not allowed on ATV trails.
  6. Maybe someone else got tired of the over harvesting and made a call.
  7. Oh ya, without a doubt, quite the episodes.
  8. I suspect there's more to the story than shown. If A and B left their fish at the parents cottage, the parents can possess the legal limit of each person giving it to them. No licence required. How many did they leave?
  9. If you had a row of little pigs, you could put $2.50 a week into into one and each year your sticker would be covered, even much less for the driver licence every 5 years. But people don't think ahead to save a couple schekels to be ready, only p and m and cry. What happened to being adults or do you still rely on parents to tell you when to change your diapers.
  10. Ah, NO. I'm betting that if your "friend" took his car off the road for two years, it might then need a safety, oh my, more money. No scamming the system.
  11. It will be no more than if you had renewed it when they initially expired.
  12. My '78 Rabbit was like that, separate turn and brake lights.
  13. As long as you have brake and signal lights together on each side. If you have separate brake and signal lights, it's either a module or 1 more light on each side.
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