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  1. I use one deep cycle group 27 to run everything in the boat, lights, radio, fish finder and downriggers. I've got an F40 yamaha and it charges the battery while running. If I was to add an electric trolling motor, I would most likely add another deep cycle just for that.
  2. Just me in the boat and I'm vertical, add 2 people and I move the motor up a notch.
  3. Read, take a breath and read again, this is copied from the current MNRF Regs, page 6. Fishing Regulations Summary 20226 Recreational Fishing Licence Information Below are rules and regulations for fishing in Ontario. Please read the following section carefully. Most people require a Recreational Fishing Licence or deemed licence to legally fish in Ontario. You must carry your Outdoors Card or Licence Summary whenever you are fishing. If requested, you must present these documents to a conservation officer. Licence Summary: A document that lists all valid fishing and hunting licences. The Licence Summary can be either a printed copy or saved as a digital format, or the box printed on the back of your Outdoors Card indicating a 3- or 1-year fishing licence. Now go fish.
  4. Yes on some of the older models water does come out with the exhaust.
  5. I'm suspecting that wood is probably 1 inch thick, I did one for a friend. Take that whole piece out, use it as a template and fill in between the red and blue lines. I would laminate two 1/2 inch sheets with gorilla glue and clamp the %^&*# out of it. Then apply several coats of the real wood sealer, not the VOC kind, it's junk. Try to find Teak Sealer, not teak oil. I'll agree with Dan if you can find some wide planks of oak, that would even be better.
  6. 2 shots of the J&J are good at least if the last one is more than 14 days old before you travel. You still need that ArriveCan thing either a printed version with the letter "A" "I" or "V" beside your name or on your phone. I'm just the messenger, don't shoot me. Here's a link: https://travel.gc.ca/travel-covid/travel-restrictions/covid-vaccinated-travellers-entering-canada#proof
  7. If they can research all the info to come up here to fish, 5 minutes on the MNRF website can give them all the answers. I'm also sure that the local place they stay at would clue them inn too. But again, snub your nose, wait for a punch in the nose from The Judge and you better hope it's not Judge Judy. What's worse than them catching a big pile of fish, they often leave their unmarked nets full of fish to rot. Keepers of the land..not.
  8. I would try CLR, probably several applications, no scrubbing otherwise the paint may go too.
  9. Ya better to look in the store first if you can.
  10. Yes but are they Transport Canada approved?
  11. No, that is not harsh, it's designed to punish those that consistently thumb their noses at our regulations. Called get with the program.
  12. Well you can go here: https://www.lakesimcoeoutdoors.com/forums/index.php?showforum=24
  13. What size motor? Anything under 10 HP I wouldn't, anything over that it can start to wreak hell with the shoulder.
  14. Owen Sound east side launch. However, I would take note of the wind forecast tomorrow. https://www.ventusky.com/?p=44.47;-79.85;7&l=wind-100m&t=20220724/0900
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