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  1. . For some reason my British Leyland cars were never touched. Funny you mention that, couple guys that owned Triumphs and someone had a Corina knew to leave them at home in the winter, wouldn't run so I guess the bandits felt sorry for them.
  2. Ya, back in the day called the Que Prov Police or Surete du Quebec, actually uniformed Mafia but I didn't say that. Funny thing found out later it actually was a small blue car, maybe a Datsun or Toyota.
  3. Well, about 45 years ago, a fire fighter buddy and I were driving down the road, under speed limit, QPP red lights stopped us, .38 in driver door, .12 ga in back window. French not that great at the time, I told guy with .38 christ I'm an Army cop, badge in right rear pocket, the other guys a F/F. Short version, they thought we just robbed a bank. I'm driving a VW bug for god sake.
  4. I think with the temps coming back up tues/wed, I'll hold off trying to chip snow ice for a bit.
  5. A few more days and it's dropping to normal temps.
  6. Life is risk in itself, you have to evaluate every situation and make a decision, do I or don't I. With a healthy dose of safety, the majority come back home unscathed. Those that throw common sense to the wind may perish. The last one I remember that was rebroadcast from just over a year ago, was the one in Muskoka, snowmobile riding around midnight where the dad lost his sons. Bad choice.
  7. We have that same 1 inch of frozen sugar snow with another 3-4 inches of fluff on top. Snowblower just rides on top. Time to spread the salt. I'm amazed that for the amount of rain we got here the sump pump hole is pretty much empty, the ground isn't frozen yet and must have absorbed the brunt of it.
  8. Not quite that warm here, 9c/49F around 9:30. Took a quick drive to Barrie and on the way back it dropped like a rock down to 4C. I'm surprised after the crazy amount of rain there's no standing water anywhere, the ground can't be frozen yet.
  9. How about send to Lake Simcoe. At that temp the heater won't work.
  10. Last year I checked for the Mustang Integrity Coats, very hard to find and going for over $700. I checked their "Catalyst" series and felt they weren't much more than a life jacket inside a coat. Seemed like a lot of void areas. The one piece suits don't fit me well, need what would amount to an xxl top an xl bottom, inseams are too long. This is the one I was hoping for https://www.stevestonmarine.com/floatation-clothing/mustang-thermosystem-plus-coat
  11. A couple years ago we went because Simcoe was still open. Got there, the Hut Op pointed to the huts and said down there, never saw him after that, no fish either. Won't ever go back there.
  12. I thought there was a massive recall on them and they reframed the trucks. Maybe the date rusted off too. Only 2 things don't please me with them are the high fuel use and seats that don't fit my grumpy back, otherwise ok.
  13. Excellent choice, Shawn and Terra and their staff have been in the business for quite a while.
  14. Hoffmans Meats in Stayner, 705 428 3507.
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