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  1. Fisherman

    If I ever win the lottery

    Never mind boat's if I ever win it big time, I'm going to have a heated sidewalk, deck and driveway
  2. Fisherman

    The poor maligned Pickeral

    If you've ever lived out west, then you'll easily know the difference between the two. Funny thing is prairie dogs are also cannibals, shoot one and the others come out and eat them up. Used to sit there for hours and pick them off, come back a month later and there was another batch.
  3. Fisherman

    The poor maligned Pickeral

    So I suppose apples should be called fruit of the forbidden tree. If everyone that called them pickerel, does that make them right.
  4. Fisherman

    The poor maligned Pickeral

    Nice info, makes you wonder where the name walleye came from.
  5. Fisherman

    Needed items for atv?

    The ones I have are called Quad gear ATV mitts, Royal Dis't also carries them Visi-control muffs, page 22 of Royal Dis't 2018 catalogue
  6. Fisherman

    Needed items for atv?

    Hahaha, I know what you mean when it comes to some people. When you tell someone where to blow the snow, he almost managed to fill the entrance door at one point.
  7. Fisherman

    Needed items for atv?

    Not to poo poo CH312's idea on the snatch block on the winch/plow, we tried that a few different ways, it does work, but.. sometimes if you let the cable out too far, on retrieve it can jump the pulley and get caught between the sheeves, a royal pain to take apart and fix. Secondly if you're a wee bit over zealous on the "IN" side of the switch, you can really jam the winch cable into itself like a birds next on a levelwinder, another royal pain, and part of that you can either snap the cable or cause things to bend and really stress the battery. Been there, and had to fix a bunch of things other guys didn't understand. Good luck. Another item that works well for me are the handlebar muffs, large enough to go over the brake handles and throttle and switches. Mine have a plastic window on top to see everything, not expensive, if you want the brand/model, I can dig that info up.
  8. Fisherman

    Back From Ice Fishin'!!!!

    There comes a moment when you have to make a choice, I think I'd be going to the store, I mean you have to go there to get the rest of the groceries anyway.
  9. Fisherman

    Needed items for atv?

    Maybe a ram holder for your GPS.
  10. Fisherman

    Needed items for atv?

    Winch when to try to go places you shouldn't, hand warmers for winter, a basic tool kit although most come with it. I like my fairing, keeps the wind chill off, has a quick release set up. If you're going ice fishing, get yourself a piece of pipe or angle iron about 12 inches long, heavy duty eye bolt in the middle so you can drop it down the hole in the ice to winch yourself out. An extra 50' of good braided nylon rope or recovery strap. If you're going to use it for plowing, I would highly recommend an electric ram. We used our ATV's/plows at work and went through a number of winches, solenoids, cable and hooks. Winches are made for straight pulls, not over the roller fairleads in and out all day. The electric rams have upper and lower auto stops, so no worry about "stretching" things. Installation is less than 2 beer. Here is what I mean: https://www.ebay.com/itm/WARN-84600-ProVantage-Electric-Plow-Lift-for-ATV-plow-systems/152889348949?epid=209872661&hash=item2398ea5355:g:6AIAAOSwvoxb6P9w
  11. Fisherman

    4Runner Tire advice please.

    Because it's also located in the owners manual and right on the B pillar door jam or gas cap door so there's no excuse.
  12. Fisherman

    4Runner Tire advice please.

    Go with the Michelin Defenders, Costco has a darn good warranty program too.
  13. Fisherman

    Attention: Members with Expired Navionics Chips

    Hahahaha, what's the first thing I get to hear (read about) this morning, 2 guys having a domestic, there goes another keyboard. 🤣
  14. Fisherman

    Hold My Beer

    That's beyond brass nuts cold. I can't vision trying to pee in a snowbank at that temp and windchill.
  15. Fisherman

    Bell expressvu rant! - No more WFN! Sort of NF!

    Ah yes back to TV. Anyone in the golden horseshoe area should take a look at off the air TV signals. A basic UHF antenna on a pole or in the attic will work. There's over 50 channels, free.