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  1. I saw another similar one, may have been her too. These bloody fish farms are a complete disaster to nature. The amount of fecal matter dropped on the ocean floor is just overwhelming for nature to dispose of. The salmon are laced with atibiotics and food colour to make the meat "more appetizing" I haven't bought store bought salmon or rainbow for years after seeing that. I go to Johnys Fish market on ocassion to get to some fresh cod or haddock from the east coast, actual wild fish.
  2. Ya, saw that on the weather radar earlier, looked pretty nasty.
  3. I remember about 10 years ago my boss said he saw this real cute woman at the beach and as she walked by saw her tattoo across her back about lower bikini height. He wasn't quite sure what the tattoo represented but came to the conclusion when that same woman becomes about 50 years old, the tattoo would resemble an octopus boinking a starfish. I just about pee'd my pants. So true.
  4. Ya, I tried a few a couple years back, pigeon stew, tasted fine. Just make sure you clean them well, dirty birds, a.k.a. flying rats.
  5. Well, good for him. Now about chasing "tail", you know that can be interpreted, lol.
  6. More electronics than the Apollo space capsule and they made it to the moon and back on less than a Commodore 64. Probably more wires than Ma Bell would like to have.
  7. I think Brian wants to start a new company, You catch'em, I can 'em, lol.
  8. In the boat, was a super calm day, just a ripple on the water. I really have to cherry pick the days or the back punishes me.
  9. This is why we don't have any masks made here. Another highly questionable handout to QC. https://www.rebelnews.com/113_million_dollar_mask_making_contract_no_candian_factories_snc-lavalin
  10. You are doing a pretty good job of starting a new angler, looks like he's pretty happy.
  11. On the humourous side, you could get a few cans of that flex seal and spray it shut, buddy on the commercial does it with a screen door bottomed boat. No screen doors were hurt during the commercial. I'd be actively looking for another hull, fall is fast approaching and some don't want to store their stuff, good deals to be had.
  12. Apparently the boat is a disaster, more or less trash and everything worth anything removed.
  13. Ya, looks like we are actually worse off than before.
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