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  1. good to go!

    Nice to have an immense backyard skating rink.
  2. Outboard motor help

    Na, don't think the fuel pump is pooched otherwise it wouldn't pump much either at high speed when it needs it. At idle you use very little gas. If the filter was plugged it most likely wouldn't run either when it needs more gas revving it up.
  3. Outboard motor help

    Well, could be a few things, low circuit a little clogged up, will it run with the choke on? If so then there's still some crud in the inner workings of the carb(s).
  4. SxS/UTV suggestions?

    That would have been my alternate choice.
  5. SxS/UTV suggestions?

    When the piece of junk comes right from the factory without being operated, I guess we can then chalk that up to a, junk, b, quality control, c, hoping it will barely make it past warranty.
  6. SxS/UTV suggestions?

    Number one, don't go by the price. What you save up front, most likely you'll be taking it back for repairs, that's how they make up the difference. I would avoid Polaris, Arctic Cat(now Textron) and Canned Ham like the plague. We have a number of guys in our ATV club that bought the above 3 and have suffered, brand new machines that break down, parts not available and had to cannibalize another brand new unsold one for parts. Engine size isn't the end all to everything either. Yamaha, Kawasaki and Honda are reliable with Yamaha having the highest ground clearance if I'm not mistaken. From personal experience we had 2 Yamaha Kodiaks at work, used for plowing parking lots in winter and trail riding during the rest of the year. Over 10,000 km, new tires a battery and a light bulb on one, the other needed a new battery with slightly less kms. I've got my own 550 Grizzly, one battery in 8 years. That's it. Just opened the belt cover last week, no wear or belt dust. The Ultramatic transmission is what they call bullet proof. The unfortunate end to this info, work now has 2 Canned Hams, 650 2 up, one has spent more time in the shop with electronics and transmission problems, the other also has electrical gremlins.
  7. Stingnose jigging spoon

    Sorta looks like a Nils Master, have an old one with scales.

    You're lucky, 7 above and pouring rain, Santa Claus needed an umbrella for the parade otherwise he would have been so water logged he wouldn't be able to walk.
  9. MEEGS knows how to paint

    There's no doubt he does fine work.
  10. Report with pics

    Like that last pic, could see a little cabin on the far shore to spend the whole summer.
  11. Wonder Boner

    The fish deboner
  12. New tackle shop

    Naw, more like Brians Flies and Toons.
  13. Wonder Boner

    I remember that ad from a few years back, I don't think it ever really caught on. Whether or not it would work on all fish from perch to salmon and maybe a musky or two would have to be seen.
  14. New tackle shop

    Oh I wish them lots of luck and prosperity too, just the name doesn't quite seem to lead me instantly to hunting, fishing and outdoors stuff.