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  1. Condolences Dan, I've only got one brother and he's is almost 80, I go to see him when I can.
  2. I'm probably most nervous about adjusting the float’s level. There’s instructions but they aren’t exactly clear what you are actually supposed to do aside from ensure that the base of the float should be 23-25mm away from the top of the carburetor body flange...great except I have no idea what the carburetor body flange is lol. I've never had to adjust the float level, maybe lucky. The flange is where the top of the float bowl itself meets body of the carb. As long as the float is resting "level" when the needle is fully seated up inside where it shuts off the gas, then you're fine.
  3. Old Post, but I did the on line renewal, 4 days from start to finish.
  4. One more thing before the end of the story, once you have the new needle in there and float bowl, before you attach the cover, carefully turn everything right side up, gently raise the float and blow in the gas inlet. You should not get any air escaping, once you let the float hang a bit, you can blow through it.
  5. Hahaha, I think Smitty, Hack and myself should open a carb rebuild shop.
  6. Well hope it all works out, I'm going to swing on a limb again and say of all the carb rebuild kits I've used, the needle always came with the little rubber "O" ring if that's what they're referring to as the sleeve.
  7. Easy to change the needle, remove the float bowl while the carb is upside down. Reason, on most floats there's a tiny rod that holds the float in place, next you can remove the needle from the float, there's usually a small clip that holds it in place. Assembly in reverse order. Where the needle goes in, you should see a very small rubber "O" ring that the needle seats against. when you change that out, pay attention to the in/out direction, one side may have a circular ridge. If you but it in backwards, the needle may not seat properly. When you put the float bowl back on, careful not to pinch the seal. I've left a plethora of blue streak curses in the garage the first time I did one. So far I've done the gas auger, chainsaw, weed wacker, a few outboards and a few lawnmowers.
  8. Somewhere on that carb will be an identifier letter or number or both. Found this and says those needles are in stock. https://www.boats.net/catalog/suzuki/outboard-by-model/dt-15/dt-15elj-beginning-vin-01501-822034/carburetor It shows the needle number as the same for all 4 models of carb. Looks like it's a Mikuni B24-18 carb. Adjustments can be found here towards the bottom of the page. https://www.slideshare.net/fudjfjjskwekmem/suzuki-dt15c-1988-outboard-motors-service-repair-manual
  9. I'm going to swing on a rotten limb here, I would believe that a lot of small parts such as needles and the tiny rubber gasket are interchangeable with others. Do you have a model number of the carb, maybe I can look too.
  10. I'm leaning towards the float needle not seating properly all the way otherwise there would be no flooding, #8 in the last picture. After so many years the rubber insert degrades/dries out and then it needs replacement.
  11. Don't know how but I hope they come in a size that will fit your truck, lol. Look nice for sure. I found this, maybe helps. https://www.google.com/search?source=univ&tbm=isch&q=milanni+rims+on+a+ford+truck&client=firefox-b-d&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjaw8bKrKvwAhWFB80KHUJwDLIQjJkEegQIBRAB&biw=1033&bih=853
  12. I found what I thought was an old nickle the other day, put my glasses on and saw it was a Jamaican $5.00 coin. Nice, checked the currency out, it's not even worth a plug nickle, .03 cents. 😞
  13. A well fed coyote mix maybe with a ratty tail.
  14. Don't fool yourself thinking bigger is sharper when it comes to the eyes. I finally gave in, went to the eye doc and yup, needed a slight improvement for long distance seeing. Can't believe it makes such a difference.
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