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  1. Fisherman

    Tomorrows Super

    Laid on a bed of thinly sliced onions, topped with a dusting of lemon pepper and dill, plop of butter and into the oven.
  2. Fisherman

    Tomorrows Super

    This guy made my day, gets the blood moving early in the morning.
  3. A very nice addition but when it comes to billiards, I couldn't sink a ball unless I tilted the table. 🤣
  4. Fisherman

    Steel head smokey jerky

    That import method of keeping info, as you get older you tend to forget, just like the grocery list.
  5. Fisherman

    Fall Cottage Life Show disappointing

    Only for millionaires, hard enough to pay seasonal camp fees never mind land tax, hydro, jump through the hoop sanitation rules etc. I think it would wiser to rent for a week or two per year and scratch the itch.
  6. Fisherman

    Steel head smokey jerky

    Don't loose that recipe.
  7. Fisherman

    Some time on the rock

    Ha, the shrimp trick, works well and cheaper than minnows.
  8. Fisherman

    Got To Be Careful With What You EAT

    Well some people go to great lengths eating stuff I would shy away from.
  9. Fisherman

    Anybody use 4tires.ca.

    Just checked Michelin Defender, still cheaper at Costco and if you run into problems you can go back to Costco along with free balance and rotating. I don't see too many 4tires.ca stores anywhere. Same for winter tires, WS80 Blizzak for car, $10 a tire cheaper at Costco.
  10. Fisherman

    All Weather Tires

    What buckhorn 250 said, the most annoying people on the road with their all season or all weather yet not really good for any season, can't get around the snowflakes or up the hill yet are bound and determined to make life miserable for others on the road.
  11. Ya, saw that too and of course two sides to every coin and that fine line of fact and truth. Personally if I go fish and put in the effort, I'm going to eat it.
  12. Fisherman

    Hours On Outboards

    "Wide open throttle" trying to get to your favourite spot that's about to be invaded by everyone that thinks it's their favourite spot too.
  13. Fisherman

    Hours On Outboards

    Too many, all depends on previous use and how the owner treated it. I gave a 20 year old Honda 25 to a family member, it needed a new gasket in one spot, that was it. When the mechanic looked at the internals, he told me it looked like new, no wear on the cams or valves, 100% compression. I used the Amsoil synthetic and that motor probably had 2000 hours on it. I'm not one to start a motor and immediately try to go warp speed, let things warm up a bit and go moderately before cruising.
  14. Fisherman

    Time for a portable generator

    Yes, maintenance is a must with any fuel unit. forget the Chinese machines, when you need parts it can be a headache. Take a look at CTC, they have the B&S 2200 inverter on sale this week, not the quietest but reasonably acceptable. They will run the fridge and freezer and if you have someone with a bit of electrical prowess, you can get the furnace to run from them too. http://www.canadiantire.ca/en/search-results.html?q=briggs and sratton 2200 inverter
  15. Fisherman

    Some bling bling

    I'll take rainbow over a laker any day, almost like comparing your favourite potato chips to having to eat turnips or brussel sprouts. 😀