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  1. Only for annual non resident permits.
  2. Georgian Bay, the odd winter Nippissing trip and a little further northwest. With parking fee's increase, Simcoe can go pound weeds.
  3. Well here's the outcome of the last Barrie counsel meeting, they too are getting greedy. I will take as much of my spending elsewhere. A motion increasing non-resident parking rates to $10 an hour from $3 and the daily maximum parking rate to $50 from $20, effective July 2, 2020, in Barrie’s waterfront parking areas, was approved by City Council. The motion also states that Enforcement Services Branch staff ask Ontario’s Ministry of the Attorney General to increase the early payment fine to $75 from $20, and increase the set fine to $100 from $30, for paid parking infractions in the waterfront area. These increases would better align Barrie with its neighbouring municipalities which have waterfront parking. In addition, the City’s seasonal non-resident parking pass will increase to $130 from $90 - except for residents of Innisfil and the townships of Essa, Springwater and Oro-Medonte, who can continue to pay $90 for the annual pass. City staff say approximately 35% of waterfront parking hours are used by non-Barrie residents, in lots which include Johnson Beach. Parking fine revenues are used to cover the cost of enforcement; the intent is to drive compliance by ensuring a financial incentive to pay for parking, rather than running the risk of receiving an expensive ticket. The motion passed by City Council also suspends paid parking in downtown Barrie until September 8, 2020, to help support its economic recovery.
  4. Looking at others, I found it may be a "click spring" doesn't show where though. https://www.ereplacementparts.com/click-spring-p-1540425.html
  5. Princess Auto has a 2 pole 6 terminal switch, center off. About $8.00, If you need help in wiring it in, ask. https://www.princessauto.com/en/detail/on-off-on-momentary-toggle-switch/A-p8161713e
  6. All you need is a single 12v DC gauge with an "A" and "B" switch. Very simple. This one is priced right too. https://www.amazon.ca/MICTUNING-Display-Voltmeter-Waterproof-Motorcycle/dp/B078LVLHNF?ref_=s9_apbd_otopr_hd_bw_bA0An0t&pf_rd_r=8W8B20VZ3ZEGB4PG4NDT&pf_rd_p=b9d872f6-bc7c-5da0-ac83-45c2f1e947f9&pf_rd_s=merchandised-search-10&pf_rd_t=BROWSE&pf_rd_i=9163900011 There's also this one although on a small rectangular platform with 2 of the above gauges, about 2 x 4 inches. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000453281421.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.344654595pYfaX&algo_pvid=0b4a6d9b-7054-4058-b545-bf4c79eb6515&algo_expid=0b4a6d9b-7054-4058-b545-bf4c79eb6515-0&btsid=0ab6f83a15934515673462575e6031&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_
  7. Tiny piece of rubber tail from artificial bait.
  8. Well looks like Barrie is getting greedy too, they're just about to vote on the augmenting the non resident parking to $50 a day at the municipal lots. The citiots figure people will park further inside the city to visit stores and spend money. If people are going to the beach/boat launch, then I'd surmise their initial intention was to go to the beach, not shopping.
  9. You have to cut your boat in half for that stuff to really work well, lol.
  10. Figured it was time for a nudge to those who gap and forget to maintain their winter F/F or Flasher batteries along with the underwater cameras. Do it now or pay later, lol.
  11. Half deaf, wacky knees, sore cranky back, eyes still working, lol. When you get ready to do the job, clean the surface really well with either 0000 steel wool or a small stainless brush. Clean the area with either lacquer thinner or acetone and wipe clean.
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