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  1. Oh boy, can of worms. The ones to buy, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki. CF Moto is a new kid on the block however so far they seen to do well in reliability. Of the above 4+1, you may have to travel a bit to find a dealer but don't rule out the one you want because of that. The above models generally cost a bit more and fall under the caveat of "you get your moneys worth", rather than I bought the cheaper one but now I'm in the repair shop more than I want to be. Personal choice, Yamaha 450 or 700 Grizzly or Kodiak. More than strong enough and gentle on the gas. I've been around Yamaha models that had over 10K kilometers with just the basic maintenance, oil, tires, battery and maybe a lightbulb or two. Zero transmission problems, Zero belt problems, without a doubt Yamaha has the best drive train out there. Honda has grown up and improved on their machines, still lacking in ground clearance a bit. As for the ones to avoid, in no particular order Polaris, CanAm/BRP and Arctic Cat, (now Textron). I've seen too many Polaris ones first time out with problems, electrical gremlins, drive train gremlins, belts getting soaked and having to be towed back. Not starting in the cold. Can/Am clean out of the showroom, transmission problems related to electronics. Leaky oil and rad pumps. Arctic Cat, leave them in the litter box. There is another brand out now, Argo makes an ATV, the jury isn't saying much but rumblings I've heard, their ARGO 6x6 and 8x8 is what they are best at. Undoubtedly there will will be some that say their Polaris has never failed or their Canned Ham is bullet proof, It's like trying to write a story at -30 with a ball point pen in the snowbank. You pay now or you cry and pay for repairs and rebuilds.
  2. Well after a week and numerous recommendations of "what would you do" , it appears nothing was done, makes you wonder why even bother posting it.
  3. Just came back from an ATV ride up there in Wildman Forest, some of those trails still have virtual lakes on them. Every now and then they non ATVers get caught and pay.
  4. They haven't been educated yet, neither are the stores selling pickeral, I'm sure they're not commercially harvested. 🤣
  5. I can believe what OF said, had the same experience sort of about 30+ years ago. Lightning hit a tree across the road, blew 2 receptacles out of the wall on that guys house and left a black carbon track across his ceiling. Then found out a day later it made a mess of my neighbours power panel and fried his dryer.
  6. Maybe saving the keel from getting banged up while retrieving. I like the self centering ones better.
  7. Saw the first ones yesterday afternoon.
  8. That's where I got mine.
  9. There's no doubt that white white tip and cap is off a tube of Prep H
  10. It never rains on Brian, it just pours whities.
  11. As soon as Health Canada was mentioned I knew we are in trouble. Fish farms, Lyme disease, etc, etc.
  12. Was there yesterday, if it does come up another 12cm, there won't be much beach and likey the waves will wash onto the road.
  13. Let us know how happy you are with this item.
  14. About GoPro, what the others said, and way over priced. If you google "action cameras", you will come up with pages and pages of them. Also do a review of action cameras, there's a lot of reviews, pro's and con's and some list the top 10, etc. Some may claim 4K at 30 FPS(frames per second). That's borderline watching the old flickering 16mm movie projectors. The human eye "looses" the flickering around 24 FPS, at 30 it's still old technology. At 60 FPS it's very good, but you're back to 1080P or 720P, lower video quality. If you have a Henry's photo shop close by, drop in and see them. At $49, the one Alan posted would be fine for most people that aren't expecting a IMax theatre.
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