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  1. Easy way to make an ice anchor adaptor is take a deep socket and a grinder. Grind out a slot in the deep socket to fit the ice anchors, and boom, your setting anchors in seconds. I find the eskimo anchors work the best. I run an otter lodge flip though, so I don't deal with any of that stuff much anymore. Pop ups do have a time and place though, i also have 2 of those when I need them. One is a 16x8 Eskimo that has been a great base camp when we have a large group, or kids with us, the other is an 8x8 that works great for hauling gear by hand for early ice before I can get the sled out to haul the otter. S.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. Just ordered a new chip. Great deal! My last one expired in 2014 LOL.... I couldn't get it to work on my PC though, the little check box at the end to acknowledge privacy wouldn't work, so I did it on my phone with no problem. S.
  3. IF it were me, I"d go east. Get away from the GTA crowds, and hit the land O lakes area. Tons of great lakes with no fishermen. I dont' generally stay at lodges, so i'm not much help there, but buckshot lake lodge is one I have been to, and was a great. Good walleye, and tons of bass if that's what you want. Also pike and lakers if you so desire. That whole land o lakes region is awesome. A bit too far for the GTA'ers, but its really not that far at all. Tons of different lakes. S.
  4. Sinker

    Muskoka Lakes Pickeral

    Beauty! looks like a real slick hut too! S.
  5. Screw Bell. Best move I made was telling them to stuff it. S.
  6. Sinker

    Inflatable Life Belt

    IF your going to buy one, get a vest. The belt is better than nothing, but the vest will actually save your life if you are in a bad situation. The belt is just a means of recovery. I'm guilty of never wearing a lifejacket, or PFD. Our christmas presents this year to each other were auto inflate vests. You won't see me with out it on ever again. S.
  7. Order them direct from Set The Hook. The meegs catches way more. I"ve fished them both side by side, and the meegs is hands down the way to go. Great video! S.
  8. Sinker

    Clam replacment parts..N/F sort of

    A friend of mine just did exactly what you want to do. Got the thermal cover delivered direct from clam, over the phone, to his door in about a week. $250 US. Well worth it. The thermal cover is the only way to go. Its night and day. S.
  9. Sinker

    Livescope: Yay or Nay

    I don't feel like arguing today. Maybe tomorrow. S.
  10. Sinker

    My new Smitty

    That is one slick sleigh!! Really nice job! I would have cut the runners wider as well, but i'm sure it slides along nicely. In deep snow though, it will dig in some. Still a really slick design. S.
  11. Sinker

    Livescope: Yay or Nay

    At the end of the day, a regular sonar marks the same fish. I can see some advantage to finding fish further away, for sure, but when vertical, its just a cooler picture and that's all. S.
  12. Sinker


    The ONLY way to know if ice is safe, is to go see it for yourself. Period. That is all. I've had it both ways, someone says ice is great, and it sucks, and reports of sketchy ice, and its great. You gotta get off the couch and go see for yourself. S.
  13. Sinker


    I'd give it a bit yet. The ice is coming along but there is a lot of rough stuff to get through. I'm waiting for the eager beaver to get out there and smooth it out a bit before I go. Until then its quinte for me.
  14. Sinker


    Right. Try calling the local police or fire department for an ice thickness report. Do you really think they have set foot on the ice anywhere? Do you think they even have a spud or an auger to check? All they know is stay off the ice. And try contacting a CO.....LMAO.....good luck with that. Just try it.... The only safe ice FOR ME is ice ive checked myself, that's under my feet, at the moment I'm on it. Any other reports are just hear say. S.
  15. Sinker

    Quinte in Late Jan / Early Feb

    Well, now is your chance I guess....Its mid jan, and the ice is good. Just sayin. S.