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  1. Winter has just begun.Its not over yet. Lots can happen between now and april.
  2. Simcoe will be fully good to go by the 25th. Ya better get movin! See you out there! S.
  3. I find Gibsons finest doesn't make me get the "whiskey rants" like some other brands I don't care what anyone thinks, and my wife fishes with me 90% of the time so no problems there. She'd rather fish than shop.....any day. She also hands me my ass pretty much every time we hit the water lol S.
  4. It can be a tough nut to crack, but I have always had good luck there for walleyes. I love going there. S.
  5. No, you are thinking of Big Gull lake. This one is near Minden, ON. S.
  6. Some of the best times of my life involve a campfire and a guitar. We have a fire pit in the yard, and a woodstove in the house. Pretty much guaranteed a fire here 75% of the time. From oct-may it would be very odd to NOT have a fire going. S.
  7. That's a lot of heavy kit to haul around. Too much for me. I don't even have a trailer heavy enough to get it to the lake LOL..... S.
  8. At least a 1/4" thick. The discs on the sleigh I posted above are 5/8" and we replace them every couple years. Hard to see them as they are painted, but they are there, top and bottom
  9. I think nautilus and Helly Hanson somehow merged into one. I have a helly hanson that is pretty much identical to a nautilus. I hate wearing it lol......and haven't in years. The reason most of these floater suits that aren't approved don't make the cut is the colour. They are required to be a bright colour (red, yellow, orange) to comply with the standards. Even my camoflauge mustang suit is not approved, and its essentially the same as an orange one. These other companies (striker, frabile, clam etc) also have to pay major bucks to have these suits tested, and that adds to the price out the door to us, the reason an approved suit is pushing a $1000 out the door. They just aren't warm. I dont find them warm anyways. Wear some quality warm gear, then a float suit, and you will feel the difference right away. Always feel damp in a foater. S.
  10. I've fished gull a fair bit, but I go on my own, and have my own machine to travel the lake. I can't say anything about the operator, but he is just in miners bay, within walking distance of the parking area. Theres some decent lakers in there, but most are small. You get the odd whitie, and herring cruise through fairly regularly. Also has ling.
  11. Yep, I could see that happening. I could also see that sleigh getting you buried LOL.....What do you think it weighs? You're going to want to make sure that the trails are wide enough for it where you want to go too. I know, on the lake you will be fine, but other places you could have problems, like trails getting to the lake etc. The issue I see is if you did get stuck, as hard as it may be, that sleigh will be a monster to unhook and move by hand. That's why wood is the way to go. Wood also flexes, instead of being rigid. Heres one we built to haul logs. Hauled hundreds of cords out of the bush with this sleigh with a 250 elan, then upgraded the machine to a yamaha V540. Its crazy how much weight you can load on that sleigh, and still have control of it. I'm not saying theres anything wrong with your sleigh, just offering some advice from experiences I've had pulling heavy things in snow and across lakes. S.
  12. We have a 700 at work, with tracks. Its a beast. Haven't had any problems. Change oil, add gas, and giver. Its pushing 10K now. S.
  13. Tha'ts an awesome shot! nice work!
  14. I'd want to run the boat in a bunch of conditions before i did anything permanently. S.
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