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  1. Get yourself a 2x6 the length of your truck bed to slide that hut into your truck bed on. Much easier than lifting it. I used a Clam Fish trap for years. It eventually wore the sled part out, and I sold it, but it was decent. S.
  2. Bigtime. Either shut it down or don't. There's no in between. S.
  3. I'm going to a lot of weddings. Gatherings 24. Attending a gathering for the purpose of a wedding, a funeral or a religious service, rite or ceremony that is permitted under the Stage 1 Order or making necessary arrangements for the purpose of such a gathering. This is so stupid. Just basically do whatever you want, but try to stay home, eh? S.
  4. The 80lb is obvioulsy better, but I have a 55lb on my deep and wide starcraft tiller and its great. No complaints. Between my main engine (40hp Yammy) and the bowmount, I can cover any trolling speed, and the spot lock works great even in a big wind. S.
  5. Is that enough power for your boat?
  6. I got a powerdrive with no footpedal and regret it, so I bought a foot pedal for it, but it has no ipilot functions on it, so if I use the pedal, no ipilot. It sucks. Get the terrova. S.
  7. The plug is always the problem area. For me anyways. Anytime my bowmount didn't want to work, it was the plug. S.
  8. I used these on my boat. Soldered the pieces to the wires, shrinkwrapped, then when I put the wires into the plugs, I shrinkwrapped those too, twice. Been that way for years and never had an issue. You can get larger sizes of these quick connects that would work on your Garmin ends as well. Any electrical supply shop will have them. My battery guy called them forklift plugs. You could also get a block similar to what Dan posted above, but way better quality from a car audio shop. They have great 12v connectors and the like that are gold plated etc....they aren't cheap, but do it once right and be done. S.
  9. Yep, this right here is the way to do it and never have to worry about it again. S.
  10. Another vote for the GPS. You won't regret it. I have a Helix 5, and a lowrance HDS5, both GPS and I use the GPS function every time. I would be "lost" in my boat without one too. I have a spare lowrance elite 4 with GPS that was really cheap and works fine for icefishing, has GPS and Navionics as well. Super handy little unit, and very affordable. S.
  11. I've never used a pressure canner, and I have canned thousands of bottles of everything you can think of. I'm not saying you should, but you can safely can things without the pressure canner. Do you think our grandparents had these back in the day? NOPE! S.
  12. I use the exact same rods for pulling boards and lead core/snap weights and they are just about perfect. I'd suggest a couple heavier for dipsies though.....and longer.....like 10 footers. S.
  13. So the vaccine is going to do what again? I'm a sceptic. Call it what you want. There are just too many things that are sideways for me to get on board just yet. S.
  14. Absolutely! I've used them all. I can't throw the radial in my truck though, so it has limitations too. I need one of everything....lol....kind of like guitars, fishing rods, duck decoys, boats..... S.
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