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  1. Coming from the bass guy whos making a post asking where everyone is going fishing haha....... I just don't get whats so attractive about fishing for fish, that a 5lber is a tank. ...... S.
  2. I'm on the water 2 or 3 days a week. Almost constant use of the bowmount the whole time on the water. S.
  3. I bought my ipilot last summer and am still using the same battery in my remote. Am i doing something wrong? S.
  4. I went for a quick evening troll last night. Had 2 hits, one of them hooked for a few headshakes but got off. My musky season doesn't really pick up until they are in summer spots off deep weeds. I got a nice pair of walleyes though....lol S.
  5. I agree, but the trailer slid because of the bunk slides in all scenarios. People are stupid. Have you seen the people at boat launches?? Any surprise things aren't strapped down properly? See the trailers going down the roads?? I know my stuff isn't going anywhere, ever. Over rated everything. S.
  6. No thanks. I've seen a guy with the slides on his bunks hit the brakes at a quick yellow light and the whole boat pushed his winch post right off the trailer and thru the back windshield of his SUV. Seen a boat slide off the trailer after leaving a stop sign when the winch strap snapped. Seen several boats slide off the trailer at the ramp, before they were in the water. I will stick to my long carpeted bunks, thanks. If your having trouble winching the boat on the trailer, get a bigger winch. Simple. S.
  7. I used wood. Large 8x8 blocks I have kicking around. Those welded crestliners are kind of famous for splitting open. I'm not a real fan of welded hulls, unless its thick metal. You have more cracks somewhere in the hull if your satisfied your plumbing isn't leaking. S.
  8. Are you 100% sure the livewell lines aren't leaking? Put a plug in the livewell drain hole in the transom, and try again? Where are you located? What size boat is it? To get my boat off the trailer I used my trailer tongue jack. Crank it all the way down as far as it will go, then block the transom solid. Now, crank the tongue jack all the way up and the transom will lift off the trailer. Once you have the jack all the way up, block under the keel at the bow, and let the jack down enough that you can see the whole hull. I have done this several times to replace my trailer bunks over the years, and once to paint the boat. It works, just make sure you have it blocked up good and solid. S.
  9. I've caught my biggest walleyes fishing for musky, and my best musky fishing for walleye...lol
  10. Yeah, a couple of my sons friends got it recently as well. Take care man! S.
  11. Do you know how you got it? How you doing now? S.
  12. There are some things you just don't cheap out on. My TM remote is one of them. My batteries seem to last me a very long time too. S.
  13. Same with the kawarthas. Everyone is a musky pro staff these days. Its brutal. S.
  14. @DRIFTER_016 Nice rig. Is that an 18ft? That motor looks huge on the back lol......Wrong colour for me, but I bet it goes good! The old starcrafts are great boats. Mine is solid. I replaced a bunch of rivets that were starting to show wear on the transom brace, but otherwise, she was good to go. S.
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