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  1. Just go man. Drive to the launch, and go. If its closed, drive to the next one. There will be somewhere to drop your boat in, and you aren't hurting anyone or yourself. I'm sick of the crap too, and I will be going no matter what. Give me my fine, have a nice day, see you in court. S.
  2. I will be dragging barriers out of my way if I need to. These rules are Bull. S.
  3. Are you sure its not virginia beach, Ontario? S.
  4. WEAPON!!! That will haul all your supplies, and your sled, and your truck, no problem. Its pretty incredible what they can do. We can tow out our broken down VK 540 with a 5x10 drag attached, with our sxs and it doesn't even know its there. Is there a trail to your camp that you can drive that on? S.
  5. Seems odd you can't get below 2.4. My 40 will go slower all day than that. Weird. I was never a fan of trolling plates, but I know lots that are. S.
  6. My favourite band just released a new single. New album in May! Woo
  7. I have a similar vintage Mariner 40hp. Its bullet proof. I am considering selling it, but just can't seem to bring myself to get rid of it lol.....its been sitting in my garage for 2 seasons now. I fire it up every once in a while. 5 pulls from a cold start every time, then one pull after that. S.
  8. Standard start up idle speed is about 2.3 ish. Top speed off the troll control is about 2.8 or so, min speed about 1.8. This is on flat water, no wind, on a 16ft wide starcraft tiller. If I need to go slower, and go with the wind, i will use my main, but turn my bowmount around backwards so my main is pushing against it. My main just over idle, and my electric barely on will stop me pretty much. S.
  9. This is a result of not using it enough. If roads are even wet, I put mine in 4x4. Its not hurting anything. Use it, or lose it. Sorry, no help with the issue lol S.
  10. I only have a 40 tiller yammy, but the troll control gets me down to 1.6 on flat calm water. I can get it much slower if theres some wind. I run my bowmount if I'm trolling the the main, just to maintain course and speed. The ipilot is great for that. S.
  11. You will like it, but I just can't get used to the hand controlled remote. I like the footpedal. I have a brand new 55lb PD with Ipilot I may sell so I can upgrade to the terrova. The Pd models don't have the option of using the foot pedal AND remote, its one or the other, and the PD footpedal doesn't have the Ipilot features. S.
  12. Moonshine is easier and more effective 😂
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