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  1. We have a flat top. Its ok, but I liked the gas in our last place better. The flat top takes longer to boil a big pot of water, and it sucks for finishing maple syrup, where the gas was awesome for that. Its 6 of one, half a dozen of the other though at the end of the day. S.
  2. I"d say the may long weekend would be an optimistic guess. lol S.
  3. Been that way for about 10 years now. I don't disconnect anything. Never had an issue. I don't even run a fuse, it was also a pain in the butt, so its straight 6 Ga wire from motor to battery. (might even be 4 ga, I forget now)
  4. No plug for me. Stupid thing is always the weak link so I removed it and now have straight power from the battery to the motor. I also upgraded the wire. Way better, and never had an issue since.
  5. I've had better luck calling and placing an order, then they can ship to suit your needs, and shipping conditions. S.
  6. Don't feel bad. I drove a full year with an expired license and no sticker lol....had no idea until i went in the next year to get a new sticker. They tell me they can't renew it until I get an eye test because its been expired more than a year.....I was like "oh really".....LOL..... S.
  7. The canyons are nice for sure, but screw GM, and guys like me who are 6'4 don't fit in them so well. I need the space of a full size anyways. S.
  8. Who knows. The other 2 CO's and the Cop were good guys. Shot the bull with them for quite a bit, but the one guy had a chip on his shoulder. Oh well, no biggie, just wanted to give a heads up for anyone else. S.
  9. Yep, that's correct. I had my valid outdoors card with me. I was stopped one time before and had forgotten my whole wallet at home. The CO had no problem calling in my details to check my license. This guy was just being a bit of a jerk. I have thousands invested in my icefishing rig, does he really think I didn't have a license? We were out in a group of about 10 people, all with machines, and top of the line portables, flashers, all the gear.....like I didn't have a license? Our whole group was 100% legit. Just being a jerk is all. No need to be like that other than ego. End of the day, I was in the wrong, but he didn't have to be a jerk about it. I just wanted to share my experience so others don't get caught in the same situation. S.
  10. I was too. I had my license downloaded on my phone. Fishing simcoe one day, late in the day, my phone had died, 3 wardens and a york regional show up. Heres me with a dead phone and no way to prove i had a license. I was about to get a $244 ticket, until I got the bright idea to log into my email on someone elses phone and find my reciept. The guy was being a bit of a jerk, but, the point is, make sure you can prove you have one, because this guy was not going to call it in and find out, and had no problem writing me a ticket. S.
  11. Good score Cliff. Maybe I will hit you up this spring and we can throw my tinner in the back of my truck and hit some of my old speck stomping grounds and giver a whirl. S.
  12. I don't find my hemi hard on gas at all. Better than other full size 4x4 trucks, and even some SUV's. They are, and always have been, bulletproof engines. I'd buy another no questions. I hear more horror stories about the eco diesel to be fair. S.
  13. I"d assume doubled up R22.....but you know what happens when you assume....lol S.
  14. My snows stay on until May. They are great in mud as well..... ...I was glad to have them last night driving from bowmanville to PTBO in a white out. Couldn't see a thing!! S.
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