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  1. Why does nobody ever bring a fishing rod?
  2. How much to sell your 300's? S.
  3. MmmHmm.....just making another batch of distilled water.....yup.
  4. No yak for me, but I admit, it reeeeaaallly ticks me off that I can take a kayak out on any lake I want right now, but i cant launch my boat. Some of these rules are ridiculous, and that is one that i am really sour about. I drove around checking things out yesterday for 3 hours. Not one boat launch accessible to get a boat in the water, however, the 6 kayakers fishing out there are ok? Stupid. These guys are a lot more risk than a guy in a very seaworthy, and stable boat. Not to mention they were all together in a group, and used the same launch I would have used with my boat. I'm sure they all sat around and shot some bull afterwards, and most likely helped each other load their crafts at the end of the day. Whats safer and better for the community? That, or me taking my wife and kids for a boat ride and maybe catch a couple fish for dinner? And just so you all don't start with the travel thing, and stopping for gas, and coffees and all the rest of that stuff.....I live 15 mins from 8 different boat ramps. I am an essential worker who has to drive to work every day, and keep gas in my truck regardless. Stopping for coffees and take out is the last thing I want to do in these times. I can make better coffee at home and my cupboards are full of great food. I am very aware of whats going on, and diligent in my own safety, and more so the safety of others. S.
  5. Yo! You back in Ontario? I will offer a rusty beer cap, and a swig of moonshine S.
  6. Any drug store will have distilled water. S.
  7. I swear by 31's too. They make a big difference. I'd be scared with a 24 series running electronics all day then having to start my main. I just use flooded lead, and have no issues. Take care of them and they will take care of you. I'm going on 4 or 5 or maybe even 6 seasons on mine now, they owe me nothing. S.
  8. Contact Lloyd Daume. U and Me Guide Service out of Newcastle. I think he is, or was a member here too. He is on Facebook. Great guy, always on fish, and nice an close for you. S.
  9. Pretty quiet in here now, eh? LOL S.
  10. Theres lots of video of this fish for all you armchair measuring scientists. Its legit. S.
  11. Mine are direct to a dedicated battery that just runs my graphs. S.
  12. I've lost track of what goes where anymore. I have both kinds, and a couple humminbirds too. Then theres the bin of boat transducers, then the suction cup ones.....too much stuff, I never use, but just don't really want to sell. S.
  13. Best meat pies around. They also process wild game into meat pies. They've taken plenty of my money!! S.
  14. Yep, I don't care what anyone with a drill battery says, if your drilling through thick ice, in cold conditions, gas is the only way to go. I bought an ion, and I'm not super impressed by it. It does its job, but its too much money. I have a model 30 jiffy that does just fine, runs like a top, and has never leaked a drop of gas anywhere that now sits in my garage doing nothing, just to justify the purchase of going electric. Now, add up the cost of drill ($3-500), clam plate ($120), and auger ($200) and you have 2 brand new gas augers. I have buyers remorse after shelling out big bucks for my Ion. All that said, for the conditions we get here in southern Ontario, an electric auger does fine most of the time. S.
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