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  1. Oh wow....glad I didn't order a set then. I'd need like 16's or something lol ....not so light any more at that point LOL
  2. Go see Pat up at lake of the woods. Its an awesome trip! I've been 3 times and can't wait to go back! I even went in the winter, and it was also amazing! Long drive, or a short flight to Tbay then a few hours drive. Lake of the Woods Lodge S.
  3. Best way is to re-set or replace rivets. Sealing them doens't work. They move around too much if they are loose and will eventually just leak again. It is very easy to re-set or replace if you have the floor out. I did my whole boat in the spring. Replaced a ton of them, and re-set any that didn't need replaced. Very easy to do, just need a second person, and the tools to do it. S.
  4. The Nats are all rubber. Anything else is basically useless to me in the winter. I love my titans. I find them pretty light lol.....and i wear size 14's. S.
  5. Forgot to mention, it is a lot easier on your batteries. I can kill one 31DC battery in a day trolling for walleye, but with the 2 in parallel, they only get drained down maybe 60%, so they aren't getting as much abuse. Before I added the second battery, i was lucky to get 2 full seasons out on one battery. With the two batteries, I am going into my 4th or 5th season and they are still as new. I also have the option of removing a battery if I wan't to lose 80lbs of weight out of the boat (ie duck hunting) and it helps a lot. S.
  6. Best piece of equipment in my kitchen. Without it, a lot of things just wouldn't be the same. I use it for everything, and it makes such a huge difference. I'm totally lost without one now lol
  7. Not coat it, but gluvit. On the inside. Never the outside. S.
  8. I have this set up, and do it as you described. I just have the two batteries wired together with the 2 AWG jumpers, then the TM connected to one battery. My charger is connected to one battery, and they both charge. It takes a little longer to charge them if they are low, but still faster than charging 2 separately, and its very rare that I drain them. I charge them on 10A. I can troll steady at 1.5mph for hours and hours with no worries about draining the batteries. S.
  9. Minnisota, michigan, and the dakotas are frozen solid right now. They are ice fishing. S.
  10. Ive heard these are very good waders. They also have a battery powered heated pair. Pretty slick. S.
  11. Yep, I've been that way for at least 30 years. I rarely even consider fishing from duck opener unitl ice up. Before that, I would cry because I was too "young" to go on the cold days with my old man. I was dragged through the marsh from about 5 years old, and still to this day, love it more than anything else. I got my license the day I turned 16, and haven't looked back. S.
  12. For me its a williams spoon. My go to for everything when things aren't working.
  13. Thats wild. Never seen anything like that. Cavitation would make sense sort of... S.
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