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  1. Nice. I love those inland bows. Awesome fighters, and great eating too. What did you catch it on? S.
  2. I'm not far from you and there are lots and lots of them if you get out in the woods. I don't generally keep too many, as they aren't my favourite to eat, but there are lots when conditions are right. S.
  3. Its hot. Fish die. It happens. Could have been anglers, could have been anything. There are scientific reports that say good fish handling is far more superior to water temps. I know of one musky I killed with a deep hook, and there was nothing I could do about it. It was a small fish, deep hooked right in the gills. What can you do? Have all my other muskies released fine? As far as I know, yes, but who really knows?? I see a lot more people fishing muskies these days, so there has to be more rookies, and instagram stars more concerned with social media likes than the fishes well being. Mine don't leave the net. Unless its a big one, I rarely even take a pic. My musky net doesn't leave the boat, and I don't fish bass at all. S.
  4. I agree on the morels. My favourite by far. Nice to hear from you bud! S.
  5. It was a great year for morels too. My best yet. I haven't looked for chantarelles yet....seems early....maybe not. I will take a look. S.
  6. Can't go wrong with a yammy!! Ride safe bud! S.
  7. I run a tiller, so I like everything at the back of the boat with me. Whether I'm casting, jigging, or trolling, that foot pedal is right there and my hands are free all the time. I watch buddies with the remote and they are always screwing around with it, even while reeling in fish. Just doesn't suit my style of fishing I guess. S.
  8. I will tell you my best shore spots, right after you take me to your best Ginseng spots. Deal? And I'm not talking farmed stuff either...... S.
  9. Sinker


    Firek up the smoker!! Nice one! S.
  10. I'm confused. Are you selling this for one dollar? We need a price please, or prices on individual items. I will take it all for a dollar and pick up right now, just let me know!!
  11. I wouldn't eat that stuff. There's no way that crap is going in this body. If it wasn't killed, its not meat. Check my freezer, its mostly stuff I've killed myself. The best food always is. S.
  12. $1.00?? I"ll take it for a dollar. Where is pick up?
  13. LMAO! Good scam to get some votes for trudope! This country is going to Shyte!!! Quick! S.
  14. Yeah, I know what he meant. He also called lake erie a featureless bowl, and that musky baits are ugly, and theres no musky anglers these days, which are all totally off base as far as I'm concerned. S.
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