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  1. Sinker

    Braided line fluro leader

    Me too. The swivel is handy to have on your line as well. Btw....i never reel the swivel through my rod tip with a fish on. Ever. If im icefishing i use a shorter leader....about the length of my rod, so 28-36" or so. Thats enough. The swivel will take out the ceramic in the rod tip for sure after a while and you risk the fish taking a run and breaking the leader if the swivel gets caught. S
  2. Sinker

    Braided line fluro leader

    Use a smaller swivel. Mine reel right through the guides easy. Micro. I generally tie an improved clinch, to improved clinch knot though.....hasn't failed me yet. Simple and effective. S.
  3. The scotty 1050 is what I have, with the portable clamp on mount. It has a counter and works great. I run 10lb cannonballs off it no problem. S.
  4. I have a scotty, and a big john short arm that both work great. I tend to prefer the scotty for ease of deploying the ball, but the big johns are nicer to look at. They both work flawless though. S.
  5. You think it doesnt happen? It does all the time. Cats too. My buddy found his cat in pieces on his front lawn. How do you think his 5 yr old daughter felt when he had to tell her it was eaten by a coyote? I know a few people who have lost dogs too, and one was a king sheppard, so yes, yotes do kill pets and livestock all the time. The farm my wife works at constantly has yotes circling their two dogs. One is a 90lb lab, the other is a 100lb king sheppard. He can't let them out at night without bringing a loaded shot gun and a big light. Where I live, there are a lot of them, and they are a nuisance. I'm not saying what these guys did is right, but maybe that yote was a problem. S.
  6. Sinker

    Get ready Cormorants 😡

    No need for lead. Steel shot works fine.
  7. Sinker

    Get ready Cormorants 😡

    I'm all for hunting these dirty birds. I'm not saying there will be hunters out in masses, with boat loads of decoys setting up killing them in piles, but at least if we can shoot them while waterfowling it would help, even just a little. I just want the protection removed from them. I'd shoot every single one that came in range, and if I found a spot that had a few, I"d set up on them just for fun. Do I think hunting them is a good way to control their population? Nope. Not at all. Is it better than nothing? Absolutely. Would I invest in some gear to target them? Hell yeah I would. The bottom line is more needs to be done to control these vermin, but being protected isnt helping. I think this bill is the first step to removing protection, so its better than nothing, and I fully support it, and I hope all anglers and hunters do as well. S.
  8. Sinker

    Get ready Cormorants 😡

  9. Sinker

    Get ready Cormorants 😡

    I disagree. I think if you had cormorant decoys they would work them real good at the right time of year. I know I could have shot many boxes of shells at them just this fall alone over my duck spread, easily. Duck decoys, not so much, but you put out a spread of cormorant decoys, and its game on! S.
  10. Just to be the devils advocate.....maybe this yote killed thier pet? Or their cattle? Livestock? Who knows. Not the way I'd do it, but still.....we don't know the whole story here. S.
  11. Sinker

    What's on your FISHING Bucket List?

    Top of my list, for now, is a 100+ pound Halibut. I'd love to get a bluefin tuna too. Once you get in to salt water, the list never ends. S.
  12. Sinker

    Get ready Cormorants 😡

    Time to start carving decoys!! I could have shot thousands of these by now. Wish they were legal to shoot years ago. I will certainly be spending some time practicing my wingshooting with these dirty birds. S.
  13. Sinker

    what song are you listening to right now???

    Been following these guys for a while now. Super good!!
  14. Sinker

    what song are you listening to right now???

    Saw these guys live at the danforth music hall. Amazing! Im really liking a lot of their stuff. This one is great. Love the harmonies.
  15. Sinker

    Boat Speed .

    Why don't you trust your GPS? A hand held wont be any better. S.