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  1. I hear you. I can also say that in 40 years of owning a boat, I have never, ever had a fuel issue. I had one bad gas line once, but it was probably 25 years old. I have an assorment of other small engines, snowmobiles, etc...no issues ever related to fuel. S.
  2. If I hung ribs in my smoker they would fall for sure. Some racks i can barely lift out and they fall apart. Maybe I'm doing it wrong? They melt in your mouth and taste amazing, so I can't complain. Fish on the other hand, all gets hung off the racks with skewers. S.
  3. Read the can. I know its hard to see, but it says it right there. S.
  4. Seafoam is a stabilizer, so save your money and stop using stabilizer and seafoam. The lucas isn't doing a whole lot either IMO. Premixed fuel will burn just fine in your car too. So many fuel myths. S.
  5. Jiggin raps with a fin-S minnow rigged on a drop shot above it works. S.
  6. Well, thats why your not getting them. They are at the other end of the lake. I Launch in caygeon or Nogies creek. S.
  7. I do 6 to 1 brown sugar and salt. Comes out great. Not salty at all. S.
  8. Your home lake has awesome fall fishing. One of my favourite fall lakes!! Go DEEP! S.
  9. And a tiger to boot. Nice one!!
  10. Check out the offshore tadpoles. They also work really good on light gear for getting deep. S.
  11. There is way too much distracted driving on the water. Most fishing boats have 2 huge graphs right in front of their faces everywhere they go. half the people aren't even looking where they are going. A friend of mine got run down by a boat 2 years ago on rice lake. The guy was just cruising along and not watching where he was going, and smashed right into my buddies anchored boat. Talk about scary. Lucky nobody was hurt, or killed. They had a cooler full of beer in the boat with them too. Its crazy. I spend my time watching where everyone else is going, not so much where I'm going. I was always taught to make my moves early and obvious, and it works. S. S.
  12. You can't regulate stupid. Its everywhere. People are breeding it. All you can do is watch your own back. S.
  13. Not improper fueling, improper blower. He didn't blow the fumes out before turning the key. Any fumes in there, and a small spark....KABOOM. Happens fairly often. S.
  14. No night fishing august 15th. 8pm-8am I believe. S.
  15. So you trailer it to the lake?
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