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  1. That is odd behavior for Tim. Are you sure it was actually Tim, or one of his staff? Maybe on of Floyd Hales guys? Tim has been nothing but great to me and many I know. That seems odd. Not saying its not true, just really out of character for him and his crew. Im out that way often. If ever any problems, get in touch. S.
  2. I live 10 mins from there. Thanks for the heads up. S.
  3. I grew up poor. We made due with what we had, and if we didn't have it, we'd find a way to make it or work towards getting it. Babying every human on the earth has watered down society so much that all we are left with are whining, entitled brats. Suck it up and get outside. Its good for you. P.S....since when has weather ever stopped me from going fishing or hunting? Never has and never will. S.
  4. I can understand that reasoning, but Why change it now? What if it rains or snows on the last friday? Do we change it to the next day with a nice forecast? How about we leave it as it has been for hundreds of years, and deal with the weather as it comes. S.
  5. I'm too far out of town to get any trick or treaters, but when I was a kid, we didn't care one bit what the weather was. We could not wait to get off school and get at those free candies! So, are we going to change the date for christmas too, if there's no snow? What about easter? Too cold, lets wait til next weekend? I can't even understand where someone comes up with such a stupid idea. S.
  6. I'd bet that is what a lot of "parents" did. I agree, a bunch of whining, entitled pussies. S.
  7. So they are very light because they make them smaller than they say? LOL I don't get it. S.
  8. I've never fogged an engine in my life, but why are you guys saying there no need to fog a 4 stroke? I would think there would be more need to fog a 4 stroke than a 2 stroke. A 2 stroke gets oiled every other stroke, a 4 stroke has a crank case full of oil that oils as the engine is running. Wouldn't it be more useful to fog a 4 stroke? I dunno, like I said, I've never fogged an engine in my life. My stuff doesn't sit long enough to need fogging, and I don't think rust can form in a cylinder that is air tight. S. Edit to add: I drain and refill gear case oil. Make sure theres no water in there. Refill if no water. I always run seafoam in my fuel, so that's it, park in the garage, and fire up the sled. S.
  9. Take a good long hard look at the starcrafts! People always tend to forget about them, but they are an awesome boat! Be careful of certain year LUNDS, the transoms are rotten, or rotting out of them. Make sure its a newer one with the composite transom, or an old one. My tops picks if I had your money would be almumacraft, starcraft, Lund. Nothing but yamaha engines, i wouldn't even buy it if its not a yammy. S.
  10. Well, if you need a size 13 to fit your size 10 feet, I"d need size 17.....yikes.
  11. I gave up on scugog. Used to be my go to lake. Its changed a lot in the last 5 years or so. S.
  12. My brother was out for a visit from Vancouver a month back, we were sitting in my mancave having a few drinks and a jam session and he started playing this song. It caught my attention right away. I've been checking these guys out more since then. Pretty cool stuff. https://youtu.be/n7zyfArxibk
  13. Theres lots of ethanol free gas in Ontario. Lucky for me I have one within walking distance. https://www.pure-gas.org/index.jsp?stateprov=ON
  14. Its hunting season now, I probably won't fish again until ice up, unless Lori makes me take her lol If you want to catch fish, come to the kawartha's. Loads of them. Easy to catch. Just not big enough. S.
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