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    So the last few months we've had quite a few complaints about the shenanigans that go on, generally in Non Fishing Posts, around here. Seems like some people just can't be reasonable and are offending quite a few folks sometimes very deliberately. We do our very best to try to keep this a moderated board, it's not facebook after all and we want everyone to feel comfortable here. I have never ever been a big fan of removing/banning people from the forum / board. I also have tried my best to keep most of the discussions in one place, (for 20 years now) but sadly I think we are done with that... so without any further ado, were announcing a couple changes for the better. 1st thing: all posts that are not Fishing or at least outdoors or outdoor equipment related should be posted in our new sub forum. (if they are not, they will be moved there) Non-Outdoors Open Discussion You'll notice we've moved some posts there already! We've had a lot of feedback from folks that really only want to see fishing or outdoor posts when they first get on there, but I've always said that as a COMMUNITY we should feel free to be able to ask for help and discuss subjects that are not outdoor related, so now there is a special spot for that! 2nd thing: We're going to start using some of our Moderation tools a bit more effectively. If a member can't be reasonable, they will be put on whats called ModQ, which means for a period of time all posts will have to be approved by a moderator when one happens log in. Honestly, if a user (ANY USERS - OLD OR NEW) can't be reasonable here and feels the need to troll there are plenty of other places to do it. We will be using this tool more and more in the coming months. If you can't say something nice or in the very least constructive, please don't say anything at all.. (Your Mom should have taught you this already) So that's about it. Have a great day everyone!! Be Safe Out There.
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    Just got back from 6 days of Muskie fishing in the Kawartha's . My son and grandson and I fished Balsam , Pigeon and Sturgeon . The weather was tough high winds and a big cold front hit all week . Tuesday it was 75 by Thursday with the wind chill was 29 degrees . We had a OK week boated 9 Muskies saw 22 others with follows and hits at the boat we only count hits if we see it is a Muskie . My grandson caught his first Muskie 34 1/2" my son won big fish of the week with a 43" er from Pigeon cause me $10 . Of the follows 5 were nice fish probably 40" or bigger . With winds 10 mph and gusting to 18 mph there were a lot of our regular spots we couldn't fish . My grandson learn how to cast and work most of the different type Muskie lures I'm sure he will be back chasing Muskies again . Here is my sons fish .
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    One of the local guys was out on Sunday on the closest fishable water to my house. It's less than a mile to his spot from my front door.
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    She loved Ice Fishing as much as the boat. And she was never a worry inside the small confines of my one man flip over.
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    Yes, so if you are an immigrant and don’t wear a poppy. He was talking about you. anyone else upset is looking for an excuse to be racist against an 85 year old white man
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    YUP. You can always tell the CO. I never catch fish anyways. 🤣
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    It was a good try however it got ugly with members tuning against each other and feelings hurt. I had 9 reports on the thread. I consider it a fail the no religious and no Political posts are still not allowed and will be cut off quickly. If we had a room full of people who could respect that opinions are allowed and that not everything is black and white we could breach these subjects. Art
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    I always said if a fish couldn't catch up to a trolled bait he isn't worth catching anyways LOL
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    I was thinking about the recent departure of Don Cherry and Mike Babcock and think they could start up a new show called Coachless Corner!
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    Your wish is my command my friend...
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    Have to agree with that. Don never mentioned or implied color/race.
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    This guy was tiny but check out the size of the lure he attacked, just shows how aggressive these guys really are. I just had to take the little guys picture because of his gutsy attitude LOL
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    Facebook is probably not the place to get any concrete information from OMG THIS VAXXINE GAVE MY KID AUTISM!
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    If people think this thread is a blemish for OFC or don't like the arm chair forensic experts and opinions, easy solution, DON'T CLICK ON IT AND READ IT. This story is on people's minds and lips because it was a terrible tragedy and it involves an unlikeable Canadian celebrity, and his story stinks and smells like bull crap. Nobody is saying one person's life is more valued than another's.
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    climate change is a natural occuring event. been going on since the earth was formed. liberals using this to steal more money from us. and the lemmings that have been brainwashed by liberal teachers from kindergarden through university are passing this on to the next generations. What I fear is the UN and agenda 21.
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    Yup motor drawing too much amps so fishfinder hits low voltage shutoff point
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    I pretty sure the new breed of truck drivers we see driving these rigs, are all "legally" licensed and "trained". It's just their interpretation of a snow storm that confuses them; you see things don't get slippery in a sand storm. Dan.
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    weird timing, Trump has backed off tariffs, NAFTA is sorted out, CDN dollar is pretty low??? before your next purchase you GM guys should consider the mantra "you don't build here, we don't buy here"
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    I always figured if a fish couldn't catch up to my bait he wasn't worth catching LOL
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    Saws all make quick work of the offending body panels. The rear trailing axle will be fully adjustable. I’ll be able to take the idler wheels all the way up to touch the drive wheels. It’ll also have left & right track adjusters/tensioners. Yes simple once people see it finished; old tech is sometimes the best. Dan.
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    Still digging, but what I've found so far.
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    little story- I saw a co-worker I haven't seen in years outside the Liquor Store. He looked a little different, a few years can do that though. We chatted for 1.5 hours in the parking lot. He was toughest, meanest looking, most bad ass guy you could imagine, nobody stuffed with him. He could wear his Leaf jersey into any foreign rink and nobody would dare harass him. Now he was transitioning into a woman. We're still friends like we always were, we always have great conversations, I just try and show some extra support on facebook because it's big change and some people can't grasp it. I don't give a damn if someone's straight/ gay, skin colour, if I like hanging out with them, I like them sorry if I offended anybody on this thread
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    Cowardly? Really? To stand against racism is cowardly? Rosa Parkes was a coward? Martin Luther King a coward? Shutting down the debate? How can calling out racism be shutting down a debate about racism? That is just absurd but i'm glad you brought that up because it is definitely an indication of the political climate you speak of, in terms of how people try to silence voices that cannot be heard in order for things to stay the way they are, I won't be silenced by that kind of perverse reasoning .
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    Newfies are the most toughest immigrants bye.
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    It's not just the attitude of "this board".... It is being echo'd across the country. IMO, you calling out "This Board", is just as bad as Don saying "you people". We all have are opinions, and that's a good thing.
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    My suggestion is to find a place that has you stay in a cottage with all the amenities, then have them take you out to your hut for the day. Much more comfortable after a long day of fishing, more room to spread out and you can even have a shower. I don't find night fishing that great through the ice.
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    He was blunt that's for sure but the scary part is I can't figure out why people find what he said racist?? As an old guy I think'll just refrain from saying anything these days. He didn't try to assign reasons for the lack of poppies; he just made an observation.
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    I don't mind roundabouts, but Barrie nitwits are special. I take my time and go to the entrances on Bayview most of the time.
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    I remember our first Hallowe'en in Manitoba, -10 and 2 feet of snow. Do you think that stopped the kids, nope. Dress right and fill the pillow case. My boys went out twice to make sure they got a full load.
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    Johnny D we hold our kids close and teach them values. I have 4 daughters and they all have kids (9) we are a “family” they have respect for all of us. My parents kept us in line and we had to obey them or we got it. Today kids roam on their own and no supervision! Parents leave it up to the schools! That is crap! Teaching starts in the home. last night was and example, taught one l how to stoke a fire and then we roasted chestnuts. We sat outside and talked. He asked why am I getting smoke in my eyes, then I thought him about wind direction! Can we roast marshmallows, yes go find some, he did and and was going to hold them over the fire NO we need skewers. Do we have any? Yes we do. He told me he will always remember what we did. he’d did burn the skewer a few times, they were mini mellows. It was fun and I’m sure he will cherish what he learned. A lesson and it was fun.
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    OOOps Pike then, I guess I need to get back up North and fish some more. Art
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    Thanks for all the tips everyone! Bought the stradic last week and tested it out this weekend. LOVE it... Only caught a we small rock bass and sun fish. But boy did they come up smooth!!
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    I'm currently chewing one of my CBD caramels for my back pain. Zero THC just CBD. I save the THC ones for the evening as they help me sleep.
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    Florida Brian ! I also forgot, clean the area first with rubbing alcohol and then Naptha. You paused the video at 4:48 didn't you...
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    Maybe it's time to stop playing C&R with this resource. Nature paying the price for the amusement of humans.
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    some guys absolutely love froggin, To be honest my hookup ratio when i started frogging was probably sub 10% Personally theres just other ways I would rather fish in the slop. Some guys seem to stick em all of the time while frogging, personally I have a heck of a time getting the fish to hook up. From my experience when you get a solid frog bite, You are going to see the frog get eaten and its not going to come back up even if you wait for 2 seconds. Then you gotta set the hook really really hard to make sure it crushes and gets the hooks into them. Top water in general is a big time percentages game, thats why I always keep a follow up bait rigged, If i get a blow up that misses, I stop, wait 2 seconds then give the bait one twitch, and wait again. If nothing happens I immediately reel in as fast as possible and throw them something to eat like a senko or a ned rigged craw. If you are fishing heavy weeds immediately chuck a whacky rig exactly where the blow up happened and to be honest better than 50% of the time the fish will hit that follow up bait.
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    As a general rule I've always found that 25"=5lb, 26'=6lb, 27'=7lb... 30"=10lb, 31"=11lb etc. I've never caught anything bigger than 31.5" which actually was 11.5 lb too so I can't really say when they get bigger than that. Cheers
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    The only thing that disturbs me about Plant based foods is that I did not invest in companies making this crap as their stocks are going through the roof! I could then afford to buy more Prime Rib roasts! HH
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    He won the weekly 10 g,s Bill Talking to him this morning,he was pretty burned out. His cell never stopped.
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    If you aren't supposed to eat Muskies why did they make this knife?
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    When I am up North where the blood sucking creatures are way more active than down here. (meaning I am not used to feeding them). I use a bug suit as needed and 100 % deet on my hat and cuffs to keep them at bay. I also wear latex gloves on my hands when they are exposed to keep them from biting. One of the good things about the little buggers is when you are out fishing and you have a dozen or so dragonflies on the carpet deck on the boat and they attack the incoming horseflies. Lots of fun watching that when the bite slows down. Art
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    They called one evening when I was at home in the kitchen. Said my computer was sending data and messages out and needed to be fixed. I told them to wait and I would go get it. Then I listened to her for a few minutes and told her that I would make sure it would never happen again. I took a cookie sheet out and threw it on the floor with a crash and banged it around a bit. I told her I had smashed it and it would not do it again. There was a pause and then she hung up. Probably did nothing, but my wife and I had a good laugh. I have done the same thing with the duct cleaner call centres and my duck call. Its pretty funny when they try to explain that they don't mean "ducks' they mean "ducts" while I am yelling at my wife to keep them quiet while I am trying to talk to someone about getting them cleaned.
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    I have the crimping tool, rosin core solder, heat shrink tubing, and top of the line soldering station. If you want to make a road trip to Lindsay, I can given you a hand.
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    Dave I am going to pin this on the front page to help spread the word. Art
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    Don't over think it too much. I'd run braid then change up your leader when conditions call for it. No way I'd run a flouro mainline, the stuff is just awful.
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    Why are you busting my cojones? It's Spiel's dish. Onions sound good to me.
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    You will never back it down with 2 pivot points
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