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    Just got back from 6 days of Muskie fishing in the Kawartha's . My son and grandson and I fished Balsam , Pigeon and Sturgeon . The weather was tough high winds and a big cold front hit all week . Tuesday it was 75 by Thursday with the wind chill was 29 degrees . We had a OK week boated 9 Muskies saw 22 others with follows and hits at the boat we only count hits if we see it is a Muskie . My grandson caught his first Muskie 34 1/2" my son won big fish of the week with a 43" er from Pigeon cause me $10 . Of the follows 5 were nice fish probably 40" or bigger . With winds 10 mph and gusting to 18 mph there were a lot of our regular spots we couldn't fish . My grandson learn how to cast and work most of the different type Muskie lures I'm sure he will be back chasing Muskies again . Here is my sons fish .
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    Facebook is probably not the place to get any concrete information from OMG THIS VAXXINE GAVE MY KID AUTISM!
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    If people think this thread is a blemish for OFC or don't like the arm chair forensic experts and opinions, easy solution, DON'T CLICK ON IT AND READ IT. This story is on people's minds and lips because it was a terrible tragedy and it involves an unlikeable Canadian celebrity, and his story stinks and smells like bull crap. Nobody is saying one person's life is more valued than another's.
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    climate change is a natural occuring event. been going on since the earth was formed. liberals using this to steal more money from us. and the lemmings that have been brainwashed by liberal teachers from kindergarden through university are passing this on to the next generations. What I fear is the UN and agenda 21.
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    And that's the exact reason the law says you WILL have a flashlight in your boat.
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    Johnny D we hold our kids close and teach them values. I have 4 daughters and they all have kids (9) we are a “family” they have respect for all of us. My parents kept us in line and we had to obey them or we got it. Today kids roam on their own and no supervision! Parents leave it up to the schools! That is crap! Teaching starts in the home. last night was and example, taught one l how to stoke a fire and then we roasted chestnuts. We sat outside and talked. He asked why am I getting smoke in my eyes, then I thought him about wind direction! Can we roast marshmallows, yes go find some, he did and and was going to hold them over the fire NO we need skewers. Do we have any? Yes we do. He told me he will always remember what we did. he’d did burn the skewer a few times, they were mini mellows. It was fun and I’m sure he will cherish what he learned. A lesson and it was fun.
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    OOOps Pike then, I guess I need to get back up North and fish some more. Art
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    Without getting political, this stuff is going to get worse as class sizes increase. It gets hard for teachers just to keep order, let alone teach and monitor bullying. I recently moved to get my son into a better neighborhood and better schools. Still, barely a month into JK and an issue arose. I didn't bother with emails to the teachers/ principal etc. I cornered the other kid's dad and said "if your son hits my son in the face again, I'm going to smash your face. I like what Sinker had to say a few posts back, I agree with most of that.
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    I'll start with nobody deserves to die. I'll also mention that I grew up in this neighborhood sort of. Some family and a lot of friends lived on Lang, Melvin, Roxborough, etc. It's a tough area, it's also "the projects". Parenting in that area is not quite up to par with more affluent areas. To blame the school, especially for something that didn't happen on the school property is just wrong. I am not an educator, nor do I support a lot of what they do, so I am not biased or sticking up for them. The problem with children of today is that there is no accountability or responsibility, something I have been dealing with for my own children as well. I spend a lot of time and effort trying to teach my kids that good behaviour and hard work will reward you in life. In the area of town that these kids live in, parent's generally don't put that much effort into parenting. I don't know the fellow that died, or his mother or his family so in no way am I saying they did anything wrong or they are to blame. What I am saying is that I grew up in that area and I still know a lot of people in the RH, Barton, Parkdale, Queenston block. I know how things are there. There needs to be some punishment changes in the system for sure. The area there has most certainly been cleaned up and is looking a lot nicer that it was when I grew up there but it still has a way to go. Hopefully this tragedy will encourage some of the local politicians to find cash for some social programs that will allowed the kids to interact a bit more with each other and reduced the cliques in the area or at least reduce the animosity of the kids.
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    Add stabil, ive never run anything dry of gas and have had zero issues.
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    My son was a 6'4" iron worker and as strong & tough as they come... (but was also gentle as a lamb)... and growing up nobody ever messed with him but whenever one of his buds was being bullied Jim went in and took care of business and the cowards never bothered his buds again.. As an adult he was sitting in a bar by himself one evening having a beer and there was a table next to him with 9 loud mouths bothering everyone around them. My son had longish hair at the time plus a diamond stud earring and one of the punks came over and started hassling him about it. Jim let it slide and just continued enjoying his beer. When he was done he got up and left the bar but was followed by the 9 and once in the parking lot they started the fight. Jim was so damned tough he took them all on and won the fight all by himself and walked away with nothing more then bloodied knuckles but left the "tough guys" with a bunch of busted faces and broken teeth. Guess what I'm saying is these kinda punks are all ages and only seem to want to cause trouble when they're in a group of like minded cowards. Probably not much anyone can do other than pound the crap outta them and hopefully let them see what it's like to be on the receiving end.
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    Ontario is a VERY large place so it may help with your question is you say where you live and what part of the province you want to fish in.
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    Wright & McGill was the original owner of the Eagle Claw brand? https://www.eagleclaw.com/about-us/our-brands/wright-mcgill
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    So you are saying that these 500 UN scientists are not paid by interest groups to report that climate change is a hoax?? As ordinary citizens, we have no clue what goes on behind closed doors with the corporations and the politicians. None of us have any idea. Its just our opinions is all. Some believe it some don't. For me as a conservationist and environmentalist, who believes in protecting our natural resources, I will support any action that helps with the reduction of any pollutants that impact our daily lives. No one on OFC is an expert at this. Its just peoples opinions. What we can do as a group is support any actions that will help with reducing all emissions that impact our life. Fishing, Hunting etc...
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    Not true---not by a long shot. Something like 99% of scientists have similar views.
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    Probably OI, I'm too old to look after children! LOL.. ... I got married in '82 with $13.84 cents in the bank and Leah had a grand.. so I married for money! Only to find out her Mother had froze her bank account!
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    That is one sweet looking ride! Always nice to hear of someone keeping their car from their youth.
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    Wow what a day, for sure lots of fun. Well done.
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    A member here named Steve Rowbotham is a guide on Simcoe. He does quite well with all sorts of fish (pike, lakers, bass, whitefish)
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    Not a big believer in luck. Whether it's your success in life or raising your kids to become responsible, respectful citizens, I feel that we make our own luck. It's funny how the harder one works at something the luckier one becomes. Non of us knows what lurks behind closed doors. All may look hunky dory at face value. Teaching our kids morals, with respect, responsibility and consequences for their actions is a process that is ongoing and starts at day one. Barbara and I were extremely "lucky" in as much as our children grew up well as have their children.
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    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Met another one of yer yaker buddies a few ago. He has an awesome set up. And my old Italian friend this morning landed a beauty of a chinny this morning.
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    As long as I can remember there has always been things like this happening (and often) as the fall season starts. There are MANY willing to stoop to lows to benefit from the kindness of others.
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    yup. bullying was definitely around back in the 70's. but there was no social media to amplify, or spread the ugly. I think what some here are trying to say is that back then, things were dealt with after school, behind the portables, with fists. Today it's knives and guns.
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    Very sad indeed! I think the problem with the kids of today is they are brought up not having to be accountable for their actions. Oh so true Cliff, so true. I take it you mean "teens" Albert. Our kids don't know how far out on a limb they can climb because they were never allowed to climb a tree in the 1st place. They grew up in the Bernardo era and weren't allowed to leave the house unsupervised by an adult let alone play outside alone. We walked to school alone at 5 years old. If a 5 year old is found outside alone today the Police would be called. It is amazing what little our youth know today about every day life. My 34 year old niece with 2 babies never learned to ride a bike. My former sis in law said it was too dangerous, come on man!! She never learned to drive a car as well. I'm no phycologist but don't have to be to know why not.
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    Put a mattress in the back of the “truck” and jig away!
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    I made it about 5 seconds.....
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    Hey Albert It,s the weekend of rods being bent,turkeys walking the river. Back attacha my friend
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    Yes I was, no different than big pike really, I have protective gloves, all my tools close at hand. I use my walleye net with no problems. I have a GoPro mount glued to the top of my trolling motor and the camera is voice activated, so takes seconds to setup for a snap. Only one treble on the small spoon which was actually on the outside of its mouth, lucky to land it really, but made for an easy release.
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    It was a very calm evening yesterday. I had some walk by the beach and then just watched the sunset from my favourite spot in my garden. I love such evenings: salty breeze is filling up your lungs and just listening the crickets singing.. On days like these I thank god for helping me to buy villa in Greece. It was worth every penny.
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    John Wick 1-2-3? Need more acting, less violence, JMHO.
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    Godfather of Harlem,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, A very different roll for Forest Whitaker
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    You would be surprised, I still am willing to bet the fishing is even better in Ontario. Ontario overall very likely has the best fresh water fishing in the entire world, pick a species and its a world class fishery.
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    This whole tick issue is a bit of a conundrum. The Revolution treatment is not great on ticks and the "new and Improved" stuff is scary. Ever google them?? Everything from vomiting to seizures to death. I bought some and after researching it, promptly returned it. I totally understand the importance of controlling ticks but I have a problem with having my dog ingest enough poison to kill an insect(s) through his bloodstream. Even when I give him Revolution he is quiet and very lethargic for 3-4 days. So, I bought all the hair cutting supplies and in August began home grooming. I now stay on top of it and can do more frequent trims versus the $125 per cut I was paying. This also allows a very thorough inspection. What to do??
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    They sure know how to put on a show in Vegas.
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    Did you say something Wayne ?
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    I want one of the new Ford F-150 Electrics coming out in 2021. I wonder if they have a front trunk like the Rivans do.
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    We crossed lake Champlain by ferry from New York to Vermont a month ago and the lake was unbelievably rough with big wind coming straight out of the south. That old boat was rockin & rollin with waves coming over the bow and I was waiting for the tractor trailer parked beside me to end up in our laps. Darned near took me back to my Navy days LOL Real pretty lake though.
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    If politicians really cared about the environment they would start by banning those useless and wasteful election signs
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    Yup, pikeminnow. I actually had my buddy in BC send me their cousin peamouth for ice fishing bait. He caught them through the ice. I use them for pike fishing as they are very durable unlike ciscoes. I can catch several pike on one before needing to replace it. He sent me a 35# box of them. http://www.pikeminnow.org/how-to/how-to-identify-a-northern-pikeminnow/how-to-tell-a-northern-pikeminnow-from-a-peamouth
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    LOL.. I can do the tires.. when I picked it up from Mom's in '86
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    I’m old, of course I mean the beautiful car
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    I was in Largo for around 5 weeks in 2009, although I didn't fish, some those seafood places along the waterway way have patios to eat on and the customers spend a lot of time throwing scraps of food to those fish, anything you can eat might work as bait.
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    Beauties the both of 'em! Should be proud of the work you put into raising one and restoring the other.
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    Good lesson there as well. See how the pike sucks in the baitfish? That's how huge fish hit a trolled lure. Guy I knew who had caught 40lb lakers once told me how you don't set the hook until you feel the weight of the fish. This since he said a lure is being sucked back or sideways as much as 2 feet..... 2 FEET as a monster laker flares its gills and sucks it in. Hook isn't in the mouth proper otherwise and is why many fish are lost. Guys name Wess or Les Parks who got some monsters out of Baptiste Lake back in the day.
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    I smoke something at least once a week but not fish, I have a large barrel offset smoker and a Pit Boss pellet smoker, some of this past summers food. Enjoy
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    Okay, I'm a die hard Leaf fan, but I had to share this.
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    Let those off us who haven't done something similar/stupid in our youth, cast the first stone. I bet the ripples from the tossed stones don't even disturb the surface. HH
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    have fun! hope to get out there a couple times this fall
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