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    So the last few months we've had quite a few complaints about the shenanigans that go on, generally in Non Fishing Posts, around here. Seems like some people just can't be reasonable and are offending quite a few folks sometimes very deliberately. We do our very best to try to keep this a moderated board, it's not facebook after all and we want everyone to feel comfortable here. I have never ever been a big fan of removing/banning people from the forum / board. I also have tried my best to keep most of the discussions in one place, (for 20 years now) but sadly I think we are done with that... so without any further ado, were announcing a couple changes for the better. 1st thing: all posts that are not Fishing or at least outdoors or outdoor equipment related should be posted in our new sub forum. (if they are not, they will be moved there) Non-Outdoors Open Discussion You'll notice we've moved some posts there already! We've had a lot of feedback from folks that really only want to see fishing or outdoor posts when they first get on there, but I've always said that as a COMMUNITY we should feel free to be able to ask for help and discuss subjects that are not outdoor related, so now there is a special spot for that! 2nd thing: We're going to start using some of our Moderation tools a bit more effectively. If a member can't be reasonable, they will be put on whats called ModQ, which means for a period of time all posts will have to be approved by a moderator when one happens log in. Honestly, if a user (ANY USERS - OLD OR NEW) can't be reasonable here and feels the need to troll there are plenty of other places to do it. We will be using this tool more and more in the coming months. If you can't say something nice or in the very least constructive, please don't say anything at all.. (Your Mom should have taught you this already) So that's about it. Have a great day everyone!! Be Safe Out There.
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    She loved Ice Fishing as much as the boat. And she was never a worry inside the small confines of my one man flip over.
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    Saws all make quick work of the offending body panels. The rear trailing axle will be fully adjustable. I’ll be able to take the idler wheels all the way up to touch the drive wheels. It’ll also have left & right track adjusters/tensioners. Yes simple once people see it finished; old tech is sometimes the best. Dan.
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    Yup that was me. Lol. A political post wrapped in a fillet.
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    Back in 2014 our group made a big jump and completed our first fly in In a word it was epic and have been on 3 since then and are headed out again in 2020 PB walleye were caught, we were stranded in Thessalon and so much more A few quick shots below but you can check the full story here https://www.northernjacks.com/post/50-mission-cap-our-first-fly-in
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    The tracks are all but done; still need to do the final tightening of the treads, once I've mounted them on Sally. I started putting the trailing axle together, got as far as welding the stubs onto the axle and had to stop. The guys got here to help build the box for the bobsled. With the snow that came down on the weekend, I was able to run the sled around the parking lot here at the shop. The thing towed like it wasn't there. Left the quad in high range and 2 wheel drive; it didn't even spin the tires. At about 15 klicks per hour, I made a right turn around the end of the building; looked over my left shoulder to find the sled at about a 45° swung out to the left. The puck board has made the skies that slippery. Put 2 rows of bench seats in, a truck topper on top, squirt some paint on and it'll be done. Dan.
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    Thanks Dutch01, that's the type of feedback I was looking for. I've seen the owners group on FB. I hoped there was someone on here who had one in use, but seems like a fairly new product. I'll give the owners group a shot as well.
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    Going for a swim in cold water isn't a death sentence. Some people actually do it for fun! Fact is, if your aware of the risks and are prepared to deal with a dunking, taking advantage of early ice can be very rewarding, even if you do get wet once in a blue moon. Actually, I would go as far as to encourage folks to step out of their comfort zone and even intentionally go for a dunk through the ice(under controlled conditions, shallow water and saftey rope)! Getting a real life understanding of how your suit and saftey gear functions will make you that much more comfortable if something unexpected does happen.... Josh
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    I went to Country Meat Cuts but they don't do summer sausages. They let me try their pepperetes so I dropped off 28lb to be turned into that. I used to make sausage at home in the past so, I bought casings from them and made 2 batches from the rest of the meat. I have yet to try making salami, maybe next season.
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    Trust me, I know Taro & Paul very well and have fished with both of them There is no act with Taro, that is him through & through! I should post our old FishCity promo from a few years ago, he falls in a lot!
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    Still digging, but what I've found so far.
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    And we have a "wiener" ! Naw got the draw. So Nick, I'll email you and you can return your address, postal code and such by return email. Congrats Bud.
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    For service call 1-800- WTH- MyCard.
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    A tip I learned fishing in Florida years ago when using live shrimp Cliff. IN the head of the shrimp you will see a dark spot that is the brain. Pierce your baitholder hook in front or behind it. The shrimp will live for quite a long time. The best thing about using shrimp and Calamari as bait is if they don't catch fish you can eat the bait. I once asked Frank from "Fishin' Franks Live Bait and Tackle" in Charlotte Harbor FLA. What's the difference between these shrimp and the shrimp from the store and he said these shrimp are fresher. We buy shrimp rings for big Catfish on the Grand River down here. Often we have eaten more on the boat than we used for bait.
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    Bring extra lures and especially fishing line and hooks, leave them for tips for the workers and youll get the best advice on where to go!.
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    I like this guy already,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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    Nice to see you are back, always enjoyed your sense of humour
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    I've always said that an approaching cold front turned off the bite! Well, the first three weeks here the weather was pretty consistent and so was the fishing, playing around with tide charts and solunar tables proved to be more accurate at predicting the most productive times for fishing than I expected. Then a cold front approached, even though the solunar tables and tide times indicated the best fishing, the bite became almost non existent! Yesterday was +19 but the forecast called for temps to drop to 0 last night (we've been seeing low to mid teens at night up until now) with highs hitting high teens to low 20s every day. As of yesterday two of us totaled 5 fish and a check later in the day with about 50 other fisher persons resulted in hardly a bite in hours of fishing. Today was cold with a North wind (good thing I brought my winter clothing just in case). I fished for about an hour at what should have been a fairly productive time without a single bite. Might just be coincidence but...... Oh well two cold days then things warm back up again 🙂
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    Drove my TR-6 and MGB's all winter, into the ground. I carried a spare battery to get them to start. Sometimes I actually had a back window in the winter that was a sheet of plastic. Sure was nice in the summer or when it didn't rain. The things we did to get a date.
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    $20 or $5 after 5 pm.
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    Started assembling the tracks, now that all the treads are cut, drilled and the wheel guides are welded up. The treads are 1”x1/2”x14” long channel. The guides are 1”x1/8” flat bar, bent to form a rounded triangle. All bolted together with 5/16” bolts, nuts and washers. Once everything is together and has proven to work the way I hope; I’ll cut the excess bolt length off and tack weld the nuts to cut the bolts. The rubber strips that the treads are bolted to, are from an industrial conveyor belt that use to haul rock out of a quarry. It’s about a 1/4” thick with multiple layers of canvas and rubber. All I can say is that I picked a good winter to build this contraption; because there’s no ice on Simcoe that I’m willing to get out on. Which gives me more time to finish up. LOL This rig may take its maiden voyage out on Nipissing? Dan.
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    Fact is if you are using crappie bait , light line and have some crappie in your live well. If people or a CO sees you catching bass and not moving to get away from out of season fish they can still charge you
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    A slight NW wind today. Wind Turbines were not making and juice today. Small pleasure boats could have gone out today fishing. I have no idea where to even think about looking for them now that The Nanticoke electrical generators are gone. Fishermen would break through the ice built up on the ramp at Hoover Marina to launch. Bob Izumi taped an episode of his fishing show years ago doing the exact same thing. Mid 90's maybe. They caught a carp in the warm water discharge that had 2 tails.
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    I definitely admitted I put my dog at risk. I put that out clear as day that I made the mistake and definitely learned from it. I 100% put myself at risk, just like anyone does any time they leave the house. I also backcountry snowboard where the risk of being in an aavalanche is extremely high in comparison to just staying on the resort. once again, just like going on the ice, you do what you can to mitigate risks. Wearing appropriate gear and carrying a beacon, probe and shovel. finally you said that I was putting my friend at risk? I am not in control of him. In fact as funny as it is, it was his idea to try and fish a different area in the first place. My responsibility to him is as simple as his is to me. We both take the right precautions and we both agree to help eachother should anything bad happen. I’m not certain where I’m responsible for his respective choices? He’s an experienced fisherman wearing the appropriate gear too. finally your reference to first responders...I can assure you right now that if I was needing first responders just like anyone else that ventures into the wilderness...I’d be dead long before they would ever be able to save me. There was 0 chance the cops were going to save my life if I was stuck in that water for an hour. they might go look for my body, but my survival suit, picks and rope were going to get me out of that water long before they ever showed up. Roelefson has a point, people should go in and see what it’s like. You’ll be more confident and comfortable when it happens unexpectedly. also the comments about cracking ice, there isn’t almost anything more true than that. The sketchiest ice is quite. Soft ice doesn’t make noise!
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    Why come at me like that? Having a bad day? I was simply inquiring to try and understand the power of pull ice fishing provides. I wasn't judging...or accusing anybody of driving drunk or being a careless idiot...just trying to understand the balance of risk/reward BECAUSE I'm not an ice fisherman...hence the post. Thanks AK'...appreciate your perspective.
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    Chris I state facts about the leafs for the most part, along with some speculation. I don't know why you would have a problem with that. Here's a few more facts for you just for fun. On at least a couple of posts in the past I have mentioned about how the leafs were likely going to get in trouble from over working Andersen and not having a capable backup. Well it seems maybe I was correct. Andersen has been pulled in 2 of his last three games, and is sub .900 in 5 of his last 7 starts. Some of that no doubt may be due to the Leafs defensive woes, but I don't see any change for the better there. Muzzin is now LTIR so he's done for a good time. Leafs have now lost 3 in a row too, although they have done quite well over all with the new coach. Leafs are now 7th in the conference, Florida is 1 point behind with a game in hand, if they win that one and so does Philly win their game in hand it puts the Leafs into 2nd place in the wild card race tied in points with Philly and one point from being out of the playoffs. Plus Andersen is in the All Star weekend, to bad actually, I'm sure that the Leafs would much rather have him resting for the 5 day break, he really is the key to the team's success. These are all facts. If you consider this trolling and Leaf bashing then you're the one with the issue.These same points are no doubt being debated on every sports media out there right now, I'm just bringing it up on this thread for comment and discussion. After the Sens lost in OT to the Habs there were 5 posts in a row "bashing" the Sens, like so what, no biggee right, it's like normal sports bantering among the guys as I see it. Dave's first one was perfect and next one about the titanic must have been a product of that think tank I bet. Next few were meh hehe. So I didn't respond till later, but again you seem to miss the friendly banter here it seems and react with personal shots. You need to chill man. Cheers
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    Before you get all butt hurt and hypocritical, how about you go back and read the 100+ pages of the Leaf bashing that has gone on before you decided to hop on that band wagon. "Childish comments" lol that's frigging rich. Go back and read two years of comments before crying about comments from Leaf fans. Oh, Leafs are losing??? 6 more in a row and we can tie the Senatarps colossal landslide.
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    ???? That, was actually hard to read. Punctuation Chris, punctuation! 🤣
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    I tell people that I'm wearing my Jesus boots!
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    jeez the boys at bear point are in for a long winter. I think Callum Johnson just opened a bait shop too...Ouch I guess thats the way of the game, its feast or famine for those operators.
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    MEH, he's OK. 😂😂😂
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    Ark, not cool. Unless you have some proof that can substantiate your accusation, you've got no business posting that. I don't know Matt personally, but a he doesn't strike me as a guy that needs to hide behind anything.
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    Really want a CAN VS RUS now. Pay back.
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    But it’s always been closed during winter. I read the ood list of changes for some 17 and the did have anything for balsam
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    I know but I was on the road and missed it. Not going to watch the next game though. Dang Rooskies!!! Got the Classic on now. Just in time for a good old outdoor donnybrook!!!!
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    It was nice to get out and check out the gear, hear some speakers (Yourself included Dave!) and spend a few bucks on some new stuff. We went last year and also to this one. Personally, I think the last year one was a little better then this year from the location to the number of vendors. It's all good!
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    Agreed on the aisles too tight, but if they installed a cell phone blanker then all the important people would have to go outside to do their thing and not stand in the aisles like a bunch of rocks. Coffee dispenser maybe. Although the parking was free, a bit of a grudge. I would rather see it back at the BMC or Garden Gallery.
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    The way this weather is going, it's going to be a while before I feel comfortable on the ice and need an outdoors card🙁
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    I know all about those explorers, have an 02 exploder. Between me and the original owner, it must have had every imaginable problem. I thought the 4.6L motors were pretty reliable, but I blew one up. Now the transmission is starting to go. Looking to grab a new Ram shortly.
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    Cabelas had the toe warmers on for .97 cents. I bought the last 5 packs. The full size foot ones are $3.98 a pack of 2. I have read so many reviews on different types of these. Have yet to see 1 ,that was a solid 5 star report through out the ratings. Lots of garbage out there.
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    That's an awesome gift Bryan Hopefully your first fish w it brings a best fish!
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    Jeez I'm real sorry Chris, I didn't realize that opinions weren't allowed on this thread, unless their yours it seems. This is a hockey thread you know, not just a leafs one. Btw there is no miserable hatred here, that's just your misguided opinion. If the leafs were the only Canadian team left in the playoffs I would actually cheer for them. Seems like you're the one with hatred issues when it comes to the Sens and Habs. But seeing as how easy it is to get you going it's no wonder some folks like to poke at you, I think that's maybe what you don't understand. I'm curious about one thing. You sure hate it when the term Laffs is used by MM but then you have no problem using the term Scabs instead of Habs. Kind of hypocritical don't you think? And of course you never jab at anyone else right?
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    https://www.cottagesincanada.com/16238 The place is about 20 minutes north east of Huntsville. High recommend it.
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    Congrats Brian, may it bring you hours and hours of riverside joy and memories.
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    Nice Brian, it's been a long road for you two.. but certainly glad you're walking streams together. Nice rod too by the way...
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    Way to go...now I want a chili dog. 😁
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    Well I hope you leafs fans had fun with all your childish comments. What did you do, put a think tank together and come up with all those comments? I guess that's your new tactic, start commenting on every sens game? Well looky here, I was just watching the Leafs game. Florida has 4 goals on 12 shots and Andersen gets pulled again. Looks like Andersen is starting to get worn out from having to play too much. Big surprise. So they put Hutch in goal, the leafs get a PP and Florida scores shorthanded to make it 5-0. Go figure lol.
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