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  1. Sounds fun! We are "blessed" with some of these backlakes. I too enjoy venturing the unknown to fish some of these tiny lakes. Remember to GPS cache all the illegal boats you find on shore, take em later refurbish em and sell em ??? Have fun man! Sounds like a blast!!!
  2. Agreed. But 5 jobs(cardio/weight training)
  3. This game is nuts! I love playoff hockey!!!!
  4. Lotsa goals this far! Reilly looks playoff worthy lol
  5. Agreed. Just one twisted individual intent on killing. Terrorism gets thrown around too much, as does mentally Ill Ummmmm, if you kill people without a very very good reason obviously you are mentally ill. Thoughts and condolences to all those involved. And that police officer is one heck of a public defender.
  6. Playing with grit and being dirty are confused waaaaay too often.
  7. Top 15 imo and get rid of overtime points all together. No reward for losing in OT First place gets a buy and doesn't play the first round
  8. Well that's true. But why shouldn't all the top teams make it? Eliminate divisions and adjust the schedule so everyone plays equally
  9. I agree. The amount of teams that make it is insane. But I don't agree on the divisions. Screw divisions. Only allow the top teams overall into the playoffs
  10. Boston is very good, that's clear. So are the leafs, but it's in a different way. One thing I noticed is the leafs aren't playing like they normally do at all. Why? These guys have mad skill but not much heart Come on leafs! Play your game!!!
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