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  1. Glad you finally got a feed!!!!! I've been having fun exploring other ways to eat walleye. But.....I'm kinda in the mood for a good old fry walley, beans, corn, frybread and panfries now
  2. These walleye wraps were done with a home made peach salsa and rhubarb relish. So good!
  3. Looks lid cod to me. And it looks amazing!
  4. Ah I hear ya shag! I really only keep 14-17", even then I prefer on the smaller side
  5. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 You must own some rods at this point? Lol
  6. Bbq walleye, seasoned, sauteed onion and baked broccoli Made fish wraps. Unbelievably good
  7. Oi, are you crazy? Brussel sprouts baked with evo, salt and pepper are of gods...
  8. That's too bad! I spose it does however
  9. In Edmonton. I've been back here for about 2 weeks. My best friends wife is korean and instantly had me in love with their food.
  10. I went and checked out a korean market yesterday, first off, they have tonnes of amazing foods Secondly, I had no idea what half of the food was(very fish heavy though) Holy crap is it expensive and busy in there
  11. You gotta try Doug's canned moose meat. Its looks gross but boy is it tasty!
  12. Lol for sure bro. But its walleye. And yes it looks like crap, I'd agree. But the flavor says otherwise lol
  13. Yeah, treating my friend here. Hes never tried it this way so I had to show him. Turned out very, very tasty and a nice change of pace
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