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  1. I'm still on a total pho kick. I never really use the same recipe, but what an amazing food! Almost as versatile as a sandwich. Havent made one yet that isnt absolutely delicious
  2. You'll be seeing alot more of me. The girlfriend is an excellent photographer, loves hunting and fishing too. We will also be filming alot. Alot of camping trips etc. I'm looking forward to work but waaaaay more to the adventures!
  3. It's been a bucket list thing to learn to fly fish and hit the streams. There are none around here so it wasnt much an option. I'm told certain areas are just packed, so in really looking forward to trekking through the bush to find gold. I'm super excited. If I remember correctly, you used to post alot of those types of treks and I was always in awe. What better way to get exercise and fresh air. I'll probably twiddle away to nothing also hiking the hills in search of deer and elk too. Looks like one heck of a workout!
  4. Thanks brother! Kalispell is right in the area too! Super hyped to explore the area. If your buddy is game, maybe we can link up and fish or hunt
  5. What's up fam! I'm relocating from our beloved canada to montana, specifically Columbia falls. Lots of great trout fishing I'm told. Has anyone been? Any tips? Also, anyone hunted there? I'm very excited about the move in 2 weeks. Thanks in advance!
  6. Yes. I'd normally use deer. This is slow cooked stew beef. Super cheap but tender if cooked properly
  7. That's a perfect morning dish!!!! Eggs proper as frig!!!!
  8. Man, a lil evo, sea salt and pepper, cooked with deer or stew beef... Yall hating, its fantastic
  9. Glad you finally got a feed!!!!! I've been having fun exploring other ways to eat walleye. But.....I'm kinda in the mood for a good old fry walley, beans, corn, frybread and panfries now
  10. These walleye wraps were done with a home made peach salsa and rhubarb relish. So good!
  11. Looks lid cod to me. And it looks amazing!
  12. Ah I hear ya shag! I really only keep 14-17", even then I prefer on the smaller side
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