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    I always said if a fish couldn't catch up to a trolled bait he isn't worth catching anyways LOL
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    Yup motor drawing too much amps so fishfinder hits low voltage shutoff point
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    My boys put a hurting on the slabs Sunday!
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    How does this happen? The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity. Hydrogen was not involved...........
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    I pretty sure the new breed of truck drivers we see driving these rigs, are all "legally" licensed and "trained". It's just their interpretation of a snow storm that confuses them; you see things don't get slippery in a sand storm. Dan.
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    weird timing, Trump has backed off tariffs, NAFTA is sorted out, CDN dollar is pretty low??? before your next purchase you GM guys should consider the mantra "you don't build here, we don't buy here"
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    I always figured if a fish couldn't catch up to my bait he wasn't worth catching LOL
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    I'm currently chewing one of my CBD caramels for my back pain. Zero THC just CBD. I save the THC ones for the evening as they help me sleep.
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    Florida Brian ! I also forgot, clean the area first with rubbing alcohol and then Naptha. You paused the video at 4:48 didn't you...
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    Maybe it's time to stop playing C&R with this resource. Nature paying the price for the amusement of humans.
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    Bluffers is no different. Water is in the lot there as well. He got another nice one on the weekend,
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    some guys absolutely love froggin, To be honest my hookup ratio when i started frogging was probably sub 10% Personally theres just other ways I would rather fish in the slop. Some guys seem to stick em all of the time while frogging, personally I have a heck of a time getting the fish to hook up. From my experience when you get a solid frog bite, You are going to see the frog get eaten and its not going to come back up even if you wait for 2 seconds. Then you gotta set the hook really really hard to make sure it crushes and gets the hooks into them. Top water in general is a big time percentages game, thats why I always keep a follow up bait rigged, If i get a blow up that misses, I stop, wait 2 seconds then give the bait one twitch, and wait again. If nothing happens I immediately reel in as fast as possible and throw them something to eat like a senko or a ned rigged craw. If you are fishing heavy weeds immediately chuck a whacky rig exactly where the blow up happened and to be honest better than 50% of the time the fish will hit that follow up bait.
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    As a general rule I've always found that 25"=5lb, 26'=6lb, 27'=7lb... 30"=10lb, 31"=11lb etc. I've never caught anything bigger than 31.5" which actually was 11.5 lb too so I can't really say when they get bigger than that. Cheers
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    He won the weekly 10 g,s Bill Talking to him this morning,he was pretty burned out. His cell never stopped.
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    If you aren't supposed to eat Muskies why did they make this knife?
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    When I am up North where the blood sucking creatures are way more active than down here. (meaning I am not used to feeding them). I use a bug suit as needed and 100 % deet on my hat and cuffs to keep them at bay. I also wear latex gloves on my hands when they are exposed to keep them from biting. One of the good things about the little buggers is when you are out fishing and you have a dozen or so dragonflies on the carpet deck on the boat and they attack the incoming horseflies. Lots of fun watching that when the bite slows down. Art
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    So funny you mention that about those old Hondas, they have a very loyal following in the Honda forums. Built to work. I was thinking of mine as I read this thread. About 10 years ago I saw an add for an 86 350 FourTrax for $850. No spark. Never owned an atv. Research basically said they were great machines, built to last. An older couple were using it to putt around their rural property but his wife found it hard to handle so they bought a ride on and then it died one spring. So it looked good and I bought it. Well it turned out the sprag bearing had blown up so to speak and had taken out the stator windings. So $800 later including a new battery and full inspection I had my ride ready. John said I was still getting a good deal. It sure isn't fancy, not built to ride on pavement. But these shaft drive machines have all the power I'll ever need and I can still pick up the arse end and slide it sideways, or easily tip it on it's side resting the rack on a milk crate. There is lot to be said for a lighter smaller machine, not the least is the bushwacking you can do that a big heavy machine just can't. It already had some mods in terms of welding that had been done, including a custom tow hook mounted in front of the the ball and posts already welded to front bumper and rear rack. So I know a real good machinist /welder/fabricator up the road a piece and he made a rack for me and welded a plate on the front to mount a winch. Then of course I had to finish the process lmao. This is what I ended up with all told. At least the 71 1.5hp was free from the old man. Cheers
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    They called one evening when I was at home in the kitchen. Said my computer was sending data and messages out and needed to be fixed. I told them to wait and I would go get it. Then I listened to her for a few minutes and told her that I would make sure it would never happen again. I took a cookie sheet out and threw it on the floor with a crash and banged it around a bit. I told her I had smashed it and it would not do it again. There was a pause and then she hung up. Probably did nothing, but my wife and I had a good laugh. I have done the same thing with the duct cleaner call centres and my duck call. Its pretty funny when they try to explain that they don't mean "ducks' they mean "ducts" while I am yelling at my wife to keep them quiet while I am trying to talk to someone about getting them cleaned.
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    40 odd years ago we were fishing the Whitby pier when my Dad tripped over something and fell in the lake. It was a cold night so he was wearing a heavy coat and darned near drowned before we were able to pull him out. He had dry clothes in the car but he'd lost his wallet when he fell and we couldn't find it in the dark water. Probably an hour later another fisherman scooped it up with his net and came looking for Dad and returned the wallet with everything still intact. I've always remembered the honesty of that guy.
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    I have the crimping tool, rosin core solder, heat shrink tubing, and top of the line soldering station. If you want to make a road trip to Lindsay, I can given you a hand.
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    GRT1, when you make a thread or post someone can click the heart shaped button to the right of the dialogue box. When you put your mouse over it, it will pop out and give you a few options. I'll click yours, you'll end up with an additional reputation point.
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    No comparing Muzzo to this guy. I feel for the families obviously but also the truck driver, he's conducted himself with class throughout what is obviously a horrible experience. And yup, I've made driving errors, but I was lucky...
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    Dave I am going to pin this on the front page to help spread the word. Art
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    Don't over think it too much. I'd run braid then change up your leader when conditions call for it. No way I'd run a flouro mainline, the stuff is just awful.
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    Why are you busting my cojones? It's Spiel's dish. Onions sound good to me.
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    Talking about heart attack on a plate, was in Costco Saturday AM and they had pork belly. About 25 bucks for 5 lbs or so of nice meaty pork belly. So my wife made slow braised pork belly with rice and veg. Sort of Chinese style with star anise, soy marinade and honey. The pieces get roasted for a bit to crisp the outside and take off some of the fat and then braised/basted in liquid for an hour or so. Wow. Not as greasy as you might think, but definitely "rich" with fat. I probably shouldn't eat for a few days this week.
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    port-ly 1. having a stout body; somewhat fat. 2. ARCHAIC of a stately or dignified appearance and manner. Seems appropriate. Headed up North on Friday night and did some shore fishing for walleye. Got a couple of nice ones including one real tank - looked like it belonged in Quinte. No pic pics as it was snowin' and blowin' not to mention dark. Knowing we were going for brookies the next day, I said to my buddy "wouldn't it be something to get a trophy walleye and a trophy speck in a 24 hour period?" Well wouldn't ya know it, as I was standing on shore facing straight in to the gale force winds contemplating how much longer to stick it out, I got bit. I missed him the first time but he gave me another shot -thank the Lord. I've seen bigger specks but they don't come any more handsome than this fellow. You'll have to excuse the hero hold but I was tryna keep my pants clean. It seems he was happy to see me too lol.
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    Another great week at Sandy Haven Camp on Nip/Upper French. Been going there for over 35 years and its about as good as it's ever been. Three generations of Dietz boys hit the Nipissing grand slam. Boated two muskies, had hooks in two more and numerous follows. The walleye bite was hot with 40-50 fish days and limits of keepers. Bass fishing, smallies and largemouth, was real good too. That place is on fire!
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    I have followed tournament Bass fishing since the mid '80's and always enjoyed seeing the fish. Personally, I don't have enough competitive spirit in me to want to fish one myself! lol I would say that "seeing" the fish is the major reason why I fish! I snorkel a lot to do just that! As of this past couple of years, I became a huge fan of Major League Fishing on TV. Those fish are released immediately. Granted the cost of having camera crews and scrutineers in each boat would cost them more than the way these B1 and other tourney's are run, but the mighty dollar should not dictate what is good for the industry and the reputation of tourney's in my opinion. I looked at the photo's of the young woman holding up those fish in all different (sponsor themed) outfits. Just pathetic! Unfortunately, this is what the fishing industry wants though. Anyways, very interesting thread, but also very infuriating!
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    The only thing that disturbs me about Plant based foods is that I did not invest in companies making this crap as their stocks are going through the roof! I could then afford to buy more Prime Rib roasts! HH
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    Nope...if it’s not made in Japan, it won’t catch fish. 🀫 πŸ˜†
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    Again, close minded. You realize Erie is a world record class fishery, right? It even has world record sized bass for you. Some of the best anglers out there are running Ranger boats with more rod holders than I can count. Featureless bowl? Seriously? Dude, get out of your box. Precision trolling is an art that most will never understand. S.
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    I would have to show you in person. πŸ˜‰
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    We would launch the canoes and Kayaks in Wingham and camp at the Legion in Wingham.
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    Would be dang uncomfortable running my boat with a tiller!! 😜😜😜
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    Here ya go Brian, home made fish cakes (salt Cod) and beer battered Shrimp......Mmmm, Mmmm, good!
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    Hi all, This winter has been and still is a bit on the brutal side. We escaped some of it for 2 weeks on a trip to Antigua. I fish from shore there except for my annual meet up with my good friend Nick who also happens to be the best inshore guide on the island. We spent an afternoon on his raft hitting up different spots, fishing was slow until we went the live bait under a slip bobber route. Got into a bunch of small fish until we hit a channel with current, then BANG...big fish on.
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    I did emails, faxes, phonecalls...you name it. I was absolutely relentless....because I was very skeptical when I bought it...couldn't believe I fell for their scam. When the lady at Dodge sold it to me I actually told her "If this doesn't work out...I will be your worst nightmare". I am a man of my word. They tricked me, got my money, I was not going away without being an immense pain in the butt. After all, I did warn them I would be incredibly annoying if it didn't work out as they promised. And I was. All phone calls I made I took notes and recorded the day/time/who I spoke with. Right now I would say your bigger beef is with the dealership...they should never have sold it to to you.
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    Working for a living is highly over rated. Good luck on the new career.
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    Upgraded a ranger 680t. Been a fun project really like the boat. Replaced the shot carpet with vinyl and put a new four stroke on it.
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    Short legged guys like terry and I don't have a problem.
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    Please don't look at my rods, Bratina and Scales, DON"T remove, they lose value. Besides its natural fish sent. You don't use perfume deer hunting, you use deer urine as cologne.
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    When I asked about members' fishing bucket list, the number of times that a 15+ inch perch was mention reminded of this awesome fish that a friend told me about! Congrats Joseph Ryan Schaus! BTW the fish had a 13" girth!
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    I've been lucky to scratch that itch a few times now. Those pics are of one jump look at the transport on the bridge in both shots. Florida keys is the spot for bucket list fish been a couple times now and can't wait to go back. The next bucket list one I want is a rooster fish.
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    Pics not all the women left the plant after WW2. I worked in Payroll during the mid 70's and there were still some women in the Sheet Mill. Norma Berti was one and she was treasurer of Local 1005 at the time. That would be my cousin Adam DiFilippo on the Cenotaph's list. Thanks for the photos. I had the honour of attending the Remembrance day ceremonies a few times on Wilcox St. in front of the main office. I was surprised to see a few Viet Nam Vets and 1005 members participating that fought for the US were still working in the plant in the 90's.
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