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  1. The weight of the wood that I removed was the same as the poly
  2. Three-quarter inch poly plastic never have to do it again
  3. I've been to Nipigon a few times, great to see pictures again. I will be heading back next year.
  4. Go on You tube , There is a few videos show how to set up and networking.
  5. Most electronics shut down at 9 volts.So you won't damage the unit.
  6. A good day with friends on the Grand River
  7. There are some campsites on the Islands strait out from High Hill . No bears when we stayed there . Good fishing all around the islands . If you want GPS spot for the camp sites PM me. The camps are first come first serve,
  8. High hill harbour is next to poplar Lodge. Go on Google earth you can see it
  9. Just recharged my F 150 had the same problem. It works great now.
  10. I like and own the Kyocera army grade smart phone check it out. .Drop, water proof.can swipe with gloves on.Even with the screen wet.
  11. It has to be nice an calm to sit in one spot. but I have also caught them dragging tubes
  12. Works all summer.Look for places with steep edges or humps in 70 to 110 ft is where I catch most of my lakers .You have to pick your days when you fish the big lake.Spoons and big twister tails work well also.Talk to your friend that troll the lake and see what depth they been picking up lakers. That is where I start looking for fish.If you mark fish near the bottom they are lakers.
  13. Fun jigging for laker give it a try.
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