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  1. Waters just below the nee on the pad . The dock is there, just ankle deep where the railing is . Markers mark the edge in the pad .
  2. Ramp is good with truck. Water just at the running boards . It's all hard bottom. Need shorts or waders to launch
  3. We did well today on the reef. Fishing picked up when the wind did. We launched at Astons know problems.
  4. Only my two touch units on the console were affected. My two 12 hds on the bow were still receiving a GPS signal
  5. It a patch for the GPS released April 12 not a update for anyone having problems
  6. The updates were posted April 12 2019 . Google lowrance update. You download the update on to a chip and then put the chip in your unit and then turn your unit on you will automatically update
  7. Just stop working last week. They have an update for both touch and non touch gen2. Maybe just some of there units are defective. Had to update my buddy's units also.
  8. If you own a lowrance hds gen 2 you have probably have lost your GPS signal. There is a new update on the lowrance site.
  9. The weight of the wood that I removed was the same as the poly
  10. Three-quarter inch poly plastic never have to do it again
  11. I've been to Nipigon a few times, great to see pictures again. I will be heading back next year.
  12. Go on You tube , There is a few videos show how to set up and networking.
  13. Most electronics shut down at 9 volts.So you won't damage the unit.
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