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  1. Fish by the bridge on nagagamisis in the evening walleye coming there to feed . Fish the bays for pike. Some good portage lakes in the area too.
  2. Hair jig, jigging spoons, swim baits. Same drifts as the bows and bass
  3. Love the big cats,can't wait for spring.
  4. My last walleye of 2021 was a beast 12.9 lbs Have a good new year everyone .
  5. The face saver is great for the tiller. After 30 mph your eyes start to water. Great on cold days
  6. 3/4 weights about the same as wood and vinyl . No change in speed in my boat
  7. Texture surface. I left th vinyl on the aluminum hatch covers and sides
  8. Did the floor in my lund with poly board. Never have to do it again. Easy cleaning no rot
  9. A lot of older four stroke mercury are Yamaha engine with mercury bottom end. I have a 12 year old 90 mercury 4 stroke with 1500 hr on it. Have never had a problem yet.
  10. A good fishing partner is someone who knows how to get the boat ready at the launch. Ropes, bumpers , plugs . Can back up truck and trailer if needed. Funny,good conversation. Knows how to work a fish finders . Has good fishing knowledge . With all this being said, looks like I will be fishing by myself.
  11. Great story Dave, remember it well. I caught a lot of Lakers that day
  12. Bites good pick up some kings browns and lakers
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