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  1. This seems to happen every single year. It really makes me wonder if the gene pool could stand a shot of chlorine.
  2. Why not just fish the Thousand Islands? For numbers of decent-sized fish, it has some of the best pike fishing in Ontario hands-down.
  3. LOL .... maybe. To me, it's a Ginger vs Maryann, or a Veronca vs Betty kind of thing. It is pretty, but it's not really for me 😁 Now this baby, on the other hand .... https://oceanalexander.com/yachts/90-skylounge/
  4. I was on this boat last week at the Miami Boat Show. Very luxurious. Very powerful. Very glad I don't have to fill its 3,312 L fuel tank. It'll run on 89 octane, but premium is strongly recommended if you go with those 425 hp Yamahas. Shouldn't cost you more than about $6,000 to fill it up. Have fun with that ;-) 530 LXF model flyer.pdf
  5. We have a summer house in PEI, there are lots of opportunities for mackerel, flounder, sea-run brookies and stripers. Shoot me a PM, let me know where you'll be and when, and I can point you in the right direction.
  6. Another vote for the Michelins here. I have the LTX on my Highlander, and they're excellent tires.
  7. You're kind of asking how long is a piece of string. Short answer, it depends. What' s the size and layout of the house? One story or two? Finished basement? How many bedrooms? How many windows? How big are the windows? Got a fireplace? What size and type of furnace/AC you pick also makes a big difference in both price and performance. High efficiency vs medium efficiency, basic model or more bells and whistles ... you get the idea. For a typical house in the GTA, figure anywhere from $9k - $12k for both furnace and AC as a rough starting point, with a reasonable amount of work to accommodate the ducting and gas line included. It could cost you more, or it could cost you less. Because .... --> it depends. But that's probably a fair starting point. Tip of the week --> the purchase price matters, but so does the long-term operating cost. Ask about maintenance requirements (they vary) and what your fuel savings would be between a high efficiency vs mid-efficiency. It might be worth spending more on a better furnace/AC if it will cost you less to operate. Of course that depends how long you plan to stay in the house too.It might take you 10 years to get your money back. Also --> ask about service plans. Depending what they offer, it could save you a few bucks in the long term. Good luck.
  8. Hi Mike, If you drive down to the coast pretty well every harbor has party boats that go out into the ocean for bottom fish, including halibut. It's relatively inexpensive and good fun, and if nothing else, you'll eat well afterwards. Most of them do full-day or half-day trips. You can also find charter boats set up for more serious fishing ... most of it is trolling offshore for yellowtails, various sharks and yellowfin tuna. It's definitely pricey, but you'll remember the experience for the rest of your life. Nothing else on earth can peel line off your reel like a freaked out tuna. Trust me on this, your forearms will hurt for a week. I've never tried it myself, but you do see guys casting off the harbor walls, mainly with bait for bottom fish. I guess they must do okay, because they're always there. It's been a couple of years since I was in that part of the world so I don't have any specific recommendations for you ... do a quick Google search and you should find lots of info though. The harbor at Dana Point or Huntington Beach would be a good starting point. It's a bit of a drive from Palm Springs, probably 2 hours each way, maybe a bit less. Like everything else down there, it depends on the traffic. As far as freshwater fishing goes, no, there aren't many options. There's probably some trout fishing in the state park, but with something like 18 million people living in the region, my guess is that guys who have it figured out likely keep very quiet. Most of the good bass lakes are north of LA, so you would be looking at a much longer drive to get to those. Enjoy the trip. Southern California is absolutely gorgeous.
  9. Boron wasn't just lighter, it was a lot more sensitive than the graphite of the day. Unfortunately, it was also more brittle, and had this nasty habit of shattering when put under a good load, particularly in cold weather. You're right, more R&D would have figured it out, but Fenwick decided it just wasn't worth the investment given Boron's substantially higher cost and much, much lower sales volumes. I got a couple of Fenwick Boron-X rods shortly after they first came out. First one blew up in my hands spectacularly while I was fighting a fish, leaving me holding a cork handle and a stump that didn't even reach to the first guide. Second one split when I set the hook on a rock. Fenwick did replace them both under warranty, and and I subsequently swapped them for graphites.
  10. Absolutely not. They can jaw all they want, but it's just hot air.
  11. That is one sweet looking coho. Nice fish man.
  12. I love this guy. So many TV fishing shows have become nothing but repetitive crap ... it's so nice to see a guy do something different and entertaining. Loved it!
  13. I have to admit, I was intrigued when I saw the press release for this last week. I've not driven this, or even seen one in the flesh, but I did try fishing from a couple of PWCs from different manufacturers a few years ago and none of them worked very well at all. The seat arrangement was awkward enough, but the biggest problems were engine noise spooking fish in shallow water, and the fact none of them were particularly maneuverable at low speeds. Given the cost, they simply couldn't hold a candle to a tinnie with a small engine and an electric. Perhaps this Sea-Doo is different ... all the manufacturers have made major strides in the last couple of years. Just look at how far fishing kayaks have come. I'll save judgement until I have a chance to try it first-hand.
  14. Never met the man, but I did enjoy his videos. If there's any consolation, at least he died doing what he loved. I hope his friends and family can find peace.
  15. How did you pay the taxes? If you paid by cheque, direct deposit, bank draft or credit card, your bank will have a record of it. They may charge you a few bucks to dig it out, but it beats the alternative.
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