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  1. Too late to help now, but I thought I'd post to maybe help someone in the future. For years now I have just went out in the morning after a rain in the spring and collected them off the roads before the birds and the traffic get them. I then pick moss growing in my backyard and mix it in a bowl with cornmeal for the worms to eat. I have 2 large peanut butter jars and fill them with the moss/cornmeal mixture. I put 5 dozen worms in each jar and the jars with small air holes punched in the lids go in the fridge. I check every couple of weeks and if needed I add new moss or more water for moisture or more cornmeal for food. I have these in my fridge at home and the cottage from the end of April until October and have not bought any worms from anyone for years.
  2. A local Crappy Tire store here in Oshawa I deal with has done a work around for the few things I have needed. You go to the store garden centre with the part# for what you want. Give it to the person in the garden center and they go into the store themselves and grab it for you. Have did this twice now and haven't spent more then 5 minutes waiting for them to find my stuff and bring it to me.
  3. Yeah he took most of his crypto money out awhile back. Whoever he is getting his advice from seems to really know their stuff.
  4. 20 minutes ago while she was doing her morning computer routine Debbe found that our income tax refunds had been deposited into our bank account. I was a happy camper. Not nearly as nice as your start to the day though Lew, well done.
  5. My son is stock trading now. A few months back he made a killing on crypto currencies, don't know if he has his attention on stuff like Brunswick. Have to ask him now.
  6. Good Karma coming your way. Thx for sharing with us.
  7. Agree 100%. Some people can self isolate easily because that is the environment they are generally in on a day to day basis. Others not so much. There is no one size fits all for this situation.
  8. Or perhaps just an indication how old you are lew😀
  9. Sounds like myself after the first time I had those drops put in my eyes for an eye exam. Walked out and since it was breakfast and I had not eaten I went to a diner close by. The waitress gave me a menu and walked away to get my coffee. Opened it up and couldn't read a word, everything was just a blur.
  10. Love your wildlife shots Lew. Keep sharing.
  11. Congrats Cliff. Sounds like May just can't come fast enough for you now.
  12. I have only seen owls in the wild a few times and they where never close and I never got pictures. Beauty shots and thanks for sharing
  13. Nothing new Cliff. It's been happening at our house for years now🤣🤣
  14. I have never done well on a cold front for perch Cliff. So now that I'm retired and can pick whatever days I want to fish, I can avoid those days. A burbot meal is still on my bucket list. I caught one back in the late 70's when we used to rent huts for overnighters with Floyd Hales out of Beaverton. Didn't have a clue back then what it was and released it. Over 40 years of chasing perch on Simcoe and I never caught another one. It will be going in my belly if I do get another one.
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