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  1. Perch fishing the Talbot river. It used to be a regular occurrence for a mink to come up to you and check out what you where throwing in the white bucket. We feed the critters and birds at the cottage but this winter we had a first. Looked out to see if I needed to top up our treats on the porch and right outside the window was a fox eating peanuts, shell and all. We fish a marina on Simcoe in the spring and fall for perch and crappies. Lotsa friendly geese and ducks around so I'm sure the boaters feed them throughout there summer season. One time in the fall, some ducks swam over to my boat while we where taking a break and eating our lunch. One duck beside the boat jumped up out of the water and sat on the middle bench and just stared at us until my buddy gave him a chunk of bread from his sandwich. He ate it and asked for more, so he got some of my sandwich too before he jumped back in the water with his jealous friends. However my favourite is feeding a Blue Heron and a Osprey while I'm bluegill shore fishing at the cottage. The osprey will sit in a tree behind me and if I get a small gill I step on it to kill it and then throw it way up in the air. By the end of the summer it will have the routine down and will be flying before I throw the fish so it grabs it in the air before it lands in the water. Same with the Heron.Kill a small gill or perch and throw it to him on shore. I think the same Heron comes to me every summer because he is very territorial and loudly and aggressively chases away any of the other 2-4 Herons that are watching us. As the summer wears on the Heron gets tamer as well. Some years by the fall as soon as I show up at my shore spot he will just fly over and stand right beside me waiting for his free breakfast.
  2. OI I had that issue a few years back with my BBQ. Some trouble shooting stuff I found somewhere told me to clean out the pin hole on the regulator. Could be clogged with crap or even ice...which I think was my case because it happened in the winter. Brought the BBQ in the house....let it thaw out and cleaned the pinhole and it worked like a charm. I was also told to make sure that when I shut off and turn on the tank crank it slow. Apparently if you do it too fast you can cause a pressure lock and the propane will not flow properly. Good luck.
  3. Have a good day Cliff. I hope the whiting Gods smile down on you.
  4. Another vote for a Hyundai Santa Fe. Bought a 2013 new in March of 2013. Love it and the wife does too. So much so that we replaced her car last fall with a used 2014 Santa Fe, so now we are both driving them.
  5. I only buy prime rib when it is on sale. And here in Oshawa the Real Canadian Superstore on Tauton Rd. consistently has the best meat for this and I have never got a tough prime rib from them as long as it is AAA rated beef. If it's only AA rated you are taking your chances. Last week it was $4.99/LB and I stocked up.
  6. Funny HH I keep track every year just because and we had a record number of kids this year too. 35 trick or treaters this year....most years don't get over 20. Put a major dint in the left overs that I get to snack on😡
  7. Like I said Shayne I could care less and our discussion the other night had nothing to do with changing dates because of the weather which just opens a whole can of worms I don't care about either. It was all about making it a Friday or Saturday night so the vast majority could have a nice evening out....or in... and not worry about work or school the next day. The kids don't care at all as long as they get there sugar fix...lol.
  8. Big family chat about this last night because of the news about Montreals plans. The winning choice in our group comprised of grandparents and parents was more about when then weather. Our group would all like Halloween to be relegated to a Friday or Saturday night so everyone has the next day off rather then worrying about babysitting or having to work in the morning. Make it like fishing seasons. Example bass opens last Friday in June around here. Make trick or treat night the last saturday in October. Easy Peasy. Edit to add. I'm retired and could care less. Just thinking it would be good for families dealing with daycare and 2 working parents. Something us older generations never ever had to give any thought too.
  9. Brian I had been putting hex head screws in my last pair of winter ice fishing boots for all the years I owned them. Got a pair of baffins last year and the screws just will not stay in them. The rubber is to soft and they work them selves out. I was losing 3-8 screws every time I went out. I think these Nats will have the same problem which is another reason I took a pass on the amigo boots last winter. I think you will end up having to get a good pair of slip on cleats like I did.
  10. Never voted and I don't think I ever will. To each their own. I have always believed that taking responsibility for your own life and your families will always outweigh whatever any political person or party will do for me. So far it has worked out just fine doing it our own way. I don't follow politics at all and know none of the issues. Perhaps ignorance is bliss...I don't know. And yes I also believe that if you don't vote you have no right to whine and complain about anything the government has on there agenda or anything they implement...so I never do. Good luck to whoever gets in and I truly hope they make things better. But I'm sure as hell not holding my breath✌️
  11. Art, just like Cliff I have never questioned your judgement. Just wanted to say that on here for everyone to see. With regards to the topic I pretty much agree with everything Lew has said.
  12. Glad your getting out and enjoying it Cliff. Looks like a beauty spot too.
  13. Persistance pays off Brian. Beauty morning to be out on the water and you where rewarded with a nice one. Well done and thx for sharing.
  14. I am not a vegan and never will be, but if you have not tried mushroom gravy you haven't lived yet. And the best thing about it is if you just feel like gravy on some mashed potatoes you don't have to cook a whole beef roast or a chicken or turkey to get a good gravy to pour on things.
  15. Lotsa great shots but just like Chris that campfire shot really spoke to me too. Lotsa fish, lotsa friends and lotsa great memories. Thanks for sharing it all with us.
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