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  1. Well done Dutch and beauty colours on that fish. Those babies are still on my bucket list through the ice. A buddy and I hit up a Kawartha Lake today and both came home with a feed of panfish. It was an absolutely perfect day to be out on the ice.
  2. I honestly believe that whoever comes out with a vaccine, they will be doing their best to make it safe. If it's one DR Frankentien on his own with no one to challenge his findings then maybe that clown would try to sneak something onto the market to make money ahead of making it safe. I don't believe that is the case with teams of people involved now, especially with everyone having a phone to be able to record any shady stuff that might be going on behind the scenes. I think the companies are getting governments to sign off on the "No legal consequence for suing thing" just because they are between a rock and a hard place. They are being forced by everyone to help end this gong show ASAP and are just covering their own butts in case somethings go sideways. Can anyone honestly say they would not do the same in their shoes? As far as I know taking or not taking is your choice and your choice alone. Perhaps an employer demands you take it, but it is still YOUR CHOICE. Once you make that decision you have agreed to the terms set before you. Don't be a whining baby after that and sue somebody.
  3. Real Canadian Superstore has the Prime Rib too Cliff, but theirs is AAA while Loblaws is only AA. Was at our superstore at 7:15 this morning and grabbed 4 roasts. Just finished cutting it into steaks and breakfast meat to go in the freezer.
  4. I have 2 kids in there 30's both with young families and all 4 parents working. If you are all working and doing any kind of a commute, it can be well after 7PM before everyone is home and a "proper" meal can be made. Fisherman I hear what you are staying and I agree to a certain extend but times have changed. I was born in 1963 and out of all my friends growing up my mom was one of the few working moms. Today mostly all moms are working as well.
  5. I can't remember when it was, I'm thinking late 80's... but I fished through the ice on Couch once in November. I think that same winter the Great Lakes either froze over or they had the most ice that had ever been recorded on them. I just remember at the end of the season it was brutal drilling through all the ice because of the loooonnnggg cold winter.. Man it was thick.
  6. I read somewhere that they are predicting the average increase in food cost will be around $600 yearly per household. I have always watched the flyers and stocked up on things we use regularly, and I have noticed less deals and higher average prices most of this year. I think that $600 figure will be much higher.
  7. LOL. Happened to me last year Bill. Ice was getting close and someone on another board posted a picture of their group walking out of Tudhope Park. Called my buddy and we went up the next day. There was ice alright....maybe enough for a seagull to stand on without going through😠 Obviously the picture was not taken that week. Not a total loss though as we fished 2 other spots on the way back to Oshawa and ended up with a small feed of perch and crappie. To be clear I'm not trying to make someone waste there time for a trip up. I was just posting to show how late the ice is this year compared to what it was in 2007.
  8. Feels good doesn't it Cliff. This summer Debbe and I where going for our morning walk here in Oshawa and found a wallet on the sidewalk. $55 cash but no ID, however it did have a picture of a young boy and a business card for a police Constable in Kingston. Sure enough we found her on Facebook and the pictures of her grandson on facebook matched the picture found in the wallet. So I sent her a message on Facebook saying where we found the wallet and asking if she could identify the contents. In no time at all she got back to me and said her 7 year old grandson lived on a street that was on our daily walk. He had lost his wallet the day before and the money in it was his birthday money from the week before. She contacted her daughter and told her I was coming over with his wallet. Drove over to her place and knocked on the door and mom and son both came to the door and it was a really good feeling giving the young lad his wallet back. An interesting thing happened later as well. Gramma contacted me on facebook to thank me and she said I noticed one of your face book friends is so and so. I told her yes we grew up together back home in Fergus and our fathers and myself all worked together at Moore Business Forms but I had not spoke to so and so since high school 30 years ago. She said he was her Police Sergeant and mentor at the police force until he retired 2 years ago. It really is a small world isn't it.
  9. Hard to beat that Cliff, enjoy your pulled pork. I buy the whole loins when they come on sale and chop it all up into kebobs and freeze in meal size portions for Debbe and I. We like pork kebobs and have 2 different marinades we use for them and have kebobs weekly. I scored last time they where on sale so I really stocked up or I'd be heading for a value mart looking for the deal you got.
  10. Glad the X55 is still working for you Brian. I got it I believe in the early 90's to take along on our Fly In trips. When we stopped doing the trips it was just sitting in my basement on a shelf getting dusty.
  11. Bored and going through old threads looking for a few things. Found this one and thought I would share. Ice fishing on Dec 10 2007 on Cooch. I'm just hoping I can be on Cooch by New Years this year🥵
  12. I have an old vex I got maybe 15 years ago second hand from a member of this board. Don't know how old it actually is. For my ice fishing needs the only way I will leave this unit for newer tech is if it croaks. It does everything I need it to do on the ice.
  13. Came back from Bobcaygeon yesterday and much of the lower end of Pidgeon was skinned over. With the cold last night I imagine there is even more today and they are calling for -11 tonight. I would not be surprised if some back bays out of the wind might be safe for someone to chip and step there way out for some gills or crappie. However that someone will not be me.
  14. We will definitely have to get together for some Simcoe perching during the ice season if you are not heading south this winter. I'm in 100%.
  15. Yes the weeds have really got bad in the last 3-4 years in my Kawartha haunts. I have a number of shore spots that are not fishable in the late summer or fall anymore. The kids and grandkids come up for visits and we always go for a swim but the water is much weedier and lotsa algae compared to years gone by as well. Even my fall fishing spot on Simcoe is the same. Can't even throw the tinnier in there anymore. Weeds and muck you can't even row or paddle through. Hopefully someone dredges it out.
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