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  1. Didn't know prices had got that crazy. Did a Egan marine small house boat weekly rental 2nd week in June 92. Good off season rate, can't remember prices but it was't ridiculous.. That is how we discovered Bobcaygeon and ended up buying a cottage there. Sometimes you spend silly money and it actually works out😄
  2. A friend fishes a river on the east side for perch Brian but early season some whitties are always present. They got close to a dozen this week. I'm betting there will still be some in there for the opener. I don't recall that ever happening. Crazy cold wet April we had😠😠😠
  3. Different spots have different times. We have a spot on Scugog we get crappies from as soon as the lake is ice free. This year it was the first part of April and this spot lasted for a week. My Kawartha shore spot turns on real good when you can see the trilliums in flower in the bush. It is not ready yet but in a normal spring it would be by now. Spending a week up there starting Saturday. I hope it is on by then.
  4. It's the highest I have seen the water in the close to 20 years we have been going to Bobcaygeon and what a change in the last 2 weeks. A bay I fish for crappie and gills had maybe 6 inches of water in it on April 15th. On the 29th it was almost up to the gravel road. A good 3 feet plus rise in water level in 2 weeks. For people close to flooding issues I hope this rain today isn't as bad as they are predicting. Thx Jimmer and Lew for the pictures to give people perspective of how it really is.
  5. When my kids where small we went every year for the kids day. The one year a work buddies daughter won the chopper ride around the area. Neither him or his wife are flyers and I think they where more nervous about the ride than their daughter was. A great event and I'm happy it's still going on.
  6. Debbe uses that cleaner and it does work good. I just scrub with a little comet. I don't know what others are doing to get scratches? We are not gentle with ours and it still looks brand new.
  7. Our flat top is 7 years old Cliff. We love it and will stick with flat tops from now on. Much easier to clean then messing with a burner and cleaning those rings after any kind of spill. Wipe with a cloth and you are done. A flat top also adds counter space to your kitchen, which is very helpful if you have a smaller kitchen like we do.When we bring groceries in we just dump them on the stove top and organize from there rather then trying to fit grocery bags or totes on the counter or having to walk across the room to but them on the kitchen table. We also use the stove top as a work area if we are both in the kitchen. I can get out a cutting board and do meal prep work on the stove top while Debbe is using the counter or sitting at the table. To each there own but we are very happy with the flat top.
  8. I'm jealous Bruce. My ice season is done and it will be a good week or 2 before we can find any open water crappie/perch action around here. Enjoy the fish fry.
  9. Glad to hear your still on the green side of the lawn my friend and it sounds like you have found a gem of a spot in Myrtle Beach.
  10. LOL. Nice to see someone with a sense of humour. I'm in the same boat a bunk. Used to golf tons until right around the time we bought our cottage. Then slowly being at the cottage and fishing or just hanging out there became the norm. Still love the game....but the clubs haven't been out of the basement for probably 10 years now.
  11. My fav Petty song and they did it justice.Thx for sharing.
  12. Never thought of using a straw. Gotta try that. Thx for the tip.
  13. My take. I have a big veggie garden and I have also always bought bigger cuts of meat on sale and cut up and froze into meal size portions. I tried a good food saver unit about 10 years ago and it lasted a year. Maybe I just had bad luck or maybe I used it a way more then your average Joe. Anyway since then I have found that if I take my portions and carefully wrap in saran wrap then seal in a ziplock bag it works just fine. I have had packages of frozen perch get buried and lost in the freezer sometimes for over a year and I know this because I date everything with a sharpie when it goes in the freezer. I find it, take it out and cook it up and it's just as good as stuff that has only been frozen for a couple of weeks. Wrap it in saran wrap carefully and squeeze out all the air and you will get zero freezer burn. I will never spend another dime on any type of vacuum sealer.
  14. Well at least they still got some work done. Things would have really went south if the hole digger took a sick day😃
  15. Come on you guys. Suck it up, get your spud bars out and give us an ice fishing report😀
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