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  1. Sounds like myself after the first time I had those drops put in my eyes for an eye exam. Walked out and since it was breakfast and I had not eaten I went to a diner close by. The waitress gave me a menu and walked away to get my coffee. Opened it up and couldn't read a word, everything was just a blur.
  2. Love your wildlife shots Lew. Keep sharing.
  3. Congrats Cliff. Sounds like May just can't come fast enough for you now.
  4. I have only seen owls in the wild a few times and they where never close and I never got pictures. Beauty shots and thanks for sharing
  5. Nothing new Cliff. It's been happening at our house for years now🤣🤣
  6. I have never done well on a cold front for perch Cliff. So now that I'm retired and can pick whatever days I want to fish, I can avoid those days. A burbot meal is still on my bucket list. I caught one back in the late 70's when we used to rent huts for overnighters with Floyd Hales out of Beaverton. Didn't have a clue back then what it was and released it. Over 40 years of chasing perch on Simcoe and I never caught another one. It will be going in my belly if I do get another one.
  7. You left out the most important part in my quote...which was for the good of all. It's all good we are allowed to have differences in opinions. My 78 year old mom was always a stickler for following the rules and doing what you where told, I guess that where this comes from for me. And to illustrate my point I will mention that when this second lockdown was imposed she called all her 3 adult kids and asked us all to please not stop by for any visits until this is over. My folks live in Bobcaygeon where my cottage is and a Sunday morning pop over for a coffee is something I do whenever I am up there. I haven't been in there house or they in my cottage since the end of November.
  8. Nice haul Cliff. Did better then I. Two of us met on Scugog to chase gills and crappie, and neither of us brought fish home. Beauty day to be out though.
  9. I believe you Dan. But I also believe many many others will not take this as seriously as they should. And that is the problem IMHO. I'm taking this seriously and doing my part. The last day I fished was the day before this last lockdown and I fished solo. When this is all over I will be able to get up in the morning and look at myself in the mirror and know with 100% certainty that I did what I was told to do....for the good of all. Those fish will still be there for me when I return.
  10. I'd be more concerned with him asking how you all got to the hut or to the lake., especially if you all drive up to the lake in one vehicle and onto the ice in less then 6 machines.
  11. I wish them a good season, I really do. But how are they going to be able to determine if all hut occupants are from the same household? I'm sure that is the covid procedure laid out for them to follow. But does anyone really think it is going to be followed very closely?
  12. As far as haircuts go I can help you with that Cliff. When this gong show started I was already overdue for a haircut. An old work friend has always cut his own hair so I asked him for some help. He said go to Walmart and buy the cheapest Wahl hair kit you can and follow the instructions which are good or Utube some videos. Spent $29.99 in June read the instructions, watched a few videos and gave it a go. First cut Debbe trimmed the back for me but my last 2 cuts I have did 100% myself and I can honestly say I can not tell the difference between the cuts I give myself over the cuts I was paying $25 for so essentially my first cut paid for my kit and its free from now on. My buddy says he gets about 5-7 years out of his clippers before it craps out and has to buy another one.
  13. Well done Dutch and beauty colours on that fish. Those babies are still on my bucket list through the ice. A buddy and I hit up a Kawartha Lake today and both came home with a feed of panfish. It was an absolutely perfect day to be out on the ice.
  14. I honestly believe that whoever comes out with a vaccine, they will be doing their best to make it safe. If it's one DR Frankentien on his own with no one to challenge his findings then maybe that clown would try to sneak something onto the market to make money ahead of making it safe. I don't believe that is the case with teams of people involved now, especially with everyone having a phone to be able to record any shady stuff that might be going on behind the scenes. I think the companies are getting governments to sign off on the "No legal consequence for suing thing" just because they are between a rock and a hard place. They are being forced by everyone to help end this gong show ASAP and are just covering their own butts in case somethings go sideways. Can anyone honestly say they would not do the same in their shoes? As far as I know taking or not taking is your choice and your choice alone. Perhaps an employer demands you take it, but it is still YOUR CHOICE. Once you make that decision you have agreed to the terms set before you. Don't be a whining baby after that and sue somebody.
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