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  1. Looks like a great outing. Enjoy the many fish fries.
  2. Awesome weather and awesome fishing. Sounds like a great road trip to me.
  3. I'll 2nd that. Happy Birthday Beansie. Hope Maribeth spoils you today.
  4. Keeping busy is the key Bruce. Getting out fishing once in awhile is also a good thing. Take care of yourself.
  5. Glad you got a wing man Cliff. Once we are getting into April I just have too big of a "To do" list or I would have been happy for a road trip. Enjoy yourselves and good luck with the fishing and digging. And don't forget your camera.
  6. My fishing habits have not changed much in the last 20 plus years, so I really don't need any new tackle, clothing or gear. I hope they have a good turnout but I will not be in attendance.
  7. Brian I have a friend here in Oshawa who has a trailer on Stony Lake and he goes to the Peterborough Farm Boy all the time when he is up there. Down here we got one in Whitby maybe 6-8 years ago. I checked it out a couple of times and was not impressed with there prices. He has the same opinion of the Whitby store. I guess all you can do is have a look for yourself. My opinion was the quality of all the produce and meat seemed really good but again no bargains.
  8. If I'm ice fishing for perch in water with any depth...20 feet or more...I always bring my vex. It really is a useful tool to help show you how to trigger less aggressive fish to bite.
  9. To me this is like Woodstock. Everyone involved or not involved will think back to this and remember where they were when it happened and everybody will have their own little stories about the 2022 Canadian convoy. But at the end of the day I truly don't believe it will effect any kind of change. I just feel bad for anyone in the area who might be having a hard time dealing with this as it is playing out.
  10. Been the story of my life fishing for perch on Simcoe Cliff. Can't tell you how many 18 inch perch I have lost at the hole不不不
  11. Hit Tim Hales with Cliff yesterday. Have not fished in a rental hut since the 80's. They have not changed much since then. Warm and comfortable huts lotsa pinhead minnows and no walking and dragging all my own gear out. Action was pretty steady for perch although yesterday the smaller ones visited more frequently than the bigger ones. Came home with 2 feeds for Debbe and I. Cliff did a little better than I did. However my favourite take away from the day was just hooking up with an old fishing buddy who I have not had face time with for far too long. Thx Cliff it was a great day.
  12. I don't target whities but I'm pretty sure a 6 inch hole would be fine. My first auger, which I still have but never use is a 6 inch and I have pulled 10-15LB muskie through my holes while targeting walleye on Scugog. My everyday auger now is a 5 inch strike master laser, and I have pulled 4-5 LB chubby smallmouths on Simcoe through those holes.
  13. Go whatever route you are most comfortable with. The only thing I recommend is that if you are planning on walking out on your own at the very least invest in your own auger. If you are only targeting perch a 4 inch hole is all you will need and man is it easy to cut a 4 inch hole. Myself I could not handle the frustration of looking for vacated open holes or having to bother someone close by to borrow their auger. Also to add I have always found the first light bite for perch to be the best bite of the day. I'm usually walking out in the dark and have holes drilled at my first spot as the sun is coming up and most days I'm coming off the ice well before noon with all the perch I care to take home.
  14. Thx for sharing Simon and enjoy your fish fry. Some of my best eye memories are from the sometimes unbelievable dusk bites back in the day on Scugog. Double digit numbers of eyes per person happened often enough during those 30-45 minute feeding frenzies.
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