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  1. I’m 6’4” and gunnels are about 8-10 inches off the deck so clearance shouldn’t be a big issue
  2. No smallest I have is an 8’ heavy st Croix MH is too light for my liking for musky
  3. This was 15” but didn’t have nearly the girth of that record
  4. Baker makes a heavey wire spreader... that’s what I use and like it most spreaders are not strong enough to open a mouth of a large fish Use the spreader to gain access to the hooks for cutting or removal if you have clearance not to damage gills Another trick... if your fish are inhaling the bait all the time... use bigger baits musky were swallowing reg size bulldogs on me so now I only throw mags or pounders and haven’t hade deep hooking issues
  5. As crazy as this fall has been I’d say I’m only gunna lose 1-2 weeks compared to recent years temps dropped super fast due to early cold and high winds normalley 1-2 weeks into December I’m done in the boat and this year last night (or maybe this evening) will likely be it for me for open water
  6. Hello this summer I had an absolute blast fishing extremely heavy cover for largemouth More specifically I enjoyed flipping/punching heavy mats of floating vegetation the lightest weight i used all year was 3/4oz but I’d say 90% of the time I was using 1.5oz and I’m gunna get some 2oz cause I had situations late summer where I was struggling to punch through with 1.5oz Anyone have experience doing this and if so what rod do you recommend? im currently using a 7’ heavy st Croix avid but I think it’s too small for the heavy weights... I think a 7.5-8’ would do a better job thanks
  7. Hello gang might be able to shoot up Friday to quinte but was wondering if the ferry launch was still ice free I would think it is but want to double check thanks
  8. Thanks everyone ive read they go deep however like a few of you stated I don’t know if they’ll move out into the current i mean... I’m fishing 15’ weedlines all year till ice up for walleye with all sorts of techniques includingtrolling cranks... casting swimbaits... jigs... blades... harnesses... tubes... and live bait and we never catch largies deeper than 10’ i have ave a bunch of time off coming up and I think it’s worth a few hours to give it a try...I have an arena that was just full of bass so I’ll start there and work outwards thanks
  9. Hey gang This year I put some serious time into bass fishing for the first time since I was a kid and had a lot of fun doing it Even though the next 6 weeks are my walleye prime time season... i was thinking about getting out one last time for largies either this weekend or next I was primarily flipping/punching floating mats of weeds lodged in reed beds on the st lawrence river all summer and into September... what I’m wondering is... would those fish still hold in those same reed beds under mats this late in the year? 2-5’ of water? Water temps are <50 degrees now I have read largies move deep in colder water but I catch em ice fishing in under 10 feet while crappie fishing all winter so I don’t know what to think I think I’m gunna try either way but looking for insight from those who have targeted largemouth this late in the year thanks
  10. Likely not due to bait in the water... anglers look for bait to find feeding fish that being said in my experience at nigh color choice is critical... clown or bright UV paints are the ticket second... baits that vibrate... cranks or spinners are the ultimate for me after dark... they will outfish live bait due to the vibrations
  11. For me I’d say your batteries are on their way out I use cheap batteries and I only get 3 full seasons mine are also 2016 batteries so this is their third season im starting to see minor charging issues (similar to whatbyoure describing) but still making it through a day of fishing easily so I’ll finish the season and get 2 new ones next spring
  12. In all seriousness I hope they pulled the footage of his many go pro cameras he was likely running at the time to see what he was wearing including PFD
  13. I know I’m not around much anymore but I follow Kevin on YouTube as his personality and passion for the sport are addictive to watch very sad news
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