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  1. I made a small pot of Shrimp Bisque this afternoon. I approve.
  2. Made a yummy Bacon, tomato and onion Pizza last night. I managed to save half of it for tonight.
  3. I wish we had big fat Blues here Art.
  4. Those are some dandies Yakpiker. The big Cats are a lot of fun in open water and through the ice too (right Farmer ).
  5. So I had some gifted smoked Ontario Steelhead and thought what to do....... Ya, had some with a cold beer but I had much to use up. So this happened....... Creamy Blue Cheese Sauce with smoked trout bits over fresh pasta. Yum, yum!
  6. Nice score Steve. Happy New Year.
  7. I hate seeing electrical tape on rod handles. 😟
  8. I only made it two blocks away from home on my third walk with Gordie today, mere moments ago and he turned back to go home. Smart dog, grateful me.
  9. Mmmmmm, homemade Lobster Bisque today..... It took all afternoon and well worth the effort. I'm so happy, it turned out so good for a first time effort!
  10. I usually leave it to the customer to ask Bill. However if I'm using a lower grade cork at the request of the customer that requires some filler I always use a sealer afterwards.
  11. Factory builds, especially sliding ring handles are rather thin (in diameter) I find and tiresome over long days with grip fatigue. Many of my customers and friends now prefer a slightly beefier grip as they find it less fatiguing.
  12. Thank you Brian. Not sure what you mean by "fat" Brian. It's as thin in diameter as I can get it (at its maximum diameter) for the reel seat hardware size which is used in the majority of my Steelehead rods.
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