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  1. I have a brand new Mustang Flotation Suit for sale. Retails for $449.99 plus tax. Size Large Yours for $325.00. "Must pick up at my place!"
  2. Selling for a friend. One brand new TFO Tackle Bag. $100.00 One brand new TFO Fly Rod, 10' 7wt. $325.00 (with rod sock and tube) Or buy both for $375.00 Pick up at my place preferred.
  3. Spiel

    cooking thread...

    Walleye and Russets, simple and delish. I would have loved to make a Coleslaw but I wasn't going out in the freezing rain.
  4. Spiel

    cooking thread...

    Yep, it's almost done......
  5. Spiel

    what song are you listening to right now???

  6. Spiel

    cooking thread...

    Mmmmmm, hearty and seasonal. On Tuesday I made a spicy Cajun Black & Kidney Bean soup from some of the left over Cajun seasoned Beef Roast I did on Monday with my Sous Vide. So delicious. Lot's to portion and freeze this afternoon. More of the roast for dinner tonight.
  7. Spiel

    cooking thread...

    My first time making a Spicy Black Bean Soup. The dried beans were pre soaked for about 30 hours. My daughters bowl then mine, topped with Avocado slices, grated Pecorino Romano, Nacho chips and some bakery fresh Sour Dough bread. It was very, very good.
  8. Spiel

    Speakers??? Fishing Show

    Not anymore.
  9. Spiel

    what song are you listening to right now???

    Because I spend so much time in my basement.........
  10. Spiel

    Did you feel the bump ?

    There's plenty of seismic activity in the greater GTA. I've felt many a big bang, shake over the decades. They're not annual or frequent, but again not irregular. An active fault line does exist apparently under Lake O.
  11. Spiel

    what song are you listening to right now???

    At this very moment my fifth time playing this through it's entirety. Can anyone watch it through once and say they did, honestly.
  12. Spiel

    cooking thread...

  13. Spiel

    cooking thread...

    Well that sucks. I had my heart set on fresh Southern Carolina Clams Linguine for dinner, and even though I grocery shopped this morning I was certain I had Linguine in house so I didn't buy any. I even had fresh made in my hand.....DOH! Wrong! So I made do with Spaghettini , it was all good, trust me. I few fave ingredients and a lot of love.......oh so good.