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  1. Fair enough Joe, winter is the only season I've not been there, but I should have known.
  2. Molten steel/slag and water/snow don't mix well.
  3. These won't work, I'll PM you my address.
  4. Those roll ups look fantastic! You're a busy boy.
  5. I made another big pot of Seafood Chowder yesterday afternoon. I omitted the Cream this time, it included, Scallops, Shrimp, Calamari, Crab and Mussels. Super Delish!
  6. A friend of mine brought me a few jars back from the Rock last year, not much to look at but, oh boy....SO GOOD! I warmed it up in a home made gravy and served over mashed Taters. Drool*
  7. Bought new in 2006, 75 tiller, no complaints what so ever. Starts instantly every time and runs quieter than the Honda, right Fish Farmer.
  8. I'm a lucky man, I frequently get to build one of a kind custom rods for some of the finest hand crafted custom reels made, and all of those reels are made right here in Ontario.
  9. Made a few Quiche Pies last week for a couple of friends, I managed to keep one for myself. It was pretty damn good. Two were Ham and Broccoli and the other two Bacon, Mushroom and Onion.
  10. 2002 John, the first gathering.
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