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  1. Spiel

    Strange rainbow

    What's up with that big eye staring at me.......
  2. Spiel

    The Farm

    Looking good Sir. Oh and I'm out of salsa.
  3. Spiel


    It's all pretty quiet here just below the escarpment. Must be something going right over my head.
  4. Spiel

    cooking thread...

  5. Spiel

    Ancaster Tackle Swap

    Had some for dinner Bruce, warmed up with some lean ground beef over pasta.....delicious!
  6. Spiel

    Ancaster Tackle Swap

    I stocked up on Bruce's salsa..... I did leave a little for you though Albert. Good to see you today Bruce. Many thanks.
  7. Spiel

    Sad news from Lakair

    Nice to see you pop in CH Jr. I miss those days very much hosted annually by you your Mom and Dad for many years. I do still keep in touch with your Mom via FB. You grew up in a very special place, many a fond memory for me there. Be well.
  8. Spiel

    Simcoe Ice conditions unsafe

    That nonsense can get you in a whole lot of trouble real quick. If'n you want make it personal take it to PM.
  9. Spiel

    Another school shooting in Florida

    Thanks TJ
  10. Spiel

    Ice fishing help

    Peanut Butter and Banana......giddy up!
  11. Spiel


    Seriously! Well done Sir, looks every bit as good as described.
  12. Spiel

    musky or pike?pic included

    Yes, but which are the markings and which is the background.
  13. Outstanding Simon. Looks delicious. Well done.
  14. Spiel

    L Simcoe

    We agree....
  15. Spiel

    cooking thread...

    Lunch for my daughter today. Partridge breast deboned then marinated all day in Teriyaki. When ready to cook dredged through seasoned flour and then browned quickly in hot bacon fat with capers. Served with red rice and roasted asparagus and mushrooms and then topped with fresh grated Grana Padano. And of course a plate for me.