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  1. Sadly it has come to my attention from my friend who introduced me to the band Killing Joke over 4 decades ago that the guitarist Kevin "Geordie" Walker passed away yesterday morning at 64 years of age from a stroke. I was fortunate to have seen him in concert a few time in the last decade, always amazing. RIP Geordie.
  2. I am truly sorry for your loss Barry, like many of the good folk here the loss of dog, no a family member hurts deeply. 🥺
  3. The early Birds tomorrow will be rewarded. Two dozen Carrot, Apple, Cinnamon muffins with Rum soaked Raisins.
  4. So I'm hosting an appreciation event for my customers and friends this Sunday, no I didn't know it was Grey Cup (yawn*) but it does require food for the 40 plus invitees. Today was an busy afternoon of Chili making. There's approximately 9 pounds of meat in this pot. Taste testing through the afternoon suggests I have a winning pot happiness for my friends.
  5. Pricks. I wonder if they could actually stick a charge that would hold if I just moved the barrier over to left. I mean seriously, if I carried a canoe or pontoon down the ramp they'd likely do nothing but if I trailer a boat down the ramp I'm now liable for some BS conceived offense. Idiots! The upside to that photo CM is I now know your pup. I'm hoping after this coming weekend I can find a little time for me and my boy to hang around down there.
  6. Ya, I've been wondering that for years now..... lol Geeeez, those were the days. Last I was there in late fall to launch (Bronte) they had the ramp blocked off, pricks.
  7. Ya, big derby there this weekend, I have friends who'll be participating.
  8. He's potentially coming next week Brian, I'm looking forward meeting the young fella. I will show him this message, I'm sure he'll find it funny. Make sure when you after his visit he doesn't hold on you, I'll be sending him back with something for you. The build as simple as it would seem was a struggle, I'm glad you like it.
  9. I finally managed to finish this build as per the customer's request, transparent acrylic reel seat, butt cap and transparent silk windings. This was my first time using silk and I can state unequivocally it's one heck of a learning curve. I had to strip the tip section down twice and redo it because of issues I had not counted on, I definitely prefer nylon winding thread.
  10. Not nerdy at all CM, I'm a foodie and love trying new things whenever and wherever I can. Fellow member here aplumma (Art) has been an on going source for many food related things, both Okra and Gumbo File are things he has brought to my attention. As for Okra, the slime did turn me off, not the taste mind you, just the slime. As for the "Gumbo File" I'd honestly forgotten all about since aplumma brought to my attention years ago, not something I've seen on the shelves locally hence my forgetting about it. Where do you source it CM?
  11. Thanks CM, no, no Okra, I've tried it it not a great fan. The smokiness was a good touch and my daughter who shared in the bounty agreed. But you got me drooling with your repast of last evening given that I love fresh Mussel's, Burrata and Baguettes. Heck even the red and green stuff look's delicious. 😁
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