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  1. Hmmmm, I have Netflix now and the need for something worth viewing. Thanks Joe.
  2. Well I've had two nights of Beef & Mushroom Stroganoff made from the left over Roast and Gravy. I've even frozen two more portioned servings for future use. It does not photograph well but it was delicious!
  3. Did a Sunday Pot Roast on Monday. Mushroom gravy, roasted tators and carrots as well as steamed Broccoli. Some of the left over Roast is going to be Beef Stroganoff this evening.
  4. Thank you. No, the Garlic is from a friend who is a Chef, garden grown. Yes that is indeed Mustard Pickles, delicious. Also from a friend.
  5. Made a couple dozen Cabbage Rolls yesterday. Love Cabbage Rolls.
  6. Thanks everyone for your thoughtfulness. All the best in the coming New Year.
  7. She loved Ice Fishing as much as the boat. And she was never a worry inside the small confines of my one man flip over.
  8. Congrats Brian, may it bring you hours and hours of riverside joy and memories.
  9. Thanks Norm. I'm saving that one. Merry Christmas. Anyone else have some pictures of Brook they can share with me?
  10. Thanks Lew, she was indeed a great dog.
  11. Many of you here surely remember my little girl Brook from our Lakair adventures. Sadly a week ago today in the early evening hours (Dec 16) I had to rush her to a 24 hour emergency center to have her laid to rest. She had developed what was likely a sinus cancer that spread to her lungs. R.I.P my Angel Baby. June 30 2007 - December 16 - 2019. Shown here with me at Lakair in front of Joey and Paul's tent.
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