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  1. Strange, it was there. I edited it. Hope it worked.
  2. Here's the ingredient list for the sausage loaf Doug.
  3. A twist on breakfast for dinner. A deep dish Quiche (Western Omelette style) and homemade breakfast sausage loaf. Everything homemade including the pastry shell (my first ever, much to learn yet) and the bread crumbs in the sausage loaf which was served with some home grown homemade Rhubarb Chutney.
  4. Canadian marketed, not Canadian made. The end product however can be assembled in Canada with parts sourced globally (sadly) like this one.
  5. Indeed Phil, indeed. I did see some pictures of you recently (looking good!) via Don G, aka DEG. 😉
  6. So a week ago this past Thursday I took the boat back to Dunnville, nothing unusual about that. However this time was very different. Just prior to Covid I reconnected with my childhood friend and neighbour and now post Covid we finally managed to go fishing together, again after a 45 year gap. The fishing post cold front was not stellar but the day, the memories, the conversation.....well in short everything was quite special for both of us. While the post cold front Walleye would not come out to play with us, the Sheephead finally showed mid morning when the water warmed one full degree F* The post fishing trip ended with my usual stop at the Country Chip Wagon where my friend (Chris) was happy to treat me to a late lunch. For me it's never the fish count, it's the memories created and those revisited. 🙂 Here's a few pictures from the day ending with my boy Gordie's second ever boat trip, exhausted as he was still wagging his tail with joy.
  7. I like the eggs on those fine looking steaks, nice touch. 😃
  8. Soup was delish as was the bread. The bread was free formed as I don't have a loaf pan, yet. And I still need to find this ---> "Fleishmans bread booster made a big difference"
  9. I'm making this as we speak to go with my homemade Lemon Chicken and Bulgar soup. Stay tuned.
  10. All I have today is this, because it's not country, thank goodness! Hat's on it's way Brian.
  11. So ya, another pie. Caramelized onions, sun dried tomatoes and Anchovies. No tomato sauce, just fine Olive Oil and a wee bit of fresh Mozz I needed to use up atop home made pizza dough. Bon Appetite.
  12. Yep, I'm liking this home made pizza thing. Deli sliced sausage, pepperoni and ham with onions and home pickled jalapenos.
  13. Hamilton dodged the bullet Lew, we were at the very southern edge of the storm. It was a non event here.
  14. I'm happy that you and the Diane were prepared and of course both well in the afterwards Lew.
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