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  1. Yes, but the lower area is all numbered zones are private.
  2. There is a public access ramp at the end of the Temagami access Rd.
  3. Another Wild Turkey Breast that had a 48 hour brine before being stuffed with Emmental Cheese and Sun Dried Tomatoes then wrapped in Bacon and Cherry wood smoked at 225* for 7 hours (165* internal temp) hit the dinner table last night. It was outstanding!
  4. I've read this morning that it may have been intentional as the red ship had lost helm control.
  5. The one I showed Brian was a brined wild Turkey breast stuffed with sun dried tomatoes, Prosciutto and Gruyere then Cherry wood smoked.
  6. Plastic Wrap as Brian showed is key to a good bacon weave wrap. I like the wrap it large enough to spin and twist the ends tight. Then chill to let it set up. To note, Brian was my inspiration to give it a go.
  7. Congratulations Brian, time to enjoy your well deserved retirement years.
  8. Got some good Summer Sausage drying out buddy, you in.
  9. How to get more than one meal out of a single boneless/skinless Chicken Breast. Beat it flat then stuff it with Sun Dried Tomatoes, Jalapeno Peppers and Cream Cheese and roll it up in a Bacon weave. Serve it with Lemon Butter Asparagus and Butter Garlic smashed Tater. Delicious!
  10. I can fix that Brian, I have some very dry cured Summer Sausage in the fridge.
  11. I don't by pre filled pods John, I grind my own beans fresh and fill reusable pods. The same coffee is fare better in the Bodum than the Keurig.
  12. Hate my Keuring other than it's convenience, the coffee is just so so, I don't think the water gets hot enough. I like my Bodum and when I had one, the old stove top percolator from my camping gear made the best coffee.
  13. I've been drinking my coffee black for 40 years, Tim's is the worst for sure, I haven't drank there swill in some 30 years. In fact I've not had a coffee from anywhere outside my home for a very long time.
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