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  1. Great report buddy, worth reading even though my neck is a little sore from picture viewing.
  2. I took my daughters and their boyfriends to see Chicago this past Saturday evening. It was a great evening and a great show. They ended the evening with a resounding extended version of 25 or 6 to 4 that had everyone on their feet. (video not from Saturdays show)
  3. So much for my diet, you done made me hungry.
  4. Thanks Joe, however I should be.
  5. Had a friend give me a bunch of Morels. I used them up quickly with some BBQ Tenderloin Steak dinners. So good.
  6. Curried Shrimp Linguine. So good.
  7. I very much like Bush brand as well Brian (when I haven't time to make my own), but it's what I had in the cupboard.
  8. Had some fresh Walleye (all cleaned and pan ready) given to me, made a quick shore lunch type dinner.
  9. When I have the time and I'm in the right frame of mind I'll mess with them endlessly.
  10. I have never rinsed but I do agree with Smitty55, you need that pellicle to form.
  11. I'd be all over those Mussels Joe, mine, mine all mine!
  12. Definitely get it replaced. If you were closer to Hamilton I'd do it for you.
  13. Here ya go Brian, home made fish cakes (salt Cod) and beer battered Shrimp......Mmmm, Mmmm, good!
  14. I recently raffled off a donation custom Sage Rod Build with all the proceeds going to the LHFC Trout hatchery. I was very proud of the work on this build and it raised $2,150.00 for the rearing of Steelhead to eventually be stocked into the Saugeen River. A few pictures of the build.
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