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  1. It was a very hot day, thank goodness for the breeze.
  2. It's not just Port Hope, it's going province wide rapidly!
  3. Ridiculous! Insanity rules apparently.
  4. I managed to get my daughter and her pup out for some Cat fishing, she (my daughter, not the pup) has never caught one. She was successful, me, not so much. She managed 2 good sized Bullheads and 3 Channel Cats and one small Goat (that's for you JGM, Baaaaah!). The largest cat she was not willing to hold.
  5. Always a good time in Noel's company.
  6. The material Brian is white acrylic turned to shape on my metal and to mortise it for the reel I have a bull nose router bit in a metal lathe/mill combo and a vertical riser to hold in place on the cross slide.
  7. A while back I was asked by a friend to build a custom Brook Trout rod for his annual fly in trips. "No biggie" I said. Then he asked if I could make the reel seat look like a Brook Trout, well that was going to take me into new territory. I accepted the challenge and when his name came up in my build book I set to work. I was more than comfortable with all aspects of this build with the exception of the "Brook Trout" themed reel seat. Ideas cooked for a bit in my mind, then I came up with a design but I needed someone willing to take on the painting of the components I had envisioned. I reached out to my very talented friend Brandon Trafananko up on the Bruce Peninsula. He jumped at the chance to be part of this project. So in short, here are some pictures of the project from start to finish.
  8. That's stabilized and dyed Burl Wood.
  9. I use CA all the time and prefer it for many applications Joe. All my wood reel seats are CA finished. But when I use it on cork grips they're still in the lathe for easy sanding.
  10. Cork dust and glue will do the trick. While Crazy Glue will work it is harder to sand, standard wood glue is easier to work with.
  11. Good Lord, no razors available in COVID Barrie.
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