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  1. Spiel

    cooking thread...

    I have three smokers Brian, a Little Cheif, a Propane one and the new electric one I mentioned to you yesterday. The propane one see no use, I don't like it.
  2. Spiel

    cooking thread...

    Mmmmm, Moose Steaks with hand cut Fries and Zucchini with Yellow Peppers and Forest Mushrooms.
  3. Spiel

    Refresh my memory, jaw jacker

    That's just what I was thinking, batteries not included... lol
  4. Spiel

    cooking thread...

    That's rare enough for my liking.
  5. Spiel

    cooking thread...

    On the new flat grill, Asparagus with butter and lemon, spicy seasoned shrimp and a rare Tuna steak with a side of Chef salad. But wait.....it gets better. I'm a beer guy all day long, day in and day out. When my buddy Ron visited this past Sunday I was gifted a bottle of his home made award winning wine. It was a very fitting accompaniment to my seafood dinner.
  6. Spiel

    cooking thread...

    Made me a mess of Fish cakes yesterday, mmmm, oh so good with tomatoes and lime butter asparagus.
  7. Spiel

    what song are you listening to right now???

    It all begins here for me.........
  8. Spiel

    cooking thread...

    I'd suspect you be the only two in the gym in just minutes. LOL
  9. Spiel

    cooking thread...

    Sometimes a double cheeseburger and hand cut fries are just what's needed.
  10. Spiel

    cooking thread...

    This was my first attempt recently, dusted in Garlic Fish Crisp and fried in bacon fat.
  11. Spiel

    cooking thread...

    I'll be soaking it over the next two to three days with filtered water changes every 24 hours as needed.
  12. Spiel

    cooking thread...

    Are you watching Misfish and Fish Farmer. You know what I'm doing.
  13. Spiel

    Vintage Rod Building

    Cool find Dave. It got me to head scratching and looking about and then low and behold, I have the catalogue.
  14. Spiel

    cooking thread...

    I made a family sized Pot Roast and Gravy dinner on Monday for my daughter and her boyfriend. It was yummy!
  15. Spiel

    cooking thread...

    Two Mac and Cheese filled casserole dishes. The one on the right for my daughter (meatless) and the monster on the left for me. Mine has has a pound of Bacon and a pound of Shrimp and was topped with a layer of my buddy Bruce's (Bigugli) garden grown homemade salsa, a layer of crushed Nachos and a crap load of extra old Canadian Cheddar.