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  1. I'd be all over those Mussels Joe, mine, mine all mine!
  2. Definitely get it replaced. If you were closer to Hamilton I'd do it for you.
  3. Here ya go Brian, home made fish cakes (salt Cod) and beer battered Shrimp......Mmmm, Mmmm, good!
  4. I recently raffled off a donation custom Sage Rod Build with all the proceeds going to the LHFC Trout hatchery. I was very proud of the work on this build and it raised $2,150.00 for the rearing of Steelhead to eventually be stocked into the Saugeen River. A few pictures of the build.
  5. Spiel

    Yes BYE

    Lord tunder'n.......It's never a waste to properly smoke fish.
  6. A friend (Bill Shearer) dropped by the other day and gave me a fresh 7 lb Brisket so I went to work on it yesterday. I cut it into 3 manageable pieces, then seared it in my 6.5 litre Dutch Oven. Afterwards I simmered up a Mirepoix, threw the meat back in on top with garlic and seasonings, dumped a bottle of wine in and let 'er simmer low and slow for the afternoon. Afterwards I removed the Brisket, pureed the stock with my immersion blender and thickened 'er with a home made dark Roux. Yippeeeeeee! It was delicious.
  7. Spiel

    Yes BYE

  8. Spiel

    Yes BYE

    You should have seen him back when he hauled a big two man flip over around by himself and no Smitty sled. Da man be crazy.
  9. Spiel

    Yes BYE

    Yep, dat da Farmer all right, nice of you to place your fish in the picture with him.
  10. I have a brand new Mustang Flotation Suit for sale. Retails for $449.99 plus tax. Size Large Yours for $325.00. "Must pick up at my place!"
  11. Selling for a friend. One brand new TFO Tackle Bag. $100.00 One brand new TFO Fly Rod, 10' 7wt. $325.00 (with rod sock and tube) Or buy both for $375.00 Pick up at my place preferred.
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