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  1. Atta a boy, nice clean fish, no doubt it's tasty.
  2. I've stayed at Camp Panorama, it's nice and lots of water/fishing available.
  3. Thanks Doug, but my waist line begs me to limit the carb intake and I won't sacrifice my beer.
  4. I had a nice big Moose Roast given to me so I decided to filleted it open, stuffed it and roll it up in a Bacon weave and Cherry Wood smoke it. A little messy when it was time to carve it up but oh so good. Six big slices went into vacuum sealed bags for quick Sous vide reheats when desired.
  5. I remember him well John, I even had opportunity to train his daughter Sarah some years later in the Plate Mill cranes. Very nice young lady. I'm experimenting with a new coating on the reel seat, it's used on Mag Rims so I suspect (hope) that it is very durable. Thank you and yes, cross slide with a vertical riser.
  6. Thank you Sir. Yes the wire is just for hanging after clear coating. And the rod is a light 2 piece spinning rod, the reel seat and the fore grip were made to appear to be seamless in design.
  7. I was asked to step out of my comfort zone on a project unlike anything I have ever attempted, but with the help of a skilled artisan/carver/painting friend I'm well on my way to getting this custom fly in Brook Trout rod assembled.
  8. That's the brand I use both in bag and roll form.
  9. I've never had to test the limits Brian, eat gets eaten and shared pretty quickly.
  10. Worth every penny Brian. I vacuum pack many leftover meats and then rewarm in the sous vide Brian, never another rewarmed dry meat meal again.
  11. Ran the smoker for several hours again yesterday. One large Steelie from the Geen and 5 big ass Brookies form northern Kbec (all gifted ). Smoked with a mix of Cherry and Maple wood and twice brushed with Maple Syrup my friend Chef Shai made from trees she tapped at her family cottage. Almost 7 pounds worth vacuum packed this morning to share with friends.
  12. A nice big bone in (bone up) Cajun rub Pork Loin done in the smoker with Maple Wood chips. Smoked for 6 hours to 155* internal temp then covered and allowed to rest. Turned out perfect medium rare. Yielded me three 1+ inch slabs. And much to my delight my homemade Rhubarb Chutney was the perfect accompaniment to smoked Pork. Side (sad) note.....Damn, why didn't I roast the fresh Beets I have.
  13. Yes, but the lower area is all numbered zones are private.
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