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  1. Ive known Harlan for a long time... when he says he gave it all up to move from the south to live and work in that park, hes being honest. Hes built a successful business, that personally I envy. Its hard when your protest has to come to this.. Its a long rant.. but someone somewhere needs to be accountable
  2. TJQ


    She is surely missed.
  3. Thats a long journey from one happy place to another.
  4. LOL.. awesome.. it was on a mission!!
  5. Nice... i added the site to my FB page as well.
  6. Here ya go... enter and help me get a chance and you get a chance too!! https://upvir.al/ref/UD21023550
  7. Awesome!! I wanna see the plating!! LOL
  8. Ya.. lol.. I spell it pickeral. There always a debate about whether a certain fish should be called a dore or a walleye or a pickeral... When i grew up here in the northern Ontario, the only people who called this fish a walleye were our plentiful US visitors. Which was fine, as we understood the proper term to be walleye. Over the years I've made an effort to continue to call this fish a Pickeral, like my father and his father before as well as the Indigenous people here. Anyway.. a bit off track. I've always been a fan of Artic and Antarctic exploration history... those dudes were tough! Anyway after all the news about Frankins Last expedition in the last couple years, I started reading about his first overland expedition up the Coppermine river.. basically they came in through Hudsons Bay and down the Saskatchewan river. Where doe all this go.. well I was reading Franklins account and he has a section (this is in 1819) 200 years ago. Hes staying at a Hudsons Bay Post and gives a brief account of the fishing thats done by the residents... I just thought its an interesting insite into how far back the term for pickeral goes. (I would correct his spelling - but that would be rude i think lol)
  9. Wow! A bit big for Camp Jiggy Jiggy!
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