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  1. TJQ


    I love that show!!
  2. Looks pretty neat!
  3. So good deeds do mature!!! Just got off the phone with the scholarship people and indeed the first set of funds will be available next year.. A long time coming but good work!
  4. Hey Boss,

    somebody moved my post on the Drotto Boat Latch.  It’s a new product that anybody with a fishing boat might love. 

    Why move it? 🤨

    1. TJQ


      Im not sure... ill ask??

  5. DEFINITELY PHOTOSHOPPED!! and also.. wheres the link to buy those grips? Asking for a friend.
  6. North of North Bay. Just south of Marten River . Wickstead Lake. Lots of camp spots and decent fishing. Used to go with the kids all the time.
  7. TJQ

    Nice laker

    Nice! Really nice!
  8. Looks like a nice feed for sure!
  9. Lol.. almost. Looks pretty good though.....
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