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  1. TJQ

    Jack on the Tundra.

    Thats great Too bad they still dont make the old tundras though! Those long tracks are unstuckable.. great vid!
  2. TJQ

    The Result of Gun Contol

    Well Joe... we have alot of folks from two different countries here and with differing opinions on gun control, and from our VAST ( 2 decades believe it or not) experience these topic devolve quickly. Sorry. Theres lots of gun forums out there to vent on.
  3. TJQ

    New Mercs. Ugly?

    Geez.. looks like an alien....
  4. You may have seen something! https://mnrwatch.com/four-cows-and-a-bull-moose-shot-and-left-to-rot-info-wanted/
  5. TJQ


    Yup, i dont get out there much, but ive heard that the numbers are fantastic!
  6. TJQ

    Winterizing not just boats

    I concur... im the worst.. this year, i ran everything on super and added fuel stabilizer. lol.. i had to get alot repaired this spring!! never again I said!
  7. TJQ

    Nice day to be fishing!

    LOL>. Me too.. I was cutting cordwood, so this is nice to see!!!
  8. TJQ

    Latest Project

    Nice... thats a pretty cool hobby.
  9. Congrats Mike!! Belle River anglers reel in muskie fish with Ontario ministry https://mnrwatch.com/belle-river-anglers-reel-in-muskie-fish-with-ontario-ministry/
  10. TJQ

    NF Hunting Regs Question

    Why would it be restricted?? 5 round center fire cartridge with the 410 or bullet?? thats legal i think?? Just wondering.. lol.. bummer.. i really wanted one. Ill have to ask my local gun shop... they said i could get one no problem.. just a special order.
  11. TJQ

    NF Hunting Regs Question

    Ive seen these here.. im pretty sure they are fine... lotta pilots use em for survival rifles cause the break down. I want one of these.. soooooo bad.... great 410 for birds.. (and with a couple drinks i bet i can get that accent down pat too!!)
  12. TJQ

    Fall Muskie report

    Tis the season LOL.. Nice fish!
  13. TJQ

    NF Hunting Regs Question

    Its always been my understanding that you can carry a rifle and a shotgun at the same time during The Moose or Deer hunt. Mind you that is MY understanding lol
  14. TJQ

    1st year of guiding done.

    Nice!! Congrats!!