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  1. TJQ

    NF Hunting Regs Question

    Why would it be restricted?? 5 round center fire cartridge with the 410 or bullet?? thats legal i think?? Just wondering.. lol.. bummer.. i really wanted one. Ill have to ask my local gun shop... they said i could get one no problem.. just a special order.
  2. TJQ

    NF Hunting Regs Question

    Ive seen these here.. im pretty sure they are fine... lotta pilots use em for survival rifles cause the break down. I want one of these.. soooooo bad.... great 410 for birds.. (and with a couple drinks i bet i can get that accent down pat too!!)
  3. TJQ

    Fall Muskie report

    Tis the season LOL.. Nice fish!
  4. TJQ

    NF Hunting Regs Question

    Its always been my understanding that you can carry a rifle and a shotgun at the same time during The Moose or Deer hunt. Mind you that is MY understanding lol
  5. TJQ

    1st year of guiding done.

    Nice!! Congrats!!
  6. TJQ

    A Jiggy Jiggy Report!!!

    Havent seen much at all this year... were going back in a couple weeks, when time is prime!!
  7. TJQ

    NF - Thursday Funny

    lol... now your just making me feel bad..
  8. TJQ


    You need professional help...
  9. TJQ

    A Jiggy Jiggy Report!!!

    Its true we are a bit furry.....
  10. LOL... Its a viral world..
  11. TJQ

    A Jiggy Jiggy Report!!!

    ya... its a bit photoshopped.. lol
  12. TJQ

    A Jiggy Jiggy Report!!!

    Little... still too many leaves on the trees.. but lol.. on the way up we had 7 birds... wander across the highway in front of us just shy of camp.. lol.. we had to stop.. we went through and the idiots in the truck behind us pulled over and started chasing them down in the bush besides the road... always makes me wonder why people would risk a careless use of a firearm charge over a bird... on the hwy... hey but what do i know...
  13. Well lately a rare opportunity presented itself for the kids and us to make it to camp as a family!! Couple of days fishing and a Tourney between Monique and Avery kept us in stitches (she won 6-5 fish today.. as predicted lol) Camp is good although we went from sweating to death yesterday to a torrential rain and then 5 deg this morning, lol.. Here's some pics ... This is always my happy place, and Misfish.. there's some equipment here you may recognize, still doing its hot water duty!! (yes there's a star filter on this one... lol) And we got a new hot tub!!!!
  14. TJQ

    Uncut Angling does it again

    hahahahA... NICE!!
  15. TJQ

    How old is OFC/OFC?

    That would be nice.... 1999 is when I started this... we went through a few versions of the board, outgrowing each one, until we settled on a standalone site in 2006. It was the wild west in here for a few years I tell you. Ruined a few vacations.. LOL remember being on a satellite phone north of gowganda one year on a fly in trying to sort out troubles... with the advent of facebook traffic decreased, but for the last year weve been seeing an upswing again as people get more fed up with fb.