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    Fishing of course. Also throw in some time for hunting, atving, irritating my children, all things internet, and of course the occasional beer....

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  1. Uhhg ... it aint pretty!
  2. Those look tasty!!
  3. Nice Pics! Great Place, great people!
  4. My buddy sells Generacs.. he cant keep up with demand.
  5. I would imagine they are coming soon to Nipissing then!
  7. LOL.. dont forget the mass pollinations
  8. Thats the way ya do it! EZ PZ!
  9. Oh my god.. kiss and get it over with... lol.. but honestly kudos to the both of you. I appreciate the both of ya!
  10. LOL... too soon old too late smart...
  11. Nice... gorgeous out there!!
  12. Fill in the form here: https://getnorth.ca and youll get a ton of info!!
  13. TJQ


    That sounds painful...
  14. Cant believe its been 9 months.... Im truly amazed that when we get up here, its like we never left, a bit of tree cutting to get in and the weathers not the best, but WE DONT care.. the air smells like freedom to me. Had a quick outing last night after putting the dock and boat in (getting tougher every year - i dont know why lol) it was slow but Monique got 2 to my 0.. and she even promised me i could catch the first one. PFFT.. todays another day. Looks like the moved the rain up to tonight and the morning which is a bonus. Doesn't matter though.. I think i just need to sit in a chair and stare at the river for a few days.. seems like its been and incredibley long road.
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