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  1. Bunkie Lifes annual contest is on for Ontario Residents Click here to enter (and yes) help me out! https://upvir.al/ref/rv32015750/
  2. Actually I locked it and deleted it... Cannabis Junkie looks to be an alias for a second account here.. and all his/her posts were about growing weed on our fishing forum, we are trying our best to keep the content as much about fishing as possible. Im as pro cannabis as anyone, but its not very fishing related and it looked alot like spam to me. No Profile Picture, a gmail address thats never been used anywhere else., Using a VPN ... We get complaints about everything... not enough fishing posts or too many non fishing posts.. there's no winning that discussion. If we allowed every new member to just come on and talk about non fishing things this wouldn't be much of a fishing forum. It looked like spam to me.. Fishing posts as much as possible please, but for your first posts to be weed and only weed related, well thats just spammy. - as is second acounts, which are SPECIFICALLY not allowed it looks like that was.... all IPs are recorded. that's my take.. Cannabis has done alot of good things for alot of people, but there are PLENTY of Canadian Cannabis forums out there to choose from. It was reported as spam to me and I took what I thought was reasonable action.
  3. If its for real... thats a possibility!!!
  4. Ive been in the bush my whole life... Id crap my pants and run!! LOL
  5. Full tank of super gas and some seafoam... started doing that a few years ago and am happy.
  6. Very Nice, sorry to hear this Cliff.
  7. LOL.. Im just the message deliverer.. id didnt fix anything.
  8. Ya.. we had a bit of a database problemo.. this sites been around for so long the database is huge, managed to recover , but looks like we may have lost a bit.
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