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  1. Now thats a trip to remember!
  2. They've managed to bring back the walleye fishery here.. Let hopw they dont mess it up... again.... nice pickeral by the way!!
  3. Bang is right!! Nice pic!!
  4. TJQ

    Elk Lake Trip

    Great report.. gods country!
  5. Ya its still pretty high.
  6. Ya.. you tell em Lew!!!
  7. Pickeral. (as I like to spell it) First mentioned by that name and "dore" by John Franklin in 1819 -
  8. Too fast for me.....
  9. Im still using the one you gave me!!!!! Its got one more year left in it im sure!!!!
  10. Ive known Harlan for a long time... when he says he gave it all up to move from the south to live and work in that park, hes being honest. Hes built a successful business, that personally I envy. Its hard when your protest has to come to this.. Its a long rant.. but someone somewhere needs to be accountable
  11. TJQ


    She is surely missed.
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